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Item 55668    
HORSE CARRIAGE Old Postcard Street Florist & Rifle Club

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Horse Drawn Carriage. Street Scene. Rifle Club, Tea Gardens Sands. Great Britain. Flor Florist. To the Tea Gardens Sands. Tavern. Bangers Potted Factory.

Item 55402    
Yugoslavia Old Postcard Diocletien Palais Porte Ferree

Early Artist Drawn Postcard. Croatia. The Palace of Diocletian Ruins. Palais de Diocletien, Porte Ferree (Lavallee-Cassas 1802) Split-Jugoslavija. Dioklecijanova Palaca Lavallee-Cassas 1802. Diokletianpalast, Eisernes Tor. Street Scene.

Item 54284    
PACIFIC COAST Old Real Photo Postcard Gate God Bless Our King

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. British Empire / Commonwealth "God Bless Our King on Whose Empire The Sun Never Sets", Welcome to the Pacific Coast. Street Scene. Flags of Great Britain.

Item 53295    
MEXICO Old Colour Postcard Vista General & Street Scene

Vintage Colour Postcard. Vista General de Mexico. General View, Panorama. Published by J.K.

Item 50725    
ANDORRA Postcard River Mountains Rocks Car STREET SCENE

Early Multiview Colour Postcard. Street Scene, Mountains. Andorra. The wonderful Countryside. of the Andorran Valleys. Published by Comercial Escudo de Oro

Item 49389    
Reims Old Postcard RHEIMS Gambetta Street Shop BICYCLE

Vintage French B/W Postcard. Reims avant la Grande Guerre. Rue Gambetta - Gambetta Street before the War. Street Scene. Cafe. Cartes Postales Biere du XXme SIEGLE TABAC Shopfront. France. Reims (English traditionally Rheims) is a city of northern France, 144 km.(89 miles) east-northeast of Paris.
Published by V. Thuillier editeur Reims

Item 49329    
France Old Postcard ARRAS St Gery Street Gery - Beffroi

Vintage B/W Postcard. Arras - La Rue Saint-Gery et le Beffroi. St Gery Street and the Belfry. Street Scene. Shops. Vintage Car. Clock Tower. L.L. No. 134. Arras is a city and commune in northern France, pr�fecture (capital) of the Pas-de-Calais d�partement. In 1999, its population was 43,567.
Published by LL

Item 49140    
German Old Postcard COLOGNE Habsburgerring Street Scene

Germany Vintage B/W Postcard. Koeln am Rhein - Habsburgerring. Street Scene, Tram. Tramways. Published by Ed. Holzermann

Item 47217    
South Africa 1913 Old Postcard PORT ELIZABETH Town Hall Clock Tower Street Scene

Vintage B/W Postcard. Port Elizabeth. Town Hall, Clock tower, Horse Drawn Carriage, Monument & Street Scene. Sent from Port Elizabeth to England Dorchester. Published by M. Myors Stationer

Item 45537    
ALGIERS Old Postcard Les Rampes Gare & Casino Municipal

Algeria Vintage B/W Postcard. Alger - Les Rampes, la Gare et le Casino Municipal. Street Scene.

Item 44915    
LEEUWARDEN Old Postcard Voorstreek met - Bonifatiuskerk

Netherlands Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Friesland Leeuwarden, Voorstreek met de Bonifatiuskerk. Street Scene. Cyclist. Canal. Bridge. Bus. Published by Brauna

Item 44856    
Netherlands Old Colour Postcard - Zeeuwsch dorpsgezicht

Ethnic Early Colour Postcard. Zeeuwsch dorpsgezicht. Holland, Street Scene. Children, Traditional Costumes. Street. Published by D.B.M.

Item 44477    
USA Old Postcard PORTLAND The Fidelity Building TRAMWAY

Vintage Colour Postcard. Fidelity Building, Monument Square, Portland, Me. Street Scene, Tram. USA. Published by The Leighton & Valentine Co. N.Y. City

Item 43607    
USA Old Postcard NEW YORK Columbia University - TRAMWAY

Vintage Colour Postcard. Columbia University, New York City. Street Scene, Tram. Street Scene, Vintage Car. Columbia University occupies an area of 26 acres from Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue West, and 114th to 120 streets. Was originally founded as Kings College in 1754 at Broadway and Barclay Streets. Moved in 1857 to Madison Avenue and 45th street, new buildings on present site were erected between 1892 and 1902 at a cost of $13,000,000. Endowment $29,000,000.

Item 43244    
Ramsgate 1956 Old Postcard Rocks Steps & MARINE GARDENS

Early B/W Real Photo picture Post Card, Thanet, Kent. Marine Garden, Street Scene. Sent from Ramsgate to Middx. QE2 2d
Published by D. Constance Ltd

Item 42615    
France Old Sketch Postcard LILLE Street - Rue Nationale

Vintage Artist Drawn B/W Postcard. Rue Nationale - Lille. Street Scene. Lille is a city in northern France on the Deûle River. It is the capital of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais région.

Item 42555    
Sweden 1958 Old Colour Postcard - NYKOPING Street Scene

Early Colour Postcard. Nykoeping. Clock Tower. Sent to London. 25c
Nyköping is a Municipality in Södermanland County, in central Sweden. Its seat is in Nyköping, pop. 27,000.
Published by Ultra

Item 40575    
HORSE Rider Bicycle Children STREET SCENE Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. British Rural Street Scene, Horse.

Item 40224    
ALGIERS Old Postcard Place du Government - Vintage Bus

Algeria Africa Early Colour Postcard. Alger - Place du Gouvernement. La Mosquee. Clock Tower. Statue. Street Scene.

Item 39440    
SAINT-JEAN-PIED-DE-PORT Old Postcard Street Rue Espagne

France Vintage B/W Postcard. St. Jean-Pied-de-Port. La Rue d'Espagne. Street Scene. Published by C.C.

Item 38383    
SOUTH AFRICA Old Postcard Clock Market Square Markplein

Early B/W Postcard. Market Square / Markplein, Clock. Cars, Street Scene. South Africa. Advertising on back - Caltex P.S. There's no better petrol than Caltex IC-Plus! South Africa's Favorite Oil Company. Published by D. Goodson

Item 35852    
OPERA Old Postcard Street Carriage Buses & Vintage CARS

France Early B/W Postcard. Opera, Horse Carriages. Busy Street Scene. Vintage Motor Cars. Published by Bismuth Desleaux Pansement Gastrique

Item 34307    
Canadan Old Postcard Fort William Business Section CARS

Early Canada Colour Hand Tinted Picture Post Card, Street Scene. Business Section, Fort William, Ontario. Advertising - MAHON ELECTRIC, Billiards Smokes, Restaurant Victoria Grill and Tea Room, Vintage Motor Cars on Street. Published by PECO

Item 34281    
Canada 1907 Old Postcard Talbot Street St. Thomas TRAM

Early Canadian Colour Hand Tinted Picture Postcard, Talbot Street looking East, St. Thomas. Horse Drawn Carriages, Tram & Bicycle. Street Scene. Sent from St. Thomas Ont to Scotland. Published by A 730 174

Item 33657    
ORLEANS 1917 Postcard Place du Martroi Rue Royale Tram

France Old French B/W Postcard. Orleans - La Place du Martroi et la Rue Royale. Street Scene, Tramway. Horse rider Statue. Tramways, Tramlines. Trams. Horse Drawn Carriage. Sent to Paris. 10c Sower
Orléans is a city and commune in north-central France, about 130 km (80 miles) south-west of Paris. It is the préfecture (capital) of the Loiret département and of the Centre région. Population (1999): 113,126.
Published by Th. G.

Item 33546    
Italy Old B/W Postcard PADOVA Municipio STREET Bicycle

Early B/W Postcard. Padova - Municipio. cyclist. The city of Padua (Lat. Patavium, It. Padova) is the economic and communications hub of the Veneto region in northern Italy.
Published by Ediz. Stefanin & Sartori Padova

Item 31342    
Artist Signed Old Postcard HORSE STREET SCENE Chocolate

Early Art Drawn B/W Postcard. Horses & Horse Rider. Chocolat Martougin advertising on back.

Item 31331    
RAMSGATE 1933 Old RP Postcard Ships Tram HARBOUR & QUAY

Kent Thanet Old B/W Real Photo SHIPPING Postcard, Ramsgate Harbour and Quay, Ships, Boats. Street Scene. Tea Rooms. (Every Home needs a Phone.). Sent from Ramsgate to London. KG5 1d

Item 30943    
Belgium Old Colour Postcard BRUSSELS Stock Exchange Car

Early Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Bruxelles - The Exchange. Street Scene. Vintage Cars. Tramways. Published by A. Dohmen. Bruxelles

Item 30658    
Canada Old Postcard Military Montreal Place d'Armes War

Canada Early Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Montreal, Place d'Arms. Weapon Cache. Military. Street Scene. Horse Drawn carriage. Published by European Post Card Co. Montreal