UK Postage Combiner

UK Stamp Combinations Calculator - Find the Right Combination of Stamps for Your Letter or Package

Use our Stamp Combinations Calculator to quickly find the right combination of stamps for your letter or package. Below enter available stamps (in pence) you have, separated by commas. For example 1,2,2.5,10,100 means you have stamps with the following face values: 1p, 2p, 2.5p, 20p, 100p.
The calculator tool will then output all possible stamp combinations to achieve the required postage. The entered denomations will be remembered until the next time via a cookie.

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2nd Class = 85 pence
1st Class = 135 pence
2nd Class Large = 155 pence
1st Class Large = 210 pence
E Stamp = 250 pence

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