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Item 62249    
Egypt Old Postcard ISMAILIA New Houses of Canal Company

Vintage Egyptian Picture Postcard. Ismailia - The new Houes of The Canal Company. Trees. Street Scene. Les nouvelles Maisons de la Compagnie du Canal. Ismailia is the capital of the governorate of Al Isma'iliyah, and one of the newest cities in Egypt.
Published by Costi Damilacos Ismailia

Item 62241    
France LE HAVRE 1934 Old Postcard Town Hall Gardens & Paris Street Scene

France Normandy Vintage B/W Old Real Photo Photoraphic Postcard. Le Havre, Jardins de l'Hotel de Ville et Rue de Paris, Street Scene. Statue. RHUM CHAUVET. Sent from Le Havre 5 IX to Genova with arrival 7 IX. 90c
Le Havre is a city in Normandy, northern France, on the English Channel, at the mouth of the Seine.
Published by C.A.P.

Item 62228    
Luxembourg Old Postcard Caisse d'Epargne Ave de Liberte

Early c.1950 Colour Postcard. Luxembourg - Caisse d'Epargne et Avenue de la Liberte. Street Scene. Flags, Clock Tower, Vintage Cars & Van. Vehicles. Published by E. A. Schaack

Item 61691    
CLIFTONVILLE 1933 Old Postcard Pavilion, Winter Gardens

Vintage Kent Margate Thanet Colour Picture Postcard. Cliftonville. Pavilion and Winter Gardens, Street Scene. Flowers. Garden. Sent from Margate to Surrey. KGV 1d

Item 60755    
Florida Old Postcard Inman Ave. Hillsborough Bay, Tampa

USA Early Colour Postcard. Palm Trees, Street Scene, Sailing Boats in distance. Vintage Car. / Foot of Inman Avenue, Suburb Beautiful, Tampa, Florida, showing Hillsborough Bay in the background, and the beautiful way in which the streets of this section of the city are laid out. Published by Florida News Company Tampa Fla.

Item 60751    
Florida Old Postcard Inman Ave. Hillsborough Bay, Tampa

USA Early Colour Postcard. Palm Trees, Street Scene, Sailing Boats in distance. Vintage Car. / Foot of Inman Avenue, Suburb Beautiful, Tampa, Florida, showing Hillsborough Bay in the background, and the beautiful way in which the streets of this section of the city are laid out. Published by Florida News Company Tampa Fla.

Item 60747    
USA Old Colour Postcard New Jersey City A. Harry Moore School

Early Colour Picture Postcard, A. Harry Moore School, Jersey City. N.J. US Flag. Street Scene, Vintage Cars. Published by Greenville Merchandise Co.

Item 60561    
Argentina 1905 Postcard BUENOS AIRES - Casa de Gobierno

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Buenos Aires. Casa de Gobierno. Street Scene. Government House. Republic Argentina. Sent from Buenos Aires to London. Published by D. Editor R. Rosauer Rivadavia 571 H.G. Olds Phot.

Item 60500    
FOLKESTONE Kent Old U.B. Postcard Tollgate Street Scene

c.1900 Undivided Back Vintage B/W Postcard. Tollgate - Folkestone. Kent.

Item 60391    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Alexandria Arabian Bazar near Fort Napoleon Alexandrie

Egypt Vintage Colour Egyptian Picture Postcard. Alexandrie - Arabian bazar near Fort-Napoleon. Street Scene. Native Market, Shops. Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, Alexandria (in Arabic, الإسكندرية — al-Iskandariyah) is the chief seaport in Egypt, and that country's second largest city, and the capital of the Al Iskandariyah governate.
Published by L. C.

Item 60066    
Panorama Street Scene Children Bicycle Old RP Postcard

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Street Scene. Social History. Girls, little Boy and Bicycle. British Countryside.

Item 58375    
Germany Old Postcard COLOGNE Steam Ships Bridge Tramway

Vintage Colour Postcard. Koeln am Rhein. Street Scene, Steam Ship. Cologne Cathedral. Panorama. General View. River. Vintage Car. Trams.

Item 58246    
Swiss Old UB Postcard Street & Fountain BERN Marktgasse

Switzerland Vintage B/W Undivided Back Postcard. Bern - Marktgasse. Street Scene. Fountain, Statue, Carriages. Cart. Backerei. Published by E. Goetz, Luzern

Item 57994    
Canada Old Postcard St. Paul's Anglican Church Halifax

Vintage Colour Postcard. Street Scene, Vintage Cars. St. Paul's Anglican Church, erected 1750, Halifax. N.S. Published by PECO

Item 57787    
Uruguay Old B/W Postcard MONTEVIDEO Facultad de Derecho

Vintage Postcard. South America. Street Scene, Vintage Car, Montevideo, Facultad de Derecho. Published by A. Carluccio Montevideo

Item 57349    
BUENOS AIRES Old Postcard El Corso Soldiers Horses CARS

Argentina Vintage B/W Postcard. Buenos Aires - Palermo - El Corso. Horses. Horse Riders, Soldiers. Military. Vintage Cars. Lake. Street Scene. Hotel Restaurant Rosedal. Published by G. Bourquin

Item 56705    
ANTWERP Old Postcard Avenue de Keyser Street Scene TRAM

Belgium Vintage B/W Postcard. Anvers - Avenue de Keyser, vue vers la ville. Street Scene, Trams. Tramway. Tram No. 249 A L'Ottoman. Restaurant. Antwerp (Dutch: Antwerpen, French: Anvers) is a city and a municipality in the province of Antwerp (and its capital), in Flanders, one of the three regions of Belgium.
Published by Ed. Nels Bruxelles

Item 56506    
NUREMBERG Od Postcard Nassauer Haus Cafe Rusch & STREET

Germany Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Nuernberg - Nassauer Haus. Street Scene. Cafe Rusch. Published by Trinks & co. Tea

Item 55788    
India Old Postcard Street Scene Panorama of CHARAT HILL

Vintage British Indian Colour Picture Postcard, General View, Panorama, Street Scene. Charat Hill. Shimla (शिमला) is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and a popular hill station in North India. Shimla is historically significant for being the summer capital of India during the British rule, when it was called "Simla."
Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons, Delhi.

Item 55668    
HORSE CARRIAGE Old Postcard Street Florist & Rifle Club

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Horse Drawn Carriage. Street Scene. Rifle Club, Tea Gardens Sands. Great Britain. Flor Florist. To the Tea Gardens Sands. Tavern. Bangers Potted Factory.

Item 55402    
Yugoslavia Old Postcard Diocletien Palais Porte Ferree

Early Artist Drawn Postcard. Croatia. The Palace of Diocletian Ruins. Palais de Diocletien, Porte Ferree (Lavallee-Cassas 1802) Split-Jugoslavija. Dioklecijanova Palaca Lavallee-Cassas 1802. Diokletianpalast, Eisernes Tor. Street Scene.

Item 54284    
PACIFIC COAST Old Real Photo Postcard Gate God Bless Our King

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. British Empire / Commonwealth "God Bless Our King on Whose Empire The Sun Never Sets", Welcome to the Pacific Coast. Street Scene. Flags of Great Britain.

Item 53295    
MEXICO Old Colour Postcard Vista General & Street Scene

Vintage Colour Postcard. Vista General de Mexico. General View, Panorama. Published by J.K.

Item 50725    
ANDORRA Postcard River Mountains Rocks Car STREET SCENE

Early Multiview Colour Postcard. Street Scene, Mountains. Andorra. The wonderful Countryside. of the Andorran Valleys. Published by Comercial Escudo de Oro

Item 49389    
Reims Old Postcard RHEIMS Gambetta Street Shop BICYCLE

Vintage French B/W Postcard. Reims avant la Grande Guerre. Rue Gambetta - Gambetta Street before the War. Street Scene. Cafe. Cartes Postales Biere du XXme SIEGLE TABAC Shopfront. France. Reims (English traditionally Rheims) is a city of northern France, 144 km.(89 miles) east-northeast of Paris.
Published by V. Thuillier editeur Reims

Item 49329    
France Old Postcard ARRAS St Gery Street Gery - Beffroi

Vintage B/W Postcard. Arras - La Rue Saint-Gery et le Beffroi. St Gery Street and the Belfry. Street Scene. Shops. Vintage Car. Clock Tower. L.L. No. 134. Arras is a city and commune in northern France, pr�fecture (capital) of the Pas-de-Calais d�partement. In 1999, its population was 43,567.
Published by LL

Item 49140    
German Old Postcard COLOGNE Habsburgerring Street Scene

Germany Vintage B/W Postcard. Koeln am Rhein - Habsburgerring. Street Scene, Tram. Tramways. Published by Ed. Holzermann

Item 45537    
ALGIERS Old Postcard Les Rampes Gare & Casino Municipal

Algeria Vintage B/W Postcard. Alger - Les Rampes, la Gare et le Casino Municipal. Street Scene.

Item 44915    
LEEUWARDEN Old Postcard Voorstreek met - Bonifatiuskerk

Netherlands Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Friesland Leeuwarden, Voorstreek met de Bonifatiuskerk. Street Scene. Cyclist. Canal. Bridge. Bus. Published by Brauna

Item 44856    
Netherlands Old Colour Postcard - Zeeuwsch dorpsgezicht

Ethnic Early Colour Postcard. Zeeuwsch dorpsgezicht. Holland, Street Scene. Children, Traditional Costumes. Street. Published by D.B.M.