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Item 221307    
Egypt Old Postcard Port Said Queen Victoria Monument, Street Scene Thos Cook Son

Vintage Undivided Back Egyptian Old Postcard. Egypte Africa Egypt. Panorama. General View of The Quay, Le Quai de Port-Said. Boats, Ship. Street Scene. Panorama. Queen Victoria Statue Memorial, Fountain. The Eastern Telegraph Co. Ltd. Thos. Cook. Son. Queen Victoria's Monument. Published by Lichtenstern & Harari Commission-Agents Cairo

Item 221301    
India Old Postcard Kinari Bazar Agra, Street Scene Horse Carts H.A. Mirza & Sons

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Kinari Bazar, Agra, Market Street Panorama. Horse Drawn Carriages. Wagons. Street Scene. Published by H. A. Mirza & Sons. Delhi

Item 221236    
Japan Old Postcard Dragon Drum Nara Park Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion Kyoto 奈良公園金閣寺

Vintage Old Japanese Embossed Artist Drawn Multiview Old Postcard. Japan. Head of Dragon, Drum with Bird Drawing. Flowers. Nara Park Street Scene, Stone Lanterns, Trees. The Kinkakuji or Golden Pavilion Kyoto. 奈良公園 金閣寺. Published by The Tokio Printing Co. The Imperial Government Railways of Japan 鐵道省

Item 221218    
Japan Ukiyo-e Art Old Postcard Willow Trees, Shin Yoshiwara Street Scene 廣重畫 新吉原

Vintage Japanese Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Ukiyo-e. Willow Trees Shin Yoshiwara Street Scene, Coolies, Sedan Chairs. Winter Snow. Houses. Ethnic Life. 廣重畫 新吉原. Ukiyo-e (浮世絵, 浮世繪 Ukiyo-e), pictures of the floating world, is a genre of Japanese woodblock prints (or woodcuts) and paintings produced between the 17th and the 20th centuries.
Published by 東京 町十丹青堂製

Item 221217    
Japan Ukiyo-e Art Old Postcard Horse Teahouse Restaurant Street Scene 浮世絵 廣重畫 鞠子

Vintage Japanese Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Ukiyo-e. Horse. Street Scene. Teahouse Tea House. Restaurant. Man with Rice Bowl and Chopsticks. Ethnic Life. Juzi. Mariko. 廣重畫 鞠子 名物 仙女番 坂本氏. Ukiyo-e (浮世絵, 浮世繪 Ukiyo-e), pictures of the floating world, is a genre of Japanese woodblock prints (or woodcuts) and paintings produced between the 17th and the 20th centuries.
Published by 東京 町十丹青堂製

Item 221209    
China Ja Marco Polo Bridge Incident July 1937 Old Postcard Soldiers Station 北支事變

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. 1937 July. China Marco Polo Bridge Incident. Lugou Bridge Incident. Military Marching Imperial Japanese Soldiers. Street Scene. Rickshaw Coolie. Cyclist. Bicycle. Horses. Railway Station. Train Station. 驛到著皇軍部隊 行進中之皇軍精銳 陸軍省檢閱濟 昭和十二年七月 北支事變 (七七事变, 盧溝橋事變) 軍事郵便. The Marco Polo Bridge Incident, also known as the Lugouqiao (Lugou Bridge) Incident (盧溝橋事變) or the July 7th Incident (七七事變), was a battle between the Republic of China's National Revolutionary Army and the Imperial Japanese Army, often used as the marker for the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945).
Published by Matsumura Co.

Item 221205    
China Old Postcard The First 1st Primer School, Dairen, Street Scene 大連第一尋常高等小學校

Vintage Old Chinese Picture post card. China, The First 1st Primer School, Street Scene, Dairen Dalian Dalny Tarien. 大連第一尋常高等小學校. Published by 大連北野商店發行 Tokyo Design Printing Co. Kanda Tokyo

Item 221201    
Singapore Old Colour Postcard Esplanade Street Scene Rickshaws and Coolies 1073

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Singapore. Esplanade Street Scene, Trees, Rickshaws and Native Coolies. Ethnic Life. Published by The Continental Stamp Company - Singapore

Item 221197    
Japan Yokohama Great Earthquake Fire 1923 Old Postcard Nogeyama Street 野毛山 橫濱大震災

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, Yokohama Great Earthquake & Fire 1923 Ruins, Disaster Disasters. Nogeyama. Burnt City Street Scene. Streets. General View. Panorama. 大正十二年九月一日 橫濱大震災 慘狀 野毛山 市街燒跡.

Item 221195    
Japan Old Hand Tinted UB Postcard Tamondori Street Scene Kobe Japanese Flags 多聞通

Vintage Old Old Hand Tinted Undivided Back Postcard. Japan. Tamondori Street Scene, Kobe. Japanese Flags. Ethnic Life. Native Men, Women and Children. 神戶 多聞通.

Item 221194    
Japan Old Hand Tinted UB Postcard Theatre Street Scene of KOBE Gate Advert Flags

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Undivided Back Old post card. Japan, Ethnic Life. Theatre Street Scene of Kobe, Theater. Shops, Adverting Flags. Umbrella. 神戶.

Item 221190    
Egypt Old UB Postcard Port Said Les Plantations a l'Usine des Eaux, Street Scene

Vintage Egyptian Old Undivided Back Postcard. Africa Egypt Egypte, Port Said - Les plantations a l'Usine des Eaux. Plantations at the Usine des Eaux. Published by Messageries Maritimes

Item 221188    
Egypt Old Real Photo Postcard Alexandria, Mohamed Aly Square Platz, Street Scene

Vintage Egyptian Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Alexandria Alexandrie - Place Mohamed Ali Square. Street Scene. Garden and Carts. Mohamed Aly Square. Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, Alexandria (in Arabic, الإسكندرية — al-Iskandariyah) is the chief seaport in Egypt, and that country's second largest city, and the capital of the Al Iskandariyah governate.
Published by Editions P.C. M.J. Alexandrie-Paris

Item 221184    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Cairo Continental Hotel, Opera Square Street Scene 646

Vintage Old Colour Egyptian Post card. Africa Egypte Egypt. Le Caire. Cairo. The Continental Hotel and Opera Square. Street Scene. Published by The Cairo Post-Card Trust

Item 221183    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Suez The Governorat, Street Scene Arab Men Baby Mosque

Vintage Egyptian Colour Old Postcard. Africa, Egypte, Egypt. Suez, The Governorat. Street Scene. Men, Native Man carrying a Child Baby. Sunset. Mosque Tower in distance. Published by The Cairo Post-Card Trust

Item 221182    
Egypt Old Postcard Port Said Avenue de Rassoua et Entree du Canal Entrance Boats

Vintage Egyptian Colour Old Post Card, Africa Egypte Egypt. Port-Said, Port Said, Street Scene. Avenue de Rassoua et Entree du Canal Entrance. Native Man and Sailing Boats. Port Said is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal.
Published by Ephtimios Freres Port Said 55095

Item 221169    
India Old Postcard The Fort Barracks Belgaum Men & Dog Fortress Street Scene 46.

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Men & Dog, The Fort Barracks, BELGAUM. Fortress. Street Scene. Published by S. Mahadeo & Son Belgaum

Item 221163    
India Old Colour Postcard BLACK HOLE MEMORIAL Calcutta Monument and Street Scene

Vintage Colour British Indian Old Postcard, India, Calcutta, The Black Hole Memorial. Monument. Bullock Carts. Street Scene.

Item 221162    
India Old Colour Postcard TAJPORE Tanjore Street Scene, Dog Bull Ox Cattle Camel

Vintage British Indian Colour Old Post card. India, Animals Transport. Ethnic Life. Camel Rider, Cattle, Bullock Cart, Dog Puppy.

Item 221159    
India Old Postcard Dalhousie Barrack Fort William, Calcutta Fortress and Streets

Vintage British Indian Old Picture Post card. India, Dalhousie Barrack, Fort William, Calcutta, Fortress Street Scene. Published by D. Macropolo & Co. Calcutta

Item 221157    
Pakistan Old Real Photo Postcard Lahore City View Native Street Scene Brit India

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Pakistan Indian India. Lahore City View, Native Street Scene. Natives. Ethnic Life. Published by The Punjab Religious Book Society Lahore

Item 221124    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Chinese Wedding Procession, Coolies Carrying Bridal Chair

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. China Hong Kong Hongkong H.K. HK. Ethnic Life. Chinese Wedding Procession. Street Scene. Barefoot Native Coolies carrying Bridal Sedan Chair. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 221122    
Singapore Old Postcard The Chinese Theatre Hall Rickshaw Coolie Street Scene 11.

Vintage Old Postcard. Malay Malaya Straits Settlements Singapore. The Chinese Theatre Hall. Street Scene. Children on Rickshaw, Coolie.

Item 221121    
Singapore ESPLANADE, Malacca WW1 On Active Service 1918 Old Hand Tinted Postcard

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Malay Straits Settlements Malaya Singapore. Street Scene, Rickshaw & Coolie, Children, Little Girls. The Esplanade. WW1 First World War O.A.S. On Active Service. with Malaca postmarks 13 AU 1918, addressed to Hinderwell Yorkshire with arrival postmark. Sent from Malacca to Hinderwell Yorkshire.

Item 221114    
China Old Colour Postcard Pailo of Chienmen Gate Peking Street Scene 北京 前門牌樓 正陽橋

Vintage Chinese Colour Old post card. China. Chinese Ethnic Life. Tower. The Pailo of Chienmen Gate, Peking Street Scene, Tramlines, Tram Trams in distance. Rickshaw Coolies. Lion Statues. 北京前門牌樓 正陽橋. Published by Camel trademark on back

Item 221113    
Singapore Old Postcard Raffles Square John Little Street Scene Rickshaws Coolies

Vintage Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay Singapore, Raffle's Raffles Square, Street Scene. Coolie & Rickshaw, John Little Store Shop Building.

Item 221108    
China Old Real Photo Postcard The Bund Shanghai Street Scene Thos Cook & Son Car

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard, Chinese. China. The Bund, Shanghai. Street Scene, Vintage Motor Cars. Bridge Bridges. Vehicle with Thos Cook & Son Ltd. Transfer Service.

Item 221103    
China Old Colour Postcard East Village Wei Hai Wei Weihaiwei Street Scene Houses

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. China. The East Village at Wei Hai Wei Weihaiwei Wei-Hai-Wei. Liugong Island. Liu-kung Tao. Liukungtao. Street scene. Native Chinese Houses. Bridge. Slops. Chinaman Men. 威海衛 劉公島 東村. Liugong Island, 劉公島, Liu-kung Tao is a small island located on the northeastern edge of Shandong Peninsula (or Shantung Peninsula), China at the mouth of Weihai Bay. It is known as the "birthplace of China's first modern navy". 威海衛 Weihaiwei, in the north-east of China, was a leased territory of the United Kingdom from 1898 until 1930. The capital was Port Edward. The leased territory covered 288 square miles (750 km2) and included the walled city of Port Edward, bay of Wei-hai-wei, Liu-kung Tao Island and a mainland area of 72 miles (116 km) of coastline running to a depth of 10 miles (16 km) inland.
Published by Pub by Nakayama

Item 221089    
Singapore Old Postcard Tanjong Katong Road Street Scene Native Coolie Palm Trees

Vintage Old Postcard, Malaya Malay Straits Settlements - Tanjong Katong Road. Singapore. Palm Trees. Street Scene, Native Coolie.

Item 221087    
Singapore China Tientsin 天津 1924 Old Postcard Hindoo Hindu Temple Gate & Street

Vintage Old Postcard. 1924. Straits Settlements. Malaya, Malay. Singapore - The Hindu Temple, Hindoo Temple, Pagoda Tower & Entrance Gate Door. Street Scene. Postally Used in 1924 with stamp removed. With China Chinese 天津 Tientsin 2 Feb 24. bilingual postmarks.