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Item 15415    
USA Postcard SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls Waterfall, Church

Greetings from Sioux Falls, Co. Dak. South Dakota, USA.

Item 15404    
USA Old Postcard WATKINS GLEN New York State - Entrance

View at Entrance, Watkins Glen, N.Y. USA. Fountain. Park.

Item 15237    
USA Old Postcard OKLAHOMA High Bluffs on Cimarron River

High Bluffs on Cimarron River, Oklahoma, USA. Published by Oklahoma News Co., Tulsa, Okla. ONC 68

Item 15234    

Early Coloured PPC, Bells, Campanario and Sacred Garden, USA. Mission San Juan Capistrano. Founded 1776. The Sacred Garden with fountain back of the Campanario or bell wall between the great Stone Church and the original rectory. The two larger bells are dated 1796 and the smaller ones 1804. Published by Artchrom

Item 15229    
USA Old Colour Postcard ST LOUIS New Catholic Cathedral

Early Coloured PPC, New Catholic Cathedral, St. Louis, Mo. USA. Cars. Lindell and Newstead Aves. One of the greatest examples of ecclesiastical architecture. 365 feet long by 212 feet wide, designed by Geo. D. Barnett, cost over $2,750,000 Published by Beacon Series.

Item 15228    
USA Old Postcard Colorado Echo Lake and Mt. Evans

Echo Lake and Mt. Evans, Elevation 14260 Feet Denver Mountain Parks, Colorado. Couple, Lovers. Highest mountains in Colorado. The Highway is the higest automobile road in North America.

Item 15219    

Old Coloured PPC, Washington's Mansion, Mt. Vernon, Va. Virginia, USA. The second story end window is of the room in which Washington died. The window above is of the attic room occupied by Mrs. Washington after her husband's death and chosen because this window overlooked his tomb. Sent from London to Herts. Great Britain KG6 2c orange
Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington. Built of wood in neoclassical Georgian style, the estate is located near Mount Vernon, Virginia in Fairfax County, on the banks of the Potomac River.
Published by Scenic Art Series B.S. Reynolds Co. Washington DC

Item 15214    
USA 1948 Postcard VIRGINIA - Royal Terrace Motor Court

Old PPC Royal Terrace Motor Court, Front Royal, Virginia (USA). Sent from Portsmouth, USA to Oxford, England. 3c

Item 15196    
USA Postcard CALIFORNIA Bell Tower, San Gabriel Mission

Old Coloured US PPC, Bell Tower, San Gabriel Mission, California. Published by Phostint Card / Detroit Publishing Co.

Item 15195    
USA Old Postcard Saint Paul's Chapel The British Crest

Saint Paul's Chapel, Trinity Parish New York. Feathers of the Prince of Wales is the only emblem of royalty in NY still surviving in its ancient place, recalling our debt to the Mother Country through Mother Church. Published by Photo Cleveland Jersey City

Item 15194    
USA 1957 PPC WILLIAMSBURG Garden Ludwell-Paradise House

Old Coloured PPC, Flowers, Garden of Ludwell-Paradise House, Williamsburg, Virginia. Jamestown Birthplace of The Nation. Sent to N Y. 3c Statue of Liberty

Item 15156    
CALIFORNIA Pasadena Christian Science Church - Postcard

Old Coloured USA PPC, Christian Science Church, Pasadena, California. Published by M. Kashower Co., Los Angeles, Cal.

Item 12117    
USA Old Postcard - Johns Hopkins HOSPITAL BALTIMORE MD

Early Colour Tinted PPC. Medical. Published by M. Levin, Baltimore Md. Made in USA.

Item 10961    
Canada 1932 Old Postcard Admiral Beatty HOTEL St. John

Early Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Post card. The Admiral Beatty Hotel, Saint John, N.B. Vintage Cars. Sent from Saint John NB to USA. King George 5th 2c
Published by Valentine Black Co. Ltd Toronto

Item 10933    
Canada Old Tinted Postcard The Lachine Rapids Montreal

Early c1900 Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Published by International Fine Art Co. Ltd. Montreal Printed in Saxony

Item 10929    
Canada Old Postcard Canadian Falls from below - Rocks

Early c1900 Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Waterfall. Niagara Falls may be viewed from 100 different positions and yet each one will show some point of advantage, for the cataract and Rapids are so immense that they may not be comprehended in an hour's study, nor by a hasty view. The camera has caught in this picture an expanse of perspective that extends far beyond what are known the Upper Rappids, and on the right shows how the waters are drawn to the crotch to make their plunge in greatest volume.
Made in USA

Item 10923    
Canada PC Princes Gate Fleet Street National Exhibition

Early Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Flags. Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto. Published by Valentine - Black Co. Ltd. Toronto Printed in USA

Item 10920    
Canada Old Postcard - Alberta College Edmonton Alberta

Early Canadian Colour tinted Picture Postcard. School. Published by Valentine Toronto & Winnipeg Printed in USA

Item 10629    
USA New York Boat Leaving Dock Providence Line RI Flags

Early c1900 Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Providence R. I. Cruise Liner. Published by UN CO

Item 9864    
Canada 1914 Postcard - Bridle Path Mount Roual Montreal

Early Canadian Coloured Tinted Picture Postcard. Trees. Wood. Published by Valentine & Sons Montreal & Toronto, Printed in Great Britain

Item 9307    
Canada 1911 PPC Mt. Rundle Vermilion Lake Ranff Alberta

Early Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Mountain Rundle and Vermillion Lake. Boats Boating. Published by Valentine & Sons Montreal & Toronto Printed in Great Britain

Item 9288    
Canada 1902 Old Postcard Mountains & Lake Louis Alberta

Undivided Back Early Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Boating. Snowy mountain. Published by Detroit Photographic Co.

Item 9278    
Canada Old Coloured Postcard - Fraser Canyon Hells Gate

Early Canadian Picture Postcard. Mountains, River. Published by Thompson's Studio Vancouver B.C. Anchor trademark printed in Saxony

Item 9029    
USA Canada Old PC Niagara Falls Whirlpool Rapids BRIDGE

Early Picture Postcard. N.Y. Published by H. A. Fox Niagara Falls N.Y. (Germany)

Item 8874    
Canada Old Tinted Postcard - Mount Royal HOTEL Montreal

Early Canadian Coloured Picture Post card. Hand Tinted. The Mount Royal Hotel. Published by Printed in Germany

Item 8861    
Canada Old Postcard Mountain Mt Sir Donald Byron Harmon

Vintage Canadian Real Photo Photographic Picture Post card. Mt. Sir Donald by Byron Harmon. Published by Along the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Photographed by Byron Harmon, Banff, Canada

Item 8859    
Canada Old Postcard Rural Architecture Old House Quebec

Early Canadian Photographic Picture Post card, Old Rural House near Quebec. Published by Artcraft Editions Quebec Canada

Item 8858    
Canada Old Postcard Snow Mountains Animal CARIBOO MOOSE

Early Canadian Photographic Picture Post card. Snowy Scene. Published by P.G.E.D.T.

Item 8847    
Canada Old Hand Tinted Postcard Queen's Ave LONDON Ont.

Early Canadian Picture Postcard, Coloured, Queen's Avenue from W.A. Reid's Residence, London, Ontario. Horses cart. Published by Valentine & Sons Co. Ltd. Montreal & Toronto Printed in Great Britain

Item 8846    
Canada Old Hand Tinted Postcard Dominion Square - TRAM

Early Canadian Picture Postcard, Coloured, Montreal. Tramways, Tramlines. Published by Valentine & Sons Co. Ltd. Montreal & Toronto Printed in Great Britain