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Item 42376    
Canada Old Postcard CPR Steamer entering Plumper's Pass

Vintage Canadian Colour SHIPPING Picture Post Card, C.P.R. Steam Ship / Steamer entering Plumper's Pass between Vancouver and Victoria. Passengers on board. Published by Valentine

Item 42340    
USA Old Postcard Northern Gates - Highlands HUSON RIVER

Vintage Colour Postcard. Northern Gates of Highlands, Hudson River. Sailing Boat. USA. Published by Bryant Union Pub.

Item 42159    
USA 1907 Old Postcard Chicago Elephant in Lincoln Park

Vintage US Colour Picture Post Card. Chicago, Ill. Eliphant in Lincoln Park. An Elephant. Sent from Chicago to North Wales. 2c Washington
Published by P. Schmidt Publ. Chicago Ill.

Item 42071    
SEA LION Group Rocks USA California Old Postcard Seals Seal Animals

Vintage B/W Postcard. California Sea Lion Group. This species Zalophus Californianus occurs on the California Coast from the Golden Gate southward, breeding in many places, particularly on the Santa Barbara Islands. The rookery here shwon is on Santa Cruz Island. Owing to their intelligence and small size, this is the species of sea lion that is sometimes trained and shown in zoological parks / zoo. In early days these sea lions were killed by thousands on the California Coast for their hides and oil, but they have now become so reduced in numbers that the business is no longer profitable, and these animals, as well as the leopard seals and Steller's sea lions are now protected by State and Federal laws. Teh breeding season is from June to August, only then are the males seen on the rookeries. Sea-lions are large seals and are found in the Southern and Pacific Oceans. They feed exclusively upon fish, but come to shore to breed. There are many different kinds, the best known being the species from the North Pacific, which yields the fur for seal-skin jackets. In captivity they are remarkably docile and intelligent, and can be trained to perform many curious tricks.

Item 42060    
SEALS ON ROCKS - Cliff House San Francisco Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. Seals on the Rocks, near Cliff House, San Francisco, California. USA. Sea Lions. Sea-lions are large seals and are found in the Southern and Pacific Oceans. They feed exclusively upon fish, but come to shore to breed. There are many different kinds, the best known being the species from the North Pacific, which yields the fur for seal-skin jackets. In captivity they are remarkably docile and intelligent, and can be trained to perform many curious tricks.
Published by S.F. Pacific Novelty Co. P.N.C.

Item 41963    
Canada Old Postcard Girl - First of Season Country Life

Early Colour Picture Post card, Canadian Country Life. Young Woman. The First of the Season. Countrylife in Canada. Published by Warwick Bro's & Rutter

Item 41751    
Glendale Califoria Old Postcard Wee Kirk O' The Heather

USA Early Real Photo Postcard. Wee Kirk O' The Heather. Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale, California.

Item 39897    
GOLF USA Colour Postcard GOLFING Kiamesha Lake New York

Colour Postcard. Golf Game. USA Kiamesha Lake, N.Y. The all year - all sports resort - Putting Green and Club House. Golfers. Published by Max Schwartz Co. N.Y.C. Fallsburg NY

Item 38900    
Canada Old Colour Postcard NIAGARA FALLS Prospect Point

Vintage Canadian Picture Post Card, Waterfall, Waterfalls. Niagara Prospect Point. Published by The Harris Litho Co. Limited Toronto

Item 38795    
Canada Old Postcard Montmorency Falls Quebec Waterfalls

Vintage CanadianColour Picture Post card, Montmorency Falls Waterfalls near Quebec. Published by Montreal Import Co.

Item 38190    
USA Old Postcard LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Central Stair Hall

c.1900 Vintage Colour Postcard. Second Floor, Central Stair Hall, Library of Congress Interior. Washington D.C. USA. Published by Detroit Photographic Co.

Item 37726    
USA Colour Postcard NEW YORK - Wienerwald Eighth Avenue

Colour Postcard. Wienerwald. Eighth Avenue at 48th Street. New York, USA. by Night. Street Scene. Car.

Item 37042    
Florida Old Postcard FERRY HILLSBOROUGH Airplane, Stork

USA Early Colour Postcard. Ferry Hillsborough en route to Piney Point from St. Petersburg, Florida. Airplane, Kranich, Boat. Stork - Bird. Published by Hartman Litho Sales Co.

Item 37040    
PADDLE STEAMER Mt. Washington Wharf WEIRS Old Postcard

USA Early SHIPPING Colour Postcard. Paddle Steamer "Mt. Washington" at Wharf, the Weirs, Lake Winnepesaukee, N. H. US Flag. Ice Cream. Published by Hevey's Pharmacy, Laconia

Item 37013    
PADDLE STEAMER Suwanee Old Postcard - Michigan Dearborn

USA Early SHIPPING Colour Postcard. Suwanee, Stern Paddle Steamer, Restored at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. Published by Curteich Chicago C.T. Art-Colortone

Item 37011    
NEW LONDON Crowds at Drawbridge Old Postcard Boat RACE

Early USA Colour Postcard. Crowds watching the Race from Draw Bridge, New London, Connecticut. Sport. Boat Racing. Published by The Valentine-Souvenir Co.

Item 36995    
CANADA Old Colour Postcard HOTEL KENT HOUSE Montmorency

Early Colour Postcard. Hotel Kent House et Chutes Montmorency. Canada. Waterfall. Cars. Published by La Librairie Canadienne Enr.

Item 36857    
USA 1948 Colour Postcard Trees - PALM FRINGED SHORELINE

Early Colour Postcard. Palm Fringed Shoreline, USA. Sent from Fla. to New Jersey. 1c George Washington 1789-1797
Published by Burgert Bros.

Item 36854    
USA 1952 Old Colour Postcard FLORIDA - Sunken Gardens ROYAL PALMS

Old Colour Postcard. Path among the Royal Palms in Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg, Florida. "The Sunshine City". Trees. Sent from St. Petersburg Fla. to Concord Massachusetts. 2c John Adams
Published by Sun News Co. St. Petersburg Fla. / C. T. Art-Colortone

Item 35416    
Germany Canada 1966 Lufthansa LH 470 First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope, Broeffnungsflug LH 470 am 5.5.1966 Frankfurt am Main / Koeln / Bonn - Montreal- Mexico City. With stamps 1965 New Berlin Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church 10pf & Flensburg / Schleswig 30pf. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Montreal. 10pf & 30pf

Item 35343    
USA Stutz Bearcat Car 1986 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope LH 455 Boeing 747, San Francisco - Stuttgart Germany. U.S. Postal Service. 30.3.1986. With stamps USAirmail 33c Alfred V. Verville Aviation Pioneer Airplane & Stutz Bearcat 1933 11c Vintage Motor Car. Sent from San Francisco AMF to Stuttgart.

Item 35335    
USA Miami Duesseldorf 1981 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Early Airmail Envelope U.S. Postal Service. LH 435, DC 10, Miami - Duesseldorf Germany. With stamps 14c La Guardia, US Airmail 26c Shrine of Democracy. Sent from AMF Miami to Duesseldorf.

Item 35323    
USA James Cook Hawaii 1980 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, LH 439 DC 10, Dallas - Atlanta - Frankfurt. U.S. Postal Service. With stamps Hawaii 1778 Capt.n James Cook Ship, Boat 13c & Contributors to the cause Peter Francisco Fighter Extraordinary 18c. Sent from Dallas TX to Frankfurt Main.

Item 35319    
USA - Germany 1980 LUFTHANSA LH 439 First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, LH 439 DC 10, Dallas - Atlanta - Frankfurt. U.S. Postal Service. With stamps USAirmail 25c Wiley Post Aviation Pioneer & 6c Marconi Spark Coil, Marconi Spark Gap - Progress in Electronics. Sent from Atlanta to Frankfurt Main.

Item 35317    
USA Miami Germany 1979 Lufthansa 437 First Flight Cover

Airmail First Flight envelope DC - 10, LH 437, Miami - Frankfurt, U.S. Postal Service. With stamps 10c Pioneer Jupiter Satellite & USAirmail 21c Octave Chanute Aviation Pioneer / Aircraft. Sent from Miami Fl. to Frankfurt / Main.

Item 34837    
US 1972 SWISSAIR 25y Across North Atlantic Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope 25 Years Across The North Atlantic. With USA stamps 5c And the glow from that fire can truley light the world. 1917-1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 6c Pair of 2 In the beginning God Moon Apollo 8 Space & 6c US Flag. May 2. 1947-1974. Sent from New York GPO to Switzerland Unteraegerl.

Item 34688    
USA 1902 Postcard Park Fountain Memorial Arch Hartford

Old Colour Hand Tinted Picture Post Card, Bridge, Park Fountain & Memorial Arch, Hartford. Conn. Sent from Hartford Conn to London England. US 2c Washington
Published by Metropolitan News Co.

Item 34687    
USA 1910 Old Postcard Cannons Military Park NEWARK N.J.

Early US Colour Picture Postcard, Cannon, Statue, Winter Snowy Landscape. Military Park, Newark N.J. Sent from N.J. to Clapham London England. US 2c
Published by F. G. Temme Co. Grange

Item 34652    
USA 1904 Old U.B. Postcard PROVIDENCE R. I. State House

Undivided Back Early B/W PPC, Providence, R.I. State House. Sent from Providence to London England. US 2c Washington

Item 34366    
USA Old Postcard BECKET Mass towards Washington Railway

Early Hand Tinted Picture Postcard, Becket, Mass. Towards Washington. Railroad. River. Published by PHOSTINT Detroit Publishing Co.