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Item 219778    
Japan Hong Kong KE7 4c 1911 Old Postcard Arashiyama Cherry Blossoms Boats Harbor

Vintage Japanese Old Post card. 1911. Japan, River Scene, Kyoto, Boating Boats in Harbour. Panorama. Arashiyama Cherry Blossoms. Blooming Trees. Panorama. 京都 嵐山櫻花 Postally Used in 1911 with Hong Kong King Edward 7th 4c stamp, tied Hong Kong, addressed to London England. HK KEVII 4c

Item 216855    
Japan Empty Old Postcard Wrap Folder Maiko Geisha Girl Woman Lady Kyoto 京都 京姿 舞妓

Vintage Old Colour Art Artist Drawn Empty Postcard Wrap Folder Sleeve. Japan, Ethnic Life. Maiko Girls of Kyoto. Back of a Japanese Geisha Girl Lady Woman. Kimono Traditional Costumes. Kyoto. 京都 京姿 舞妓篇 (Empty Wrap only, this item contains no postcards.).

Item 216849    
Japan Old Postcard Cherry Dance Kyoto Geisha Girls Ladies Dancers Samisen 京都祗園都踊

Vintage Old Post card. Japan. Stage Performance takes place in April. Flowers. Beautiful Geisha Girls Women Ladies Dancers Dancing. Ethnic Life. Kimono Traditional Costumes. Miyako-Odori, popularly known as Cherry Dance, at Kyoto. Musicians playing Samisen. Musical Instrument. 京都祗園 都踊 (右).

Item 216452    
Japan Old Postcard Wind God Sanjusangendo National Treasures Kyoto 風神 國寶 京都三十三間堂

Vintage Japanese Old Picture Postcard, Japan. Deity Statue. Sculpture. The Wind God. Wind-god, One of National Treasures. Sanjusangendo. 風神 國寶 京都三十三間堂 Kyoto. Published by 京都妙法院門跡發行

Item 215969    
Japan Old Postcard Kinkakuji Temple, Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Lake, Rocks 京都 金閣寺

Vintage Japanese Old Picture Postcard, Japan, Kinkakuji Temple. Lake. Rocks. Pine Trees. Pines, Kyoto. Buddhist Temple. Golden Pavilion. 京都 金閣寺.

Item 215966    
Japan 1919 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Arashiyama Public Garden Cherry Blossom 中嶋公園

Vintage Japanese Old Hand Tinted Colour Post card. Japan, Hodu Hozu River Scene, Kyoto, Ethnic Life. Boats, Quay, Wharf, Harbour. Panorama. Arashiyama Public Garden of Cherry Blossoms. Blooming Trees. Panorama. 京都 嵐山 中嶋公園之櫻 Postally Used in 1919 with Great Britain King George 5th 1 1/2d stamp.

Item 215853    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Togetsu Bridge Arashiyama Kyoto Lanterns Rickshaw

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Old Post card. Japan Arashi-yama, Togetsu-kyo Togetsu Bridge, Arashiyama, Kyoto, River Scene. Paper Lantern. Sunset. Women, Ladies. Rickshaw & Coolie. 京都 嵐山.

Item 215193    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Kyoto Hotel Rickshaw Coolie Street Scene K Inouye

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Old picture Post card. Japan, Kyoto Hotel, Kyoto. K. Inouye Proprietor. Tel Kami 1428. Tel. Kami 117. Entrance Gate. Native Coolie, Rickshaw. Ethnic Life. 京都.

Item 215188    
Japan Japanese Old Colour Postcard KYOTO HOTEL Buildings Garden Gardens Kyoto 京都

Vintage Japanese Colour Old Post card. Japan, Kyoto Hotel, Buildings, Garden Gardens, Kyoto. 京都.

Item 214856    
Japan Old Postcard Street View Main Temple in Kiyomizu Pagoda Dancing Stage 本堂市街

Vintage Japanese Picture Post Card, Japan, The Street View and The Main Temple in The Kiyomizu Kiyomizuji Buddhist Temple. Panorama. Pagoda, Kyoto. 京都 清水寺 本堂 及市街一眸.

Item 214855    
Japan Old Postcard 3-Storied Pagoda Todoroki Bridge Dragon Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard, Japan, Buddhist Temple. Kiyomizudera. Kiyomidzutera. Kyoto. Kiyomizu Temple. The Three-Storied Pagoda and The Todoroki-Bashi Bridge. Dragon. 京都清水寺 轟橋 三重之塔.

Item 214854    
Japan Old Postcard Koyasu-no-to Tower South Garden, Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto 清水寺 南園

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard, Japan, Buddhist Temple. Kiyomizudera. Kiyomidzutera. Kyoto. The Koyasu-no-to Tower of South Garden in The Kiyomizu Temple. Pagoda. Stone Lanterns. 京都清水寺 南園.

Item 214853    
Japan Old Postcard The Otowa-no-Taki Water Fall, Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto 清水寺音羽之瀧

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard, Japan, Otwa Fall, Falls, Buddhist Temple. Kiyomizudera. Kiyomidzutera. Kyoto. Otowa-no-Taki Waterfall, Kiyomizu Temple, Steps. Man Bathing under the Waterfall. 京都清水寺 音羽之瀧.

Item 214342    
Japan Old Postcard The Okunoin in Kiyomizu Temple, Terrace Platform 京都 清水寺 奧之院

Vintage Old Japanese Picture Postcard. Japan. The Okunoin in The Kiyomizu Temple. Kyoto. Terrace. Platform. 京都 清水寺 奧之院.

Item 214198    
Japan Old Postcard Monuments of So-Getssho Shinkai Saigo Nanshu, Kiyomizu Temple

Vintage Japanese Old Picture Postcard, Japan, Kiyomidzu Temple, Buddhist Temple. The Monuments of Gessho, Shinkai & Saigo. Kiyomizudera. Kiyomidzutera. Kyoto. So-Getssho (Bronze) and Saigo Nanshu of The Monument in the Kiyomizu Temple. 京都 清水寺 僧月照 西鄉南洲 記念碑 左方 忠僕重助之墓 信海.

Item 214196    
Japan Old Postcard Gion Festival Kyoto, Street Procession, Ethnic 鉾 京都祗園會 龜屋清次發行

Vintage Old Post card. Japan. Japanese Ethnic Life. Gion Festival Kyoto, Street Procession. 日本風俗 京都祗園會 鉾. Gion Festival is one of the Japanese three large festivals, history is said to be the oldest.
Published by 龜屋清次發行

Item 214195    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Saga Shakado Temple Kyoto, Lotus Lake, Pine Trees

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Japanese Picture Post Card, Japan. Saga-Shakado Temple Shrine Kyoto, Buddhist Temple. Pine Trees. Lotus Lake. 京都嵯峨釋迦堂.

Item 214189    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Arashiyama Sangenya, Kyoto, Rickshaw Coolie 嵐山三軒家

Vintage Japanese Old Hand Tinted Colour Old Post card. Japan. Arashiyama Sangenya, Kyoto, Rickshaw Coolie. River Scene. Boats, Canoes. Street Scene. Lamps. 京都 嵐山三軒家.

Item 214022    
Japan Old Postcard Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto, Gate Tower Steps Lion Statues 京都清水寺 樓門

Vintage Old Japanese Postcard. Japan, Kiyomizu Temple at Kyoto. Buddhist temple. Entrance Gate. Pagoda. Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, Gate Tower Steps, Lion Statues. 京都 清水寺 樓門. Kiyomizu-dera (or Kiyomizudera: 清水寺) refers to several Buddhist temples but most commonly to Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera (音羽山清水寺) in Eastern Kyoto. The temple dates back to 798. It takes its name from the waterfall within the complex, which runs off the nearby hills.

Item 213957    
Japan Old Colour Postcard The Kitano Shrine Temple Tenmangu Kyoto Statue 京都北野天滿宮

Vintage Old Colour Japanese Picture Postcard. Japan, The Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Temple. Entrance Gate, Stone Lanterns. Lion Statues. 京都 北野 天滿宮.

Item 213949    
Japan Old Empty Postcard Wallet Sleeve, Kiyomizutera Buddhist Temple Kyoto 清水寺風景

Vintage Old Empty Postcard Wallet Sleeve for Japan Japanese Views of Kiyomizudera Kiyomizutera Buddhist Temple. Pagoda Temple. Kyoto. 清水寺風景. Empty wallet only, this item contains no postcards. Published by Seikyokudo Japan Kyoto

Item 213614    
Japan Old H Tinted Postcard Rikushu Boat Pine Tree Kinkakuji Garden Temple Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Old Hand Tinted Colour Picture Postcard, Japan, Sailing Boat Shaped Rikushu Pine Tree at Kinkakuji Garden, Kinkakuji Temple. Kioto, Kyoto. Buddhist Temple. 京都 金閣寺 陸舟松 義滿公遺愛. Published by Uyeda Yokohama

Item 213556    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Geisha Girl Lady Woman Kimono Pagoda Matcha Kyoto

Vintage Old Hand Tinted Undivided Back Colour Postcard. Art Artist Drawn Colour. Japan, Ethnic Life. Japanese Geisha Girl Woman Lady. Kimono Traditional Costumes. Kyoto. Pagoda, Pine Trees, Matcha Bowl and Brush. Garden. Sunset. Published by 京都京極 井屋櫻

Item 213550    
Japan Old Postcard Miyako Hotel Kyoto, Fan, View from Dining Hall, Restaurant 京都

Vintage Japanese Old Post card. Japan. Miyako Hotel Kyoto on a Fan. View from Dining Hall. Restaurant. 京都 The Miyako Hotel is favourably known to most distinguished travellers throughout the world. It is situated in the healthiest, prettiest, and most convenient part of Kyoto for sight-seeing and shopping.

Item 213465    
Japan Old Postcard Yoroi Musha Gion Society Kyoto Warrior Samurai Horse 武者 京都祗園會

Vintage Old Colour Japanese Picture Post card, Japan. Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Yoroi Musha, Gion Society, Kyoto, Native Warrior Samurai Riding Horse Rider. 武者 京都祗園會. Published by Asohido 京都朝日堂發行

Item 213178    
Japan Old Postcard Shijyo Bridge Kamogawa River Scene Kyoto TRAM 京都 四條大橋 鴨川 新日劇

Vintage Japanese Old Post Card, Japan, Shijyo Bridge, Kyoto. Tram Trams Tramway, River Scene, Bridge. 京都 四條大橋 鴨川 新日劇. Published by Shueido

Item 211917    
Japan Old Postcard Kitanoginjya Kitano Shrine Temple Kyoto Stone Lanterns 京都北野神社

Vintage Japanese Old Picture Postcard. Japan, Kitano Shrine Temple, Pine Trees, Stone Lanterns. Kyoto. 京都 北野 神社.

Item 211866    
Japan Old Postcard Sanjusangendo Kyoto, Willow Tree Shrine Temple 京都 三十三間堂 妙法院門跡

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard, Japan, Sanjusangendo Kyoto, Willow Tree, Shrine Temple. 京都 三十三間堂. Published by 妙法院門跡

Item 211505    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Gate of Nanzenji Temple Kyoto Steps Pines 京都南禪寺山門

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Old Postcard, Japan, Mountain Gate of Nanzenji Buddhist Temple at Kyoto. Pine Trees. Steps. 京都 南禪寺 山門.

Item 211467    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Arashiyama Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Boating Boats 嵐山

Vintage Japanese Old Hand Tinted Colour Old Post card. Japan. River Scene, Arashiyama at Kyoto, Ethnic Life. River Scene. Boats, Boating. Cherry Blossoms. Blooming Trees. Panorama. 京都 嵐山.