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Item 119572    
Japan Old Postcard Temple Ginkakuji Homotsu Buddha Stat

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard. Buddhist Temple of Ginkakuji, Kyoto. Buddha Statue. Treasure. Guanyin bodhisattva. Buddhism. 京都 銀閣寺寶物 銀閣上觀音像.

Item 119403    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Garden of Samboin Temple near Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Colour Picture Post card, Bridge. Lake. Garden of Samboin Temple near Kyoto. Photo by Toyo Okamoto. Published by Japanese Government Railways Tokyo

Item 118961    
Japan Japanese Old Colour Postcard KYOTO HOTEL & Garden Gardens

Vintage Japanese Colour picture Post card. Kyoto Hotel, Gardens, Kyoto. 京都.

Item 116043    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Japanese Shrine at Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Temple, Shrine. Kyoto. 京都.

Item 111984    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Kitano Tenman-Gu - Kyoto Shrine Temple

Vintage Old Hand Tinted Colour Japanese Picture Post card, Kitano Shrine, Temple. Tenman-Gu Lion Statues, Stone Lanterns. Pines, Pine Trees. Kyoto. 京都 北野 天滿宮.

Item 111074    
Japan Old Postcard Hozu Rapids Kyoto One Hundredth Bank

Vintage Japanese Undivided Back Picture Post card of Hozu Rapid, River, Kyoto. Boat, Boating. The Houzu-river. Hozukyo Rapids. Advertising Advertisement : The One Hundredth Bank L'd. Transacts General Banking & Foreign Exchange Business Head Office : Tokyo Branch Office. Yokohama, Kyoto. Karasumaru Rokkaku. 京都 保津峽舟遊.

Item 109746    
Japan Old Postcard Arashiyama Boats & River Scene Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard, Arashiyama at Kyoto, Boats. River Scene. 京都 嵐山 大堰川. Published by 京

Item 109744    
Japan Old Postcard Heianjingu Shrine in Spring at Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard. Shrine, Temple of Heianjingu. Sunset in Spring. Kyoto. 官幣大社 平安神宮 京都 春之黃昏.

Item 100954    
Japan Old Postcard Meiji Shrine Gallery Kyoto Gate 1868

Vintage Old Japanese Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Meiji Shrine Commemorative Gallery. Wall Painting. Street Procession, Parade, in front of Kyoto Imperial Royal Palace East Gate. Horses. Horse Riders. Sedan Chair. 3rd February 1868. 明治神宮外苑 聖德記念繪畫館 壁畫 明治元年二月三日 小堀革丙音 筆 男爵 三井八郎右衛門 奉納 京都二條城東大手門. Published by 株式會社便利堂謹納

Item 100947    
Japan Old ART Postcard Meiji Shrine Gallery, Kyoto 1867

Vintage Old Japanese Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Meiji Shrine Commemorative Gallery. Wall Painting. Royal Residence. Kyoto. 9th January 1867. 明治神宮外苑 聖德記念繪畫館 壁畫 川崎小虎筆 侯爵 池田宣政奉納 慶應三年正月九日 京都御所小御所 清涼殿代 踐祚. Published by 株式會社便利堂謹納

Item 100305    
Japan Old Postcard The Dibu'su-Mimitsuka Entrance KYOTO

Vintage Japanese Postcard. The Dibu'su Mimitsuka, Entrance Gate. Kyoto. 京都 大佛耳塚.

Item 100286    
Japan Old Postcard Military Headquarter HQ Statue Kyoto

Vintage Colour Japanese Picture Postcard. The Military Head Quarter Headquarters, H.Q. Horse Rider Statue, Cannons, Kyoto. 京都名所 參謀本部.

Item 100277    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Chiwoin Temple Shrine - Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Colour Picture Post Card, Lanterns. Chiwoin Temple Shrine - Kyoto. 京都 知恩院.

Item 98169    
Japan Old Postcard Pine Tree, Chihakuin Temple at Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Picture Post Card, Pine Tree, Chihakuin Temple at Kyoto. 京都大佛智積院大玄關.

Item 90226    
Japan 1930 Postcard Muromachi Period Women, Dye Textile

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard. Ethnic Life. Muromachi period (approximately 1336 to 1573) Women, Traditional Costumes. Fan, Sandals. Dye Textile. With Japanese Imperial Stamp 3s dull maroon SG138, Tied Kyoto 8.9.30. 京都木觀堂前 8.9.30. 染織祭行列繪葉書 室町時代 機織 諸職之婦女 紺搔. 3s dull maroon (1.4.99)
Published by 京都市 染織講社發行

Item 84732    
Japan Old Postcard Coolie Rickshaw & Temple Gate, Kyoto

Vintage Japanese Colour picture post card. Steps. Temple Gate, Kioto, Kyoto. Native Coolie & Rickshaw.

Item 82652    
Japan Old Postcard Tofukuji Temple & Bridge Trees Kyoto

Vintage Japanese picture post card. Tofukuji Temple & Bridge, Trees, Buddhist Temple. Kyoto. 京都 東福寺 通天橋.

Item 82612    
Japan Old Postcard Kiyomidzu Temple Water & Steps Kyoto

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Picture Postcard, Fountains, Water, Steps. Women. Men having a shower. Kiyomidzu Temple at Kyoto. 京都 清水寺 音羽之瀧.

Item 79149    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Kiyomidzu Temple - Kyoto

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Picture Postcard, Cherry Blossoms, Blooming Trees. Blossom. Kiyomidzu Temple at Kyoto. 京都 清水寺 舞臺之櫻.

Item 79104    
Kyoto Old Postcard Pont Mitarashigawa Temple Shimo-gamo

Japan Vintage Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Kyoto. Japon. Petit pont sur le Mitarashi-gawa, canal lustral dans le Temple Shimo-Gamo. River, Tree, Small Arched Bridge. Japanese Gardens. Published by PBS Edit MDA Cliche du Docteur de Beurmann

Item 76918    
Japan Old Multiview Postcard Bridges Statue River KYOTO

Vintage B/W Japanese multiview Picture Postcard, Bridge, River, Bronze Statue. 高山彥九郎銅像 三條大橋 四條大橋 五條大橋. Published by 京都川旅館製

Item 75524    
Japan Old Postcard NARIAI TEMPLE Buddhist Temple Kyoto

Vintage Japanese picture Postcard. NARIAI TEMPLE Buddhist Temple. Kyoto. 京都 成相寺. Published by 丹後宮津蘭波文明堂發行

Item 75336    
Japan Old Color Postcard Shimo Kamo Shrine Temple Kyoto

Early Colour Japanese Picture Postcard, Trees, Shimokamo Shimo-Kamo Temple Shrine, Kyoto. 京都下加茂神社. Published by 光村出版部印行

Item 75326    
Japan Old Colour Postcard NIJO CASTLE KYOTO Race Course

Early Japanese Colour Picture Postcard, The Nijo Castle. Kyoto. Racecourse, Race Course. 京都 二条城 馬場 明治十四年離宮 昭和十四年京都市.

Item 72486    
Japan Old Postcard Kyoto River Angler on Rock - FISHING

Vintage Japanese Colour Picture Post Card. Kyoto. Trees, Autumn. River Scene, Boats, Angler standing on Rock Angling, Fishing. Published by 京都朝日堂發行

Item 72480    
Japan Old Postcard View of Dongshan East Mountain Kyoto

Vintage Colour Japanese Picture Postcard. Whole General View of East Mountain Dongshan at Kyoto. 翠巒之東山全景. Published by 京都東山

Item 67456    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Nanzenji Temple KYOTO Japanese Buddhist Temple

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Picture Postcard, Nanzenji Sanmon Buddhist Temple at Kioto. Kyoto. 京都南禪寺山門.

Item 64254    
Japan Old Postcard Bridge Kanuyabashi & LAKE BIWA CANAL

Vintage Colour Japanese Multiview Picture Postcard. Boats, Panorama. Bridge at Kanuyabashi, near Kyoto, Japan. Lake Biwa Canal.

Item 58713    
Japan Old B/W Postcard Main Temple of Heianjingu KYOTO

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard. Main Temple of Heianjingu. Panorama. 京都 官幣大社 平安宮 本殿. Published by 平安宮發行 舟屋敬兮 京都便利堂謹製

Item 47095    
Japan Old B/W Postcard Takayamahikokuroo No Dozo Kyoto

Early Japanese Postcard. Bronze Statue. Takayama Hikokuroo No Dozo Kyoto. 京都 三條橋畔 高山彥九郎之銅像.