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Item 207253    
Lion and Dog Puppy Zoo Zoologischer Garten Zurich Switzerland Old Photo Postcard

Vintage Old Larger Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, Lion and Dog Puppy, Zoo, Zoological Gardens, Zoologischer Garten Zurich, Swiss Switzerland.

Item 206490    
Austrian Airlines Erstflug mit DC-9 Wien Zurich Genf 7.8 1971 First Flight Cover

Austria 2s Thomas Koschat 1845-1914 x2 stamps, Austrian Airlines Erstflug mit DC-9. 7.8. 1971 First Flight Cover Envelope. 1150 Wien. Per Via Aerea Par Avion label.

Item 205980    
Austrian Airlines Swissair 5020 Salzburg Zurich DC-9 1972 First Flight Cover 4s.

Austria 4s 200 Jahre Wiener Boerse stamp, Austrian Airlines Swissair 5020 Salzburg - Zurich Erstflug mit DC-9. 2.1. 1972 First Flight Cover Envelope. Via Aerea label.

Item 205979    
Austria Austrian Airlines Swissair 8020 Graz Zurich DC-9 1972 First Flight Cover

Austria 4s 200 Jahre Wiener Boerse stamp, Austrian Airlines Swissair 8020 Graz - Salzburg - Zurich Erstflug mit DC-9. 2.1. 1972 First Flight Cover Envelope. Via Aerea label. Retour.

Item 205810    
E. Germany DDR 25pf Red Cross 1968 First Jet Flight Cover DC8-62 Zurich New York

Airmail First Flight Cover Envelope, East Germany, 25pf Bird Gimpel Pyrrhula Pyrrhula and 20+10pf Red Cross stamps. Mit Luftpost Par Avion label. Zum Erstflug der DC-8-62 HB-IDE "Zurich" / Genf - New York USA. 31.1.68. 1968. First Jet Flight DC 8-62. Jamaica n.Y. A.M.F. Kennedy FEB 2 1968 on back.

Item 193967    
Switzerland Old Colour Postcard Zurich vom Dolder, Panorama General View, Zürich

Vintage Old Colour Swiss Postcard. Switzerland, Zürich Zurich vom Dolder. Panorama General View. Published by Felix Luib. editeur Strasbourg Les Vosges

Item 161413    
Swiss MAP Zuerichberg, Waldhaus Dolder Zuerich See Lake, Vogelschau Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Swiss Postcard. Switzerland. MAP. Zuerichberg, Waldhaus Dolder, Der Zuerich See Lake aus der Vogelschau. Bridge, Boats, Mountains, etc. Train. Tram. Railway, Tramway. Published by Edition Photoglob P.Z.

Item 115325    
Swiss 1904 Postcard ZUERICH Fraumuensterkirche - Bridge

Vintage Old Switzerland Hand Tinted Undivided Back Colour Picture Postcard, Zuerich, Fraumuensterkirche - Bridge & River Scene. Clock Tower. Sent from Gravesend to Gravesend Kent. KEVII 1/2d
Published by A. Bergeret & Co.

Item 101653    
Zuerich Old Postcard Verwaltungsgebaeude, Polytechnikum

Switzerland Swiss Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Zurich Zuerich - Staedt. Verwaltungsgebaeude, und Polytechnikum. Street Scene. Published by Wehrli A.G. Kilchberg

Item 89570    
Swiss Old Postcard Gesamtansicht Quaibruecke Alpenquai

Switzerland Vintage Old Postcard. Zuerich, Zurich. Gesamtansicht der Quaibruecke, Alpenquai mit Uetliberg. Bridge. Tram, Tramway, Boats. Steamer, Steam Ship. Mountains. Panorama. Published by Ed. Phot. Franco-Suisse Berne

Item 73996    
Zurich Malaga Spain 1978 DC SWISSAIR First Flight Cover

llustrated Airmail First Flight Envelope, DC - 9, Switzerland Zurich - Malaga Erste Post 1. April 1978. Registered with Registration label 8058 Zuerich 58 Flughafen 980. Malaga postmark on back. With 1977 Swiss stamps Children's Fund Roses, 40c+20c Pair of 2 Parfum de l'Hay, 70c+30c R. foetida persiana. 40c+20c x 2, 70c+30c

Item 58253    
Swiss ZURICH Old Postcard Grossmuenster Antiquites Bank

Switzerland Swiss Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Zuerich, Grossmuenster. Zimmeriruise. Antiquites, Schweiz Vereinsbank. Bank. Published by Frei & Co., St. Gallen

Item 36983    
Swiss Old Postcard ZUERICH Bridge Glarneralpen Panorama

Switzerland Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Zuerich und die Glarneralpen. Boats. Church Clock tower, Mountains. General view. Published by Wehrli

Item 22942    
Switzerland Old Postcard ZUERICH Sailing Boats Bridges

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Zuerich, Sailing Boats. Published by Wehrli

Item 21354    
Swiss 1936 Old Art Drawn Postcard WAGGITALER MOUNTAINS

Early Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Eduard Stiefel, Zuerich. Waeggitalerberge - Montagne du Waeggital - Le montagne del Waeggital. Sent from Basel to Golders Green, London. 10c x 2

Item 20677    
Switzerland 1934 Old Postcard ZUERICH and ALPS Panorama

Old B/W Postcard. Zuerich und die Alpen. Aerial View. Sent from Zuerich to Menton. 20c
Published by Photo-Rotation Wilhelm Pleyer, Zuerich

Item 18037    
Switzerland PPC MOUNT UETLIBERG Fallaetsche Glaernisch

Early Coloured Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Uetliberg. Fallaetsche. Glecksteinhuette mit Glaernischkette. Published by Photoglob Co. Zurich

Item 17009    
Switzerland Old Real Photo Postcard ZUERICH ALPS BRIDGE

Zuerich und die Alpen. Mountains. Boats. Published by Wehrli Kilchberg

Item 16994    
Switzerland 1911 Postcard ZUERICH Schweiz Landesmuseum

Old Coloured PPC, Zuerich - Schweiz. Landesmuseum. Sent from Zurich to London. 10c
Published by Edition Photoglob Zurich

Item 12437    
Switzerland 1910 Postcard ZUERICH VON DER WAID Panorama

Old Colour Tinted PPC, Zuerich von der Waid. Sent from Zuerich, Switzerland. 10c
Published by Karten Centralen Zuerich.

Item 10704    
Switzerland Old Postcard 1925 ZUERICH - New University

Zuerich, Neue Universitaet. Sent from Zurich to England. 20c
Published by Edition Photoglob, Zuerich.

Item 7310    
Swiss 1950 Old RP Postcard ZUERICH Lake & Sailing Boats

Switzerland Early Real Photograph PPC of Zuerich. Clock Tower. Sent to Channel Islands. 25c Helvetia mountains trees
Published by Photoglob-Wehrli AG, Zuerich

Item 4360    
Germany 1986 Card AIRPLANE CARD Lufthansa Cologne Bonn

Flight Sent to Zuerich (Arrival on Reverse)