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Item ID: 173418  

WW1 SILK Embroidered Old Postcard R.G.A Royal Garrison Artillery Flower Military

Vintage Old French Greetings Embossed Postcard from the First World War British soldier in Europe. Military. WW1. First World War, Embroidered. Novelty Greeting. Flowers. Crown. Wheel. UBIQUE QUOFAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT. R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery.

Publisher: CPC
Faults: Minor wear, light marks & spots
Background: The Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) was an arm of the British Army's Royal Artillery that was originally tasked with manning the guns of the British Empire's forts and fortresses, including coastal artillery batteries, the heavy gun batteries attached to each infantry division, and the guns of the siege artillery.

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WW1 SILK Embroidered Old Postcard R.G.A Royal Garrison Artillery Flower Military

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