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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 223274    
Indo-China Old Postcard Tonkin Un Comedien Garde du Palais Actor Guard of Palace

Vintage Old Postcard. Indochine Francaise French Indo-China Indochina Indo-Chine, Vietnam Tonkin - Ethnic Life. Un Comédien Garde du Palais. An Actor, Guard of the Palace. Opera Stage Costumes. Big Knife. Tonkin, also spelled Tongkin or Tongking, is the northernmost part of Vietnam.
Published by Imprimeries Reunies de Nancy

Item 223273    
Nigeria Old Postcard Lagos Ebute Ero, Native Boats Harbour Street Scene Panorama

Vintage Old Postcard, Africa, Nigeria. Lagos, Ebute Ero. Ethnic Life. Native Boats, Harbour, Street Scene, Panorama. Shipping. Ebute Ero is a town in Lagos State south-western Nigeria. It is located in Lagos Island Local Government Area.
Published by Pictorial Lagos W.C.A.

Item 223272    
Nigeria Old Postcard Lagos Colonial Chapel Race Course Horse Racecourse H. Sanya

Vintage Old Postcard, Africa. Nigeria. Lagos, View showing the Colonial Chapel Race Course. Horse Racecourse. Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon.
Published by H. Sanya Freeman, Photographer-in-Chief to H.E. the Governor of Nigeria Second Edition

Item 223271    
Switzerland Old UB Postcard Spitalgasse, Street Scene TRAM Chocolat Suchard Cafe

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Switzerland. Swiss. Bern, Spitalgasse, Street Scene. TRAM with Advertising Advertisement "Chocolat Suchard". Cafe Epicarie Locher Thee Kaffee Chokoladen Export. Published by Edition Burgy Lith. Saint-Imier

Item 223270    
Tanzania Old Postcard Dar-Es-Salaam Railway Station Train Station Entrance Steps

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam Dar Es Salaam, Railway Station, Train Station. Stairs. Entrance, Steps. Published by European Photographic Studio 'Rose'

Item 223268    
Angola Old Postcard Mossamedes Torre do Tombo Tower, Boats Harbour Beach, Namibe

Vintage Old Postcard. Angola, Moçâmedes Mossamedes. Torre do Tombo. Tower of Tombo. Boats, Harbour, Beach, Seaside Panorama. Moçâmedes is a city in southwestern Angola, capital of Namibe Province.

Item 223267    
Zanzibar Creek Native Canoes Boats Boating Village Houses Palm Tree Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Zanzibar, Ethnic Life, Shipping, The Zanzibar Creek, Native Canoes Boats Boating, Village Houses and Palm Trees. River Scene. Panorama. Published by A.C. Gomes & Son, Photographers, Zanzibar

Item 223266    
Grenada Old Postcard St. George's from Hospital Hill Palms Panorama General View

Vintage Old Postcard. Grenada, St. George's from Hospital Hill. Caribbean, Palm Trees. Panorama General View.

Item 223265    
South Africa Old UB Postcard Durban - Girls' Model Primary School - Gale Street

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. South Africa, Durban, Girls' Model Primary School, Gale Street. Durban is a vibrant cosmopolitian city in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.

Item 223264    
Jamaica Old Postcard West India Regiment Barracks, Tents Military Barrack B.W.I.

Vintage Old Postcard, Jamaica. British West Indies. B.W.I. BWI. West India Regiment Barracks, Tents Military Barrack. General View Panorama. Published by Sollas & Cocking Jamaica

Item 223263    
South Africa Old UB Postcard Wynberg, On Main Road Street Scene TRAM Horse Rider

Vintage Undivided Back Old Postcard. South Africa, Wynberg, On The Main Road Street Scene, TRAM Tramway, Horse Rider. Published by The G.W.W. Series

Item 223262    
Sudan Old Real Photo Postcard Omdurman Landing Place, Flag Gate Fortress Donkey

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Africa Sudan, Ethnic Life. Omdurman, Landing Place, Gate with Flag on top. Fortress, Animals. Donkey Riders. Ethnic Life. Published by Victoria Stationery & Book Store Khartoum

Item 223261    
Madagascar Old Postcard Recherche de l'Or, Searching for Gold Mine Miners Mining

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Madagascar, Gold Mine Mining. Mines d'or. Ethnic Life. Recherche de l'Or, Miners Searching for Gold. Published by Lorelle 47 Boul Berthier Paris

Item 223260    
Uganda Old Postcard Mengo Hospital, One of Wards Nurse Medical Mission Auxiliary

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa. Kenya, Ethnic Life. Mengo Hospital. Uganda, One of the Wards. Nurse, Patients. Medical Mission Auxiliary, Church Missionary House, Salisbury Square London E.C. Hospital Interior. Kampala. Namirembe Hospital. Mengo Hospital, also known as Namirembe Hospital, is a private, faith-based, community, teaching hospital in Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda

Item 223259    
Sudan Old Real Photo Postcard Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Native Warriors with Spears & Shields

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Africa, Sudan, Ethnic Life. Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Native Warriors with Spears & Shields. Costumes. Published by D.P. Chryssides Port Sudan

Item 223258    
Kenya Old Postcard Mombasa Street Scene, Native Woman Headscarf Houses Huts Road

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa Kenya, Une Rue a Mombasa, Native Road Street Scene, Native Woman Lady wearing Headscarf, Traditional Costumes, Native Houses Huts, Road. Une rue a Mombasa. Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, lying on the Indian Ocean. It has a major port. The original Arabic name is Manbasa

Item 223257    
Barbados Old Postcard Aquatic Club, Pier Flag B.W.I., Collins' Carlisle Pharmacy

Vintage Old Postcard. Barbados, British West Indies, B.W.I. The Aquatic Club. Pier. Flag. Seaside. Published by Collins' Carlisle Pharmacy 28, Broad Street, Barbados

Item 223256    
Trinidad Old Postcard Native Workers Breaking Cocoa Pods and Crooking Donkey BWI

Vintage Old Postcard. Trinidad - British West Indies B.W.I. Ethnic Life. Native Workers Breaking Cocoa Pods and Crooking. Donkey. Published by Waterman, The Hatter Clothier and Outfitter

Item 223255    
Barbados Old Postcard Trafalgar Square, Nelson Statue, Street Scene, Early Buses

Vintage Old Picture Post card Postcard. Barbados, Trafalgar Square, Nelson Statue Monument Memorial, Street Scene, Early Buses. Palm Trees. Published by Knights Ltd. Barbados

Item 223254    
Venezuela Old Real Photo Postcard Puerto de Maracaibo Harbour Lighthouse Steamer

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Venezuela, Maracaibo, Puerto de Maracaibo, Harbour, Lighthouse Light House. Steamer, Steam Ship, Boats. Maracaibo is a city in northwestern Venezuela and the capital of Zulia state.

Item 223253    
Trinidad Old Postcard Frederick Street Corner & Marine Square, Street Scene TRAM

Vintage Old Post Card. Trinidad, Corner of Frederick Street and Marine Square. Street Scene. Streets. TRAM Tramway. Tramlines. Advertising Advertisement. Maillard's. El-Popular. Salvatori Cott & Co. The Trinidad Stores Salvatori Scott & Co. Published by Davidson & Todd Ltd

Item 223252    
Nigeria 1937 Old Real Photo Postcard Native Orchestra Ibadan Musical Instruments

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Africa. Nigeria. Ethnic Life. Native Orchestra, Ibadan, Musical Instruments, Musicians, Woman and Girls. 18 Mar 1937. Ibadan is the capital and most populous city of Oyo State, in Nigeria. It is the third-largest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano.
Published by C.M.S. Bookshop, Lagos

Item 223251    
Nyasaland Old Postcard Likoma Lake Nyasa, Waiting for Arrival of Mission Steamer

Vintage Old Africa Colour Postcard, Lake Malawi. Rhodesia Nyasaland. Likoma, Lake Nyasa. Waiting the arrival of the Mission Steamer. Native Boats Canoes with flags. Universities Mission to Central Africa. Ethnic Life. Shipping.

Item 223250    
Lourenco Marques Old UB Postcard Avenida Augusto de Castilho, Street, Mozambique

Vintage Old Colour Undivided Back Postcard. Africa, Mozambique. Lourenco Marques. P.E.A. Portuguese East Africa, Avenida Augusto de Castilho, Street Scene. Palm Trees. Published by A.W. Bayly & Co. Ltd. Lourenço Marques

Item 223249    
Libya Old Colour Postcard Port de Tripoli, Harbour Boats, Beach Seaside Panorama

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Africa, Libya, Tripoli, Port de Tripoli, Harbour, Boats, Beach, Seaside Panorama. Tripoli (population 1 million, Arabic: طرابلس Ṭarābulus) is the capital of Libya. The city is located in the northwest of the country; it lies on the edge of the desert, on a point of rocky land projecting into the Mediterranean Sea and forming a bay. The city was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians, who named it Oea.
Published by Dimitri Tarazi et fils, Beyrouth, Damas, Jerusalem

Item 223248    
Senegal Old Postcard Dakar West Mole Port Works Locomotive Train Harbour Steamer

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Afrique Occidentale, West Africa. Senegal. Rail. Dakar - Môle Ouest et Travaux du Port. West Mole and Port Works. Locomotive Engine, Train, Railway Railroads. Harbour Steamers Steam Ships, Boats. Shipping. Dakar is the capital city of Senegal, located on the Cap-Vert peninsula at the country's Atlantic coast.
Published by Collection Generale Fortier Dakar

Item 223247    
Nigeria West Africa Old Hand Tinted Postcard Lagos The Wharf, Steamer Steam Ship

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Africa. Nigeria. Lagos, The Wharf, Steamer Steam Ship. Shipping. Sunset.

Item 223245    
Malta Old Postcard Hagiar-Kim Megalithic Temple Complex Man Boy Sitting on Rocks

Vintage Old Maltese Postcard. Malta - Hagiar-Kim. Ħaġar Qim Megalithic Temple Complex Man Boy Sitting on Rocks. Ħaġar Qim is a megalithic temple complex found on the Mediterranean island of Malta, dating from the Ġgantija phase (3600-3200 BC).

Item 223244    
Malta Old Postcard Addolorata Cemetery, Graves, Church Chapel Cathedral, Crosses

Vintage Old Postcard. Malta, Maltese, Addolorata Cemetery. General View. Graves, Church Chapel Cathedral, Crosses.

Item 223243    
Malta Old Postcard Imtarfa Barracks, Museum Station, Military Barrack, Panorama

Vintage Maltese Old Postcard. Malta - Imtarfa Barracks, General View Panorama, Military Barrack. Museum Station. Published by Photo The Grand Studio

Item 223242    
Donald McGill 1929 Old Postcard Fat Bottom My Holiday's Up End is in Sight 13570

Vintage Old Comic Humour Postcard. 1929. Artist Signed by Donald McGill. No. 13570. Big fat bottom floating on the sea. Beach Seaside. My Holiday's Up -- The end is in sight. Bathing Machines. Sailing Boat. Bathers Bathing. Sea Waves. Published by The Milton Series Woolstone Bros.

Item 223241    
J.C.D. Will Ye No Come Back Again? Punch Hard & Get Penny Back 1931 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Comic Humour Old Postcard. 1931. J.C.D. Artist Signed. Will Ye No Come Back Again? To the Trains. Railway Station, Train Station. Punch Hard and Get Your Penny Back. 1D. Sent from Grimsby Lincs to Grimsby Lincs. KG5 1d
Published by XL Series

Item 223239    
Japan Artist Signed Old UB Postcard Geisha Girl Lady Woman wears Kimono Costumes

Vintage Japanese Colour Artist Drawn Old Postcard. Japan. Geisha Girl Lady Woman wearing Kimono Traditional Costumes.

Item 223234    
Hong Kong Hotel Alexandra Building Y.M.C.A TRAM Street Scene Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Hong Kong China. Chinese. Alexandra Building, TRAM Tramway, Y.M.C.A. UMCA. Street Scene. Native Coolies carrying baskets with shoulder pole. Ethnic Life. Scaffolding. Rickshaw. Qing Dynasty. Hongkong Hotel. Published by Turco-Egyptian Tobacco Store

Item 223233    
Hong Kong China Old Colour Postcard H.E. Governor's Summer Residence on The Peak

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. H.E. The Governor's Summer Residence on the Peak. Gardens. Published by Turco-Egyptian Tobacco Store

Item 223232    
Hong Kong China Old Colour UB Postcard Queen's Statue - Hongkong & Shanghai Bank

Vintage Old Colour Postcard, Hong Kong China Chinese. Queen Victoria - The Queen's Statue. Hongkong & Shanghai Bank. Published by The Hongkong Pictorial Postcard Co. P.O. Box No.4

Item 223231    
Hong Kong China Old Postcard Dragon Boat Race Aberdeen, Men Rowing Boats Harbour

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Hongkong Hong Kong China. Panorama. Sampans, Native Boats. Mountains. Harbour. Canoes. Dragon Boat Race. Racing. Sports. Sport. Aberdeen. Published by Turco-Egyptian Tobacco Store

Item 223230    
China Old Postcard Chinese Tea House Nanking Road Shanghai, Dragon Flag Teahouse

Vintage Colour Chinese Old Post Card, China, Chinese Teahouse, Tea House at Nanking Road. Dragon Flag. Indian Police. Native Men, Woman & Baby Children. Ethnic Life. Qing Dynasty Costumes. Advertisements, Advertising for Tea House, Cigarettes, Opium, Silk, Tins, Cakes, Preserved prumes or fruits & Candies, etc. 上海 金安茶屋 全安茶居 各國紙煙 西洋鼻煙 廣東淨絲 自運罐頭 龍鳳禮餅 蜜餞糖果. Published by Th. E.L. Series

Item 223229    
China KG5 1913 Old Postcard A Chinese Clergyman SPG Rey John Kao Shantung Dioces

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, China. Religious. Ethnic Life. Costume. A Chinese Clergyman. The Rey. John Kao (Shantung Diocese). The S.P.G. sent its first missionary to China in 1863. Postally Used i 1913 with Great Britain King George 5th 1/2d stamp, tied Henley-on-Thames. GB KGV 1/2d
Published by S.P.G. Coloured Post Card

Item 223227    
China Comic Old Postcard Chinese Washerwomen Beat The Clothes with Sticks LEF 06

Vintage Colour Chinese Art Artist Drawn Old Postcard. Comic Humour. China Hong Kong Hongkong. Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Women. Chinese Washerwomen, Beat The Clothes with Sticks. Artist Signed by LEF 06. Published by The Star Series G.D. & D. London

Item 223226    
China Old Postcard Chinese Hotel Arrival of Viceroy, Dragon Flag Sedan Chair 長發棧

Vintage Colour Old picture post card. Ethnic Life. Dragon Flag. China, Chinese Hotel, Arrival of a Viceroy. Street Scene. Sedan Chair. Rickshaw and Coolie. Horse Donkey drawn Carriage, Cart. Gate. Chang-Fa Inn, Hotel. Qing Dynasty. Bicycle. 長發棧. Published by The E.L. Serie Ali Mohamed Fazal Bombay

Item 223225    
China Old Postcard Mandarin SEDAN CHAIR, Dragon Flag, 3 Barefoot Chinese Coolies

Vintage Chinese Colour Old Post Card, China Mandarin Chair & Coolies. Ethnic Life. Qing Dynasty Costumes. Dragon Flag. Native Barefoot Coolies. Papeterie Au Cartosport Max H. Rudmann, Cairo. Passage Joussef Maassad, en face du jardin d'Esbeky. Published by Th. E.L. Edit Kingshill

Item 223222    
Singapore Supreme Court Municipality Building Nederlandsch Indie 4c Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old post card, Malaya Malay Straits Settlements - Singapore - Supreme Court and Municipality Building. Law Courts. Street Scene, Vintage Cars. With (Dutch East Indies) Nederlandsch Indie 4c stamp on back, unstamped. Addressed to Cardiff. UK. Sent to Cardiff. D.E.I. 4c
Published by J. Arthur Dixon Ltd

Item 223221    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard Cocoa-Nut Trees Cocoanut Coconut Palm Tree 35

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Cocoa-Nut Trees Cocoanut Coconut Palm Tree.

Item 223220    
Singapore Old Postcard Chinese Actor with Fan, Opera, Stage Costumes Ethnic Life

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Singapore Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. China, Native Chinese Actor, Stage Costumes, Holding a fan. Ethnic Life.

Item 223219    
Korea Old Postcard Public House Shogen Changwon Bicycle Cyclist Street View 昌原郡廳

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea Korean. The Public House, Shogen, Changwon, Bicycle Cyclists, Street Scene. 昌原郡廳. Published by Seiundo Printing Co. Ltd. 山城屋商店發行

Item 223218    
LOUIS WAIN Artist Signed Cats Fishing Catching It, Boot 1904 Old Tuck's Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Tuck's Art No.1260 Old Undivided Back Postcard. Louis Wain Artist Signed. Comic Humour. Cat Cats Kitten Kitten. Fishing, Angling, Angler. Fishing Rod & Net. Catching It. Boot. Postally Used in 1904 with Great Britain King Edward 7th 1d Red stamp, tied London, addressed to Barcelona (Spain). Sent from London to Barcelona (Spain). KE7 1d
Louis Wain (1860–1939) was an English artist best known for his drawings of anthropomorphised large-eyed cats and kittens. In his later years he suffered from schizophrenia, which, according to some psychologists, can be seen in his works.
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Art Series

Item 223217    
LOUIS WAIN Artist Signed Cat Kitten Dignity Collar Old Postcard C.W. Faulkner Co

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Louis Wain Artist Signed. Comic Humour. Pet Animal. Cat Kitten. Yellow Collar. Dignity. Louis Wain (1860–1939) was an English artist best known for his drawings of anthropomorphised large-eyed cats and kittens. In his later years he suffered from schizophrenia, which, according to some psychologists, can be seen in his works.
Published by C.W. Faulkner & Co.

Item 223215    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL Old Postcard All Over Shy Like! Girl, Dog Puppy on Beach 804

Vintage Old Valentine's Colour Art Drawn Picture Post card, c.1920. Artist Signed, Comic Humour, Genuine Mabel Lucie Attwell Postcards, Have the Artist's Signature thus. Children. Little Girl and Dog Puppy on the Beach. Seaside, Rocks. Hat. Moon or Sun. All Over Shy Like! No. 804. Published by Valentine's Attwell Series

Item 223214    
WW1 Woven SILK Old Postcard ALBERT 1914 Bombed Building on FIRE, War BOMBARDMENT

Vintage French Embossed Old Postcard from the First World War British soldier Fought in Europe. France, Novelty Woven Silk. WW1 Ruins. Battle. Military BOMBARDMENT. Albert 1914, Bombed Church on Fire. Burning. Published by Soie Tissee et brodee E. Deffrene, edit. - I. Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle Paris Vise Paris