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Postcards > Thematics > Ships & Boats > Sailing Boats

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Item 90859    
OULTON BROAD Old Postcard Wherry Hotel & Sailing Boats

Vintage Colour Postcard. Oulton Broad, Suffolk. Yachts. Sailing Boats. Sunset. Wherry Hotel. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 90405    
Devon Torquay Old Postcard PRINCESS PIER, Harbour Boats

Vintage colour Picture Postcard, Devon, Torquay, PRINCESS PIER Harbour, Sailing Boats. Piers. Published by Photochrom CELESQUE series

Item 90402    
Torquay Devon Old Colour Postcard Rock Walk Princess Gardens Harbour

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard. Devon. Torquay. Rock Walk and Princess Gardens, Devon. Sailing Boats. Panorama. Harbour. Published by Photochrom CELESQUE series

Item 90046    
Japan Old Postcard MT. FUJI from Tagonoura Suruga, Boat

Vintage Colour Embossed Japanese Picture Post Card, Mount Mountain Mt. FUJI from Tagonoura Suruga. Sailing Boat. Beautiful & Clear reflection in lake. 駿河田子之浦富士.

Item 89936    
Sailing Boats Lighthouse Chrysanthemum 1913 RP Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Postcard. Sailing Boats, Lighthouse & Jetty. Chrysanthemum Flowers. Greetings. A Happy Birthday. For you may life to music flow and joys anew each Birthday show. Sent from Cardiff. KGV 1/2d
Published by Valentine's X.L. Series Real Photo Cards

Item 89930    
Sailing Boat Old Embossed RP Postcard Lighthouse Jetty

1909 Vintage Embossed Real Photo Postcard. Sailing Boat, Lighthouse & Jetty. Upon your Natal Day May thoughts are turned to thee. To wish you every Happiness, and years from sorrow free. Published by J. Beagles & Co.

Item 89925    
ST-MALO Vedettes Old Postcard Boats Harbour, Lighthouse

France Vintage French Postcard. Panorama, General View. Cote d'Emeraude. Saint-Malo - St-Malo, Les Vedettes, Jetty. Pier. Harbour. Sailing Boats. Lighthouse. Saint-Malo is a walled port city in Brittany in northern France on the English Channel. It is a a sous-préfecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine département.
Published by Laurent Nel Rennes

Item 89780    
Fishing Sailing Boats Retour la Peche L.L. Old Postcard

France Vintage French Postcard. Fishery. Fishing Boats. Sailing Vessels returning to Harbour. L.L. No. 2048. Published by Levy Fils LL

Item 89102    
WHITE WINGS - SAILING BOATS Old Postcard Marcus Ward's

Vintage Colour Postcard. Shipping. Sailing Vessels. White Wings - Sailing Boats. Marcus Ward's Series. Published by McCaw Stevenson & Orr. Ltd

Item 87677    
Nikko Old Postcard Chuzenjiko Lake Bridge Sailing Boats

Japan Early Japanese Picture Postcard, The View of Lake from Ojiribashi Bridge, by the Lake of Chuzenjiko. Chuzenji Lake. Nikko. Sailing Boats. Mountains. Clouds. 日光中禪寺湖大尻橋 湖上景.

Item 87578    
Dutch Boy Windmill Boats Artist Drawn 1915 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Wall Artist Signed Art Drawn Picture Postcard, Dutch Children. Netherlands. Holland. Costumes. Cute Little boy. Clogs. Windmills, Sailing Boats. Harbour. Shpeak me a few thoughts by mail. Sent from Kamrar. 1c

Item 87363    
China Old Colour Postcard CHINESE JUNK YELLOW SEA Sailing Boat Shipping

Vintage Colour SHIPPING Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. A Native Chinese Junk sailing on Yellow Sea. Sailing Boat. Sailing Vessels.

Item 86030    
Japan Old ART Postcard Summer River Scene, Sailing Boat

Vintage Japanese Colour Artist Drawn picture post card, Summer, River Scene Panorama. Sailing Boat. Imperial Art Gallery Academy 4th Exhibition. 夏之川 小林萬吾氏筆 帝國美術院第四回美術展覽會出品. Published by 神田美土代町壹 四四美術工藝會發行

Item 85669    
OBAN Corran Esplanade Argyll Old Postcard Sailing Boats

Scotland, Argyll, Vintage Picture Postcard, Corran Esplanade, Oban. Seaside Panorama. General View. Boats. Oban is a resort town in Argyll, Scotland with a population of around 12,000.
Published by Philco Series

Item 85593    
Isle of Wight Old Postcard VENTNOR Looking East - Sands

Isle of Wight Vintage Picture Postcard. Sands, Beach, Pier, Cliffs, Bandstand, Bathing Machine, Boats. Sailing Boat. Ventnor, Looking East.

Item 83904    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Bord du Nil Nile Sailing Boats

Vintage Egyptian Postcard. Africa, Egypt. Le Caire, Cairo. Bord du Nil. Nile River. Sailing Vessels. Native Sailing Boats. Panorama. Published by THe Cairo Postcard Trust Cairo 60267

Item 83831    
I'll Stick to the Ship Lads - Newly Tarred Old Postcard

c.1900 Vintage Picture Postcard, Sailing Boat. Pier. Seaside, Beach. I'll Stick to the Ship, Lads. The Poor things did not know that the ship had been newly tarred. Man & Women. Ladies. / Living Picture Series. Sent from Sandycroft. KEVII 1/2d

Item 83815    
Artist Signed 1910 Old Postcard Sailing Boats & Harbour

Vintage Old Artist Signed Art Drawn Postcard. Sailing Boats. Sailing Vessels. Artist Signed. Sent from Kempsey. KEVII 1/2d
Published by Max Ettlinger & Co. Ltd

Item 83722    
Sailing Boat Marine Series Hour of Silence Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard Beach

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Sailing Boats. Sailing Vessels. Beach, Seaside Panorama. Sunset Marine Series. The Hour of Silence and of rest - Scott. Published by W. & A. K. Jolmston Limited Edinburgh & London

Item 83127    
Devonshire Old Art Postcard CLOVELLY Boats Pier & Beach

Vintage Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Clovelly, Devonshire. Seagulls. Cliffs. Seaside. Pier, Sailing Boats. Sands.

Item 82755    
Alger Old Postcard Vue Prise en rade Sailing Boat Yacht

Algeria Vintage Colour Picture Postcard, Africa, Algiers, Alger, Sailing Vessel, Sailing Boat. Panorama. Published by Cap

Item 82348    
Moonlight Stonehaven - Manchester 1905 Old ART Postcard

Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Picture post card. Manchester. Moonlight Stonehaven. Moon. Sailing Boats. Seagulls, Birds. Rocks. Panorama. Sent from Yorks to Stanley redirected to Penrith. KEVII 1/2d
Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd Manchester Series

Item 82291    
Becalmed Old Postcard Last Fleet SAILING BOATS A. Stead Artist Signed

Vintage A Stead Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Becalmed. Tenby. Sailing Boats. Sailing Vessels. The Last of the Fleet. Published by B.B. London

Item 78932    
Isle of Man Old Silver Postcard DOUGLAS Promenade

Vintage Silver Postcard. Douglas, Loch Promenade showing Clock Tower, Street Scene. Tram. Tramway. MANX ELECTRIC RAILWAY. Sailing Boat. Published by The DEFCO Series Delittle Fenwick & Co.

Item 78881    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Sail Boats LOCK PARADE Douglas

Vintage Colour Postcard. Lock Parade, Douglas, Panorama. Sailing Boats. Sailing Vessels. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 78868    
Isle of Man Old Postcard BRADDA HEAD Port Erin & Boats

Vintage Colour Postcard, Bradda Head, Port Erin, Sailing Boats. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 78751    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Kasr-el-Nil Bridge Open, Boats

Vintage Colour Egyptian Picture Post card, Cairo, The Kasr el Nil Bridge Open, Le Caire Le Pont de Kasr-el-Nil ouvert. Nil Nile River Scene. Arab Sailing Boats. Published by 438 B. Livadas & Coutsicos Cairo 312

Item 77066    
LLANDUDNO Panorama - Water Colour Drawing Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Art Artist Drawn Colour Picture Postcard. Llandudno, Sailing boats. Beach. Panorama. General View. Published by Bernard P. Hall & Co. Water Colour Series

Item 76660    
China Old Colour Postcard CHINESE JUNK YELLOW SEA Sailing Boat Vessel Shipping

Vintage Colour SHIPPING Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. A Native Chinese Junk sailing on Yellow Sea.

Item 76543    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Matsu-Shima Sailing Boat

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Matsushima. Matsu-Shima, a prettiest view in Japan. Sailing Boat.