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Item 200359    New
China HK Br. PO Shanghai KE7 4c 1912 Old Postcard Shoemaker Street Scene Barbers

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Multiview Postcard, Greetings from China, Hong Kong Hongkong. Chinese Shoemaker. Native Roadside Barbers at Work. Rickshaw. Coolie. Street Scene. Dragon Flag. Flowers. Bird. Ethnic Life. Postally Used in 1912 with King Edward 7th 4c stamp, tied Shanghai Br. P.O. (British Post Office in Shanghai), addressed to Hastings with arrival postmark DE 12 12. Sent from Shanghai Br PO to Hastings. Published by Edit. Kingshill

Item 200358    New
North Korea 1918 Old Postcard Manse Bridge Hamhung Korean Man 咸興 萬歲橋 Japan 1s 3s

Vintage Old Postcard. North Korea. Manse Bridge, Hamhung, Korean Man on Bridge over River Scene. 咸興 萬歲橋 Postally Used in 1918 with Japanese 1s 3s stamps. Published by 咸興玉置商店發行

Item 200357    New
Johore Old Real Photo Postcard Causeway Rolling Lift Bridge Smooth Level Surface

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Johore. Causeway Cause Way, Rolling Lift Bridge, Smooth Level Surface, no Teeth. Johor, formerly Johore (Jawi:جوهور), is a state of Malaysia between 1°20"N and 2°35"N. The capital and royal seat of Johor is Johor Bahru, formerly Tanjung Puteri. The old capital is Johor Lama. The Arabic honorific of the state is Darul Ta'azim ("Abode of Dignity').

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Item 200356    New
Haiti 1c x 2 1908 Old Postcard Gonaives, Chemin de Fer, Locomotive Train Station

Vintage Old Postcard. Haiti. Gonaïves, Gonaives, Chemin de Fer, Locomotive Train, Railway Station, Railroad. Horse. Postally Used in 1908 with Republique d'Haiti 1c x 2 stamps, tied Port au Prince. Addressed to Oxford. Sent from Port au Prince to Oxford. 1c x 2
Gonaïves is a commune in northern Haiti, and the capital of the Artibonite department of Haiti. It was founded in 1422 by Indians who named it Gonaibo. It is also known as Haiti's "independence city".
Published by Collection L.B.

Item 200355    New
Singapore KG5. 6c. 1929 Old Real Photo Postcard RAFFLES PLACE Vintage Motor Cars

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay Singapore, Native Coolies, Rickshaws. Vintage Motor Cars, Car Park. Parking, Street Scene. Singapore Raffles Place. Ethnic Life. Building with Kaisha. Raffles' Place. When Sir Stamford Raffles took possession of Singapore for the East India Company in 1819, it was covered with jungle, and almost uninhabited except for a few fisher folk living along the shore. It was incorporated in the Straits Settlements when that colony was established in 1826. Postally Used in 1930 with Straits Settlements King George 5th 6c stamp, tied Singapore. Addressed to Holland (Netherlands). Sent from Singapore to Holland. KGV 6c

Item 200354    New
India J. Correggio 1a 1911 Old Postcard Elephants Riders Deity God German Prince

Vintage British Indian Old Art Drawn Colour Postcard, India, Indien. J. Correggio Artist Signed. Elephant Riders Elephants, Palm Trees. Hindu Deity God Goddess. Zur Erinnerung an die Reise des Deutschen Kronprinzen nach Ostasien 1910/1911. (To commemorate the journey of the German Crown Prince to East Asia), Portrait on back. Germany Royalty. Postally Used in 1910 with King Edward 7th 1a stamp, tied Calcutta G.P.O. Addressed to Austria Wien. Sent from Calcutta G.P.O to Wien. KEVII 1a

Item 200353    New
Indochina 1910 Old Postcard Poulo-Condore Penitentiary Bagne Rattan Chair Making

Vintage Old Postcard. 1910. French Indo-China Indochina Indochine Indo-Chine, Vietnam - Pénitencier des Îles de Poulo-Condore - Rotiniers dans le Bagne. Prison, Penitentiary of the Islands of Poulo-Condore - Rattaniers in the Bagne. Rattan chair. Natives Native Men making Rattan Chairs. Ethnic Life. 5c Woman

Item 200352    New
Namibia 1905 Old Postcard Bahnhof in Karibib Railway Train Station D.S.W. Afrika

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. UB. German South West Africa, D.-S.-W. Afrika. Deutsch-Sud-West-Afrika. Namibia. Bahnhof in Karibib. Flag. Rail Railroad Railroads. Railway Station. Train Station. Windhuk. Deutsch-Sudwestafrika 13/10 a. 05. Hildesheim 13.11.05. Cachet : -ruppe für Südwestafrika ... Kolonne. Sent from Hildesheim to Hannover Hanover (Germany).

Item 200351    New
Cambodia Nam-Giao 3c 1$ 1950 Old Postcard Angkor-Vat Temple Front Elephant Rider

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Colour Old Postcard. Federation Indochinoise. French Indo-China Indochina Indochine Indo-Chine. Cambodge. Facade d'Angkor-Vat. Cambodia, Temple Ruins, Angkor-Vath. Angkor Vat. Temple Front. Pagoda. Statue. Chair on Elephant, Native Elephant Rider. Indochine Nam-Giao 3c Elephant 1942. Airplane Aircraft 2c and L'Apsara 1$ stamps on back. Souvenir de l'Inondation de Langs on 15 et 16 Aout 1950. Oval Red Military Cachet : Vaguemestre S.P. 50.540. Cachet 3. Régiment Etranger Infanterie. (Foreign Regiment Infantry.). Published by Cliche Agence des Colonies P-C Paris

Item 200350    New
Isle of Wight 1905 Old Real Photo Postcard Funeral of a Benedictine Monk Ventnor

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard, Isle of Wight, Funeral of a Benedictine Monk at Ventnor. I. of W. Jan. 31. 1905. Procession. Sent to Wilts. KE7 1/2d
Published by The Undercliff Series R.E. Holden Ventnor. J.M. Allen Photo Ventnor

Item 200349    New
India QV 1a Sea P.O. 1898 Old UB Postcard Kalighat Kali Nautch Girl Burning Ghat

Vintage British Indian Old Undivided Back Art Artist Drawn Multiview Postcard. Court Size. India. Kalighat, Boat, Bathers Bathing Steps. Kali God Goddess Deity. Burning Ghat Native Funeral. Ethnic Life. Nautch Girls. Dancing Girl Lady Woman. Costumes. Musician Musicians, Drum. Arch Gate. Flowers. Postally Used in 1898 with Queen Victoria 1a one anna stamp, tied Calcutta 26 MY 98. Sea Post Office MY. 28. 98. Code A. Addressed to Erfurt Germany with arrival postmark 13.6.98. Sent from Calcutta to Erfurt Germany. Made in Ausria for W. Roessler Calcutta

Item 200347    New
India Old Real Photo Postcard Native Indian Man Dwarf 32 inch High Walking Stick

Vintage British Indian Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, India, Native Indian Man, Dwarf, 32 inch High, with Walking Stick.

Item 200346    New
Haiti 1910 Old Postcard Port au Prince Chapelle Croix de Mission, Eglise St Anne

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Haiti. Chapelle, Croix de Mission, Chapel. Port au Prince, Eglise St. Anne Church. Eglise St. Joseph. Eglise St. Antoine. Churches. Postally Used in 1910 with Republique d'Haiti 1c x 2 stamps. Addressed to Germany. Sent from Haiti to Germany. Republique d'Haiti 1c x 2
Published by Pharmacie Centrale d'Haiti

Item 200345    New
China Chinese Women Ladies National Costumes Russia Russian 4k 1909 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. China, Ethnic Life. 3 Native Chinese Women Ladies. Traditional Costumes. Postally Used in 1909 with Russia Russian 4k stamp, addressed to Norge Christiania Norway. Sent from Russia to Norge Christiania Norway. Russia 4k
Published by Phototypie Scherer Mabholz & Co. Moscau Moscow

Item 200344    New
China Chinese Men, Women & Children Costumes Russia Russian 4k 1910 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. 1910. China, Ethnic Life. Group of Chinaman Chinese Men, Women and Children, Young Boys. Traditional Costumes. 三陽開泰 Postally Used in 1910 with Russia Russian 4k stamp.

Item 200343    New
Malta Blitzed 13. Remains of Auberge de France Valletta KG6 6d 1947 Old Postcard

Vintage Maltese Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Malta, Blitzed Malta, 13. Remains of Auberge de France, - Valletta. Buildings Ruins. Postally Used in 1947 with King George 6th Overprinted in black : Self-Government 1947, 6d stamp, addressed to Sweden, by Air Mail. Sent from Malta to Sweden. KGVI 6d

Item 200342    New
Nigeria Deutsche Seepost 1911 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Type of Lagos West Africa

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard, Nigeria. Types of Lagos, Wes-Afrika West Africa. Ethnic Life. Group of Natives, Native Men Women and Children. Little Boys and Girls. Traditional Costumes. Umbrella. Hats. Postally Used in 1911 with German 10pf stamp, tied oval : Deutsche Seepost (German Sea Post) Linie Hamburg Westafrika 27. 6. 11. Sent from Lagos to Germany Magdeburg. German 5pf
Published by Franz Spenker Rissen-Hamburg

Item 200341    New
India QV 1d 1901 Old UB Postcard Postman Kashmir Cashmere, La Poste au Cachemire

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Undivided Back Art Artist Drawn Postcard, India, Postman of Kashmir Cashmere, Women. Costumes. Ethnic Life. La Poste au Cachemire. Postally Used in 1901 with Queen Victoria 1d stamp, tied St. John's Wood N.W. Addressed to Kollbrunn, Zürich Zurich Zuerich. (Switzerland). With Kollbrunn arrival postmark 13 VII.01. Sent to Kollbrunn. Q.V. 1d
Published by Kunzili freres, Paris

Item 200340    New
India QV 1a 1901 Old UB Postcard Greetings from Darjeeling Hills Houses Panorama

Vintage British Indian Old Undivided Back Postcard, with very light fluorescent patterns on front. 12.1cm x 9cm. India. Greetings from Darjeeling Panorama General View. Postally Used in 1901 with Queen Victoria 1a one anna stamp, tied Darjeeling. Surrey. Sent from Darjeeling to Surrey. Q.V. 1a
Published by Verlag Th. Paar, Darjeeling 1158 Hermann Seibt, Meissen (Sachsen)

Item 200339    New
India QV 1a Sea P.O. 1900 Old UB Postcard Esplanade Road Bombay TRAM, Court Size

Vintage British Indian Old Undivided Back Postcard. Court Size. India. Esplanade Road, Bombay, Street Scene TRAM Tramway Tramlines. Panorama. Postally Used in 1900 with Queen Victoria 1a one anna stamp, tied Bombay FE 17. 00. Sea Post Office FE. 17. 00. Addressed to Austria Wien, with Wien arrival postmark. Sent from Bombay to Austria Wien. Q.V. 1a
Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and is located on an island off the west coast of India.
Published by Clifton & Co. Bombay Photographic Bombay

Item 200338    New
India QV 1a 1899 Old UB Postcard Reversing Station, Bhore Ghat, Locomotive Train

Vintage British Indian Old Undivided Back Postcard. Court Size. India. Reversing Station, Bhore Ghat, G.I.P. Ry., Great Indian Peninsula Railway, Locomotive Steam Train. Railroad. Railroads. Rail. Postally Used in 1899 with Queen Victoria 1a one anna stamp, tied Thane. Sea Post Office De. 2. 99. Addressed to Heidelberg Germany, with Heidelberg arrival postmark 16.12.99. Via Brindisi. Sent from Thane to Heidelberg Germany. Q.V. 1a
Published by Clifton & Co. Bombay Photographic Bombay

Item 200336    New
Warwick Hunt Meet Banbury Cross Feb 15 1907 Old Real Photo Postcard Warwickshire

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. The Warwick Hunt Meet, Banbury Cross, Feb. 15 1907. Horses. Horse Riders. Postally Used in 1907 with King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp, tied Banbury.

Item 200333    New
Indochina 1 2 3c 1928 Old Postcard BIENHOA Native Hunters Making Picture CAY-GIA

Vintage Old Postcard. French Indo-China Indochina Indo-Chine Indochine. Vietnam Cochinchine - Bienhoa - Ro, tracant une roue de charrette sur un contrefort de Gay-Gia. Ethnic Life. Native Hunters. Making picture on stone using sythe / scythe. Natives Tracing a wheel of cart. Postally Used in 1928 with Woman 1c, 2c and 3c stamps, tied Saigon Central Cochinchine. Sent from Saigon Central Cochinchine. 1c 2c 3c
Published by Photo NADAL Saigon H.S. 12 Imp. Braun

Item 200332    New
German South West Africa Namibia Old Postcard Luederitzbucht Luederitz Bay Train

Vintage Old Postcard. German South West Africa, Namibia - D.-S.-W. Afrika. Lüderitzbaai Lüderitzbucht Lüderitz Bay, Luederitzbaai Luederitzbucht Luederitz Bay, Train Trains, Railway Railroad Railroads, Mountains, Hills, Panorama. Lüderitz Bay or Lüderitzbaai (German: Lüderitzbucht), also known as Angra Pequena, is a bay in the coast of Namibia, Africa. The city of Lüderitz is located at the edge of the bay
Published by Verlag der Swakopmunder Buchhandlung

Item 200331    New
TIBET China Coiling Dragon 1/2c 1912 Old Postcard Farm & Pagoda Temple in Thibet

Vintage Old Postcard. Tibet China Chinese. Ethnic Life. Tibetan Temple Gate Gates Wall Walls. Ferme et Pagode thibetaine. Farm and Pagoda in Thibet. Drawings of Flowers, etc. With Chinese Imperial Post Coiling Dragon 1/2c stamp, tied Shanghai 12. 1912, not postally used. CIP 1/2c Coiling Dragon

Item 200329    New
Hong Kong St John's Cathedral China Changhai Singapore Mission 1926 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China, St. John's Cathedral Church, Singapore Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Changhai. Procures des Missions-Etrangeres en Extreme-Orient. The Foreign Missions forwarding Houses in the Far-East. Missionaries. Chinese Man Chinaman holding a Baby. Children. Little Girls and Boys. 香港 新加坡 長海 Postally Used with French 20c Sower stamp, tied Marseille, addressed to Lyon. Procure des Missions Etrangeres, Marseille Tel. 50.49. 38 Rue Nau 38. Pour le R.P. Masseron. Procureur. Sent from Marseille to Lyon. 20c
Published by Missions-Etrangeres de Paris 128 Rue du Bac.

Item 200330    New
Cambodia Indo-China 5c 1903 Old UB Postcard Cambodian Women Femmes Cambodgiennes

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. French Indo-China Indochina Francaise Indochine Indo-Chine. Cambodge - Femmes Cambodgiennes, Native Cambodian Women Ladies. Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Table, Teapot. Postally Used in 1903 with Indo-Chine 5c x 2 stamps, tied Kampot Cambodge. Sent from Kampot Cambodge. 5c x 2
Published by Serie Du Cambodge - Claude et Cie Editeurs Saigon

Item 200328    New
Mexico Mexican Revolution Old Postcard Zapata's Rebels Destroy R.R. Bridge Horse

Vintage Old Postcard. Mexico, Mexican Revolution. Horse Rider. Truss Bridge. Zapata's Rebels destroying R.R. Bridge. Gen. Zapata who threatens to hang Huerta and his Cabinet when he captures Mexico City. Published by 1914 Max Stein Chi.

Item 200327    New
Mexico Mexican Revolution Old Postcard Train Sharpshooter Women Cooking for Army

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Mexico, Scenes of The Mexican Revolution. A Victim of the Executing Squad. Armoured Train. Mexican Sharpshooters. Guns. Native Women cooking for Mexican Army Troops Soldiers. Military.

Item 200326    New
Saint St. Lucia Old Postcard Native Altar Rest Corpus Christi Festival, Boat Hut

Vintage Old Postcard. (Barbados printed on back) Saint Lucia, St. Lucia, B.W.I. British West Indies. Native Altar Rest. Corpus Christi Festival. Boat. Canoe. Hut. Religious Ethnic Life. St. Lucia is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the "Helen of the West Indies" because the island switched between British and French control so often it was likened to the mythical Helen of Troy.

Item 200325    New
Cambodia MAP French Colonies Cambodge Palais de Norodom a Pnom Penh Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Map of French Colonies, Cambodia, Les Colonies Francaise - Cambodge. Edition de la Chocolaterie d'Aiguebelle. Baskets of Fish. Royaume de Siam. Bassac. Sambor, Kratie, Soton, M. Krat. Pnom-Penh. Banam, Chaudoc, Kampot, Cochinchine Francaise, Golee de Siam, etc. Palais de Norodom a Pnom Penh. Palace.

Item 200324    New
Biplane AVRO Airplane Aircraft Flying at Southport Lancashire Plane Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Biplane AVRO Aeroplane Airplane Aircraft, Flying at Southport, Lancashire. Aviation. Published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd.

Item 200323    New
China Mukden Station Derailed Locomotive Train Japanese Troops Old Postcard 奉天驛

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. China, Japan Japanese Troops being about to go to the Fire Line. At Mukden Station. As the result of the Railway between Pochipao and Liuchiakoa of the Mukden - Peiping Line broken by Soldiers of the Mufti Corps. A Steam Locomotive of Japanese Army was Derailed there. Military Soldiers. Railroad. 戰線 皇軍 奉天驛 支那便衣隊 破壞 我軍機關車脫線之光景 京奉線白旗堡柳家溝間. Published by Taisho Hato Brand Made in Wakayama

Item 200320    New
India Old Postcard Elephant Statue Buffalo Rider Hindu Indian Gods Deities Sword

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Elephant Statue, Buffalo Rider, Hindu Indian Gods Deities, Man with Sword. Published by The Phototype Company Bombay

Item 200319    New
India Old Postcard Dattatreya Dattatraya Infant Leopard Skin Rug Dog Goat Animal

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Dattatreya Dattatraya, Leopard Skin Rug, Dog Dogs Goat. Animals. Dattatreya, Dattā or Dattaguru, is a paradigmatic Sannyasi (monk) and one of the lords of Yoga in Hinduism.
Published by The Phototype Company Bombay

Item 200318    New
India Old Postcard Jaswatsinghji Jaswant Singh Ji Man wearing Glasses Spectacles

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Jaswatsinghji Jaswant Singh Ji, Man wearing Glasses Spectacles. Published by The Phototype Company Bombay

Item 200315    New
India Old Postcard Jahangir Shah Jahangirsha his Jar of Wine, Zaibun Nissa Begam

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Jahangir Shah Jahangirsha his Jar of Wine and Zaibun Nissa Begam. Published by The Phototype Co. Bombay

Item 200314    New
India Old Postcard A Toddy Drawer, Native Climber Climbing Palm Tree Ethnic Life

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Ethnic Life. Native Palm Tree Climber. A Toddy Drawer. Man Climbing Palm Tree. Trees.

Item 200313    New
Cunard White Star, R.M.S. Queen Mary, Royal Mail Steamer Ships 1948 Old Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Colour SHIPPING Old Postcard. Artist Signed. Cunard White Star, R.M.S. Queen Mary. Royal Mail Steamer, Steam Ship. Boats. Postally Used in 1948 with United States Postage Air Mail Statue of Liberty, Airplane 15c stamp. 15c

Item 200312    New
Napoleon on Board of The Bellerophon 1909 Old Color Postcard Tate Gallery London

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Colour Postcard, Napoleon a bord du Bellerophon / an board des Bellerophon. Military Vessel. Ship, Boat. Sir William W. Quiller Orchardson R.A. (1832–1910). Napoleon on the Board Bellerophon. Tate Gallery London. Published by The Star Series G.D.&D. London

Item 200311    New
M. Morris Artist Signed The Last Ferry Boat Tuck's Connoisseur 1904 Old Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard. The Last Ferry Boat, Tuck's Connoisseur Series. Sunset. Artist Signed by M. Morris. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd

Item 200310    New
Manchester Ship Canal 1907 Old Colour Postcard Bridge Steamer Boats, Lancashire

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Lancashire, Manchester Ship Canal, Steamer, Steam Ship, Boats, Bridge. Shipping. Panorama. 1907. The Manchester Ship Canal is a 36-mile-long (58 km) inland waterway in the North West of England linking Manchester to the Irish Sea.
Published by Grosvenor Series

Item 200309    New
A. Stead Artist Signed 1908 Old Postcard Sailing Boats Nearing Home, Moon, Night

Vintage Old Art Drawn Colour Postcard. A. Stead Artist Signed. Sailing Boats. Sailing Vessels. Nearing Home, Moon, Moonlight, Night. Shipping. Published by B.B. London

Item 200308    New
C.P.R.S.S. Princess Elizabeth Steam Ship Steamer, Canada, Arms 1937 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Shipping. C.P.R.S.S. Princess Elizabeth running between Seattle, Wash. Victoria and Vancouver B.C. Canada. Steam Ship, Steamer. Coat of Arms. 1937. Published by H. Lovick Victoria B.C.

Item 200306    New
A. Stead Artist Signed Old Postcard The Last of The Fleet, Sailing Boats Vessels

Vintage Old Art Drawn Colour Postcard. A. Stead Artist Signed. Sailing Boats. Sailing Vessels. The Last of the Fleet. Shipping. Published by B.B. London

Item 200305    New
Donald McGill 1929 Old Postcard Bird Birds Here Have you got your Worm Card 2435

Vintage Old Comic Humour Postcard, 1929. Artist Signed by Donald McGill. No. 2435. Bird Birds. Here, have you got your Worm Card?. Published by Inter-Art Co. Comique Series

Item 200304    New
Molly Brett 1961 Old Postcard Rabbits Bunnies Hedgehog Play Skipping, Playtime

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Comic Humour. Molly Brett Artist Signed. Animals. Rabbits, Bunnies and Hedgehog playing Skipping. Flowers. Playtime by Molly Brett. 1961. Published by Medici Society Ltd.

Item 200303    New
Plaice Fish 1939 Old Postcard This Place is a lot bigger than it was! Beach, Sun

Vintage Old Comic Humour Postcard, Artist Drawn. Beach, Seaside. Cliffs. Smiley Sun. Plaice Fish. This Place is a lot bigger than it was! 1939. Published by XL Series London E.C.

Item 200302    New
Donald McGill 1928 Postcard Beach Boat Line of Fish Jolly Old Sole Plaice No Cod

Vintage Old Comic Humour Postcard, Artist Signed by Donald McGill. No. 5283. A Line of Fish. Beach, Seaside. Cliffs. Boats. Just a line to a jolly old SOLE. This is the PLAICE and no COD about it!. 1928. Published by Inter-Art Co. Comique Series

Item 200301    New
Hockey Skating Sport, Dressed Rats Mice Playing Comic Dutch 4c 1962 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Holland. Netherlands. Rat Mouse. Dressed Rats Mice Playing Hockey Skating Sport Sports. Comic Humour. Park. 1962. Nederland 4c stamp. 4c