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Item 228368    
Canada Old Postcard Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Musical Ride, Expo' Toronto

Vintage Old Colour Picture Post card, Canada, The famous Musical Ride of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, at Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto. Street Scene. Published by World Wide Sales Agencies Ltd.

Item 228107    
Reginald Rigby, Criterion Theatre Le Mariage de Melle Beulemans Old ART Postcard

Vintage Old Art Drawn Postcard. Artist Signed by Reginald Rigby, Le Mariage de Melle Beulemans, The Wedding of Miss Beulemans. Criterion Theatre. Theatre. Police. Glamour Ladies Women. Bride. Une Belle Alliance. Anglo-Franco-Belge. M. et Mme. Beulemans - de Bruxelles. M. Delpierre de Paris, Ont l'honneur de vous faire part du Mariage de Melle Beulemans, avec M. Albert Delpierre qui est celebre a Londres au Criterion Theatre (Saison Belge) Tous les Soirs : a 8h 1/2, Matinees : les Mercredi, jeudi, et Samedi a 2h 1/2. A Beautiful Alliance. Anglo-Franco-Belgian. Mr. and Mrs. Beulemans - from Brussels. Mr. Delpierre from Paris, Have the honor to inform you of the Marriage of Miss Beulemans, with Mr. Albert Delpierre who is famous in London at the Criterion Theater (Belgian Season) Every Evening: at 8:30 a.m., Matinees: Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 1/2 hours.

Item 227721    
China Hong Kong KE7 4c Old UB Postcard Chinese Prisoner Cangue, Police, Shanghai

Vintage Colour Old Undivided Back Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. c.1900. China. Ethnic Life. Chinese Prisoner Prisoners in Cangue. Police, Policeman. Costumes. Postally Used with Hong Kong Hongkong China King Edward 7th 44c, tied Shanghai (British Post Office). Sent from Shanghai Br. PO to London. HK KEVII 4c
A cangue is a device used for public humiliation and corporal punishment in China and other parts of Asia. It was similar to the stocks used in the West, except that the board of the cangue was not fixed to a base, and had to be carried around by the prisoner.

Item 227702    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard The Police Head Quarters, Street Scene No. 66

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malay Singapore Malaya, The Police Head Quarters, HQ H.Q. Street Scene, Coolie & Rickshaw. Ethnic Life.

Item 227695    
China Old Hand Tinted Postcard Chinese Police French Town Shanghai Street 匯得豐 杭煙

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Post card. China, Ethnic Life. Shanghai, Chinese Police at French Town, Shanghai. Street Scene. Hangzhou Cigarette Shop Store. 匯得豐 杭煙. Published by T.K. T. Kishida & Co. near Astor House, Shanghai, Japanese Curios Dealer

Item 227613    
Singapore Old Postcard Police Court Entrance Street Scene Native Coolies KP Hock

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. c.1900. Malaya Malay Straits Settlements. Singapore. Ethnic Life. Police Office and Police Court. Street Scene, Native Coolies and Rickshaws. Published by K.P. Hock Singapore S.S.

Item 227272    
Hong Kong Old Color Postcard A Chinese Coolie in Stocks British Indian Policemen

Vintage Old Colour post card, Qing Ching Dynasty. China Chinese Hong Kong, Hongkong. Ethnic Life. A Coolie in the Stocks, Hongkong. Hong Kong China Chinese. 2 British India Indian Police Policemen. Published by M. Sternberg & Co. Hongkong

Item 227007    
BONZO DOG GE Studdy 1928 Old Postcard Police Held Up at Gorleston-on-Sea Pullout

Vintage Old Artist Signed Colour Comic Humour Post Card Drawn by George Ernest Studdy. 1928. Animal. Bonzo Dog Puppy. No. 1467. Police. Policeman. Held Up at Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk. Another Funny "P.C." for you. Pull-Out Views including : River and Arrival of Pleasure Steamer Steam Ship, The Cosies, Pier Jetty, Fishing Boats Sailing Boats at Gorleston, Harbour, High Street Scene, Church, Bandstand, Shelter from Cliff, Tents from Cliff, River and Quay, Marine Parade and Sands, etc. Sent from Great Yarmouth Norfolk to Ryde I.O.W.. KG5 1 1/2d
Published by Valentine's Mail Novelty

Item 226896    
Violet Roberts Artist Signed Cats 1916 Old Postcard Coming Home with Milk Police

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Postcard. 1916. Artist Signed by Violet Roberts. VR. Comic Humour. Cat Kitten Cats Kittens. Police giving tickets. Key. Walking Stick. Coming Home with the Milk. Sent from Richmond Surrey to Chelsea. KG5 1/2d
Published by Photochrom Celesque Series B

Item 226704    
Rhodesia Old Postcard CHINGOLA, Shopping Centre Hotel High Str. Golf Club Police

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Multiview Postcard. Zambia Rhodesia, CHINGOLA, Shopping Centre, Hotel, High Street Scene, Golf Club, Police Station. Chingola is a city in Zambia's Copperbelt Province.
Published by Valentine's. Rho-Scot Studio, Ndola

Item 226643    
Tanganyika Tanzania Old Real Photo Postcard Policeman Police Guns, Dar-es-Salaam

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Africa, Tanganika. Tanganyika, Policeman Police in Uniform with Guns. Dar-es-Salaam. Published by A.C. Gomes & Son. Art Photographers, Dar-es-salaam

Item 226368    
Penang Hill Old Real Photo Postcard Police Station Street Scene Child Playground

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Straits Settlements Malay Malaya. Penang Hill. Police Station, Street Scene, Children Playground 檳城. Penang (in Malay Pulau Pinang, Jawi:بينانج) is an island on the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The offical name of the Penang island is Prince of Wales Island and the town is Georgetown, but neither of these names is in general use. Penang was founded 17th July, 1786, having been ceded to the East India Company by the Sultan of Kedal, in return for an annuity in 1785. At this time the island was almost uninhabited, Penang has an excellent harbour and is the centre of considerable trade.

Item 226192    
Johore Old Hand Tinted Postcard Police Station Policeman Guard Koh &Co Singapore

Vintage Old Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Johore, Police Station, Policeman, Guard. Johor, formerly Johore (Jawi:جوهور), is a state of Malaysia between 1°20"N and 2°35"N. The capital and royal seat of Johor is Johor Bahru, formerly Tanjung Puteri. The old capital is Johor Lama. The Arabic honorific of the state is Darul Ta'azim ("Abode of Dignity').
Published by Koh & Co. Singapore

Item 226134    
Singapore Old Real Photo Postcard Connaught Drive, Street Bridge River Policeman

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old picture post card, Malaya Malay Straits Settlements - Singapore - Connought Connaught Drive Street Scene, Bridge, Police Policeman, Boats Harbour, Palm Trees.

Item 226120    
Raphael Kirchner Old Postcard STOP! Glamour Lady, Toy Traffic Police & Motor Car

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Postcard. Artist Drawn by Raphael Kirchner. A Glamour Lady, Glamorous Woman Girl with Fan. Toy Traffic Police & Toy Motor Car. STOP!. Published by The Bruton Galleries Ltd London W. The Alphalsa Publishing Co. Ltd

Item 226049    
China Censored Old Postcard Shanghai Chinese Teahouse Nanking Road Indian Police

Vintage Chinese Multiview Old Post Card. Official Military Mail. Japanese China, Censor Censored. Chinese Willow Teahouse, Tea House at Nanking Road. British Indian Traffic Police. Horse Race Course Racecourse, Nanking Road Street Scene, Early Bus, Vintage Motor Cars, TRAM Tramway. Long Hwa Pagoda Temple. Bridge. 上海 中支風景 南市 湖心亭 江灣競馬場 印度巡補 南京路 龍華古塔.

Item 225809    
Tom B. Browne 1906 Old Postcard Adventures of a v. Young Policeman Police Horses

Vintage Old Comic Humour Colour Postcard. 1906. Artist Signed by Tom B. Tom Browne. Police Policeman. He Conducts a young lady across the road. Horses Horse Cart. The Adventures of a very young policeman. Published by Davidson Bros.

Item 225799    
BONZO DOG GE Studdy 1931 Old Postcard Police, O! Baby Ain't you Bin Naughty 1951

Vintage Artist Signed Colour Comic Humour Art Drawn Old Picture Postcard Drawn by George Ernest Studdy. 1931. Animal. Bonzo Dog Puppy. Police Officer, Policeman holding a Pencil. O! Baby - Ain't you bin Naughty! No. 1951. Published by Valentine Bonzo Postcard

Item 225796    
BONZO DOG GE Studdy 1927 Old Postcard POLICE, Another Funny PC For You Puppy 996

Vintage Artist Signed Colour Comic Humour Old Picture Postcard Drawn by George Ernest Studdy, 1927. Animal. Bonzo Dog Puppy. Police Officer. Policeman. Police Hat. Another Funny P.C. For You. No. 996. Published by Valentine's Bonzo Series

Item 225397    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL 1939 Old Postcard Police May Nothing Stop You On Ur Way 1282

Vintage Old Valentine's Colour Art Drawn Picture Post card, 1939. Artist Signed, Genuine Mabel Lucie Attwell Postcards Have the Artist's Signature thus. Children. Little boy & girl on Donkey / or Horse. Police. Policeman. Horseshoe. Horse Shoe. I'se Wishing you good luck to-day, may nothing stop you on your way. No. 1282. Published by Valentine & Son Ltd. ATTWELL

Item 225276    
BONZO DOG GE Studdy Old Postcard Hullo Everybody Police Drunk Puppy on Snow 1129

Vintage Artist Signed Colour Comic Humour Art Drawn Old Picture Postcard Drawn by George Ernest Studdy. Animal. Bonzo Dog Puppy. Police Officer, Policeman. Double Vision. Umbrella, Balloon. Hat. Winter Snowy Ground. Drunk. Wine Bottle. Hullo! Everybody! No. 1129. Published by Valentine Bonzo Postcard

Item 224484    
BONZO DOG GE Studdy Old Postcard Cant' Say when I'm coming back Bird Police 1256

Vintage Colour Comic Humour Old Postcard Drawn by George Ernest Studdy. Artist Signed. Animal, Bonzo Dog being taken away by Police. Goose head. Cant' say when I'm coming back. No. 1256. Published by Valentine's Bonzo Registered Post Cards, Valentine & Sons

Item 224438    
Beira, Pier und Zollstation Customs Station, Portuguese Mozambique Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Portuguese Mozambique. Beira, Pier und Zollstation, Jetty Pier and Customs Station. Police. Published by C.A.W.G.

Item 224435    
Panama Old Colour Postcard Police with Gun Policeman on Guard Las Bobedas Panama

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Panama. Police Policeman on Guard Las Bobedas Panama. Published by I.L. Maduro Jr. Photographer Panama

Item 224311    
Venezuela Old Real Photo Postcard Maracaibo Teatro Baralt Theatre, Police Street

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Venezuela, Maracaibo, Teatro Baralt Theatre, Police Policeman, Street Scene. Maracaibo is a city in northwestern Venezuela and the capital of Zulia state.
Published by Foto. Ferrebus Rincon Maracaibo Venezuela

Item 224258    
Nigeria Old Postcard Police Court, Lagos, Police Station and Street Scene Africa

Vintage Old Postcard, Africa. Nigeria. Police Court, Lagos, Police Station, Street Scene.

Item 224252    
India Old Postcard Parawallah, Calcutta, Native Police Indian Policeman Umbrella

Vintage Old British Indian Postcard. India, Ethnic Life. Parawallah, Calcutta Native Police Man with Umbrella Policeman. Parawallah or Indian Policeman. Complete with umbrella shield against sun and rain.

Item 224250    
Nigeria Old Postcard Kano Street Scene Native Administration Foot Mounted Police

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa. Nigeria. Ethnic Life. A Street Scene in Kano, with Native Administration, Foot and Mounted Police. Policemen. Horses Horse Riders.

Item 224086    
Diego-Suarez Madagascar Old Postcard Rue Flacourt Street View Police Cacti Hotel

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Diego-Suarez. Antsiranana. Madagascar. Rue Flacourt Street Scene. Police Policeman. Cart. Cacti Cactus. Pharmacy Pharmacie A. Lacroix. 38F50. 0.80. GR Hotel M. Published by E. Chatard, Diego-Suarez

Item 224080    
St. Lucia Old UB Postcard Castries Bridge, Police Officers Royal Coal Dispensary

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. British West Indies. B.W.I. BWI. Saint Lucia, St. Lucia. Castries Bridge, showing Police Officers Policeman, Royal Coal and Dispensary. Street Scene. St. Lucia is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the "Helen of the West Indies" because the island switched between British and French control so often it was likened to the mythical Helen of Troy.
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons, Tuck's, Published for Clarke & Co. Castries