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Item 207900    New
Gibraltar from The Commercial Mole & Boarding Station, Street Scene Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Gibraltar from The Commercial Mole & Boarding Station, Street Scene. Rock Mountain. Police, Soldier or Guard. Horse Cart. Published by Benzaquen & Co. Gibraltar

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Item 207896    New
Gibraltar Old Postcard Entrance to Moorish Castle Clock Tower Soldier Police Dog

Vintage Old Postcard, Gibraltar, Entrance to Moorish Castle. Clock Tower. Group of Soldiers or Police. Puppy Dog. Children. Little Boy and Girls. Published by A. Benzaquen Tanger

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Item 207687    New
Hong Kong China Old Colour Postcard Prisoners Indian Police 2 Stocking Criminals

Vintage Colour Old post card, Hong Kong Hongkong China, 2 Native Chinese Prisoners & Indian Police. Policeman. Stocking Criminals. Ethnic Life. Published by Turco Egyptian Tobacco Store

Item 207533    New
Syria Old Postcard Alep Aleppo Grand Marche de Bab-El-Nagrab Market Street Scene

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Syria Syrien Alep. Aleppo. Ethnic Life. Grand Marche de Bab-El-Nagrab, Market Street Scene, Roadside Stalls Booths, Sellers Vendors Merchants. Mosque Tower. A soldier or police wearing uniform. Children. Little Boys Girls. Published by Wattar Freres Alep

Item 207528    New
Andorra Rep. Old Real Photo Postcard Group of Police Officers Policemen, Uniform

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic B/W Postcard. c.1950. Republica d'Andorra -Grup de la Policia Andorrana. La Police Andorraine. Group of Police Officers Policemen wearing Uniform. Published by V. Claveroi

Item 207514    
S.S. Eastland Steamer Ship Shipwreck, Chicago Fire and Police Dept. Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. USA. United States. Disaster Disasters. Ship Wreck. Shipwreck. S.S. Eastland. Members of Chicago Fire and Police Department engaged in the recovery of bodies from sunken hold of Steamer Eastland. Firemen. Fire Brigade. Firefighters. The S.S. Eastland was a passenger ship based in Chicago and used for tours. On July 24, 1915, the ship rolled over onto her side while tied to a dock in the Chicago River. A total of 844 passengers and crew were killed in what was the largest loss of life from a single shipwreck on the Great Lakes.
Published by Max Rigot Selling Co. Chicago.

Item 207427    
India Old Postcard Indian Police Trimulgherry Bazaar Bazar Market & Street Scene

Vintage British Indian Old Post Card, India, Trimulgherry. Indian Police Policeman Police Officer. Bazaar Bazar Market Street Scene. Trimulgherry or Thirmulgherry is a suburb of Secunderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the anglicised name for Tirumalagiri. It is located at the north of Hyderabad.
Published by The Phototype Company Bombay

Item 206468    
Raphael Kirchner Old Postcard Glamour Lady Woman Girl, Fan, Toy Motor Car Police

Vintage Art Drawn Old Postcard. Raphael Kirchner Artist Signed. Glamour Lady Glamorous Woman Girl, wearing holding a Fan. Traffic Police. Romance, Man and Lady kissing in Miniature Vintage Motor Car, Traffic Police. Published by The Alphalsa Publishing Co. Ltd. Bruton Galleries Ltd London W.

Item 206316    
Japan Old Postcard Niigata Police Station and City Hall Street Scene 新潟市役所 新潟警察署

Vintage Japanese Old Post card, Japan. Niigata Police Station, Niigata City Hall, Street Scene. 新潟市役所 新潟警察署.

Item 205983    
East Germany Police 1970 First Flight Cover Interflug IL 62 Berlin Moscow Russia

Airmail First Flight Cover Envelope, Interflug. East Germany DDR 5pf Police 25 Jahre Deutsche Volks Polizei riding Scooter and Archaeologische Forschung der Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin University 10pf stamps, Interflug. Erstflug mit Iljuschin IL 62, Berlin to Moskau Moscow Russia. 1.8.70. 1970. Retour.

Item 205652    
Hong Kong China Old UB Postcard Chinese Market Scene Native Seller Vendor Police

Vintage Undivided Back Old Postcard, Hong Kong Hongkong China. Ethnic Life. Chinese Market Scene, Native Sellers Vendors Merchants. Cart. Police Policeman. Published by Ezekiel & Co.

Item 205647    
Singapore Old Postcard Anderson Bridge Street Scene Police Policeman or Soldiers

Vintage Old Postcard. Singapore Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Anderson Bridge, Street scene. Police. Policeman or Soldiers. Published by Hong Kong Chiong & Co.

Item 205630    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Kowloon Godowns, Victoria Jail, Police Station Praya East

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Postcard, Hong Kong Hongkong China. Kowloon Godowns, Harbour, Quay, Boats. Praya East Building on the Peak. Police Station. Victoria Jail. Published by M. Sternberg

Item 205626    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL 1931 Old Postcard Police, Don't Say I Never Send U P.C. 1813

Vintage Old Valentine's Colour Art Drawn Picture Post card. 1931. Artist Signed, Genuine Mabel Lucie Attwell Postcards Have the Artist's Signature thus. Children. Police Officer, Policeman. Now Don't Say I Never Send You a P.C. No. 1813. Published by Valentine & Son Ltd. ATTWELL Series

Item 205126    
China Old Hand Tinted Postcard THE BUND SHANGHAI, Street TRAM Police Monument 17

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Chinese Old Postcard, China, The Bund of Shanghai. Statue Monument Memorial, Flags. Ethnic Life. Police Policeman wearing Uniform. Coolie & Rickshaw, Street Scene. TRAM, Tramways. Published by Tabaqueria Filipina Shanghai 39-40 Nanking Road

Item 204210    
Morocco Old Postcard Casablanca, Place de France Boulevard de l'Horloge Entrance

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Morocco, Casablanca (Maroc), Place de France et Entree du Boulevard de l'Horloge. Square. Entrance. Gate. Clock Tower. Street Scene. Native Police or Soldier. Published by Edit. Kricorian Casablanca M. Le Deley Paris

Item 203678    
India KG5 1/2a 1914 Old Postcard South Barrack Fort William Calcutta Soldier C31

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Calcutta, South Barrack, Fort William. Military. Barracks, Police. Soldier. Street Scene. Postally Used in 1914 with King George 5th 1/2a stamp, tied Dharmatala. Sent from Dharmatala to Belgique Gand Europe (Belgium). KGV 1/2a
Published by D. Macropolo & Co. Calcutta

Item 203156    
Nigeria Old Real Photo Postcard On Point Duty Lagos Traffic Police STOP Sign Str

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, Africa. Nigeria. Ethnic Life. On Point Duty, Lagos. Traffic Police and STOP Sign. Street Scene. Published by C.M.S. Bookship Lagos

Item 202919    
Hong Kong 1918 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Armistice Celebration Day Sedan Chair St

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Old Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. Armistice Celebration Day at Hongkong 13th Nov. 1918. Flag. Flags of Japan, Britain, USA, etc. Street Scene. Indian Police. Sedan Chair. Published by K.M. & Co. Hongkong

Item 202559    
China Old Postcard Shanghai On The Bund Street Police & Custom House Clock Tower

Vintage Colour Old post card, c.1900 Chinese Street Scene, Ethnic Life. Policeman. Police On The Bund. Men, Children. Qing Dynasty Traditional Costumes. Custom House Clock Tower in background.

Item 202386    
Motor Cars Police, I saw you, but I'm not that sort of a girl! 1928 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Artist Drawn Old Postcard. Comic Humour. Police Policeman. Motor Cars. Now miss, why didn't you stop? Didn't you see me waving to you? Yes, I saw you - but I'm not that sort of a girl! 1928. Published by Philco Series Comic Series

Item 202266    
BONZO DOG G.E. Studdy 1929 Old Postcard Can't Say When I Come Back - Police 1256

Vintage Colour Comic Humour Old Postcard Drawn by George Ernest Studdy, 1929. Artist Signed. Animal, Bonzo Dog being taken away by Police. Goose head. Cant' say when I'm coming back. No. 1256. Published by Valentine's Bonzo Registered Post Cards, Valentine & Sons

Item 202174    
Police 1919 Old Postcard With housing problem what it is you never know you know

Vintage Old Colour Postcards, Comic Humour, Police Policeman, Rubbish Bin. With the housing problem what it is - you never know, you know! 1919. Published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. Witty Comic Series

Item 202173    
Robert on Duty, Police & Woman Lady Sit on Bench Baby Pram Bamforth Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Postcards, Police Policeman, Robert on Duty, Lady Woman Lady sitting on Bench, Baby Pram. Published by Bamforth & Co.

Item 201972    
Hong Kong 1918 Old Tinted Postcard Armistice Celebration Day, Police Sedan Chair

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Old Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. Armistice Celebration Day at Hongkong 13th Nov. 1918. Flag. Flags of Japan, Britain, USA, etc. Street Scene. Indian Police. Sedan Chair. Published by K.M. & Co. Hongkong

Item 201888    
China Old Postcard Shanghai On The Bund Street View Police Policeman Clock Tower

Vintage Colour Old picture post card, c.1900 Chinese Street Scene, Ethnic Life. Policeman. Police On The Bund. Men, Children. Qing Dynasty Costumes. Clock Tower.

Item 201879    
Singapore Old UB Postcard Suburban Police Station Policeman Street Scene Coolies

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard, c.1900. Singapore Malay Malaya Straits Settlements. Singapore, Suburban, Police Station. Street Scene, Palm Trees. Native Coolies and Rickshaw. Palm Trees. Police Policeman.

Item 201874    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard A Malay Police Man in Front of Police Station

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard, Ethnic Life, Straits Settlements Malay Singapore Malaya, Malay Police Man standing in front of the Police Station. Native Policeman. Uniform.

Item 201707    
China Old Colour Postcard Shanghai On The Bund, Police, Custom House Clock Tower

Vintage Colour Old post card, c.1900. Chinese Street Scene, Ethnic Life. Policeman. Police On The Bund. Men, Children. Qing Dynasty Costumes. Custom House Clock Tower.

Item 201586    
Pakistan Old Postcard Quetta Suraj Gonj Bazar Market Street Scene Soldier Police

Vintage Old Postcard. Pakistan British India Indian. Quetta - Suraj Gonj Bazar, Native Market Street Scene, Soldier or Police wearing Uniform. Horse Carts. Shops. Published by R.W. Rai & Sons Importers K.C. Marrott