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Item 169437    
Novelty 1906 Old Leather Postcard PIG Piglet Drunk Whisky Departed Spirits Bird

Vintage Hand Made and Drawn Old Postcard, made from Real Leather. Novelty. 1906. U.B. Undivided Back. Animal. Animals. Pig, Piglet, Bird, Whisky Spirit Wine Bottle. Departed Spirits. Drunk Man. Postally Used with various postmarks : Reading Terminal Station, Philadelphia, PA. USA. Sent from Reading Terminal Station. US 1c Franklin
Published by WHS

Item 166858    
Novelty Made from Real Leather Old Postcard Lady Just arrived in Philadelphia US

Vintage Colour Hand Made and Drawn Colour Old Postcard, made from Real Leather, c.1900. Novelty. U.B. Undivided Back. Woman Lady Just arrived in Philadelphia USA. Umbrella, Hat, Handbag. Railroad.

Item 164259    
USA Old Postcard Reading Terminal Station, Philadelphia PA, Street Scene Railway

Vintage Undivided Back Old Postcard. USA, Reading Terminal Station, Philadelphia PA, Street Scene, Railway Station, Train Station. Tramlines. Published by Philadelphia Postalcard Co.

Item 164258    
USA Old Postcard Penna R.R. Deport Broad St. Street Philadelphia PA. Clock Tower

Vintage Undivided Back Old Postcard. USA, Penna R.R. Deport Broad St. Street Scene, Philadelphia PA. Clock Tower. Published by Illustrated Postal Card Co. New York

Item 150913    
U.S. Battleship Massachusetts Military Vessel Launched Philadelphia Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Shipping Undivided Back Picture Postcard. USA, Military Vessel. Warship. U.S. Battleship Massachusetts, Length 350 ft, 11 in. Breadth 69 ft, 3in, Draft 23 ft, 10 1/2 in. Place Launched Philadelphia. Pa. Pennsylvania United States. Flag.

Item 149881    
Novelty Made from Leather 1906 Old Postcard Keep Cosy Corner in You Heart for Me

Vintage Postcard, made from Real Leather, Novelty. 1906. U.B. Undivided Back, Lady Woman. Heart. Keep a Little Cosy Cosey Corner in your Heart for me. Lancaster PA. Pennsylvania. USA. Sent from USA to West Phila PA.

Item 149185    
Novelty Hand Made from Real Leather 1906 Old Postcard You Auto With Me Motor Car

Vintage Hand Made and Drawn Postcard, made from Real Leather, Novelty. 1906. U.B. Undivided Back. USA. Vintage Motor Car. You Auto With Me in Philadelphia. Sent from Philadelphia to Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

Item 141014    
Amish Children Teacher Little Red One-Room Schoolhouse Pennsylvania Old Postcard

Early Colour Postcard. USA, Ethnic Life. Amish Children and Teacher pose for group photograph on the porch of the "Little Red One-Room Schoolhouse" in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Color by Vincent R. Tortora. Little Boys and Girls. Published by Mebane Greeting Card Co. Wikles Barre Pa.

Item 140100    
USA Washington D.C. New Lincoln Memorial Potomac Park River Capitol Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. USA Washington D.C. New Lincoln Memorial. Design adopted by the Lincoln Memorial Commission on the site of Potomac Park, near the River on the axis of the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Design by Mr. Henry Bacon. It is a monumental structure, standing in a broad plain, surrounded by an amphitheater of hills. Statue of Lincoln is in the centre of Memorial, while smaller halls at each side of central space contain second inaugural and Gettysburg addresses. Surrounding the walls, increasing these memorials is a colonnade of 36 columns for each of the 36 states in the Union at the time of Lincoln's death. Published by The Washington News Co.

Item 133114    
USA Old Postcard Hotel Governor Clinton nr. Station New York City A Fields Hotel

Vintage Postcard. Hotel Governor Clinton, Opposite Pennsylvania Station, New York City, A Fields Hotell. Street Scene. Cars. Published by R'Chtone Steelograph Co.

Item 132815    
FLOOD 1936, 10th and Penn Avenue, Pgh Pittsburgh Old Postcard Disaster Disasters

Vintage Old Postcard. FLOOD 1936, 10th and Penn Avenue, Pgh Pittsburgh, Disaster Disasters. Flooded Street Scene. Flooding. Mar 18/36. SHOP. Pennsylvania USA. Published by Neopolitan & Rofey Pittsburgh

Item 126784    
USA, ZOO, Entrance to Zoological Garden Fairmount Park Philadelphia Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Undivided Back Postcard. Zoo. Entrance to Zoological Garden Fairmount Park, Lion Statue. Philadelphia. PA. USA.

Item 123688    
USA Old Postcard BETSY ROSS HOUSE, Birthplace Old Glory

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. US Flag. Birthplace of Old Glory. Betsy Ross House. 239 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. near Third St. Where John Ross, at the time of the Revolution, kept an upholsterer's shop. He died in the Continental Army and in May 1776, Washington and a committee employed Betsy Ross to make a sample flag containing 13 stars and stripes, which was adopted as the national ensign.

Item 121169    
AMERICAN AIRLINES Flagships Route MAP 1951 Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. American Airlines, USA. The Pencil Line shows the Route of my Flagship Flight. AA. Legend. Map showing Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexicy City, San Antonio, etc. In Flight, route of the Flagships, Volando Por la Ruta de lso Flagships. American Airlines. Sent from Knoxville Tenn. to France. 3c Thomas Jefferson 1801-1804

Item 109387    
Postage Dues USA, Great Britain 1d 1916 Old Postcard Gt Nicholson Bridge Wyoming

USA Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Side view of the Great Nicholson Bridge, The Wonder of Wyoming County, Nicholson, Pa. Pennsylvania. Postally Used with Great Britain Postage Due stamp 1d. & T N.Y. 10 Centimes in circle. Sent from Hallstead to England.

Item 104944    
USA Old Tinted Postcard BANK Woodland Trust Company, PA

USA Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Picture Postcard. Woodland Trust Company, Woodland PA. Pennsylvania. BANK.

Item 104051    
Easton Huntington Hotel Centre Square 1912 Old Postcard

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. Huntington Hotel and Centre Square, Monument, Easton, Pennsylvania. Kahn's Art Gallery. Van. Sent from New York to Redruth. US 1c x 2
Published by AAmerichrome

Item 97980    
USA Old Colour Postcard Boys New High School Reading PA

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. Boys' New High School Reading PA. Pennsylvania. Published by A.C. Bosselman & Co.

Item 88105    
Philadelphia Old Postcard Gustine Lake - Fairmount Park

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. Gustine Lake - Fairmount Park, Flowers. Philadelphia. Pa. Published by P. Sander

Item 83802    
Off to Philadelphia in Mornin'. Comic 1903 Old Postcard

Vintage Artist Drawn Old Picture Postcard, Comic Humour. Man carrying Jugs. Chicks. Birds. Off to Philadelphia in the Morning. KEVII 1/2d
Published by National Series M. & L. G.

Item 74418    
Leipzig Philadelphia 1965 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Building Illustrated First Flight Airmail Envelope, Anschlusspost. LH 420 Germany Frankfurt / M - Boston - Philadelphia USA. Leipzig. East Germany. Philadelphia postmark on back. With 1965 stamp 20pf August Bebel Geboren 1870. 125th Birth Anniversary of August Bebel (founder of Social Democratic Party). 20pf

Item 70407    
USA Philadelphia PA CARPENTERS' HALL Old Color Postcard

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. Carpenters' Hall, Philadelphia, PA. Carpenters' Hall setting back from Chestnut Street, between 3rd and 4th Streets, hemmed in by high modern buildings and almost lost to sight of the passers-by, but never to be forgotten for the part it played in the history of America during Revolutionary days. The first Continental Congress assembled here, September 5. 1774. Published by Post Card distributing Co.

Item 70404    
UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia Old US Postcard

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. 34th Street. UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia. The University was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin as a charitable school. At the conclusion of the Revolution a new charter was given by the State and the present title was assumed in 1791. In 1875, the university was moved to the present extensive grounds west of the Schuylkill River, where some 30 buildings have been erected and are constantly increased.

Item 64695    
USA Old Postcard Philadelphia - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOTEL

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia. PA. Street Scene. Published by Lynn H. Boyer Philadelphia Pa and Wildwood N.J.

Item 64636    
USA Old Postcard 13th & Chestnut Sts. Hotel Adelphia PA

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. The Hotel Adelphia is located on Chestnut Street near 13th Street, and is among the leading Hotels in Philadelphia. Chestnut and 13th Sts., Pa. Pennsylvania. Street Scene, Vintage Cars & TRAM. Published by P.C.D. Co. C.T. Photochrom

Item 62927    

Vintage Colour Postcard. Nicholson Bridge, Nicholson, Along the Lackawanna Trail, Nicholson, Pa., Pennsylvania. Sent from Scranton to Glasgow. Published by Scranton News Co. Scranton Pa.

Item 51578    
PHILADELPHIA Old Postcard CARS North American Building

Early Colour Postcard. North American Building, Philadelphia, PA. Pennsylvania. USA. Street Scene. Vintage Cars VICTOR.

Item 49344    
USA Old Colour Postcard - HARRISBURG State Arsenal PA.

Vintage Colour Postcard. State Arsenal, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. USA. Published by Dives Pomeroy & Stewart

Item 45402    

Vintage Colour Postcard. Riverdrive around the Bluff, Easton, Pennsylvania. Published by Leo Meyer

Item 45184    
Pennsylvania Old Postcard - PHILADELPHIA Hotel Adelphia

USA Early Colour Postcard. Hotel Adelphia, Chestnut and 13th Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. Published by P. Sander