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Postcards > Oceania > New Hebrides / Vanuatu

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Item 200258    
New Hebrides Ile Santo Old Postcard Native Women National Costumes, Bare Breasts

Vintage Old Postcard. Nouvelles-Hébrides Nouvelles-Hebrides, New Hebrides. Ile Santo. Espiritu Santo Island. Ethnic Life. Femmes indigènes en costume national. Native women in national dress. Traditional Costumes. Bare Breasts. Published by Unis France 25 13

Item 188320    
New Hebrides 1909 Old Postcard Canaque de Tana Native Kanak Man with Bow, Arrow

Vintage Old Postcard. Ethnic Life. New Hebrides Nouvelles-Hebrides, Canaque de Tana, Native Kanak Man with Bow and Arrow, Fishing? Archery, Barefoot Standing on Stepping Stones. Rocks. River. 1909. Sent from Noumea to Senegal St. Louis. Kanak, or Canaque, are the indigenous Melanesian inhabitants of New Caledonia, an overseas collectivity of France in the southwest Pacific.
Published by J. Rache edit Noumea

Item 187266    
New Hebrides Old UB Postcard Woman Fete Festival Costumes Mat in Pandanus Leaves

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Nouvelles-Hebrides, New Hebrides. Ethnic Life. Femme en costume de Fete, revetue d'une natte fine en feuilles de pandanus. Woman in Fete costume, covered with a fine mat in pandanus leaves. Traditional Festival Costumes. Published by Phototypie A. Bergeret & Cie Nancy

Item 186057    
New Hebrides Christian Warrior Nouvelles-Hebrides Guerrier Chretien Old Postcard

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. c.1900. Ethnic Life. Nouvelles-Hebrides, Guerrier Chretien. New Hebrides. Native Man Christian Warrior. Traditional Costumes. Published by Phototypie A. Bergeret et Cie Nancy

Item 158501    
NEW HEBRIDES Old Postcard Indigenes d'Aisse Santo Women & Man Nouvelles-Hebrides

Vintage Old Postcard. Nouvelles-Hebrides, New Hebrides. Ethnic Life. Indigenes d'Aisse, Santo. Native Aisse, Women Ladies and Man. Costumes. Published by C.F.N.H.

Item 118304    
NEW HEBRIDES Old Postcard Port-Vila Church School, Ship, Nouvelles-Hebrides Palm

Vintage Postcard. Nouvelles-Hebrides, New Hebrides. Missions des Peres Maristes en Oceanie Oceania. Rade de Port-Vila, L'Eglise et l'Ecole. Port Vila, School and Church, Palm Trees. Steamer, Steam Ship. Published by Sous-Procure des Missions 6 rue de Bagneux Paris VIe