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Postcards > Thematics > Mountains > Mount Fuji

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Item 164243    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard MT. FUJI from Asakawa Pine Tree Sailing Boat Pine

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Japanese Old Picture Post Card, Japan. Mountain Mount MT. FUJI from Asakawa. Pine Tree, Panorama. Sailing Boat. River Scene. 川口淺川 富士 遠望.

Item 158898    
Japan Old Postcard Mount Mt. Fuji Yamanaka Lake Panorama Snowy Mountain Panorama

Vintage Japanese Old Picture Post card, Japan. Snowy Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji, Yamanaka Lake. Famous Places and Fine Prospekts in Fuji. 山中湖 富士.

Item 157498    
Japan Old Postcard Bridge Mountain Mt FUJI from NAGAO PASS nr Miyanoshita Hakone

Vintage Japanese Old Picture Postcard. Japan, Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji from NAGAO PASS near Miyanoshita, Hakone, Bridge Panorama. 箱根 長尾 富士 望.

Item 155199    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard MT. FUJI from HAKONE LAKE Native Sailing Boat Mts

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Undivided Back Picture Post Card, U.B. Japan. Snowy Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji from Hakone Lake. Native Sailing Boat. Panorama. 富士山遠望 箱根湖水.

Item 153593    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Imperial Diet Building & Mt. FUJI in Background Tokyo

Early Japanese Colour Picture Postcard. Japan. Imperial Diet Building with Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji in the Far background. Panorama. 東京代表風景 國會議事堂. Published by J.P.M.S.

Item 152906    
Japan Old Real Photo Postcard Mount Mt. Fuji from Lake Boats Snowy Mountain N.39

Vintage Japanese Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Japan. Mount Mt. Fuji from Lake, Boats, Snowy Mountain. Panorama. No.39.

Item 149525    
Japan Air Mail 1956 Old Postcard Mt. Fuji from Ikenotaira, National Park, Hakone

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard. Japan, Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji from Ikenotaira, Hills, Panorama, National Park Fuji Hakone. Postally Used in 1956 with Par Avion Airmail Label and Buddhist Stamps. Sent from Japan to London England.

Item 141064    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard MT. FUJI from NAGAO PASS near Miyanoshita, Hakone

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted picture Postcard. Japan, Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji from NAGAO PASS near Miyanoshita, Hakone, Bridge, Clouds, Sunset. Panorama. 箱根 長尾 富士.

Item 134063    
Japan Old Hand Tinted UB Postcard Geisha Girls Bridge Rickshaw Coolie, Multiview

Vintage Colour Multiview Picture Postcard, Japan. Japanese. Cherry Blossoms, Blooming Trees, Ethnic Life. Geisha Girls, Women. Ladies, Kimono Costumes. Bridges. Bridge. Native Sailing Boat. Street scene. Rickshaw Coolie, Temple, Shrine, Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji. Lake or River Scene. Published by Issued by The Imperial Government Railways of Japan The Tokio Printing Co. 鐵道院

Item 128515    
Japan Old Postcard MT FUJI KAWAIBASHI BRIDGE Saruhashi Kai Prince Hotsuta Garden

Japan Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Undivided Back Multiview Picture Post card, Mount Mt. Fuji Mountain Fujiyama from Kawaibashi Kawai Bridge. River Scene, Prince Hotsuta Garden Tokio Tokyo, Bridge Saruhashi. Stone Lanterns. Gardens. Rocks. 河合橋 富士山.

Item 126973    
Japan Old Postcard MT. FUJI and South Alps from Drive-Way - Mountain Mount FUJI

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard. Japan. Mt. Fuji and South Alps from Drive-way Driveway Drive Way. 富士山 專用道路 連峰.

Item 123313    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Card Geisha Girls on Bridge, Iris

Japan Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Bookmark Style Card 14.6cm x 5.8cm. 3 Geisha Girls, Umbrella. Kimono Traditional Costumes. Iris Garden, Park, Iris Flowers. Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji, Sailing Boats on back. Novelty. Greetings - A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Item 120038    
Japan Old Postcard Mt Fuji Beach Enoshima Island Sagami

Vintage Japanese Colour & Embossed picture postcard, Yenoshima Enoshima Island. Sagami. Mountain Mount Mt. Fuji. 相模 江之島 富士.

Item 90046    
Japan Old Postcard MT. FUJI from Tagonoura Suruga, Boat

Vintage Colour Embossed Japanese Picture Post Card, Mount Mountain Mt. FUJI from Tagonoura Suruga. Sailing Boat. Beautiful & Clear reflection in lake. 駿河田子之浦富士.

Item 75580    
Soap Advert JAPAN Old Postcard Pont du TOKAIDO Mt. FUJI

Vintage Colour Japanese Picture Postcard, Mt Mount Fuji Mountain, trees, bridge, river. Pont du TOKAIDO. Advertising on back, Madame, La blancheur diaphane des mains, la transparence macree du teint, apanage de gracieuses Parisiennes aussi avisees qu'enviees, ont une cause... S'il vous convient de la connaitre... envoyez votre nom et votre adresse a la Malaceine, 50, Faubourg Poissonniere et vous serez renseignee aussi ingenieusement que gratuitement. Les Produits MALACEINE,, creme, Poudre, Savon, Extrait, d'une tres grande finesse, se trouvent dans tous les Grands Magasins, dans les Maisons ayant un rayon de parfumerie des bonnes marques et au Service d'Exportatin et de Publicite de ces produits : 50, Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris.

Item 75338    
Japan 1/2s stamp Old Postcard Castle Inuyama Uwugure Fuji Mt. Panorama River

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. The Castle Inuyama at Uwugurefuji. Panorama. River, Mountains. With 1/2s Imperial Japanese stamp. 1921. 犬山白帝城 夕暮富士望.

Item 69101    
Japan Old Postcard Mt. Fuji Boat Japanese Village Life

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Picture Postcard, Mount Mountain Fuji. Boat Boating, Cattle, River. Panorama. Japanese Village Life. 富士. Published by All British Picture Co. Ltd Series Two

Item 64293    
Japan Old Colour Postcard MT. FUJI Cherry Blossoms SHEEP Official Military Card

Vintage Japanese Colour Official picture post card for Military Use. Panorama. Fuji Mountain. Sheep & Cherry Blossoms. Ground Force Infantry. 蝦夷富士山麓放牧遲櫻 永日柵牧夫 一秋路 南柯自作. Published by 陸軍需品本廠 株式會社光村原色版印刷所印行