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Item 47660    
Switzerland 1921 Old RP Postcard LAKE LUCERNE Mountains

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Aussicht von der Terraffe des Hotels "Waldstaetter Hof" in Brunnen am Vierwaldstattersee. Lake Lucerne (German: Vierwaldst�ttersee, lit. "Lake of the Four Forest Cantons", sometimes Lake Luzern) is a lake in central Switzerland, the fourth-largest in the country.
Published by Herbert'sche Hofbuchdruckerei, Darmstadt

Item 47450    
Croatia Old Postcard Franciscan Cloisters of Dubrovnik

Early Real PHoto B/W Postcard. Dubrovnik - Franciscan Cloisters of Dubrovnik. Garden, Fountain, Statue. Dubrovnik (Latin Ragusa), population 43,770 in 2001, 49,728 in 1991 is a port and one of the most prominent tourist resorts on the Adriatic Sea coast in the extreme south of Croatia, and the center of the Dubrovnik-Neretva county.

Item 47420    
Sweden Old Colour Postcard Garden & Fountain - Solliden

Early Colour Picture Postcard, Solliden. Published by Adolf Angner

Item 47145    
France 1939 Old Postcard CHAMBERY Fountain of Elephants

Early B/W Postcard. Chambery (Savoie) - Detail de la fontaine des elephants. Animals. Sent from Chambery to Loire. 90c
Chamb�ry is a commune in Savoie, France. It has been the historical capital of Savoy since the 13th century, when Amadeus V of Savoy made it his seat.
Published by Yvon

Item 44945    
German Old Postcard BAYREUTH Schloss Eremitage Fountain

Germany Real PHoto B/W Postcard. Bayreuth - Schloss Eremitage - Innere Grotte. Fountain. Castle Interior. Bayreuth is a town in northern Bavaria, Germany, on the Red Main river in a valley between the Frankish Alb and the Fichtelgebirge. It is the capital of Upper Franconia. Population: 74,000 (2001).
Published by OAB

Item 44349    
MARSEILLE Old Postcard Fountain Cantini Ave. Prado Tram

France Vintage B/W Postcard. Marseille - Fontaine Cantini et Avenue du Prado - Cantini Fountain and Prado Avenue. Tramway. Street Scene. Trams. L.L. No. 313. Published by Levy

Item 42623    
Denmark Old Postcard COPENHAGEN Statue, Gefion Fountain

Vintage B/W Postcard. Copenhagen - The Gefion Fountain. Kobenhavn. Published by John Meincke's Kunstforlag

Item 39425    
BRUSSELS 1916 Postcard Foutain / Fontaine de Brouckere

Belgium Vintage B/W Postcard. Bruxelles - Fontaine de Brouckere.

Item 39384    
Swiss Old Multiview RP Postcard LUCERNE Lion Bridge etc

Switzerland Early B/W Postcard. Luzern - Lion Statue, Fountain, Bridge. Mountains. Published by Verlag Th. Rietschi Luzern

Item 38166    
France Old Colour Postcard - BOULEVARD CARNOT Fountain

Vintage Colour Postcard. Au Pays du Champagne - Boulevard Carnot. Vertus Marne. France. Published by Morelle et Delaplace - Chateau-Thierry (Aisne)

Item 37777    
Belgium Old Postcard ANTWERP Le Brabo. Fountain Statue

Early B/W Postcard. Anvers - Le Brabo. Fountain. Antwerp (Dutch: Antwerpen, French: Anvers) is a city and a municipality in the province of Antwerp (and its capital), in Flanders, one of the three regions of Belgium.

Item 36891    
Swiss Old Multiview Postcard LUCERNE Ships Pilatus etc

Early Switzerland B/W Multiview Real Photo Postcard. Luzern - Lion Statue, Ships, Fraekmuenteggbahn am Pilatus, Aerial Tramway, Fountain, Steamer Ships, Boats, mountains. Tram, etc. Published by Wehrli

Item 36796    
Spain San Ildefonso 1913 LL Postcard LA GRANJA Cascada

Old B/W Postcard. La Granja - La Cascada. Fountains, L.L. No. 11. Sent to England. GB KG5 1/2d Downey Head
Published by Louis Levy

Item 35877    
Fontaine de VAUCLUSE Old Postcard - Cascades et Rochers

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Fontaine de Vaucluse. Cascades et rochers. Rocks. River. Cascade. Vaucluse is a département in the south of France.
Published by Yvon

Item 35816    
France Old B/W Postcard FONTAINE DE VAUCLUSE Cascades

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Fontaine de Vaucluse. Les Cascades. Vaucluse is a département in the south of France.
Published by C.A.P.

Item 34688    
USA 1902 Postcard Park Fountain Memorial Arch Hartford

Old Colour Hand Tinted Picture Post Card, Bridge, Park Fountain & Memorial Arch, Hartford. Conn. Sent from Hartford Conn to London England. US 2c Washington
Published by Metropolitan News Co.

Item 33311    
Germany Old Multiview RP Postcard BLACK FOREST Neustadt

Early German Real Photo B/W Postcard. Neustadt, Schwarzwald. Neustadt mit Hochfirst, Sonnhalde, Rathaus, Schwarzwaldhaus, Wegweiser, Kapuziner-Brunnen, Neustadt/Schw.

Item 32253    
Germany Old Postcard KASTELL SAALBURG Brvnnen III WELL

Early B/W Postcard. Brunnen III im Atrium. Kastell Saalburg. Fountain. The Saalburg is a Roman fortification in the Taunus mountains in Germany and was a stronghold in the Upper Germanic Limes.
Published by Gebr. Isenbeck, Wiesbaden

Item 32240    
Germany 1908 Old Postcard - SAALBURG Atrium mit Brunnen

Early Sepia Postcard. Kastell Saalburg, Atrium mit Brunnen. 2 Men. The Saalburg is a Roman fortification in the Taunus mountains in Germany and was a stronghold in the Upper Germanic Limes.
Published by Dr. Trenkler Co., Leipzig

Item 27523    
Canada Old Postcard Fishing in Japanese Gdn VICTORIA BC

Early Coloured Picture Post Card, Butchart's Gardens, Victoria, B.C. Knome Fishing in a Quiet Pool, Japanese Gardens. Frog Fountain. Published by Coast Publishing Co.

Item 24151    
Germany Old Colour Postcard WIESBADEN Kurhaus Fountain

Old Colour Postcard. Wiesbaden - Curhaus m. Blumengarten, Kurhaus. Foutains. . Published by Carl v. d. Boogaart, Wiesbaden. 1223

Item 24148    
France Old B/W Postcard COLMAR Fountain Statue / a Girl

Old B/W Postcard. Colmar - Kaufhaus Schwendi. Fountain, Girl.

Item 22894    
Germany Old Postcard Nurnberg NUREMBERG Gruebelsbrunnen

Undivided Back Early B/W Postcard. Nuernberg - Gruebelsbrunnen. Fountain. Statue. . Published by Dr. Trenkler Co., Leipzig

Item 21261    
Italy Old PPC ROME Pincio Boschetto Orologio Idraulico

Early B/W Postcard. Roma - Pincio e Boschetto con Orologio Idraulico. Fountain & Clock Tower. Park. Published by STA

Item 19815    
Switzerland Old RP Multiview Postcard BASEL Harbour etc

Early Real Photo Multiview Postcard. Basel, Kleinhueninger-Rheinhafen, Die 3 Rheinbruecken, Kunstmuseum Brunnen, Muenster, St. Jakob-Denkmal. Bridges. Statue, Fountains. Ships Boats. Published by Wehrli

Item 19504    
Germany Undivided Back Old Postcard COLOGNE Salierring

Early Colour Tinted U.B. Postcard. Koln Koeln, Salierring, Fountain, Avenue. Published by Carl M. Becker, Koeln.

Item 17752    
Austria Old Coloured Postcard VIENNA Town Hall Fountain

Early Real Photo PPC, Vienna - Town Hall. Clock tower.

Item 17584    
Germany Old Postcard FRANKFURT/MAIN Fountain Bird Swan

Frankfurt am Main, Swan, Fountain. Friedberger Anlage.

Item 16761    
France Postcard VERSAILLES Latone's Basin & Great Canal

Old PPC, Versailles - Le Bassin de Latone et le Grand Canal. Latone's Basin and the Great Canal. Fountain.

Item 16483    
Italy Postcard - MONREALE Chiostro Benedettini FOUNTAIN

Old Coloured PPC, Monreale - Chiostro dei Benedettini. Fountain. Monreale is a small city in the province of Palermo, in Sicily, Italy. It has approximately 30,000 inhabitants and is located among mountains, 2 km (12 mi) south of Palermo. The town is famous for its 12th century cathedral.
Published by G.B.P. Esare Capello Milano