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Item 227681    New
Singapore KG5 4c 1936 Old Postcard Malay Village Sea Shore Huts Houses on Stilts

Vintage Old Postcard. Singapore, Straits Settlements, Malaya. Malay Village, Native Huts Houses on Stilts, Beach, Palm Trees. Seashore Sea Shore. Rocks. Postally Used in 1936 with Straits Settlements King George 5th 4c stamp, addressed to Worcs. England. KGV 4c

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Item 227525    
Egypt 2m 4m 20m Aden 1962 Old Postcard Cairo Opera Square Ibrahim Pacha Monument

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt, Cairo - Opera Square and Ibrahim Pacha Monument. Horse Rider Statue. Memorial. Square de l'Opera et Statue d'Ibrahim Pacha. Fountain, Street Scene, Vintage Motor Cars. Postally Used with UAR 2m 4m 20m stamps, unstamped, addressed to Wellington Somerset England. Boxed in Red : 29 I 62 0.60 Sailing Boat Vessel ADEN. Published by LL Selecta

Item 227494    
Japan 4s 1902 Old Hand Tinted UB Postcard Geisha Girl Woman Lady Smiling Kimono

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Undivided Back Old Postcard. 1902. Ethnic Life. Japan. Native Japanese Geisha Girl Woman Lady with Lovely Smile, Smiling, Kimono Traditional Costumes. Screen. Kobe to Blackpool England. Sent from Kobe to Blackpool England.

Item 227425    
Hong Kong Straits Settlements, Brit. Flag & Vintage Coins Coin Card Old Postcard

Vintage Embossed Old Picture Postcard. China Hongkong Straits Settlements Coin Card. Englische Colonies, Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, 1 Dollar ($) = 100 Cents (c). Muenzenkarte und Nationalflagge. Münzkarte und Nationalflagge. Coin map and national flag. British Flag of Great Britain. 10 cents, 20 cents, 5 cents, 1 Dollar. 1 Cent.

Item 227218    
Seychelles 1938 Old Postcard Grand' Anse Barbarons towards Anse Boileau Panorama

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. 1938. Seychelles - Grand' Anse, Barbarons towards Anse Boileau. Panorama General View. Postally Used with King George 6th Coco-de-mer Palm Tree 9c stamp, tied Seychelles Victoria, addressed to London England. KG6 9c
Seychelles is an archipelago nation of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Nearby island countries include Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Réunion, Comoros and Mayotte, and the Suvadives of the Maldivest. Seychelles has the smallest population of any sovereign state of Africa.
Published by E.H.H. F. Vel Photographer Mahe Seychelles

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Item 227213    
Ceylon Old Postcard Native Woman Tapper Tapping Rubber Trees English Method 182.

Vintage Old Postcard Post Card. Ceylon Sri Lanka Ceylan. Ethnic Life. Native Woman at work. Barefoot. Rubber Tapper Tapping Rubber Trees. Using English Method. Published by Plate Ltd Colombo

Item 227142    
Egypt, SUEZ, Native Street, Straits Settlements KG5 4c Penang 1922 Old Postcard

Vintage Egyptian Colour Old Picture Post card. Africa Egypte Egypt. Native Street Scene, Tower. Cart. Natives. Postally Used with in 1922 with Straits Settlements King George 5th 4c stamp, tied Penang, addressed to to Kew Garden Surrey England. Sent from Penang to Kew Garden Surrey England. Straits KG5 4c
Published by The Cairo Post-Card Trust Cairo Ph. N.565

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Item 227001    
Brighton Sussex 1917 Old Postcard Palace Pier and Beach, Boats, Bathing Machines

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, The Beach and The Palace Pier, Boats, Bathing Machines. Seaside Panorama. 1917. Sent from Brighton to LUton. KG5 1/2d
Published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd. London & Scarbo.

Item 226867    
London Old Postcard Bank of England Royal Exchange, Horse Carts Street Scene 114

Vintage Old Postcard. London, The Bank of England, Royal Exchange, Street Scene. Horse Carts.

Item 226804    
South Africa Old Postcard Boer War Soldier Mules Telegraph Lines English Triumph

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Military. Boer War. Soldiers. Horse Rider. Hollende Muilezels, Oorzaak der Engelsche in den Nederlaag Boerenoorlog. Telegraaflijn bezwaard door de vele berichten van engelsche zegepralen./ Holling Mules, Cause of the English in the Defeat Boer War. Telegraph line encumbered by the many reports of English triumphs.

Item 226718    
Antigua Vintage Real Photo Postcard English Harbour, Nelson's Old Naval Dockyard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Nelson's Old Naval Dockyard, Antigua, B.W.I. Built in 1745 as a careening and refitting yard for the Leeward Island Station of the Royal Navy. Today the Dockyard is a yacht charter base with radio for daily contact with individual yachts. Published by V. E. B. Nicholson & Sons. Yacht Charter Specialists, Antigua, B.W.I.

Item 226068    
Singapore KE7 3c 1907 Old Postcard Village of St. James, Native Houses on Stilts

Vintage Old Picture Postcard, Straits Settlements Malay Malaya Singapore, Native Village Houses, Huts on Stilts, Panorama General View of St. James. Postally Used in 1907 with Straits Settlements King Edward 7th 3c stamp, tied Singapore. Addressed to Oxford England with arrival. Sent from Singapore to Oxford England. KEVII 3c

Item 226067    
Singapore Straits KE7 3c 1907 Old Postcard Native Village, Rickshaw Street Scene

Vintage Old Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Singapore. Native Village, Rickshaw, Palm Trees. Ethnic Life. Street Scene. Postally Used in 1907 with Straits Settlements King Edward 7th 3c stamp, tied Singapore. Addressed to Oxford England with arrival. Sent from Singapore to Oxford. KEVII 3c

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Item 225950    
Penang Straits KE7 3c Postage Due 1904 Old UB Postcard Village Houses Palm Trees

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Ethnic Life. Penang. Malay Malaya Straits Settlements. Native Village Houses Huts, Palm Trees. Postally Used in 1904 with Straits Settlements King Edward 7th 3c stamp, tied Calcutta. Addressed to Northumberland England with Postage Due Dues 2 F.B. T in circle. Penang (in Malay Pulau Pinang, Jawi:بينانج) is an island on the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The offical name of the Penang island is Prince of Wales Island and the town is Georgetown, but neither of these names is in general use. Penang was founded 17th July, 1786, having been ceded to the East India Company by the Sultan of Kedal, in return for an annuity in 1785. At this time the island was almost uninhabited, Penang has an excellent harbour and is the centre of considerable trade.
Published by A.S. Mahomed Assan & Co. Penang

Item 225682    
Sunny South Express Locomotive Train, LMSR 4-4-0 310, Falmer Sussex Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. The Northbound Sunny South Express, composed of L.M.S.R. stock, hauled by S.R.T.G. Class 4-4-0 No. 310 near FALMER, Sussex. Photo C.C.B. Herbert. / Locomotive TRAIN No. 310, 782. Railway.

Item 225504    
Japan Hong Kong KGV 4c 1913 Old Postcard Cherry Blossom Benkei-bashi Akasaka 辨慶橋

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Old Postcard, Japan, Cherry Blossoms, Blooming Trees. Akasaka, Tokyo, Benkei-bashi Bridge, Rickshaw and Coolie. Cyclist. Ethnic Life. 東京 赤坂 辨慶橋 櫻. Postally Used in 1913 with Hong Kong Hongkong King George 5th 4c stamp, tied Hong Kong, addressed to Frome Somerset England. Sent from Hongkong to Frome Somerset England.. HK KG5 4c

Item 225365    
Corfe Castle Ruins and Village Street Scene Dorset Hill Panorama Colour Postcard

Colour Postcard. Dorset. Corfe Castle Ruins on Hill and Village Street Scene. Published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd. Dainty

Item 225255    
Skegness Lumley Road from West Street Scene Lincolnshire 1908 Old Color Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Postcard, Lincolnshire, Skegness. Lumley Road from West, Street Scene. Family & Commercial. Skegness is a seaside resort town in Lincolnshire, England.
Published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd. Dainty

Item 225251    
Sussex, Bodiam Castle, Screens and Entrance to Buttery, Ruins Gates Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Sussex, Bodiam Castle, Screens and Entrance to Buttery. Ruins, Gates. These Cards on Sale only at Castle Cottage, Bodiam. Bodiam Castle is located in East Sussex, England. It was built by Sir Edward Dallingridge, a former knight of Edward III, supposedly at the request of Richard II in order to defend the surrounding area from French invasion. However, recent research suggests that the castle was built more for show than as an effective defence.
Published by Ridleys Studios Tenterden 1924

Item 225062    
St. Michael's Mount Cornwall Boats Artist Drawn by J.M.W. Turner Larger Postcard

Larger Art Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Cornwall. St. Michael's Mount, Sailing Boats. By courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum. J.M.W. Turner R.A. (1775-1851). Published by The Medici Society Ltd. London

Item 224941    
Holy Island, Lindisfarne Priory Castle, Causeway Main Street St. Mary's Postcard

Colour Larger Multiview Postcard, 1980. Northumberland, Holy Island, Lindisfarne Priory & Castle Ruins, The Causeway Beach Seaside Panorama, Main Street Scene, St. Mary's Parish Church. QEII 12p
Lindisfarne Castle is a 16th-century castle located on Holy Island, near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England.
Published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd

Item 224906    
Japan Canada 1910 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Geisha Girl Ladies Women Bamboo Fence

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Old Postcard, Ethnic Life. Native Japanese Geisha Girls, Women Ladies wearing Kimono Traditional Costumes. Bamboo Fence. Postally Used in 1910 with Canada Canadian King Edward 7th 2c stamp. Moose Jaw, Sask, to Carlisle England. Sent from Moose Jaw, Sask to Carlisle England.. Canada KEVII 2c

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Item 224773    
Egypt 5m 1914 Old Colour Postcard Cairo Arab Street Scene Le Caire Une Rue Arabe

Vintage Egyptian Old Colour Postcard. 1914. Africa Egypte Egypt. Cairo - Native Arabic Arab Street Scene, Le Caire - Une Rue Arabe, Ethnic Life. Veiled woman. Postally Used in 1914 with Sphinx 5m stamp, tied Cairo. Addressed to Surrey England. Published by Lichtenstern & Harari, Cairo

Item 224607    
Woven in Pure Silk Bradford Lister Park 1904 Old Postcard Yorkshire Boating Lake

Vintage Old Postcard. 1904. Novelty, Woven in Pure Silk. Yorkshire, Bradford, Lister Park. Boating Boats. Lake. Published by W.H. Grant & Co.

Item 224426    
Ramsgate Pleasure Yachts leaving The Harbour, Lighthouse Pier Jetty Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Post Card. Kent Thanet Ramsgate, The Harbour. Lighthouse Pier, Jetty. Sailing Boats, Ship. Pleasure Yachts leaving Ramsgate Harbour. Shipping. Published by Regal Art Publishing Co. City London, Rapco View

Item 224377    
Wright's Coal Tar Soap When I Say I Want I Get It, Bathtub, Advertising Postcard

Larger Colour Postcard. Advertising Advertisement. When I Say I Want Wright's Coal Tar Soap, I Get It, and that's the kind of Chap I am. Bathtub. Doll. Bathtime Series. From an original in The Robert Opie Collection at the Museum of Advertising & Packaging, Gloucester. Woman and Little Girl Illustration on back.

Item 224030    
China Old Color Postcard Bound-Footed Chinese Shanghai Lady Reading Foot Binding

Vintage Colour Old picture post card. Ethnic Life. China, Shanghai, A Rich Chinese Native Woman Lying on Antique Chair, Reading a Book. Foot Binding. Traditional Costumes. The Bound-Footed Shanghai Lady. One billion women in China have had to do foot binding for nearly 1000 years. It was an attempt to stop the growth of the feet. The reason for women binding their feet went deeper than fashion and reflected the role of women in Chinese society. It was necessary then in China for a woman to have bound feet in order to achieve a good life.
Published by Yee Wo Shing

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Item 223951    
English Actor Lewis Waller Stage Costume Theatre Manager Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Post Card. Actor, Mr. Lewis Waller, Stage Costumes. Best Wishes from Sallie?. William Waller Lewis (1860 – 1915), known on stage as Lewis Waller, was an English actor and theatre manager, well known on the London stage and in the English provinces.

Item 223793    
Radial Tank Engine No.5 Built 1898 Locomotive Train L. & Y. Railway Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard, Radial Tank Engine, No.5 Built 1898. Driving Wheels 5ft 8in diam. Locomotive Train. Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

Item 223778    
Morocco Old Postcard Tanger, Cuesta del Telegrafo Ingles English Telegraph Slope

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Africa, Morocco Maroc Tanger Tangier, Cuesta del Telegrafo Ingles. Slope of the English Telegraph. Street Scene. Animal Carts. Women.