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Item 205507    
Ecuador 5c Old Postcard Camino Carretero a Quito Hotel en Machachi, Street Horse

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Ecuador. Camino Carretero a Quito, Hotel en Machachi, Street Scene, Horse Carts. 5c. 5c

Item 205461    
Ecuador Old R.P. Postcard Park Parque Juan Montalvo Street Traveller's Palm Tree

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Ecuador. Park Parque Juan Montalvo, Street Scene, Motorcycle. Traveller's Palm, Palm Trees.

Item 205453    
Ecuador 1c 5c 1924 Old Postcard Quito Plaza Sucre Square TRAM Statue Bird Flower

Vintage Old Colour Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. 1924. Recuerdo de Quito. Ecuador. Plaza Sucre, Square, Tram, Tramway, Statue Monument Memorial. Red Flowers. Bird delivering letter. 1924. Sent from Ecuador to louvain Leuven. 1c 5c
Published by Editorial Artes Graficas - Quito

Item 205443    
Ecuador 1918 Old Postcard Indios del Oriente, East Indians Men Boys Painted Face

Vintage Old Postcard. Ecuador - Ethnic Life. Indios del Oriente, Indians of The East. Group of Native Men and Boys with Painted Face. 1918. Published by Talleres Graficos de Jose D. Laso Quito (Ecuador)

Item 205269    
Ecuador Old Hand Tinted Postcard Puente de Yaguachi, Railway Bridge Native House

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Ecuador - Puente de Yaguachi, Railway Bridge, Railroad. Native House, Huts, Palm Trees, Sunset.

Item 205268    
Ecuador Old Postcard Quito Costumbres de Indios Indians, Indian Customs Costumes

Vintage Old Postcard. Ecuador - Alrededores de Quito - Costumbres de Indios, Indians, Indian Customs Costumes. Ethnic Life. Published by Fototip. Laso

Item 173189    
Ecuador Old RP Postcard Quito Palacio del Gobierno Government Palace Street View

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Ecuador - Quito - Palacio del Gobierno Government Palace House. Street Scene. Church Cathedral Bell Tower. Palm Trees. Statue Monument Memorial, Park, Garden. Panorama. Published by Kiel

Item 65366    
Ecuador Old Postcard GUAYAQUIL Monument Proceres 9 Oct.

Vintage Old Postcard. Guayaquil (Ecuador) - Monumentos a los Proceres del 9 de OCTUBRE.

Item 46127    
Germany Guayaquil 1975 LUFTHANSA 498 First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 498, DC 10 Frankfurt - New York - Guayaquil - Lima. 12.4.75, with stamps 30pf 1971 EUROPA CEPT & 30pf STOP Neue Regln im Strassenverkehr. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Ecuador.

Item 46125    
Germany New York USA 1974 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 496, Boeing 707, Koeln - New York - Kingston - Guayaquil - Lima. With stamps 10pf & 40pf EUROPA CEPT 1973. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to New York.