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Item 18377    
Germany - Sweden 1967 Lufthansa Exhibition Flight Cover

Horse Illlustrated Airmail Envelope, Tag der Aerophilatelie 4. November 1967 Stuttgart. With stamps from West Berlin 1961 Famous Germans & 1967 Broadcasting Exhibition. Sent from Stuttgart to Stockholm Arlanda Airport Schweden. 5pf Magnus & 30pf Broadcasting Tower and T.V. Screen.

Item 18292    
Germany Phone / Egypt 1978 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 620, Airbus A 300, Frankfurt - Munchen - Cairo. Wiht stamp from 1977 Centenary of Telephone in Germany. Sent from Munich to Cairo International Airport. 50pf Operator and Switchboard

Item 18290    
Germany Romania 1977 Lufthansa 10yrs First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, LH 370, Boeing 737, Frankfurt - Munchen - Bucuresti. 10 Jahre mit Lufthansa nack Rumanien. 1967-1977. With stamp of Death Centenary of Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Bukarest Budapest. 50pf Ketteler's Coat of Arms

Item 18254    
Germany - Asuncion 1974 Lufthansa - First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope, Lufthansa Erstflug LH 506, map & Airplane cachet. With stamps of Rambling, and Birth Centenaries of Richard Schirrman and Wilhelm Munker (founders of Youth Hostelling Assn.). Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Paraguay. 30pf Pair of 2 Country Road

Item 18250    
Germany - Paraguay 1974 Lufthansa - First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope, Lufthansa Erstflug LH 506, map & Airplane cachet. With stamps of Europa. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Asuncion. 30pf Pair of 2 Ascending Youth (W. Lehmbruck)

Item 18014    
France - Hamburg Friendship 1960 Lufthansa Flight Cover

Freundschaft uber Grabern, Brucke der Freundschaft, Bridge of Friendship, Abbeville / Somme - Paris - Hamburg. 20.7.1960. With stamp of Chateau de Blois Castle 30c Pair of 2 & 10c. Sent from Abbeville (France) to Hamburg (Germany).

Item 18011    
Finland Germany 1984 Lufthansa LH029 First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 029, Boeing 737, Helsinki - Duesseldorf. With stamps from 1982 Europa. Sent from Helsinki to Dusseldorf. 1m.20 Cover of "Abckiria" and sculpture of M. Agricola by O. Juahiainen & 60p

Item 17843    
Argentina CHILE 1980 Lufthansa LH502 First Flight Cover

South America Map illustrated Airmail Envelope, LH 509 Boeing 747 SL, Frankfurt - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo - Buenos Aires - Santiago de Chile. Stamp of 1979 Death Centenary of Sir Rowland Hill. Sent from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile. Rowland Hill 300p

Item 16331    
United Nations - KOREA 1986 SWISSAIR First Flight Cover

Pagoda illustrated First Flight Airmail envelope, Premier Vol 30.Mars.1986, Registered From Geneve. With stamp UN Geneve Headquarters 3f Henrik Starcke Bird Sculpture. Sent from Geneva to Seoul Interntional Airport South Korea. Nations Unies 3f Starcke's Statue

Item 16329    
United Nations USA 1973 SWISSAIR Reg First Flight Cover

U.N. Horse Rider Statue illustrated Airmail Envelope, Premier Vol. Geneve - Boston 2.4.1973. With stamps from 1973 UN ART Complete Set of 2. Sent from Geneva to Boston Massach. US. Naciones Unidas World United (detail, Sert mural, Geneva) 40c & 80c Complete Set of 2

Item 16323    
Tunis Belgium 1965 SABENA Caravelle First Flight Cover

City View, Sun & Airplane illustrated Airmail Envelope, Sabena Belgian World Airlines & Caravelle Jet Continental, Tunis Tunisia - Bruxelles 1.11.1965, with stamp of 1962 Republic Festival Regional Costumes. Sent from Tunis to Bruxelles Belgique. 55m Ksar Hellal Woman
Belgian Sabena airline company had gone bankrupt after 911. (2001)

Item 16241    
Tutankamon Egypt Cairo Frankfurt 1984 Lufthansa LH 539 First Flight Cover A310

Egyptian King Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 539, Airbus A310, Sudan, Khartoum - Cairo - Frankfurt. With Sailing Boat 10p Pair of 2 & 55mms Cattle. Sent from Khartoum to Frankfurt Am Main.

Item 16206    
Portugal Germany 1966 Lufthansa 369 First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 369, Boing 727, Lissabon - Frankfurt Germany. 1.4.1966. With stamp of Forca Aerea Portuguesa 1914-1964 Airplane. Sent from Lisboa / Lisbon to Frankfurt Am Main. 2e Airplane

Item 16203    
Paraguay Swimming 1977 Lufthansa 506 First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, G.A.F.U. LH 506, Paraguay Uruguay, with stamps of 1976 Montreal Olympics Gold Medal Winners, Sport. Shirley Babashoff Natacion Oro - 1 Plata - 4. Jennifer Chandler Salto de Trampolin Oro - 1. Sent from Asuncion to Montevideo. Olympic Games 4g & 5g Swim

Item 16021    
East Germany Bremen Hamburg 1965 Lufthansa First Flight

DDR Airmail Envelope Erstflug LH 237 Bremen - hamburg 24.Juni 1965. EUROPA Jet B 727. With stamp of 800th Anniversary of Karl-Marx-Stadt (formerly Chemnitz). Sent from Bremen to Hamburg. GDR 10pf Industrial Machine

Item 16002    
Germany Sylt 1977 Lufthansa D-AIAD First Flight Cover

Envelope, Taufe des Airbus A300 D - AIAD der Lufthansa auf den Namen Westerland / Sylt 5.8.1977, Westerland / Sylt Flughafen. With stamp of Birth Bicentenary of Carl Friedrich Gauss (Mathematician). Plane of Complex Numbers 40pf

Item 15793    
Argentina Germany 1980 Lufthansa 509 First Flight Cover

South America Map illustrated Airmail Envelope, LH 509 Boeing 747 SL, Buenos Aires - Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro - Frankfurt. Stamp of Agricultural Products. Sent from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt Main. 1979 Flax blue flowers 400p

Item 15739    
Switzerland 1947 Rodolphe Toepffer & Houseleek on Cover

Early Envelope. 5c+5c Pair of 2 Green. & 20c+10c Pro Juventute 1946. Rodolphe Toepffer Death Centenary. (author & Painter) Sent from Zurich.

Item 15674    
Austria Munich 1974 German Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope, 1. April 1974. Erstflug Wien - Munchen - Koln. With stamps of Europa Cept & Buildings. Sent from Vienna to Munich. 1973 Telephone Dial within posthorn 2s50 & 40g Spittal A/D Drau Schloss Porcia, 50g Wien Reiligenstadt & 60g Wels Ledererturm

Item 15654    
Tunisia Djerba 1983 German Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Djerba illustrated Airmail envelope, Erstflug LH 337, Boeing 727, Djerba - Frankfurt. 26. Marz 83. With stamp of Tunisia Land of Congresses. Sent from Djerba to Frankfurt am Main arrival on back. 1982 tunisian Buildings and Congress Centre

Item 15605    
Germany Buddha India 1959 Lufthansa FIRST FLIGHT Cover

Buddha Statue illustrated Airmail Envelope, LH 640, Hamburg - Dusseldorf - Frankfurt Main - Rom Italy - Cairo Egypt - Karachi - Calcutta - Bangkok Thailand. Flugbestatigung. Sent from Dusseldorf to Calcutta Indien. Holy Tunic of Trier 20pf Horizontal Pair of 2

Item 15586    
Argentina Brazil 1980 Lufthansa 747 First Flight Cover

South America Map illustrated Airmail Envelope, LH 509 Boeing 747 SL, Buenos Aires - Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro - Frankfurt Germany. Stamp of 75th Anniversary of Rotary International. Sent from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. 1979 Rotary Emblem & Globe 300p

Item 15489    
United Nations 1974 Lufthansa Exhibition Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope Sonderabfertigung, Geneve - Frankfurt - Hamburg. LH 4231 / NLP 6765. Sent from Geneva (Switzerland) to Hambourg. Geneva Headquarters 1969 Palais des Nations 40c & 10c Flag

Item 15477    
East Germany 1974 Antarktisforschung First Flight Cover

DDR 15 Jahre (Years) Antactic Research. Nautica. Sent from ERFURT to Dusseldorf. 1972 GDR Target and obstacle race, Sports and Technical Sciences Association 20pf

Item 15255    
Austria 1971 LUFTHANSA Exhibition Special Flight Cover

XI. FISA - KONGRESS. Sonderflugpost zur LUPOSTA 71 Berlin. Wien - Frankfurt Main - Berlin. Sent from Wien to Berlin. 3s.50 Notary's Seal Austrian Notarial Statue Cent Congress

Item 15254    
Austria Frankfurt 1978 Lufthansa 737 First Flight Cover

1. Nov. 1978. Airplane cachet. Sent from Graz to Frankfurt Am Germany. 6s Handicapped People Distorted Pattern

Item 15249    
Germany Denmark 1986 LUFTHANSA 1332 First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope LH 1332 Erstflug, Bremen - Kopenhagen Danemark 1.4.1986, Sent from Bremen to Copenhagen. 1983 Wieland (after GB Bosio) 250th Birth Anniversary of Cristoph Martin Wieland (writer)

Item 15168    
Geneve Zurich 1967 SWISSAIR 20 years First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope 20 years across the North Atlantic. Embossed Airplane, Flag of the United States. Sent from Geneve to New York USA (Kenney International Air Mail Facility). 5+5, 20+10, 50+10 animals / Pro Juventute 1966

Item 15076    
Germany 1948 Reaper 24pf - Cover Kellinghusen - Itzehoe

German Cover. Elise Vollertsen, Lornsenstr. 28. Kreiswirtschaftsamt. Bricklayer and Reaper. Sent from Kellinghusen to Itzehoe. 24pf

Item 8539    
Germany Sweden 1970 LUFTHANSA LH 214 First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope Hamburg - Goeteborg - Oslo v.v. Sent from Hamburg to Schweden Goteborg With arrival postmark UTRB 1 on back. 5pf H Zille 1875 Droschkenkutscher & Women 30pf Franz Krug Berlinerinnen

Item 8532    
Germany Portugal 1966 LUFTHANSA 368 First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope LH 368 mit Boeing 727. Sent from Frankfurt / M. to Lissabon Lison with Lisboa arrival postmark on back. German Opera house (Deutsche Oper) 15pf, & 20pf Kardinal Von Galen 1878-1946

Item 8130    
Austria Berlin 1967 Lufthansa 40 yrs First Flight Cover

Coat of Arms Bear Embossed Envelope, 40 Jahre Erster Postflug Wien - Prag - Dresden - Berlin West. Oelag / AUA - Lufthansa. Sonder Flug. Sent from Wien to Berlin West Germany with arrival postmark on back. 2.20S & 1.30S Bildarchiv und Portratsammlung. Schattenburg Feldkirch.

Item 8120    
United Nations NY 1973 Swissair DC10 First Flight Cover

First Regular DC - 10 Service. Airmail envelope. Slogan postmark -... outer space for the benefit of mankind. Sent from New York USA to Geneve (Exp. Lettres.). Nations Unies Human Environment 15c, To Live Together in Peace with one another 1c, Education for progress 5c

Item 6748    
East Germany Gruna Sachs 1959 Georg Baumgarten on Cover

Picture Illustration of Georg Baumgarten, Airplane engineer, on Flight Cover. DDR Airplane 5pf

Item 6729    
United Nations Germany UNO 1965 LUFTHANSA Flight Cover

LH 401. Airmail envelope. UNO Luftpost Ausstellung Exhibition in the Hamburg University. Sent from New York to Hamburg. UN 20th Anniversary 15c hand in hand, Germany postman 50+25 Pair of 2

Item 6448    
United Nations Germany 1972 SWISSAIR 25yrs Flight Cover

25 Years Across the North Atlantic NY - Geneva Switzerland. May 2. 1947-1972. Airplane cachet. & Slogan ECE 25th Anniversary Economic Commission for Europe 1947-1972. Arrival on back. Sent from UN New York USA to Geneve. 5c WHO World Health Organization Headquarters Geneva 1966, 11c Siege de L'organisation Moondiale de la sante & 5c Human Rights 15th Anniversary 1948-1963

Item 5437    
Morocco - Switzerland 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope, LH 503, Boeing 707, Santiago de Chile - Buenos Aires Argentina - Sao Paulo Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Rabat - Zurich - Frankfurt Germany. Stamp of H. Rabih Coat of Arms, tied Rabat.

Item 5435    
Morocco Rabat Bogota 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail First Flight envelope, LH 518, Boeing 707, Frankfurt Germany - Rabat Morocco - Caracas - Bogota. 1973 Stamps of H. Rabih King Hassan and Arms 20f & 70f, 23.7.1975. Rabat R.P. Colombia Bogota postmark 24.VII 75 on back. 20f 70f

Item 5427    
Germany Hamburg Wien 1976 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope. Itinerary Hamburg - Stuttgart - Vienna Austria. Boeing 727. LH 260. Airplane. Stamps of Satellite & Hans Sachs 1494 / 1576. With arrival.

Item 5412    
Germany Yugoslavia 1968 Lufthansa LH First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope with stamp of Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), he was a French pedagogue and historian, but is best known as the founder of the modern Olympic Games. Plus 5pf. LH 182 Dusseldorf -Zagreb. With arrival on reverse.

Item 5392    
Germany Siegen Westf Lorch 1968 Lufthansa Flight Cover

Friedrich Koenig 150 Jahre Druckmaschinen stamp 10pf on Airmail envelope. Zu Gastim Kaufhof Siegen. Sonderschau Lufthansa zu Gastimkaufhof. 59 Siegen.

Item 5352    
Munich Dakar Senegal 1976 LUFTHANSA First FLIGHT Cover

Airmail Envelope with Senegal Dakar YOFF arrival on reverse. LH 500 DC 10 Frankfurt - Munchen - Dakar - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo Brazil - Buenos Aires Argentina. German Stamp of Carl v. Ossietzky 1889-1938. 50pf

Item 5350    
Morocco Maroc Bogota 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Lufthansa Erstflug, LH 516, Boeing 707, Route Frankfurt Germany - Casablanca - Caracas - Bogota, Venezuela, Royaume du Maroc. Airmail envelope. Luftpost. Maiquetia Airport. With arrival.

Item 5338    
Swiss Geneve 1972 50th Anniversary First Flight Cover

Switzerland 1922-1972 Geneve - Zurich - Nuremberg, Mollis, Schweiz. Nurnberg. Embossed AIRPLANE CH 92 & SWISS German FLAGS. Addressed to Bern. Wirl Arrival. 50 Years Jahre Internationaler Luftpostverkehr Cinquantenaire du Trafic Postal aerien International.

Item 4994    
Germany 1967 Cover KIELER WOCHE Belgian Boat Godetia

with Albertus Magnus Stamps. Cachet "Belgisches Fischerei-Schutzboot GODETIA" (Belgian Fishing Protection Boat Godetia).

Item 4987    
Germany ILA Exhibition 25yr 1983 LUFTHANSA Flight Cover

25 years. Internationale Luftpost Austellung, JAN WELLEM, Landesmuseum Volk und Wirtschaft, Dusseldorf, Airplane stamp. Horse. Flight envelope.

Item 4979    
Germany 1969 Lufthansa Flight Cover City Jet GOSLAR

Taufe D-ABER "Goslar". With 10pf West Berlin Stamp 19th-cent. Berliners. Contemporary Art. C.W. Allers 1889 Zeitungsverkaufer. Umbrella, newspaper. The Newspaper Seller. 10pf

Item 4790    
Germany 1955 1980 Lufthansa 25 yrs Flight Cover Berlin

25 years flight operation Jahre Flugbetrieb, Red Meter marks, Deutsche Bundespost Berlin 040 posthorn. Airplane.

Item 4563    
South Africa 1945 SG108-110 Capetown Cover to Scotland

Envelope with stamps Man and Oxen ploughing Peace, Man and Woman gazing at a star, Victory. Cape Town to Edinburgh.

Item 4336    
Germany Hamburg Wien 1976 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Envelope with "Day of the Stamp 1975" (Tag der Briefmarke) and "Lucas Cranach" stamp. Itinerary Hamburg - Stuttgart - Wien (Vienna). Boeing 727. LH 260. Airplane.