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Postcards > Africa > Congo > Belgian Congo

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Item 224102    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard Matadi, La Gare The Railway Station Railroads & Train

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa Belgian Congo Belge - Belgisch Kongo - Matadi - La Gare, Railway Station, Train. Rail Railroad. Platform. Matadi is the chief sea port of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the capital of the Kongo Central province. It was founded by Sir Henry Morton Stanley in 1879.
Published by Nels Ern Thill Bruxelles

Item 223555    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard Femme Makanza, Bangala, Mankanza Woman, Scarification

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Congo Belge. Belgian Congo. Ethnic Life. Femme Makanza, Bangala, Mankanza Native Woman with Face Scarification. Makanza or Mankanza is a town in the Équateur province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, headquarters of Makanza territory.

Item 223554    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard Rwanda Ruanda, Femme Mututsi, Native Woman, Costumes

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Belgian Congo. Ethnic Life. Rwanda, Ruanda, Femme Mututsi, Native Mututsi Woman Lady, Traditional Costumes. Rwanda is a sovereign state in central and east Africa. Located a few degrees south of the Equator, Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Published by Nels Jos. Dardenne Serie No. 1 J. luxe

Item 223096    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard Elisabethville, Railway Bridge Pont sur le Sofumwango

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa. Congo Belge - Elisabethville, Railway Bridge over Sofumwango, Pont sur le Sofumwango. Chemin de fer du Katanga. Katanga Railway. Lubumbashi (formerly Elisabethville) ranks as the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (capital Kinshasa, formerly Zaire) and the hub of the southeastern part of the country. The copper-mining city serves as the capital of the relatively prosperous Katanga (formerly Shaba) province, lying near the Zambian border. Population estimates vary wildly but average around 1.2 million.
Published by NELS Editeur : Librairie Belge R. Louis, Elisabethville

Item 222576    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard Le Pont Viaduc de Kindu Bridge, CFL, Locomotive Train

Vintage Old Larger Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Africa Congo Belge - Belgisch Kongo - Belgian Congo. Le Pont Viaduc de Kindu. Viaduct Railway Bridge. CFL. Compagnie des Chemins de Fer du Congo Supérieur aux Grands Lacs Africains. Cie des Chs de Fer du Congo Supr. aux Gros Lacs Africains. Published by E. Stockmans & Co. Anvers

Item 201211    
Belgian Congo Old Real Photo Postcard Matadi, Pier Jetty, Panorama General View

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Africa Congo Belge - Belgisch Kongo - Matadi - Belgian Congo. Pier Jetty, Panorama General View.

Item 186406    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard Matadi, Vallee M'Poso Pic Cambier Bridge Valley, Rail

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa Congo Belge - Belgisch Kongo - Matadi - La Vallee de la M'Poso et le Pic Cambier. Bridge over River Scene. Mountains. Valley. Rail Railway Railroad.

Item 186405    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard Kamba Papayeur Bakuba, Native African Man & House Hut

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa, Congo Belge, Belgian Congo - Kamba - Papayeur Bakuba. Native African Man & House Hut. Published by Editoin V.M.S. et M.B.

Item 43047    
Belgian Congo Old Postcard - Presbytere de STANLEYVILLE

Vintage B/W Postcard. Church Le Presbytere de Stanleyville - Congo Belge. 2 Clergymen. Kisangani, formerly Stanleyville, (population 500,000) is a city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa.
Published by Ern. Thill, Bruxelles