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Item 105271    

Modern Reproduction Photo Picture Postcard, British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913, Led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Heinz Advertising. By Photographer Herbert Ponting 9th January 1911. Pt. Scott's Antartic Expedition. Heinz Baked Beans. In 1910 Scott set out on his fateful expedition to the South Pole. He reached his goal on the 18th January 1912. / Had we lived, I should have had a tale to tell of the hardihood, endurance, and courage of my companions which would have stirred the heart of every Englishman. - Robert Falcon Scott, Message to the Public, c.29 March 1912.
Published by RGS

Item 104864    
H.M Destroyer LIBERTY SHIP Sunk Mine-layer Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Shipping. H.M. Destroyer Liberty. Military Vessel Warship, Battleship. Class same as the LANCE which sunk the German mine-layer. Advertisement Advertising on back "Singer Sewing Machines" Sew with a Singer and You sew with the best. Published by Gribb Southsea

Item 95701    
Louis J Rhead Picture Posters Series Advertise Postcard

Art Artist Drawn Reproduced Advertising Postcard. Picture Poster's Series. Original Design drawn by Louis J. Rhead. No. 1. Modern Cleanser. Presented Free with picture Postcard Monthly by Cameo Reproductions. April 1984. Millions now use Pearline. Published by Fine Art Postcard Series Limited Edition

Item 95663    
Damart Keep Warm in Winter Advert. Postcard Bobsledding

Larger Colour Postcard. Advertising. Advertisement. Bobsledding. Snowy Ground. Damart. The Secret of Keeping warm in winter.

Item 91844    
Nottingham MARKET PLACE, Street Scene TRAM Old Postcard

Nottinghamshire Vintage Colour Picture Postcard, Market Place, Clock Tower, Street Scene. Tramway, Tram with advertisement, Jacksons. Station ST. Nottingham Corporation.

Item 91284    
Cork Old Postcard Glengariff HOTEL / Skating Approaches

Ireland Vintage Colour Irish Postcard, County Co. Cork. Glengariff. Eccles Hotel. Rocks. Bridge. Panorama. Boat. With Advertising Advertisement on back : Great Prize Competition (See Smart, Dainty, or Yes or No for full particulars) Skating Approaches. Glengarriff (Gleann Garbh in Irish, meaning "Rough glen") is a village of approximately 600 people in the south-west region of County Cork in the Republic of Ireland. Known internationally as a tourism venue, it boasts many natural attractions.
Published by Shurey

Item 88734    
Bob's Steak House Old Postcard Dog Why Ain't You Rich?

Vintage Artist Art Drawn Comic Humour Picture Postcard. Poor Homeless Man and Dog. If you're so damn smart why ain't you rich? / Advertisement Restaurant Advertising : Bob's Steak House & Coffee Shop. Bob's Nevada Lounge. Bob's Prime Rib & Smorgasbord. All three of Bob's fine restaurants located at Geary & Mason, San Francisco. Bob Campbell. Bob's White Sulphur Springs Resort. St. Helena. California.

Item 88345    
Middlesborough Avenue Wesleyan Church Old R.P. Postcard

Yorkshire Vintage Real Photo Old Postcard. MIDDLESBROUGH Middlesborough, Non-Slip Stone Co. Halifax. London, Manchester, Avenue Wesleyan Church. The Architectural Dressings are entirely of NONSLIP Stone, and are in perfect condition. We shall value your enquires for Steps, Landings and Mouldings. Advertising. Advertisement. Entrance Gate. Published by Lilywhite Real Photo

Item 88273    
TRAM British Electric Car 1901 Open Topper Old RP Card

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Card, Tram No. 3 Trent Bridge Market Place Bulwell, Advertisement Buchanan's Red Seal Whisky. Snowy Street. Tramway, Tramlines. Street scene. Snow. Built by British Electric Car Co. in 1901 as an open-topper. Nottingham Corporation Tramways.

Item 85391    
Eskimo - Alaska Silver Fox Farms 1904 Old Postcard Furs

USA Vintage Advertising Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. Eskimo. Snow Landscape. Siwash Indian Guide, Joe Sterling. The Originator of Sterling Mink and Alaska Silver Fox Famrs on Trap Line in Alaska at 50 below zero in 1904. Superior Furs Producer to you at Substantial Savings. Sterling Mink and Alaska Fox Farms Lake Placid. N.Y. Advertisement. Eskimos or Esquimaux are indigenous peoples who have traditionally inhabited the circumpolar region from eastern Siberia (Russia), across Alaska (United States), Canada, and Greenland.

Item 85260    
KING GEORGE 5th CORONATION Old Postcard Chocolate Cocoa

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Advertising Postcard. Advertisement. With Compliments of J. S. Fry & Sons Ltd. Chocolate & Cocoa Manufacturers to their Majesties. Coronation King George 5th. Queen Mary. / Advertisement. Information on back : J. S. Fry & Sons Ltd. of Bristol and London, are the oldest firm of Chocolate and Cocoa Manufacturers, Letters Patent having been granted to them by King George II, in 1729. They emply over 5000 hands, and hold more than 300 Grands Prix, Gold Medals, and Diplomas, and in the course of their long history of nearly 200 years have received many marks of royal favour. Her late Majesty Queen Victoria in the early part of her reign appointed them by Special Warrant Manufacturers of Chocolate and Cocoa to the Royal House, and His late Majesty King Edward, whose warrant as Prince of Wales the firm held for nearly 40 years, confirmed the appointment after he ascended the Throne. His Majesty King George V, whose warrant they held as Prince of Wales, has honoured them with His Royal Brief as King, as have also Her Majesty the Queen, Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, Her Majesty Queen Margherita of Italy, Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, and the King and Queen of the Hellenes. A similar mark of Royal favour came long ago from France, when, in 1867, the late Emperor Napoleon by a Special Brevet, issued at the Palace of the Tuilleries, appointed them Manufacturers of Chocolate and Cocoa to the Imperial House, and they still have the honour - one that they prize vrey highly - of numbering Her Immperial Majesty the Empress Eugenie among their illustrious patrons. This record of honours is as magnificent as it is unique and the historic firm deserve to be congratulated upon their success, and still more upon the high methods through which it was attained - The Times. George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert) (3 June 1865 – 20 January 1936) was the last British monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, changing the name to the House of Windsor in 1917. As well as being King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (from 1927, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and the Commonwealth Realms, George was also the Emperor of India. George reigned from 6 May 1910 until his death.
Published by A. Vivian Mansell & Co.

Item 84537    
Comic Saucy Old Postcard How Many insertions Do U Want?

Early PROF Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Picture postcard, Saucy Humour. Comic. Latest News, Daily Blah. Classified Advertisement. Sexy Blonde Woman. How Many insertions do you want Pop? Blimey - I'd have a job doing in the First Time Luv!. Published by CARDTOON Series

Item 82663    
Chocolat Klaus Japan Old Postcard Paysage River - HIAGO

Vintage Picture Post card, Paysage press de Hiago, Panorama, River Scene. Advertising : Chocolat Klaus. Chocolate. Published by Chocolate Klaus Le Locie Suisse Morteau France

Item 81790    
Isle of Man Old Postcard LOCH PROMENADE Douglas Tramway

Vintage Postcard. Douglas, Loch Promenade showing Clock Tower, Street Scene. Tram. Tramway. Last Cars Leave at 11:20 P.M. Advertisement : Water Biscuits Delightful for Tea.

Item 77488    
Canada Old Postcard COURT HOUSE Montreal Horse Carriage

Vintage Colour Canadian Souvenir Postcard. Street Scene. Horse Drawn Carriages, Court House, Palais de Justice. Advertising - A Large Wine Bottle of Cognac. Published by Valentine & Sons

Item 76582    
Chocolat Dufresne Advert Japan Old Postcard Pagoda Lake

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Japanese Pagoda Temple Shrine Stone Lanterns. Panorama. Advertising Advertisement : Chocolat Dufresne 19 Rue Auber 3 Boulevard Denain Paris 36 Rue de Paris Trouville-sur-Mer Importe.

Item 75580    
Soap Advert JAPAN Old Postcard Pont du TOKAIDO Mt. FUJI

Vintage Colour Japanese Picture Postcard, Mt Mount Fuji Mountain, trees, bridge, river. Pont du TOKAIDO. Advertising on back, Madame, La blancheur diaphane des mains, la transparence macree du teint, apanage de gracieuses Parisiennes aussi avisees qu'enviees, ont une cause... S'il vous convient de la connaitre... envoyez votre nom et votre adresse a la Malaceine, 50, Faubourg Poissonniere et vous serez renseignee aussi ingenieusement que gratuitement. Les Produits MALACEINE,, creme, Poudre, Savon, Extrait, d'une tres grande finesse, se trouvent dans tous les Grands Magasins, dans les Maisons ayant un rayon de parfumerie des bonnes marques et au Service d'Exportatin et de Publicite de ces produits : 50, Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris.

Item 75539    
Japan Old Postcard Armachata CHOCOLAT KLAUS Advertising

Vintage Japanese Black and White Picture Postcard, Japon, Armachata, Countryside, Panorama. Advertisement. Advertising - Chocolate KLAUS. Published by Morteau France Chocolat Klaus

Item 73316    
Egypt 1955 Old R.P. Postcard ISMAILIA View from Station

Vintage Real Photo Egyptian Postcard. Ismailia - Panorama, General View seen from the Station. Street Scene, Gardens. Advertisement with Bottle. Postally Used with stamps 20m Defense and 2m Agriculture. Sent from Ismailia to London N12. 2m & 20m
Ismailia is the capital of the governorate of Al Isma'iliyah, and one of the newest cities in Egypt.
Published by Lehnert & Landrock Succ. Cairo

Item 71118    
OPERA National de Paris, Love Life Advertising Postcard

France Colour Picture Postcard. Advertisement. Love Life Get Attitude. Robyn Orlin, Georg Friedrich Haendel, William Christie, L'Allegro, il penseroso ed il moderato. Le etoiles, les premiers danseurs et le corps de ballet orchestre et Chceur des Arts Florissants. Creation Choregraphique.

Item 71071    
TOPEXAN Ogni Giorno Tuapelle Advertising Postcard Italy

Italy Colour Picture Postcard. Advertisement. Offerta Speciale Special Offer, Topexan Ogni Giorno. 24 ore nella tuapelle. Every day.

Item 69861    

Vintage Colour Advertising Picture Postcard. Birmingham The Athletic Pavilion at Bournville. Clock, Steps. Advertisement : Don't forget to send the Bournville Cocoa Coupons you will be delighted with the prize box of Chocolates. Bournville is an area on the south side of Birmingham, best known for its connections with the Cadbury family and chocolate - including a dark chocolate bar branded "Bournville". It is also home to a campus of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

Item 67004    
LYON Advertising Old Postcard BEACH Le Tailleur Moderne

France Vintage French Advertising Picture Postcard, Lyon, Beach, Seaside, Panorama. Le Tailleur Moderne 55 Cours de la Liberte et Rue de l'Epee 1. Lyon. Tailor. Lyon is a city in east central France. Together with its suburbs and satellite towns, Lyon forms the second largest metropolitan area in France after Paris, with 1,648,216 inhabitants at the 1999 census, and approximately the 20th to 25th largest metropolitan area of Western Europe.

Item 65218    

Vintage Colour Postcard. Advertisement. Advertising. SIMPSON'S IN THE STRAND. Ye Olde English Eating House. Simpson's Strand, London. The Roasting Jack. Open Roasting Fires as of Glore. Sunday Dinners from 6.0 P.M. Manager F.W. Heck.

Item 63868    
French Actor Mr. RUDY HIRIGOYEN Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage B/W Real Photographic Postcard. French Actor - Mr. RUDY HIRIGOYEN (1919-2000). Advertising on back : Offert par les Carbones Kores CARBOPLANE. Le Carbone qui ne se roule pas. Published by Kores

Item 54617    
JERSEY Coat of Arms Old Advertising Postcard La Collete

Channel Islands Vintage Colour Postcard. St. Heliers. La Collete. Pier, Promenade. Advertising on back. Albert Smith Photographers, Photo Store, Cameras for Hire. Dark Rooms for use of Amateurs. Advertisement.

Item 38383    
SOUTH AFRICA Old Postcard Clock Market Square Markplein

Early B/W Postcard. Market Square / Markplein, Clock. Cars, Street Scene. South Africa. Advertising on back - Caltex P.S. There's no better petrol than Caltex IC-Plus! South Africa's Favorite Oil Company. Published by D. Goodson

Item 36600    

Early Military B/W Postcard. Generaux et officiers d'etat-major. En Campagne. Advertising on back - CHOCOLAT de L'EURE Menilles Eure.

Item 34307    
Canadan Old Postcard Fort William Business Section CARS

Early Canada Colour Hand Tinted Picture Post Card, Street Scene. Business Section, Fort William, Ontario. Advertising - MAHON ELECTRIC, Billiards Smokes, Restaurant Victoria Grill and Tea Room, Vintage Motor Cars on Street. Published by PECO

Item 34299    
Canada Old Postcard Main Street - WINNIPEG Tram & Cars

Early Canadian Colour Hand Tinted Picture Post card, Main Street from top of Royal Bank Building, looking South, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Trams. Vintage Cars. Tramways. Advertising - National Canadian Bank, William Penn, Ashdown's Hardwars, Mechanics Tools, Kyanize Finish. Bryce's Home Made Bread, etc. Published by PECO