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Postcards > Asia > China > Xiamen

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Item 225928    
China Old UB Postcard Amoy Hand Irrigation Bucket Chinese Farmers Agriculture 廈門

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. China. Chinese. AMOY. Ethnic Life. Hand Irrigation, Bucket, Native Chinese Farmers at work. Agriculture. 廈門. Published by Mee Cheung - Amoy

Item 221102    
China Old Postcard Amoy The Peck Shan Temple Mountains Xiamen Photo by Ying Fong

Vintage Old Postcard. China. Chinese. AMOY. The Peck Shan Temple Mountains Rocks. Panorama. Xiamen. 廈門. Published by Photo by Ying Fong

Item 220529    
China AMOY Dispensary Old Postcard Lingtow Ling Tow Jetty Ying Fong Photographer

Vintage Old Postcard. China, Chinese Ethnic Life., Amoy Dispensary. Lingtow Ling Tow Jetty, Panorama - Xiamen. Ying Fong Photographer. Amoy Xiamen. 廈門. Xiamen (Simplified Chinese: 厦门 Traditional Chinese: 廈門 pinyin: XiàméNetherlands Wade-Giles: Hsiamen) is a coastal sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian province, People's Republic of China. It looks out to the Taiwan Strait and borders the cities of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou to the north and south respectively.
Published by Ying Fong Photographer

Item 219301    
China Old Real Photo Postcard Amoy Zhongshan Park Gazebo and Steps Xiamen 廈門中山公園

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, China. Amoy, Zhongshan Park, Gazebo and Steps. Street. Trees. Xiamen. 廈門中山公園.

Item 214242    
China Old Colour Postcard Amoy Chairs Chinese Coolies Sedan Chair Photo by A Sun

Vintage Old Colour Postcard, China. Amoy Chairs, Native Chinese Coolies carrying Sedan Chair. Mountains. Photo by A Sun. Published by Photo by A Sun

Item 202915    
China AMOY Gospel Boat 1908 Old Postcard Native Fishing Sailing Vessel Xiamen 廈門

Vintage Old Postcard. China. Ethnic Life. Shipping. Amoy, Gospel Boat, Native Fishing Boat, Sailing Vessel, Hills, Panorama. 7.5.08. 1908. Xiamen. 廈門.

Item 193036    
China Amoy 1910 Old Postcard Lam-Po-To Temple Annual Gathering Monks Pagoda 南普陀寺

Vintage Old Postcard. 1910 China. AMOY. Ethnic Life. Large Group of Native Chinese Buddhist Monks Priests standing on Steps. Pagoda Tower. Religious Costumes. The Annual gathering of the Priests of Amoy at the Lam-Po-To Temple. Written on back : Amoy 17/11/10. A Happy Christmas & a Great New Year! Greetings & Best Wishes from Rev. J. Beallie. South Putuo Temple. South Putuo or Nanputuo (南普陀寺) is a famous Buddhist temple founded in the Tang Dynasty in the Chinese city of Xiamen (Amoy). It is so named because it is south of the Buddhist holy site Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province.