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Item 148000    
WW2 D-Day 6th June 1944 Ships of Invasion Fleet Tank Omaha Beach Inland Postcard

Early Larger Reproduced Picture Postcard. Second World War WW2 D-Day 6th June 1944 Ships of The Invasion Fleet, (1) Invasion Fleet (2) Inland from Omaha Beach (3) 0630 H-Hour at high tide Omaha Beach. Tanks. Tank with X & No. 221. Soldiers. Germans make big effort to crush the invasion June 1944.

Item 121997    
CHURCHILL Jersey 1970 Envelope 30th DUNKIRK Anniversary

Official Cover Envelope with Harbour, Ships, Boats, Soilders, War Battle Scene illustration of The Withdrawal from Dunkirk 1940 June Second World War : Charles Cundall R.A. Dunkirk Veteraans Association. Commemorative cachet of Salute to the men of Dunkirk 19th June 1970 Jersey. C.I. Coat of Arms.

Item 112950    
H.M.S. FORTH A187 Battleship Warship 1939 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Shipping. Military Vessel. Battleship, Warship. Ships. Boats. H.M.S. Forth A187. A submarine depot ship adapted to operate and maintain the Royal Navy's nuclear-powered submarines. She was completed in 1939. HMS Forth was stationed at Trincomalee, Ceylon during the end of the Second World War. During her stay in Malta in the 1950s she was moored on the east side of Msida creek. She left Malta in 1960.

Item 71894    
Captured 2-Man Japanese Suicide SUBMARINE 1941 Postcard

WW2 Military Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Second World War, Captured Two-Man Japanese Suicide Submarine. Japan. Flags. Military Vessel. Street Scene. Crowd. / The two-man Japanese submarine was captured off Oahu Island on December 8, 1941. This suicide craft is 81 feet long by 6 feet in diameter and weighs approximately 17 tons without the electric motor which was removed to lighten it. The only means of entrance and exit to submarine is through a 16-inch hatch at the top of the conning tower. In addition to the two 18-foot torpedoes which were carried in the forward end, the submarine had a demolition charge of TNT sufficient to blow up two entire city blocks. Published by GPO 16-33406-1 WSS 787