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Postcards > Thematics > Military > World War 1

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Item 104328    
WW1 Artist Signed Les Honneurs sous le Feu Old Postcard

France Vintage French Artist Signed Art Drawn Old Postcard. WW1 Patriotic First World War. The Honours in the Fire. Les Honneurs sous le Feu. Soldiers with Gun. Wounded Soldier. G. Scott. D'pres l'illustration. Published by A. Noyer Paris Galerie Patriotique

Item 99108    
WW1 Ruin ROIGLISE Destroyed Village France Old Postcard

France Vintage picture postcard, First World War, WW1 First World War Ruins. Le Village en Ruines. Roiglise. The destroyed village. Published by Vise a Paris Laffineur

Item 99105    
YPRES 1915 Old Postcard Prolliest Parts - Draper's Hall

Belgium Vintage picture postcard, Ypres, WW1 First World War Ruins. 1915 - Ce Qui Reste d'une des parties Le plus jolies de la Halle des Drapiers. What remains of one of the prolliest parts of Draper's Hall. The area around Ypres was site of three major battles in World War I. Because of the fighting the town was all but obliterated with much shelling from the Germans.
Published by Laureys - Vise a Paris

Item 95408    
ROUEN 1916 Old Postcard Bridge Pont Boieldieu - Sketch

France Vintage Art Drawn Postcard. Rouen - Le Pont Boieldieu. Bridge. Artist Signed by F. Dubois. Sketch. WW1 First World War Passed by Censor No. 1482. Sent from Army Post Office to Llandudno redirected. Published by LL

Item 92524    
WW1 Fore Turret Deck of H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth Guns Warship Old Colour Postcard

1916 WW1 First World War - Vintage SHIPPING Colour Postcard. Military Battleship. Warship. Fore Turret Deck of H.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth". Military Vessel. Britain Prepared. Published by Photochrom Co. by Permission of H.M. Admiralty

Item 88921    
WW1 G Scott 1914 Old Postcard Invasion Heros Lieutenant

Vintage Old Postcard. WW1 First World War Military. L'Invasion des Barbares modernes. 1914 - 34 - Promotion sur le front. Une Heros est fait sous-Lieutenant (Dessin de George G. Scott Artist Signed). D'apres l'Illustration. Published by edit Berck-Plage Vise a Boulogne-sur-Mer

Item 85108    
WW1 Montceaux 1916 Old Postcard Church Bombed by German

Vintage Postcard. Military, WW1 First World War. Montceaux (S.-et-M.) Interieur de l'eglise apres le passage des Allemands. Interior of the church after the passage of the Germans. La Guerre 1914-15. Published by L.C.H. Paris

Item 85098    
WW1 1914 Old Postcard Reims Rheims Rue Saint Symphorien

France Old Vintage Picture Postcard. WW1 Ruins, Military. La Guerre 1914 - 1915. Reims apres le bombardement, Street - La rue Saint-Symphorien, dans le fond, la Cathedral. Published by A.R. Paris

Item 85093    
WW1 Le Serment des Allies Oath Andre Rosa 1914 Postcard

France Old Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Picture Postcard. First World War. Serment des Allies. Oath. Sur le drapeau francais ils ont fait le serment, De demeurer unis et ne cesser la guerre, Qu'apres avoir partout, maitrise l'allemand, Dout le sabre voulait germaniser la terre. Andre Rosa 1914. King George 5th. Published by Edition Zuppinger 18 rue Duban Paris 16

Item 85090    
WW1 La Femme de France 1915 Old Postcard Women Soldiers

France Old Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Picture Postcard. First World War. Patriotic. La Femme de France. Soldats qui defendez, vaillamment, nuit et jour, Le sol de notre belle et genereuse France, Vous pouvez etre fiers, car dans votre souffrance, La femme est avec vous avec tout son amour. Andre Rosa 1915. / The Woman of France. Soldiers who defend, valiantly, night and day, the ground of our beautiful and generous France, You can be proud, because in your suffering, the woman is with you with all her love. Published by Edition Zuppinger 18 rue Duban Paris 16

Item 85038    
WW1 Old Postcard Cannons left by Germans - Ferte-Milton

Military Vintage B/W Postcard. WW1 First World War. Canons abandonnes par les allemands pres La Ferte-Milton. Cannons left by the Germans near Ferte-Milon. Published by ELD

Item 85028    
WW1 In Position at Etrepilly Entrance 1914 Old Postcard

France Vintage B/W Old French Postcard. En Position a l'entree d'Etrepilly. Soldiers. Military. Cannons. Trees. In Position at the entrance of Etrepilly. Published by ELD 5me Serie

Item 85025    
WW1 Fetes Cinquantenaire Republique Paris 1920 Postcard

France Paris Vintage Old B/W Real Photo Postcard. Paris II November 1920 - Les Fetes du Cinquantenaire de la Republique Defile des drapeaux. 5c Sower
Published by SIX Paris

Item 85021    
WW1 Transport Chevalet Bridge Construction Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Military, Soldiers constructing a Bridge. Transport d'un Chevalet pour la construction d'un Pont par le Genie. Boat.

Item 80458    
WW1 Soldiers with Sword Uniform & Girl Old ART Postcard

Vintage Artist Drawn Postcard. WW1 First World War. In der Heimat, in der Heimat, Da giebt's ein Wiedersehn. Willkommen. Soldiers wear Military Uniform. Sword. Little Girls with wreaths. Caption in German. Published by Gebr. Metz Tuebingen

Item 80447    
REIMS Old Postcard RHEIMS CATHEDRAL Chef de Prisonniers

France Vintage French Old Postcard. Reims Cathedrale. Rheims. Chef d'Equipe de Prisonniers affectee au deblaiement de la Cathedrale 30 Nov 1919. WW1. Reims (English traditionally Rheims) is a city of northern France, 144 km.(89 miles) east-northeast of Paris.
Published by Collection Antony Thouret Siege a Paris 10 Rue Coetlogon

Item 80201    
WW1 RED CROSS, German Prisoners of War POW Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Military. First World War. WW1 Red Cross Medics. Prisonniers Allemandes a Toulouse. France 2e Serie No. 4. Groupe d'ambulanciers de metier suivant les armees. Germany Soldiers. German Prisoners Prisoner of War. P.O.W. Published by Ancienne Photographie Provost Toulouse

Item 80195    
WW1 RED CROSS NURSE Old Man with Beard Old RP Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Old Postcard. Military. WW1 Red Cross Nurse. Va, ma fille cherie, ou le devoir t'appelle, De toutes les missions la tienne est la plus belle. Gate, GArden. Old Gentleman with beard. Published by A.N. Paris

Item 79856    
WW1 Gourbis de n. Artilleurs au Front 1918 Old Postcard

France Vintage French Post Card. Military. WW1 First World War - Gourbis de nos Artilleurs au Front. Artillery. Horses. Published by Vise Nancy A. 4776

Item 79848    
WW1 French GENERAL DUBAIL Marne 1914 Military Old Card

Vintage Military Card. WW1 French GENERAL DUBAIL Ne a Belfort (Ht-Rhin) Commandant d'Armee Bataille de la Marne 1914 Military. Emprunt de la Liberation. Les Vainqueurs de la Marine 1914-1918. First World War. Published by Lapina

Item 79847    
WW1 French GENERAL JOFFRE Potrait Military Old Postcard

Vintage Military Picture Postcard. General Joseph Jacques Césaire Cesaire Joffre. Uniform. Medals. Commandant en Chef de l'Armee Francaise. Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre (January 12, 1852 - January 3, 1931) was a Catalan French general who became prominent in the battles of World War I. Joffre was born in Rivesaltes, Roussillon. He joined the army in 1870 and became a career soldier. He first saw active service during the siege of Paris in the Franco-Prussian War, but spent much of his career in the colonies as a military engineer. He returned to France and was made commander-in-chief of the French Army (1911), after Joseph Gallieni declined the post. With the revival of the army and a purge of "defensive-minded" officers he adopted the strategy devised by Ferdinand Foch, the offensive Plan XVII.
Published by S. Farges Edit. Lyon

Item 79843    
IRON CROSS - Mars Jahresregent 1914 Postcard Hans Thoma

Germany Old Vintage Artist Drawn Postcard. First World War. WW1. Mars Jahresregent 1914. Kriegskarte 1914, gezeichnet von Hans Thoma, zum Besten der Nationalstiftung. Battlefield. Fire. Snakes. Soldier with Helmet & Snakes as Medusa Greek Monster. Published by Alleinvertrieb Gallerie Moos Karlsruhe i. Baden

Item 70869    
WW1 1914 Postcard Balkans GENERAL SARRAIL - Saint-Louis

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Military. Flag. Marine. Navy. Seamen. Guerre 1914-15 Dans Les Balkans, A bord - Le general Sarrail se rend sur le Saint-Louis. / First World War 1914-15 In The Balkans, on Board the General Sarrail going to the Saint-Louis. Published by ELD Vise Paaris 54me Serie

Item 70540    
FURNES 1914-15 le Char embourbe WW1 Horses Old Postcard

Vintage Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. First World War. Furnes. 1914-15. Furnes sert a Guillaume de representation theatrale en singeant Le Char embourbe. Horses & Soldiers in water. Villes en pleurs. Published by ELD E. Le Deley Imp.

Item 70524    
Georges SCOTT - SOLDIERS Dans la Tranchee 1914 Postcard

Military Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Old Picture Postcard, First World War WW1 Soldiers with guns. Dans la Tranchee! Trench. La Lecture du Bulletin des Armees de la Republique. Dessin de Georges Scott. Published by J-B. Talabot edit Paris Bordeaux.

Item 60693    
EDINBURGH Old Real Photo Postcard - Scottish American War Memorial

Vintage Real Photo Photographic Postcard. The Scottish American War Memorial (1914-1918) WW1. in Princes St. Gardens. Edinburgh. THE CALL 1914. Soldier with Gun Statue. - If it be life that waits I shall live forever unconquereDenmark if death I shall die at last strong in my pride and free. The Call statue in Edinburgh, donated by Americans, shows a solider poised and at-the-ready.
Published by RA Series

Item 53651    
WW1 Ruins 1914 Old Postcard L'Epine near Chalons Church

Vintage Military B/W Postcard. Guerre de 1914 - Village de L'Epine pres Chalons entierement detruit sauf l'Eglise. L'Epine near Chalons, destructed en totality. First World War. Horse. Church. Published by Photo Express

Item 51919    
WW1 Ruins Old Postcard CHARTEVES Eglise Church E. Side

Vintage B/W Postcard. Charteves - L'Eglise (Cote Est). The Church (East Side). France. WW1. War ruins. Published by Edit Cotte Chateau Thierry

Item 51915    
WW1 Soldiers Old Postcard - OISE Betz after Bombardment

France Vintage B/W Postcard. Betz (Oise) - apres le bombardement. Betz (Oise) after the Bombardment. First World War Ruins. Paience. Soldiers. Published by ELD

Item 51909    
WW1 Ruins France Old Postcard ARRAS - Hotel Saint Vaast

Vintage B/W Postcard. La Grande Guerre 1914-15 - Arras apres le bombardement par les Allemands L'Hotel Saint Vaast (Ancien eveche). ww1. Published by A.R.