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Postcards > Thematics > Winter Landscapes

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Item 40722    
ANDORRA Colour Postcard Pas dela Casa - Snowy LANDSCAPE

Colour Postcard. 1989 Andorra L'Hivern. Vista panoramica del Pas de la Casa i de la frontera Franco-Andorrana nevats. alt 2085m. Published by APA

Item 39498    
Snowy Landscape 1904 Old Postcard - Eh! mais! la Voici!

France Vintage B/W Postcard. Eh! mais! la voici!. / Eh! but! Here! Costume.Woman. Christmas atmosphere. Sent from Paris. 5c

Item 37413    

Early Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Cute Dog & Girl. Snowy Landscape. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar. Clock. Published by 3301/1

Item 37402    
ICE SKATING DUCKS Fish Artist Signed 1957 Old Postcard

Early Artist Signed Colour Postcard. Als 't tijd voor schaatsenrijden is, dan kijk je niet meer naar een vis. Ice-Skating, Ducks birds, Snowy Landscape, Fish. Sport. Ace B Jansma?. Comic. Sent from 's-Gravenhage to Rotterdam. 2c Nederland

Item 36008    
DEER Stag Old Postcard HAPPY NEW YEAR Snowy Landscape

Netherlands Early Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar. Winter Snowy Landscape. Deer. Stag. Nederland 2c

Item 35997    
BIRDS Willy Schermelé Artist Signed Old Color Postcard

Early Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Greetings, Vroolijk Kerstfeest. Birds, Snowy Landscape.

Item 34687    
USA 1910 Old Postcard Cannons Military Park NEWARK N.J.

Early US Colour Picture Postcard, Cannon, Statue, Winter Snowy Landscape. Military Park, Newark N.J. Sent from N.J. to Clapham London England. US 2c
Published by F. G. Temme Co. Grange

Item 33750    
Japan Old Postcard Winter Frozen River Toyohira Bridge

Early Japanese Postcard. The River Toyohira at Winter. Bridge in distance. 冬乃豐平川. Published by 北海道繪葉書俱樂部發行

Item 31754    
Swiss 1955 Old R.P. Postcard PIZ ROSEG Snowy Landscape

Early Switzerland Real Photo B/W Postcard. Piz Roseg (Gipfelgrat). Snowy Landscape. Mountains. Sent from Pontresina to Birmingham. 25c
Published by Foto Flury Pontresina

Item 30729    
HAPPY NEW YEAR - Birds Old Postcard New Year Greetings

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Happy New Year. Winter Snowy Landscape. Sunset.

Item 30708    
Squirrel & Children Artist Drawn Old Greeting Postcard

Early Gold Colour decorated Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Lalig Nieuwjaar. New Year. Squirrel, Winter Snowy Landscape. Greetings.

Item 30401    
Poland Old Postcard Krummhubel Querseiffen Riesengebirg Blick nach Schneekoppe

Early Polish B/W Postcard. Krummhuebel-Querseiffen im Riesengebirge mit Blick nach der Schneekoppe. Snow Mountain ("Sněžka" in Czech; "Śnieżka" in Polish; "Schneekoppe" in German) is the highest mountain in the Giant Mountains ("Krkonoše" in Czech, "Karkonosze" in Polish), part of the Sudetes mountain range. Standing at 1602 metres above sea level, it is also the highest point in the Czech Republic and lies directly on the border with Poland.
Published by Walter Staudte, Graphischer Verlag, Hirschberg/Rsgb. M 1360

Item 28925    
Poland 1939 Old RP Postcard SNOW MOUNTAIN Kleiner Teich

Old B/W Real PHoto Postcard. Kleiner Teich mit Schneekoppe und Hampelbaude. Snow Mountain ("Sněžka" in Czech; "Śnieżka" in Polish; "Schneekoppe" in German) is the highest mountain in the Giant Mountains ("Krkonoše" in Czech, "Karkonosze" in Polish), part of the Sudetes mountain range. Standing at 1602 metres above sea level, it is also the highest point in the Czech Republic and lies directly on the border with Poland.

Item 27666    
Germany 1948 Old B/W Postcard ORE MOUNTAINS Schellerhau

Old B/W Postcard. Snowy Landscape. Bei Schellerhau Erzgebirge. Altenberg (Erzgebirge). The Ore Mountains (German Erzgebirge, Czech Krušné hory) are a mountain range in Germany and the Czech Republic. They form the border between both countries for 150 km, extending from the western border of Saxony to the Elbe river.

Item 24012    
Switzerland Old Postcard GLACIER du Gorner et Breithorn

Early Black and White Swiss PPC, Glacier du Gorner Gornergletscher et le Breithorn 4171m. Snowy Mountains. Published by Phototypie Co. Neuchate

Item 21954    
Swiss Old RP Photo Postcard WINTER LANDSCAPE Gemsjaeger

Early Switzerland B/W Postcard. Winter Landscape, Gemsjaeger. Mountains. Published by Kuehner & Wieck, Davos Platz Serie II. 20

Item 21769    
Switzerland Old Postcard Snowy Landscape Paysage Suisse

Early Real Photo Picture Postcard, Snow, Mountains. Lovely View.

Item 21762    
Switzerland Old Postcard Mountain Trees Snowy Landscape

Early Swiss Picture Postcard.

Item 21404    
Switzerland Old R.P. Postcard PIZ KESCH Snowy Landscape

Early B/W Postcard. Piz Kesch. Snowy Landscape. Published by Kuehner & Wieck, Davos Pl. Serie III 2.

Item 21364    
Switzerland Swiss 1947 Old RP Postcard PARSENN KLOSTERS, Abfahrt Silvrettagruppe

Vintage Switzerland Swiss B/W Real Photo Postcard. Snowy Landscape, Parsenn Klosters Abfahrt & Silvrettagruppe. Snow. Mountains. Sent from Davos Dorf to UK. 20c
Published by Photo Berni, Kosters

Item 19896    
Switzerland 1921 Old Postcard - Xmas - Solitude d'hiver

Early Postcard. Winter Landscape, Heureux Noel, Solitude d'hiver. Mountains. Sent from AIGLE to Scotland. 10c & 5c
Published by Perrochet Matile

Item 16812    
Switzerland Old RP Postcard DENTS DU MIDI Winter Scene

Real Photo PPC, Winter Scene, Etude d'Hiver et les Dents du Midi. Snowy Mountain. Published by Edition Phot., Perrochet, Lausanne.

Item 15287    
Greetings Old Postcard NEW YEAR GREETING Winter Scene

A New Year Greeting. May this jolly celebration of one more happy year hold much joy and pleasure and bring you goodly cheer. Winter Scene.

Item 15013    
Germany Old Postcard LUEBECK Holsten Gate Boats Winter

Early German PPC, Luebeck - The Holsten-Gate and the Haven - Holstentor mit Hafen. In Winter. Snowy landscape. Published by Ludwig Moeller, Kunstverlag, Luebeck.

Item 13646    
France Savoie Old Postcard - MYANS Chaine de Belledonne

Abimes de Myans (Savoie). Chaine de Belledonne. Snowy Mountains. Rognier 2346m, Grands Moulins, Col de la Fraiche, Grand Miceau 2681m, Col de la Pierre, Pic du Frene 2868m. Myans, Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France

Item 13556    
Italy CHRISTMAS Postcard Buon Natale - Snowy Landscape

Buon Natale. Xmas Card.

Item 13314    
Austria 1958 Postcard IGLS-PATSCHERKOFEL Aerial Tramway

Real Photo Multiview PPC, Aerial Tramway, Snowy Mountains, Igls-Patscherkofel. Sent from Innsbruck, Austria to Essex, England. 1.45s woman
Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck.

Item 12649    
Switzerland Old PPC Tellskapelle Gitachen & Urirotstock

Early Swiss Colour Tinted Picture Postcard, Lake, Snowy Mountains. Sent from Switzerland to England. removed
Published by Photoglob Co. Zurich

Item 12321    
Switzerland 1937 Old Postcard ROSEGTAL Rapid Mountains

Swiss Early Picture Postcard, River, Rocks. Snowy Mountains. Beizeiten Aufgeben. Sent from Luzern to London England. 20c
Published by Phot. Frobenius A.S. Basel

Item 12142    
Switzerland Old Postcard Weisse Lutschine und Jungfrau

Early Swiss Coloured Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, River, Rocks. Published by Gyger & Klopfensfein Adelboden