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Postcards > Thematics > Winter Landscapes

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Item 19896    
Switzerland 1921 Old Postcard - Xmas - Solitude d'hiver

Early Postcard. Winter Landscape, Heureux Noel, Solitude d'hiver. Mountains. Sent from AIGLE to Scotland. 10c & 5c
Published by Perrochet Matile

Item 16812    
Switzerland Old RP Postcard DENTS DU MIDI Winter Scene

Real Photo PPC, Winter Scene, Etude d'Hiver et les Dents du Midi. Snowy Mountain. Published by Edition Phot., Perrochet, Lausanne.

Item 15287    
Greetings Old Postcard NEW YEAR GREETING Winter Scene

A New Year Greeting. May this jolly celebration of one more happy year hold much joy and pleasure and bring you goodly cheer. Winter Scene.

Item 15013    
Germany Old Postcard LUEBECK Holsten Gate Boats Winter

Early German PPC, Luebeck - The Holsten-Gate and the Haven - Holstentor mit Hafen. In Winter. Snowy landscape. Published by Ludwig Moeller, Kunstverlag, Luebeck.

Item 13646    
France Savoie Old Postcard - MYANS Chaine de Belledonne

Abimes de Myans (Savoie). Chaine de Belledonne. Snowy Mountains. Rognier 2346m, Grands Moulins, Col de la Fraiche, Grand Miceau 2681m, Col de la Pierre, Pic du Frene 2868m. Myans, Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France

Item 13556    
Italy CHRISTMAS Postcard Buon Natale - Snowy Landscape

Buon Natale. Xmas Card.

Item 13314    
Austria 1958 Postcard IGLS-PATSCHERKOFEL Aerial Tramway

Real Photo Multiview PPC, Aerial Tramway, Snowy Mountains, Igls-Patscherkofel. Sent from Innsbruck, Austria to Essex, England. 1.45s woman
Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck.

Item 12649    
Switzerland Old PPC Tellskapelle Gitachen & Urirotstock

Early Swiss Colour Tinted Picture Postcard, Lake, Snowy Mountains. Sent from Switzerland to England. removed
Published by Photoglob Co. Zurich

Item 12321    
Switzerland 1937 Old Postcard ROSEGTAL Rapid Mountains

Swiss Early Picture Postcard, River, Rocks. Snowy Mountains. Beizeiten Aufgeben. Sent from Luzern to London England. 20c
Published by Phot. Frobenius A.S. Basel

Item 12142    
Switzerland Old Postcard Weisse Lutschine und Jungfrau

Early Swiss Coloured Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, River, Rocks. Published by Gyger & Klopfensfein Adelboden

Item 11922    
Germany Austria 1926 Old Real Photo Postcard Snowy STR.

Early Picture Postcard. Real Photograph. Snow, Mountains. Flesgenstrasse. Mountain Road. Sent to Schottland. Published by Foto Atelier HANDL Feldkirch

Item 11725    
Switzerland Old Phot Postcard LOCARNO Madonna del Sasso

Early Photographic PPC, Locarno, Madonna del Sasso. Snowy Mountains. Beautiful View. Locarno is a city located on Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore) in the southern Swiss canton of Ticino, close to Ascona. It has a population of about 15,000.
Published by Edition Photoglob, Zuerich.

Item 11720    
Austria Tirol Old Postcard OETZTAL Schwarz-See Hochsoelden Lake Oetztal Zuckerhu

Early Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains & Lake. Schwarz-see 2700 m bei Hochsoelden, Oetztal-Tirol, mit Zuckerhuetl 3511m.

Item 10682    
Switzerland / Italy Old Postcard SNOWY LANDSCAPE

Mountains, Tree. Published by Brunner & Co., Zuerich u. Como.

Item 10431    
Austria Old PPC INNSBRUCK Maria-Theresien-Strasse TRAM

Innsbruck, Maria-Theresien-Strasse. Snowy Mountains. Bicycles & Cyclists, Clock Tower, Shop Front, Cables above street. Sent to Perth, Scotland. Published by F.G.J.

Item 9993    
France Old Cantal Cirque de Manailles Puy-de-Peyre-Arse

1915 Early French PPC, Cantal - Cirque de Manailles. Puy-de-Peyre-Arse (1567 m). Snowy Mountains. 5c French Sower

Item 9710    
Switzerland Old Photo Postcard MONTREUX Panoramic View

Snowy Mountains, Montreux et les Dents du Midi. Montreux is a resort town in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, on Lake Geneva with a population of about 20'000. Montreux holds several noteworthy festivals.
Published by Phototypie Co., Neuchatel.

Item 9632    
Austria Old Postcard INNSBRUCK Herzog Friedrichstrasse

Innsbruck. Herzog Friedrichstrasse. Goldenes Dachl mit Nordkette. Snowy Mountains. Cars. Published by "Monopol" Kunstverlag Schoellhorn & Co., Innsbruck, Colingasse 6.

Item 9622    
Austria Tyrol Old RP Postcard - INNSBRUCK Mountain Isel

Early Real Photograph PPC Innsbruck gegen Norden mit Berg Isel, Tirol. Snowy Mountains. Published by Monopol Kunst Schollhorn & Co.

Item 9601    
Austria Old Photo Postcard INNSBRUCK Theatre & Hofburg

Real Photograph PPC, Innsbruck 575m - Rennweg mit Hofburg und Stadttheater. Snowy Mountains. Published by Much Heiss' Nachflg., Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck, Leopoldstrasse 7.

Item 9288    
Canada 1902 Old Postcard Mountains & Lake Louis Alberta

Undivided Back Early Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Boating. Snowy mountain. Published by Detroit Photographic Co.

Item 8885    
Austria Photo Postcard INNSBRUCK Snowy Landscape RIVER

Old PPC Innsbruck Innquaj. Published by Richard Mueller Innsbruck. Verlag Tyrolia 1919

Item 8861    
Canada Old Postcard Mountain Mt Sir Donald Byron Harmon

Vintage Canadian Real Photo Photographic Picture Post card. Mt. Sir Donald by Byron Harmon. Published by Along the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Photographed by Byron Harmon, Banff, Canada

Item 8858    
Canada Old Postcard Snow Mountains Animal CARIBOO MOOSE

Early Canadian Photographic Picture Post card. Snowy Scene. Published by P.G.E.D.T.

Item 7634    
France Old Photo PPC Le Luisin et col d'Emaney GLACIER

Early French Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Le Luisin et col d'Emaney. vue prise du Col de Barberine. Cabane Restaurant Barberians Commemorative Cachet. Published by Edition Phot. Perrochet, Lausanne.

Item 7629    
Austria Photo Postcard MAYRHOFEN TYROL Steinerkogelhaus

Old PPC, Steinerkogelhaus 1263 m bei Mayrhofen i. Tirol. Snowy mountains. Published by Much Heiss, Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck.

Item 7316    
Switzerland 1958 PPC DAVOS Pischahorn Mountain Village

Early Old Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Davos (1560 m), mit Pischahorn. Sent from Davos-Platz, Switzerland to Norfolk, England. Helvetia 10c Train Railway
Published by Photohaus M. Meerkaemper, Davos-Platz

Item 7306    
Swiss 1958 Old Postcard LUCERNE Parsenn-Bahn Piz d'Aela

Switzerland Early PPC Snowy Mountains, Davos - Parsenn-Bahn mit Piz d'Aela, Tinzenhorn und Piz Michel. "Luzern - 20 Jahre Musik Festwochen". Boxed Advet Cachet 20 Years Music Festival Week 13.Aug-10.Sept.1958 Sent from Lucerne Briefversand to Norwich Norfolk, England. Helvetia 25c EUROPA
Published by Verlag Otto Furter, Davos-Platz

Item 7283    
Swiss 1956 Old PPC LUCERNE Seebucht mit Rigi BOAT LAKE

Switzerland Early Coloured Picture Postcard, snowy mountains, Ships, Luzern - Seebucht mit Rigi. Internat. Boxed slogan Musik Festwochen 15.Aug.-6.Sept.1956. Music Festival. Sent from Switzerland to Finchley, London, England. removed
Published by Edition Stehle.

Item 7268    
Switzerland Old Postcard - DAVOS Deutsche Heilstaette

c.1930 Early Swiss PPC, Davos, Deutsche Heilstaette. Snowy Mountains, Lake. Published by Edition Photoglob, Zuerich