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Postcards > Thematics > Winter Landscapes

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Item 75741    
SANTA CLAUS Father Christmas & Deer Sleigh Old Postcard

Vintage Old Greeting Colour Artist Drawn Embossed Picture Postcard. Greetings. Santa Claus. Father Christmas riding Reindeer Deer Sleigh. Bells. Xmas Trees. Snowy Ground. A Merry Christmas. Published by Christmas Series

Item 75703    
SANTA CLAUS Father Christmas Cheer 1917 US Old Postcard

Vintage Old Greeting Colour Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Greetings. Santa Claus. Father Christmas with Trumpet & Candy. Cottage. Winter Snowy Landscape. Xmas Cheer. If wishes only would come true, I'd go to dear old Santa, and beg him to reserve for you this nicest things, instanta. Sent to Maine. USA 2c

Item 75701    
SANTA CLAUS Father Christmas & Red Gloves Old Postcard

Vintage Old Greeting Colour Art Drawn Picture Postcard. Greetings. Santa Claus. Father Christmas by Window, with Red nose and Red Gloves. Winter Snowy Landscape. A Jolly Christmas Xmas. Here's hoping the pack on Santa's back. Will hold more Christmas joys than he ever brought before.

Item 74901    
INNSBRUCK 1956 Old RP Postcard BERG ISEL mit Nordkette

Austria Real Photo Picture Postcard. Innsbruck, Berg Isel mit Nordkette. Snowy Mountains. Panorama. Sent to London England. 1.50s
Published by KTV

Item 74878    
Austria Old Postcard - Gross Venediger (3660m) Westgrat

Vintage Postcard. Gross Venediger (3660m) Westgrat. Snowy Mountains. Panorama. Published by Karl Jurischek Salzbuerg

Item 74539    
India Old Colour Postcard Snows from Snow View DEOBAN Chakrata

Vintage British Indian Colour Picture Post card. General View, Panorama of Snowy Mountains. Snows from Snow View, Deoban, Chakrata. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Ambala

Item 73709    
Monaco 40c Bonne Annee Happy New Year 1930 Old Postcard

Vintage Artist Drawn Postcard. Bonne Annee. Happy New Year, Greetings. Winter Snowy Landscape. Trees. Cottages. Sent from Monaco to Nice France. Published by PC Paris

Item 72365    
Dutch Children Boy & Girl Merry Chrismtas Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Greeting Picture Postcard. Ethnic. Holland, Netherlands. Sweet Dutch Little boy and girl. Traditional Costumes. Winter Snowy Landscape. God bless the darling girls and boys, O'er Britain's Empire wide, adn fill their hearts with purest joys, this Merry Christmastide. Wishes Kind and true for Christmas. Greetings.

Item 71652    
New Zealand Old U.B. Postcard SYLVAN LAKE near Paradise

Vintage Colour Undivided Back Picture Postcard, Sylvan Lake. Snowy Mountains. Photo by Muir & Moodie Dunedin. Published by Muir & Moodie Dunedin N.Z.

Item 71417    
Pakistan India Old Postcard DUNGAGALI from NATHIA ROAD

Vintage B/W Postcard. Dungagali from Nathia Road Snow. Pakistan. India. Snowy Mountains.

Item 71388    
Nockspitze Old Postcard Igls iT HOTEL Pension Gruberhof

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Austria. Snowy Mountains. Igls i. T. Hotel u. Pension Gruberhof mit Nockspitze. Published by Tiroler KTV

Item 68573    
EAGLE Hunting Murmeltier Marmot 1950 Old Swiss Postcard

Vintage Switzerland Colour Picture Postcard. Adler mit Murmeltier. Eagle Bird hunting Marmot. Snowy Mountains, Jungfrau. Panorama. Animals. squirrel, groundhog. Sent from Eastbourne Sussex to Chichester Sussex. GB KGVI 2d
Published by Photographie R. Gabler Interlaken

Item 67512    
Japan Old Postcard CAMP SEISEN RYO Snow Snowy Landscape

Vintage B/W Japanese picture post card, Camp Seisen Ryo. Winter Snowy Landscape. 清水寮 清里農寺.

Item 65990    
Zalig Kerstfeest BELLS Christmas Tree 1950 Old Postcard

Netherlands Early Postcard. Holland. Xmas Tree, Bell, Winter Snowy Landscape. Zalig Kerstfeest. Nederland 2c Pair of 2

Item 65974    
BONNE et Heureuse ANNEE 1913 Postcard Boat, Snowy Scene

Switzerland Vintage Artist Drawn Old Picture Postcard. Bonne et Heureuse Annee. Happy New Year Greetings. Cottage, Winter Snowy Landscape. River. Boat. Sent from Geneve. Swiss 5c
Published by M B Vienne

Item 65970    
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar Holland 1922 Postcard HAPPY NEW YEAR

Netherlands Old Greetings Colour Dutch Postcard. Gelukkig NieuwJaar. Trees, Flag, Cottage, Winter Snowy Landscape. 2c Nederland
Published by J.H.K.

Item 65641    
Margate Kent Old Postcard Winter Gardens Paviion JETTY

Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard, Seaside of Pavilion & Winter Gardens, Cliftonville. Margate. Pier, Jetty. Beach, Sands. Promenade.

Item 64080    
France 1940 Postcard GRENOBLE General View, Teleferique

Old Real Photo French Picture Postcard, Grenoble - River, Bridge, Snowy Mountains. Vue Generale et le teleferique. Sent from Grenoble to Yorkshire Doncaster. 1f50
Published by Cap Real-Photo C.A.P.

Item 64073    
Swiss PARSENN 1947 Old Postcard Weissfluhjoch Wolfgang

Switzerland Early Real Photo Old Swiss Photographic Picture Postcard, Parsenn, Auf der Route, Winter Snowy mountains landscape. Panorama. Weissfluhjoch Wolfgang u. Meierhofertaeli. Sent from DAvos to England. 20c
Published by Otto Furter Davos-Platz

Item 62979    
URIROTSTOCK Brunnen Gitschen Old RP Postcard Snowy TRAM

Switzerland Vintage Swiss Real Photo B/W Postcard. Brunnen mit Gitschen und Urirotstock. Street Scene covered with snow. Tramways, Tram. Paddle Steamer PILATUS. Mountains. Hotel Pension RUTLI. Rossii. Published by Photoglob Real Photograph

Item 62960    
Swiss U.B. Old Postcard MUERREN Glacier Hotel des Alpes

Undivided Back Vintage Switzerland B/W Picture Post Card, Muerren. Hotel des Alpes. Snowy Mountains. Panorama. General View. Mürren is a traditional Walser mountain village in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. It is not reachable by any road and is 1,650 m above sea level. It features a view of the three mountains Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Tourism is popular through the summer. Mürren has a population of just 450, but 2,000 hotel beds.
Published by Verlag Gebr. Wehrli Kilchberg Zurich BC

Item 61307    
New Zealand Old R.P. Postcard Chateau & Mt. Ruapehu GOLF Links, Golfers, Golfing

Vintage B/W Real Photo Photographic Postcard. Panorama. General View. Snowy Mountains. The Chateau & Mt. Ruapehu, N.Z. Sports, Sport, Golfing. Golfers. Golf links.

Item 60641    
Washington Old Postcard Rainier National Park - HEATHER

Early USA Colour Postcard. Mountain Flowers, White Heather growing in Rainier National Park, Washington. Snowy Mountains. / Between the icy fingers of the glaciers lie natural gardens of wild flowers, in which the White Heather blooms profusely. There are 364 varieties of wild flower, some of which thrust their heads through the snow in June. Published by Asahel Curtis

Item 60446    
Swiss 1947 Postcard DAVOS Frauenkirchli CHURCH Fruhling

Old Switzerland B/W Real Photo Photographic Postcard. Davos - Frauenkirchli im Fruehling. Flowers & snow. Clock. Panorama. Sent from Davos to Essex England. Published by Photo & Verlag J. Trauffer Davos

Item 59267    
Swiss 1932 Old Postcard - CAPE AU MOINE Snowy Landscape

Switzerland Vintage Colour Postcard. La Cape au Moine. Snowy Mountains Landscape. Trees. Panorama. Published by Phot. A. Kern

Item 59165    
DURHAM BANKS Old Colour Postcard Winter Snowy Landscape

Vintage Colour Postcard. Durham Banks. Snowy Landscape. Advertising on back : Great Prize Competition Going Strong. Published by Shurey

Item 56427    
BIRTHDAY Wishes - Winter Snowy Landscape 1908 Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Greeting embossed Postcard. With fondest Wishes for your Birthday. Winter Landscape. Sent from Birmingham. KE7 1/2d
Published by Wildt & Kray

Item 53741    
Swiss Old Multiview Postcard ENGELBERG Winter Landscape

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Engelberg. Winter Landscape. Aerial Tramway, Snowy Mountains. SKIING. Skier. Engelberg (altitude 1020 metres) is a municipality in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland.
Published by Photoglob Wehrli

Item 51580    
USA Old Postcard NIAGARA FALLS Cave of Winds in Winter

Vintage Colour Postcard. Cave of the Winds in Winter, Frozen Niagara Falls. Snowy Landscape. N.Y.

Item 49655    
Switzerland Old Postcard Kirche im SAASTAL Church Snowy

Vintage Swiss Real Photo B/W Postcard. Kirche im Saastal. Winter Landscape. The Saastal or the Saas Valley is a valley in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland.
Published by Phot. J. Gaberell Thalwil