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Postcards > Thematics > Winter Landscapes

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Item 87970    
When it's winter in Mountains Old US Postcard Asheville

USA Vintage Colour Postcard. Winter Snowy Landscape. Trees. Sunset. When it's winter in The Mountains. Published by Asheville Post Card Co.

Item 87869    
Artillery Soldiers Old Postcard Cannon Canon 75 Abatage

Vintage Old Postcard. Military, Artillerie - Canon de 75 - L'Abatage. Cannon. Demolition. Cannons. Artillery Soldiers. Snow.

Item 87803    
Austria Turracheralm und Kor 2194m Old RP Postcard Snow

Austria Vintage Old Real Photo Picture Postcard. Turracher Alm. Turracheralm und Kor 2194m. Snowy Mountains. Snow Landscape. Skiing Resort. Published by Alpengasti of Siegel.

Item 87063    
INNSBRUCK Old Postcard Triumphpforte Nordkette Cyclist

Austria Early B/W Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Innsbruck, Triumphpforte mit Nordkette, Gates, Cyclist, Bicycle. Vintage Motor Cars, Beetle Car. Snowy Mountains. Published by KTV

Item 85391    
Eskimo - Alaska Silver Fox Farms 1904 Old Postcard Furs

USA Vintage Advertising Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. Eskimo. Snow Landscape. Siwash Indian Guide, Joe Sterling. The Originator of Sterling Mink and Alaska Silver Fox Famrs on Trap Line in Alaska at 50 below zero in 1904. Superior Furs Producer to you at Substantial Savings. Sterling Mink and Alaska Fox Farms Lake Placid. N.Y. Advertisement. Eskimos or Esquimaux are indigenous peoples who have traditionally inhabited the circumpolar region from eastern Siberia (Russia), across Alaska (United States), Canada, and Greenland.

Item 84299    
Santa Claus Father Christmas Old Postcard A Merry Xmas

Vintage Colour Greetings Old Postcard. Santa Claus Father Christmas pulling down a Xmas Tree. Snowy Ground. A Merry Merry Christmas. Published by Gibson Art Company

Item 83681    

Switzerland Vintage Swiss Real Photo Postcard. Stimmungsbild am Silvaplanersee. Snowy Mountains and Lake Panorama. Skiing, Skier. Sport. Sports. Sent to Carlisle. 20c William Tell
Published by Engadin Press Co. Samaden u. St. Moritz

Item 83370    
Waltenbergerhaus 2084m Maedelegbel Germany Old Postcard

German Vintage Picture Postcard. Waltenbergerhaus Waltenberger haus 2084m. a.d. Madelegabel Maedelegabel Mountains, Snow. Published by J. Heimhuber

Item 83364    
Hohen Licht Westen, Germany Old Postcard Snow Mountains

German Vintage Picture Postcard. Mountains Panorama. Blick v Hohen Licht. Allgauer Allgaeuer Alpen (Heilbronnerweg). Blick vom Hohen Licht gegen Westen. Published by J. Heimhuber

Item 83345    
Germany Mittenwaldbahn Zugspitzgruppe Old Postcard Snow

Germany Vintage German Real Photo Postcard. Winterparadies Klais a.d. Mittenwaldbahn 1200m gegen Zugspitzgruppe 2964m. Hochblassen, Alpspitze, Zugspitze, Waxenstein. Mountains. Winter Snowy Landscape. Covered in Snow. Deutsche Heimatbilder. Published by Hans Huber Alpiner Huber

Item 83296    
Germany Bavaria Old Postcard Mountains OBERSEE Panorama

Vintage German Colour Picture Postcard. Snowy Mountains, Lake. Panorama. Boat. Published by O. Blaschke Kgl. bayr. Hoflierferant Prien a. Chiemsee 1908

Item 83219    
Sommet du Brevent et le Mt Blanc Binocular Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard, Sommet du Brevent et le Mt Blanc. Summit of Mount-Blanc. Snowy Mountains. Snow. Binocular. Published by Societe Graphique Neuchatel

Item 82347    
Warwick 1904 Old Postcard GUY'S CLIFF MILL Winter Snow

Warwickshire Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Old Postcard. The Mill, Guy's Cliff, Guy's Cliff Mill. Warwick. Winter Snowy Landscape. Lady. Woman. Sent from Coventry to Hereford. KEVII 1/2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons OILETTE

Item 82218    
Children 1908 Old Hand Tinted RP Postcard Little Girls

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. France. Beautiful French Little Girls. Flowers. Children. 10c
Published by 2303

Item 81235    
Mexico 1949 Old Postcard Panorama de Puebla & Mountains

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Mexico. Panorama de Puebla & Snowy Mountains. General View. (Hernan Graniel Agente Viajero). Sent from Puebla to Yucatan. Published by Osuns

Item 81126    
GROSSVENEDIGER Hafelekarbahn bei Innsbruck Old Real Photo Postcard Austria

Austria Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Grossvenediger. Mountains, Panorama in Snow. Hafelekarbahn bei Innsbruck, Tirol. Cachet on back Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahn. Gro├čvenediger is generally considered to be Austria's third highest mountain (although it can be up to sixteenth if every subsidiary summit is counted). It is located in the Hohe Tauern National Park on the border of Salzburg and East Tyrol, and is covered by glaciers.
Published by Photo-Ateller Richard mueller

Item 81108    
Swiss Old Postcard Kandersteg mit Bluemlisalp, Panorama

Switzerland Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Kandersteg (1169m) mit Bluemlisalp. Snowy Mountains. Panorama. Published by Edition Photoglob Zurich

Item 80066    
Swiss 1923 Old RP Postcard Allalin Rimpfisch Strahlhorn

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Allalin Rimpfisch u Strahlhorn v. Gornero, Snowy Mountains. Sent from Visp Viege. 10c William Tell 5c Tell's Son
Published by Phot. J. Gaberell Thalwil

Item 80036    
Swiss Piz Languard Berninagruppe 1928 Postcard Panorama

Switzerland Vintage B/W Real Photo Old Postcard. Panorama von P. Languard, Blick auf die Berninagruppe. Terrace. Snowy Mountains. Oval Cachet Berghaus Piz Languard 4 Aug 1928. 3266 Meter. Published by And. Hane Rorschach

Item 80034    

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Kandersteg (1177m), Rinderhorner Rinderhoerner 3457m & 3007m, Gellihorn 2289m. Snowy Mountains. Valley. General View, Panorama. Kandersteg is a village in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. It is noted for its spectacular mountain scenery and sylvan alpine landscapes.
Published by Societe Graphique Neuchatel

Item 80033    
Swiss Old Postcard INTERLAKEN JUNGFRAU Mountains 4166m.

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Interlaken und die Jungfrau (4166 m). Snowy Mountains. Panorama. Published by Societe Graphique Neuchatel

Item 79805    
Berliner-Huette Schonbichler-Horn, Grainer Old Postcard

Austria Vintage Postcard. Berliner-Huette Hutte 2057m (Zillertal) mit Schonbichler-Horn, Grainer. Flag. Snowy Mountains. Panorama. Published by Joh. Maidler Mayrhofen

Item 79802    
Swiss Old Postcard CAUX Snowy Mountains, Trees Panorama

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Caux - nowy Mountains, Trees Panorama. Published by O. Sartori Geneve

Item 79775    
Swiss Old RP Postcard Stechelberg Grosshorn Mittaghorn

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Stechelberg, Grosshorn, Mittaghorn. Snowy Mountains. Panorama. General View. Published by Schild-Bichsel, Brienz

Item 79684    
Father Christmas SANTA CLAUS Bells Flower 1914 Postcard

Vintage Old Greeting Colour Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Embossed. Greetings, Father Christmas. Santa Claus. Xmas Trees, Flowers, Bells. Cottage, Moon. Snowy Ground. Wreath. Christmas Greetings Let Christmas Cheer the Heart and gladden the Soul. 24 DEC 1914. USA 1c

Item 79440    
Father Christmas SANTA CLAUS, Bell & Deer 1910 Postcard

Vintage Old Greeting Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard. Greetings, Father Christmas, Santa Claus holding a Bell, Reindeer Deer. New Moon. Winter Snowy Landscape. A Merry Christmas. 24 DEC. 1910. US 1c

Item 79417    
Little Girl & Father Christmas SANTA CLAUS Old Postcard

Vintage Old Greeting Colour Art Artist Drawn Embossed Picture Postcard. Greetings. Santa Claus, Father Christmas. Winter Snowy Landscape. Cottage. Snow. Little Girl Portrait. To Wish you a Very Happy Xmas.

Item 79416    
Father Christmas SANTA CLAUS Well & Happy Old Postcard

Vintage Old Greeting Colour Art Artist Drawn Embossed Picture Postcard. Greetings. Santa Claus, Father Christmas. Cottage. Snow. Toys. To Wish You Well and Happy.

Item 79364    
Austria 1958 Old Postcard Igls i. Tirol Serles Habicht

Early Real Photo Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Igls i. Tirol mint Serles 2719 m u. Habicht 3280m. Panorama. Sent to Genova Italy. 1.45s
Published by KTV

Item 77828    
Bridge Castle by Erich Stegmann Old Postcard Christmas

Germany Early Colour Postcard. Artist Signed. Snowy Landscape. Bridge, River. Castle. Merry Christmas Xmas & Happy New Year. Frohe Weihnacht und ein gluckliches Neues Jahr. Nach einem mit dem Munde gemalten Original von Arnulf Erich Stegmann. Published by Dennoch