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Item 226533    
Windmill Mill Art 1905 Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard To Wish You a Happy Christmas

Vintage Old Tuck's Oilette Post card. Art Artist Drawn. Greetings. Windmill Mill. To Wish You a Happy Christmas. Winter Scene. 1905. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Winter Scene.

Item 226392    
Barbados Old Postcard Scotland fm. overlooking Hills Windmill Wind Mill Panorama

Vintage Old Postcard. British West Indies. B.W.I. BWI. Barbados. Scotland, from overlooking Hills, Windmill Wind Mill, Panorama, General View.

Item 222948    
Barbados Old Colour Postcard Windmill, Sugar Estate Haynes Hill St. Jones B.W.I.

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. British West Indies. B.W.I. BWI. Barbados, Windmill, Sugar Estate, Haynes Hill St. Jones. Palm Trees. Published by Knight & Co. Barbados Views

Item 221978    
WW1 SILK Embroidered Old Postcard To My Dear Sister Windmill Church Empty Wallet

Vintage Old French Greetings Embossed Postcard from the First World War British soldier in Europe. Military. WW1 Embroidered. Greetings Novelty. To My Dear Sister, Flowers, Windmill Wind Mill, Church, Houses. Trees. Empty Wallet. Published by J.S. Paris Depose

Item 220185    
PARIS FLOOD Crue de la Seine 1924 Old Postcard Moulin de Longchamp Mill Windmill

Vintage French Old Postcard. France. Disasters. Disaster. Flooding. Flooded. Floods. The Flood of River SEINE. Inondations de Paris 1924 Paris Indonde - Crue de la Seine 1924. La Moulin de Longchamps. Le Moulin de Longchamp. Mill. Windmill. Published by ELD Photo Rol Anciens E

Item 219601    
HOLD TO THE LIGHT HTL Windmill Boat New Moon Bridge River Christmas Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Novelty. Hold To The Light. HTL. Hold this card to a very Bright Light, You'll see lights shine through Windows of Windmill Wind Mill and Houses, Boats, New Moon and River. Bridge over river scene. Boat. Greeting Greetings. Though deep the snow may Friendship's glow our hearts unite this Christmas. Xmas. The Palace of Holyroodhouse, more commonly known as Holyrood Palace, was originally founded as a monastery by David I of Scotland in 1128, has served as the principal residence of the Kings and Queens of Scotland since the 15th century. The Palace stands in Edinburgh at the bottom of the Royal Mile. Holyrood is an anglicisation of the Scots Haly Ruid (Holy Cross).
Published by WH

Item 218163    
Germany Old Poscard Sanssouci Potsdam Historische Muhle Historical Mill Windmill

Vintage Old Postcard. Germany German. Windmill - Sanssouci Potsdam Historische Muhle Historical Mill (Historische Windmühle) is located very close to the Sanssouci Castle. It is famous because of an argument between the miller and Frederick II of Prussia (Friedrich der Grosse). Published by R. Steinbruck Wannsee-Berlin W.

Item 218084    
Netherlands 1904 Old Colour Postcard Zaanstreek, Zaan Cow Cattle Bridge Windmill

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Netherlands Holland. Zaanstreek, Zaan, Cow Cattle, Bridge, Windmill Wind Mill. Postally Used in 1904 with Great Britain King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp. GB KEVII 1/2d
Published by H.M. & Co.'s Series

Item 217168    
WW1 SILK Embroidered Old Postcard A Happy Christmas Greetings Windmill in Wallet

Vintage Old French Embossed Greeting Card from the First World War British soldier in Europe. France. WW1 Silk Embroidered. Novelty Greetings. Flowers. A Happy Christmas. Xmas. Wallet with small card : Windmill, Wind Mill, Christmas Greetings. Published by Fabrication Francaise

Item 213981    
Canada Old Postcard A Homeland Farm Home in Western Canada, Windmill, Haystacks

Vintage Canadian Old Postcard. Canada, A Prosperous Farm Home in Western Canada. Not many years ago this spot was unbroken prairie. Windmill. Homeland Farm. Haystacks. Wind Mill. Published by The Canadian Department of Emigration 1 Regent Street London S.W.1

Item 212473    
Netherlands Op Zuid Beveland Zeeland Windmill, Dutch Woman Girl Man Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Netherlands Holland, Op Zuid Beveland, Zeeland, Windmill Mill, Dutch Woman Girl Man. Costumes. Cart. Zeeland is a province of the Netherlands.
Published by D.B.M. Printed in Holland

Item 211323    
Spain 1914 Old Postcard Tenerife, Barranco de Santos, Windmill, Viaducts Bridges

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Spain, Tenerife - Barranco de Santos, Windmill, Mill, Viaducts, Bridges, Waterfall. Mountains. Panorama. 1914. Published by Nobrega's English Bazar

Item 209840    
Dutch Kids, Girl Boy Glamour Lady Woman Windmill Sailing Boats 1914 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Old Postcard. Comic Humour. Children. Netherlands Holland Dutch Little Girl and Boy. Glamour Woman Lady. Harbour. Sailing Boats Ships. Windmill Wind Mill. Jhoost like a man, Vhat you looking at?. Published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. Dutch Kids

Item 205589    
HGC Marsh Lambert 1924 Old Postcard Dutch Boy Girl Kiss Come for Picnic with me!

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard, Comic. Romance. Children. Netherlands. Dutch Boy & Girl Kissing. Windmill. Artist Signed H.G.C. Marsh Lambert. 1924. Published by Nursery Rhymes A.M. Davis & Co. Quality Cards

Item 203162    
Mortimer Artist Signed 1905 Old Postcard Sailing Boats River Scene Windmill Mill

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Postcard, Mortimer Artist Signed. Shipping, Sailing Boats, River Scene. Windmill Mill Flowers. Panorama. 1905. Sent from Enfield to St. Leonards on Sea Sussex. KE7 1/2d
Published by S. Hildesheimer Co. & Ltd

Item 200431    
Florence Hardy Artist Signed Dutch Children Boy Girls Windmill 1908 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Postcard. Florence Hardy Artist Signed. Dutch Children, Little Boys and Girls Windmill. Windmills. Mills. Traditional Costumes. Ethnic Life. Netherlands. Holland. Postally Used in 1908 with French 10c Sower stamp, tied Paris. Sent from Paris to Herts. 10c

Item 191272    
PHLO. Artist Signed Old Postcard Dutch Girls, The Little Water Carrier, Windmill

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Comic Humour Old Picture Postcard, PHLO Artist Signed. Children. Dutch Girls, The Little Water Carrier, Windmill. Bucket. Traditional Costumes. Netherlands. Holland. Published by J. Salmon

Item 191175    
Netherlands Dutch Kids Children Boy Girl, Windmills Mills Boat 1913 Old Postcard

Vintage Comic Humour Artist Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Netherlands. Dutch Costumes. Children. Boy and Girl. Windmill Windmills and Boats. Mills. I haf got somedings in my heart dot I iss aFraid to shpoke oudt. 1913. Sent from Heathfield Devon. KG5 1/2d Downey Head
Published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd dutch Kids Series

Item 190709    
Germany Old Colour Postcard Bremen Windmill Mill House Street Scene Cart No.1706

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard. Germany German, Bremen, Windmill Mill. House, Street Scene, Cart. Published by Photochromie

Item 188882    
Netherlands Old Real Photo Postcard Dutch Girl with Basket Windmill Bridge Clogs

Vintage Old Holland Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Netherlands. Ethnic Life. Dutch Girl carrying a Basket, Boat, Harbour, Windmill and Bridge in background, Wooden Clogs, Costumes. Published by Ettlinger's Handcoloured Brown Toned Art Studies Made in France

Item 187734    
The Mill Windmill Girl Bekonscot Beaconsfield, Oldest Model Village Old Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Buckinghamshire. Bekonscot Beaconsfield, The Mill, Windmill, Little girl, Child. Tudor Style Cottage House. Miniature Horses, Horse Drawn Carts. Sheep. Photo by Roberts High Wycombe. Bekonscot in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, is the oldest original model village in the world.

Item 185505    
Netherlands Dutch Children Boy Girl Goose Bird Windmill Comic Humor Old Postcard

Vintage Comic Humour Artist Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Netherlands. Dutch Costumes. Children. Boy and Girl. Windmill. Goose Bird. Never worry over something what never yet happened. Dat's vy I don't vorry me about those letters you didn't wrote. KG5 1/2d
Published by A.M. Davis & Co. Quality Cards London

Item 185234    
Windmill Flower Vase For My Daughter's Birthday Greetings Old Postcard Wind Mill

Vintage Colour embossed Old Postcard. Windmill Wind Mill, Flowers Flower Vase. For My Daughter's Birthday Greetings. Published by The Windsor Series

Item 183963    
Spain Silk Embroidered Traditional Costumes, Windmill Artist Signed Old Postcard

Vintage Spanish Novelty Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard, Spain, Artist Signed. Ethnic Life. Silk Embroidered Traditional Costumes Dress. Windmill. Mill. Pitcher. Published by Postales de Espana Madrid

Item 183650    
Axel Artist Signed 1907 Old Postcard Dutch Countryside Man Woman Girl & Windmill

Vintage Old Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Axel Artist Signed. Netherlands. Holland. Dutch Countryside. Man Woman Girl & Windmill. National Costumes. Ethnic Life. Sent from Red Hill to Surrey. Published by Water-Colour Series

Item 183401    
Ars et Natura Castilla-La Mancha Exposition Photographique Windmill Ad. Postcard

Larger Colour Advertising Post Card. Advertisement. Windmill. Wind Mill. Ars et Natura, Castilla-La Mancha, Exposition Photographique, Exhibition, Fototentoonstelling. Halles Saint-Gery, Place Saint-Gery. Photo A. Real.

Item 182832    
Margaret W. Tarrant 1943 Old Postcard Wind Blow WINDMILL Nursery Rhymes Children

Vintage Old Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard, by Margaret W. Tarrant. CHILDREN, Little Girl. Nursery Rhymes. Blow, wind, blow, and go, mill, go, That the miller may grind his corn, that the baker may take it, and into bread bake it, and bring us a loaf in the morn. After an original painting by Margaret W. Tarrant. 1943. Sent from Croydon to North Wales. KG6 2d
Published by The Medici Society Ltd. London.

Item 180497    
Fred Spurgin Old Postcard Say Have You Seen My Fritz? Dutch Boy Smoking Windmill

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Comic Humour Old Postcard. Artist Signed by Fred Spurgin. Children. Holland Netherlands. Dutch Little Boy Smoking, Girl holding a Bunch of Flowers. Costumes Wooden Clogs. Say - Have You Seen My Fritz?. Published by E.J. Hey & Co.

Item 176305    
Japan Old Postcard An Annual Festival Duanwu Dragon Boat, Windmill Samurai Fish

Vintage Colour Old picture post card. c.1920. Japan. Ethnic Life. Japanese Customs Manners. An Annual Festival. Duanwu Dragon Boat Festival. Windmill. Fish Flag. Native Women Ladies and Boy. Children. Samurai Statues. Small Drum. Plants. 日本風俗 端午節句.

Item 172493    
WW1 SILK Embroidered Old Postcard To My Dear Sister Sweetheart Windmill & Wallet

Vintage Old French Greetings Embossed Postcard from the First World War British soldier in Europe. Military. WW1 Embroidered. Greetings Novelty. To My Dear Sister, Flowers, Flower Cart. Wallet with small Greeting Cart : To My Dear Sweetheart. Windmill. Published by Vise Paris et Exportation J.S. Paris Depose