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Postcards > Thematics > Animals > Whale

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Item 211716    
Gibraltar Old Colour Postcard WHALE JAWS ARCH BRIDGE Man Entrance Benzaquen & Co

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard, Whale Jaws Arch Bridge, Man at Entrance. Gibraltar. Published by Benzaquen & Co.

Item 208155    
Gibraltar Old Postcard Whale Jaw's Arch Bridge, Alameda Gardens, Benzaquen & Co.

Vintage Old Picture Postcard, Gibraltar, Whale Jaw's Arch Bridge, Whale Jaw Gate. Alameda Gardens Garden. Published by Benzaquen & Co. Gibraltar

Item 207516    
South Africa Durban Whale Whaling Industry Fishermen at Work Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Post Card. South Africa. Whale Fish, Fishing. Whaling Industry. Durban. Fishermen at Work. Published by A. Rittenberg Durban

Item 207494    
SPERM WHALE Caught off Durban South Africa Whaling Fishermen & Fish Old Postcard

Vintage Old Post Card, Fish, Sperm Whale, caught off Durban, South Africa, KwaZulu Natal. Fishing. Whaling. Fishery. Fishermen. Published by A.R. P.O. Box 382 Durban

Item 189129    
WHALE 50-Foot Fish Bull Caught in Arctic Circle Norway Old Postcard Whaling Boat

Vintage Old Post Card, Fisherman. Whaling Boat Ship. A 50-feet Whale, caught in the Arctic Circle, off Norway, after 5 1/2 hours' battle with whalers, owing to faulty shot. Weight in water about 25 tons. About 2 years of age - a Bull. Whale meat is eaten in Norway, selling at 1/4 a lb - has a taste of veal. Whale oil is used in Margarine. The bone makes Guano.

Item 187528    
A SPERM WHALE Caught off Durban South Africa, Fish, Whaling Fishing Old Postcard

Vintage Old Picture Post Card, Fish, A Sperm Whale, Fish, caught off Durban, South Africa, KwaZulu Natal. Fishing. Whaling. Fishery. Fishermen. Published by A.R. P.O. Box 382 Durban

Item 156598    
Herm Island MAP Bailiwick Guernsey Alderney Point Homet Beach Whale Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. Channel Islands. The Island of Herm. Bailiwick Guernsey. MAP showing Alderney Point, Homet, Shells, Beach, Mousonmere Beach, Hermetier, The Green, Putrainez, Caquorobert, Great Russel, Percee Passage, Meulettes, Whale, Fish, Birds, Crabs, Sailing Boat Vessel. etc. / Herm Island, the loveliest and most peaceful of the Channel Islands, is famed for its beauty and lovely dry sandy beaches. It lies only 25 minutes from St. Peter Port, Guernsey, and is easily reached by means of the Herm Ferry Service which operates a half-hourly service of motor launches from 10 a.m. Information and reservations from Guernsey Motors Ltd., and Guernsey Railway Co. Ltd. Albert Pier, St. Peter Port. Herm is one of the Channel Islands and part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, located in the English Channel, north-west of France and south of England. It is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) long and under 0.5 miles (0.80 km) wide; orientated north-south, with several stretches of sand along its northern coast. Guernsey lies to the west and Jersey to the south-east, and the smaller island of Jethou is just off the south-west coast.

Item 148537    
Port Arthur WHALE Fish, Caught March 1910 in Gulf of Mexico Fishery Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. Whale Fish. Port Arthur Whale caught March 1910, Length 67 feet. Weight 80 tons. Caught in The Gulf of Mexico. Fishery. Fishermen. Fishing. Published by W.F. Hada Curios Art Goods and Sea Shells Port Arthur Texas Sexichrome

Item 139476    
WHALE Fish Comic Humour It's Hard to Keep a Good Man Down Beach Sea Old Postcard

Vintage Old Comic Humour Colour Postcard. Seaside. WHALE, Fish, It's Hard to Keep a Good Man Down! Beach Sea. Old Man. Published by J. Salmon

Item 127525    
WHALE Comic Fishing Boat c.1950 Old Postcard Fish are not Biting This Holiday

Vintage Old Comic Humour Colour Postcard. Fishing Boat going into the mouth of Whale. Dear, I regret to say that the fish are not biting this holiday. Fishery. Published by L. Green Tickacards