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Item ID: 200261  

USA 1933 Old Colour Postcard Oregon Reflection of Mt. Hood in Lost Lake Mountain

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Mount Hood showing Lost Lake, Oregon. Reflection of Mt. Hood in Lost Lake. Mount Hood Mountain. Panorama. Photo by A. M. Prentiss. Postally Used in 1933 with Canada KG5 2c stamp, tied : World's Grain Exhibition, Regina, Sask, July 24 to August 5.

Mt. Hood is often spoken of as the Pride of Oregon. Its uppermost peak reaches an altitude of 11,225 feet. It is one of the most scenic of Oregon's numerous mountains. Here is to be found the world's famed Elliott Glacier, grinding rock to sediment, and doing its share towards filling the valley of the famous Hood River with the fertile soil which has made it one of the most noted fruit regions of the world.

Publisher: Wesley Andrews Inc.
Series No: 900 96421
Faults: Tiny wear and marks
Background: Oregon is a state located on the United States' northwest, and bordering the Pacific Ocean.


USA 1933 Old Colour Postcard Oregon Reflection of Mt. Hood in Lost Lake Mountain

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