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Postcards > Europe > Italy > Trentino-South Tyrol / Trentino-Alto Adige

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Item 207585    
Italy Old Postcard Bozen Der Obstmarkt Fruit Market Street Scene Hotel Cafe Bier

Vintage Old Postcard. Bozen, Der Obstmarkt, Fruits Fruit Market, Sellers Vendors Merchants, Street Scene. Tower. Hotel Cafe Restaurant Zentral Pilsner & Forsfer Bier. Beer. Stalls. Booths. Published by J. Gugler Bozen 1910

Item 187931    
Chamois Antelope Swiss Animal Old Postcard Vallee du Trient Valley La Sieste Nap

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Switzerland. Swiss Animal. Chamois Antelope. Dans la Vallee Vallée du Trient Valley - La Sieste. Nap. Published by Edition Art Perrochet-Matile Lausanne

Item 187171    
Austria Italy, Dolomiti Lago Carezza 1530m Latemar 2846m Dolomiten 1960 Postcard

Early Larger Colour Postcard. Austria, Italy Mountains and Lake. Dolomiti, Lago Carezza m. 1530 con Latemar m. 2846 Dolomiten. Karersee 1530 m. mit Latemar 2846m. Sent to Essex. Published by Joh E.Amonn Bozen

Item 152587    
Italy Old Larger Postcard Sport Albergo Tofana Hotel Pocol 1530 s.m Cortina Snow

Vintage Italian Larger Postcard. Italy. Sport Albergo Tofana Hotel. Pocol m. 1530 s.m Cortina Snow. Winter Snowy Landscape. Mountains. Published by Fot. G. Ghedina Cortina Brunner & C. Como

Item 130709    
Italy Old R.P. Postcard Cimitero Militare al Passo Pordoi, Gruppo del Sella, Boe

Vintage Old Italian Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Mountains. Cimitero Militare al Passo Pordoi, Gruppo del Sella, Boe. Military Cemetery at Pordoi. Jesus Crucifixion. Published by Fotografia Ghedina Cortina d'Ampezzo

Item 127326    
Italy Old Colour Postcard KURORT MERAN Partie aus Alt-Meran, Cattle Cart, Street

Vintage Colour Postcard. Italy. Kurort Meran, Partie aus Alt-Meran. Cattle Cart, Street Scene. Published by Vereinigte Kunstanstalten A.-G. Muenchen

Item 117610    
Ampezzotal Hotel Misurina Vecellio Sorapis Old Postcard

Italy Vintage Italian Colour Postcard. Ampezzotal - Hotel Misurina de Vecellio col Sorapis. Lake, Mountains, Flag. Grosste Auswahl Ansichtskarten. Ladder. Published by 1906 Stengel & Co. Dresden

Item 111101    
Italy Old Postcard MERANO Parc Hotel - Maia Alta Panzer

Italy Vintage Postcard. South Tyrol - Merano - Parc Hotel - Maia Alta - Panzer. Snowy Mountains.

Item 105925    
Italy Old Postcard - Gebirgs Panorama von Bermais Meran

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Gebirgs Panorama von Bermais Meran. Mountains. Tschigat. Mutspitze, Roteck etc. Published by Lorens Fraenzl

Item 66145    
Italy South Tyrol Postcard MERANO Schloss Castle Tirolo

Italy Colour Postcard. Primavera a Merano, Fruehling in Meran. Spring. Castel Tirolo, Schloss Tirol. Published by da fotocolor

Item 62950    
Italy Old Postcard BOLZANO Teleferica Monte Colle m1177

Italy Vintage Colour Postcard. Bolzano Teleferica al monte Colle m. 1177. Aerial Tramway, Cable cars. Cablecars. Mountains. Published by Ed. Stab. Fot. Lorenz Franzl. Bolzano Alto Adige Dr. ris

Item 48957    
South Tyrol Old Postcard LAGO DI LANDRO Monte Cristallo

Vintage B/W Postcard. Duerrensee (1410 m) mit Monte Cristallo (3199 m). Mountains. / Hotel Misurina E.F. Vecellio Propr. Le Paradies des Dolomites.

Item 48420    
Italy Old Postcard Vaee du Trient Sieste TRENTO Chamois Animal Valley

Vintage Real Photo B/W Old Postcard. Dans la Vallee du Trient - La sieste. Animals. Valley. Published by Art Perrochet-Matile

Item 37696    
Italy 1978 Postcard TOBLACH Albergo Monica Gasthof Cafe

Italian Colour Postcard. Albergo Monica Gasthof. Bar Cafe. Dobbiaco, Dolomiti. Hotel. Advertising on back. Sent from Dobbiaco Toblach to Belgium. 120l Gorizia Fontana Pacassi 1977

Item 20424    
Italy Old Photo Postcard Mountains HOTEL SALIGO-SIUSI

Early B/W Postcard. Hotel Saligo-Siusi. Bolzano.

Item 19951    
Italy Old RP PPC DOLOMITI DI BRENTA Campo Carlo Magno

Dolomiti di Brenta. Passo di Campo Carlo Magno. Early Italian Real Photo Postcard. Published by Ed. Livio Farina

Item 19582    
Italy Old Postcard TRENTO Church S.Apollinae / Redenta

Early Postcard. La Nuova Italia Redenta, Trento - Chiesa S. Apollinare e Doss Trento. Coat of Arms. Trento, in English sometimes called Trent, Italian Trento, German Trient, Latin Tridentum (the Latin form is the source of the adjective Tridentine) is located in the Adige river valley in the Italy region of Trentino-Alto Adige. It is the capital of the region and of the autonomous province of Trento.

Item 8864    
Italy - South Tyrol SPRING IN MERANO Blooming Landscape

Old Italian Coloured, Hand tinted Picture Postcard, Fruehling in Meran (Merano). Published by Edition Photoglob, Zuerich.

Item 7194    
Italy Dolomites Old Postcard CRISTALLO Popena Tre Croci

Snowy Mountains, Cristallo und Popena mit Tre Croci. Published by A. Figl & Co., Bozen 1907. Lichtdruck Ed. Strache, Warnsdorf.