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Item 221033    New
India Old Colour Postcard Moombadevi Road Bombay Street Scene Tram Tramway 56338

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Post Card. India, Native Street Scene, Horse Animals. Tramcar, Tram, Tramway, Tramlines. Cars. Advertisement : Singer Sewing Machine Bombay.

Item 220952    New
New Zealand Old Postcard Remuera Mt. Victoria from Mt. Eden Auckland Street TRAM

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. New Zealand, Remuera and Mt. Victoria from Mt. Eden, Auckland, Street Scene, TRAM, Tramway. Panorama, General View. Published by Frank Duncan & Co. Auckland, F.G.R.

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Item 220950    New
Ceylon c.1950 Old Real Photo Postcard Pettah Street Scene Colombo TRAM 33 Market

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, c.1950. Sri Lanka Ceylan Ceylon. Pettah Street Scene, Colombo, Colombo Tramways Tram No. 33. Tramlines. Vintage Motor Cars, Old Town Hall Market. Published by Geo. A. Koch Thomas of Fleet St. Ltd. London

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Item 220831    New
Korea Old Colour Postcard Nandaimon Nantai-mon Street, Keijo Flag TRAM 京城南大門通一丁目

Vintage Old Colour post card, Korea. Korean. The Nandaimon Nantai-mon Street Scene, Keijo, Flag. Chosen. Keijo. Trams Tram, Tramway. 朝鮮名所 京城南大門通一丁目. Published by 京城日出商行發行

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Item 220826    New
China Old Postcard Tientsin Asahi Road Japanese Concession TRAM Tea Shop天津日本租界旭街

Vintage Old Chinese Picture Post Card. China, Tientsin, Street Scene. Asahi Road, Northern Part, Japanese Concession. Rickshaw and Coolie. TRAM Tramway Tramlines. Advertising Advertisements for Clock and Watches, Hats, Tea, Fresh Fruits, etc. 天津日本租界旭街 文明碩琇 華信字號鐘表 帽品洋廣貨莊 本號各貨減價 興昌祥鐘表 時新顧繡 源順合茶食店 鮮菓莊 信記真稻香村 天成厚茶葉莊.

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Item 220825    New
China c.1910 Old Postcard Front View of Nihon Bridge Dalny Dairen Street 大連日本橋正面

Vintage Old post card. c.1910. China. Chinese. Front View of Nihon Bridge at Dalny. Japan Japanese Bridge Dairen. Street Scene. Hills. Rickshaw and Coolie. Streets. Ethnic Life. TRAM Tramlines. Panorama. 大連日本橋正面. Published by 大連舩塚商店發行 Dairen

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Item 220800    New
Hong Kong Greetings from HK Old Colour Postcard Peak Tramway Trams, M. Sternberg

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. China Hongkong Hong Kong. Panorama, General View. View of The Peak Tramway. Tram. Trams. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 220794    New
Hong Kong Old Colour UB Postcard High Level Tramway to Peak, TRAM, Bridges Hills

Vintage Colour Undivided Back Old Postcard. China Hongkong. Hong Kong. Peak Tramway, High Level Tramway to Peak. Tramlines. Tram. Published by The Hongkong Pictorial Postcard Co. P.O. Box No. 4

Item 220771    New
Hong Kong Old Color Postcard Tramway Path Steps Hills Church Cathedral Tower 312

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China Chinese. Tramway Path. Hills Mountains, Steps, Houses, Buildings. Church Cathedral Tower at right. Published by A. H. & Co. Hongkong

Item 220536    
Hong Kong China Old Colour Postcard Peak Tramway and TRAM Trams Up Hill Steps 12

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. China Hongkong. Hong Kong. Tramway up the Peak, Tram. Rail Tracks. Trams. Made in Germany

Item 220535    
Hong Kong China Old Colour Postcard Peak Tramway & TRAM, Bridge, Mountains No.14

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. China Hongkong. Hong Kong. Peak Tramway and TRAM, Bridge, Mountains, Hills. No. 14.

Item 220530    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Bank & Prince's Building Peak Tramway Station Chater Road

Vintage Multiview Colour Old Picture Post Card. Ethnic Life. Hong Kong Hongkong China. H.K. Bank & Prince's Building, Peak Tramway Station, Rickshaw & Coolies, Chater Road and Queen's Statue. Street Scene. Railway, Railroads. Sedan Chairs. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 220497    
China Old Postcard Shanghai Nanking Road and Race Course TRAM Tramway Racecourse

Vintage Old Postcard, China, Shanghai, Nanking Road and Race Course, TRAM Tramway, Horse Racecourse. Street Scene. Published by The Universal Post Card Company

Item 220414    
China Old Postcard Tientsin Chinese Junks Paiho River before The Customs 天津白河稅關前

Vintage Old Postcard. China, Ethnic Life. Tientsin. Chinese Junks of Paiho River Scene in front of the Customs Custom House. White River. Native Boats Ships in Harbour. Chinaman. Men. Shipping. 天津白河稅關前.

Item 220400    
Korea Old Postcard Post Office from Chosen Bank TRAM Street View Keijo 京城朝鮮銀行郵便局

Vintage Old post card, Korea. Korean. View of Post Office from Chosen Bank. TRAM Tramway Street Scene Keijo. 朝鮮名所 京城朝鮮銀行橫 郵便局 望.

Item 220367    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Nihonbashi Nihon Bridge Tokyo, TRAM Tramway Street 日本橋

Vintage Old Japanese Colour Post Card. Japan, The Nihonbashi, Nihon Bridge, Greater Tokyo. TRAM Tramway. Statue. Street Scene. 東京 日本橋 日本銀行 神田九段方面遠望. Published by Seikaido Tokyo

Item 220365    
Japan Old Postcard Main Street of Ginza Tokyo TRAM Tramway Bicycle Motor Car 銀座通

Vintage Old Japanese Colour Postcard, Japan, Ginza, Main Street Scene, Shopping Centre of Tokyo, TRAM Tramway Tramlines. Vintage Motor Cars. Bicycle. Clock Tower. 新大東京名所 銀座大通. Published by Seikaido Tokyo

Item 220294    
USA Old Colour Postcard State St. Street Scene, Chicago III. Boston Store, TRAM

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. USA, State St. Street Scene, Chicago III. Boston Store, TRAM, Trams, Tramway. Boston Store. Horse Cart. Published by The High C. Leighton Co.

Item 220288    
South Africa Old Color Postcard Cape Town Darling Street Scene Tram Bicycle Cart

Vintage Colour Old Post Card, South Africa, Darling Street, Street Scene, Cape Town, Darling St. Tram Tramway, Cyclist Bicycle. Horse Carts. Published by Valentine & Sons

Item 220237    
Ireland Old Postcard Grafton Street Scene, Dublin, TRAM 257 Tramway Medical Hall

Vintage Irish Old Postcard. Ireland, County Co. Dublin. Grafton Street, Street Scene. TRAM No. 257 Tramway, Hamilton Long & Co., Medical Hall and Compounding Establishment. Published by Valentine Dublin

Item 220226    
Isle of Man KG5 1/2d 1912 Old Postcard Port Soderick Dinner Beach Funicular TRAM

Vintage Old Postcard. Frith's Series. Isle of Man, Port Soderick, Port Soderic, Beach, Seaside Panorama. Dinner. Funicular Tramway Tram Tram. 1912. Published by F. Frith & Co. Ltd.

Item 220069    
Hong Kong China Old Colour Postcard Peak Tram Tramway Harbour in background N.32

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. China Hongkong Hong Kong. H.K. HK. Peak Tram Tramway. Ships, Boats, Harbour in background. Published by The Graeco Egyptian Tobacco Store Hongkong

Item 220068    
Hong Kong China Old Colour Postcard Bridge Tram and Peak Tramway Hongkong No. 42

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. China Hong Kong. H.K. HK. Bridge Tram and Peak Tramway Hongkong. No. 42. Published by The Graeco Egyptian Tobacco Store Hongkong

Item 219931    
New Zealand Old UB Postcard Wellington Kelbourne Cable Tram Train Tramway Bridge

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. New Zealand, Wellington, Kelbourne Cable Tram, Train Tramway Bridge. Hills. Published by Grabham Ltd. Wellington

Item 219930    
Ceylon Old Postcard Colombo Native Street Scene TRAM No. 35 Tramway Tramlines

Vintage Old Post card, Sri Lanka Ceylan Ceylon. Colombo, Ethnic Life. Shops, Stores. Rickshaw Coolies. Cart. Native Street Scene, TRAM with number 35 Tramway Tramlines. Published by S.D.H.M. Sadoon Colombo

Item 219897    
South Africa Old Colour Postcard Cape Town, Railway Station, Vintage Motor Cars

Vintage Old Colour Postcard, South Africa, Cape Town, Train Station, Railway Station, Vintage Motor Cars, Cyclist Bike. Tramway Tramlines. Street Scene. Published by The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co. Ltd

Item 219732    
New Zealand Old Real Photo Postcard Rattray Street Dunedin TRAM Tramway Butchers

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, New Zealand, Rattray Street Scene, Dunedin. Trams TRAM Tramway Tramlines. Horse Cart. Sweeting. Fort Roche & Co. Pork Butchers, etc. N.Z. Published by Frank Duncan & Co. Auckland, F.G.R.

Item 219722    
Jamaica Old Hand Tinted Postcard Papine Hope Road Street Scene, TRAM Tramway BWI

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Post card, British West Indies. B.W.I. Jamaica, Jamaique. Papine Hope Road Street Scene, TRAM (Hope Gardens), Tramway.

Item 219693    
Australia Tasmania Old Postcard Hobart Elizabeth Street Scene TRAM Central Store

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Australia Tasmania, Hobart, Elizabeth Street Scene, TRAM Tramway. Central Store. Published by J. Walch & Sons Ltd. Hobart

Item 219650    
Singapore 1918 Old Postcard Junction of High Street Scene North Bridge Road TRAM

Vintage Old Postcard. April 22nd 1918. Malaya Malay Straits Settlements, Singapore, Junction of High Street and North Bridge Road, Street Corner, Street Scene. Streets. Tram Trams with advertising Advertisement : The Continental Tyres on The Market SHELL, and Chen Tee Hoh Gold Smiths 謝怡和中西金銀首飾. Rickshaws and Native Coolies. 均昇影相 鑲牙 No. 2 Sign 麗芳影相放大 Fook Hi. China and Japan Porcelain.