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Item 218429    New
Algeria 10c 1900 Old UB Postcard ORAN Hotel de Ville Monument Sidi-Brahim Statue

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Africa Algeria - Oran - Hotel de Ville, Monument Sidi-Brahim, Statue. Angel Statue. Steps. 1900. Postally Used with French 10c stamp. Oran is a city in northwest Algeria, situated on the Mediterranean Sea coast.
Published by J. Geiser Phot. Alger

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Item 218033    New
When U See Portsmouth like this You're Drunk, Town Hall Clock Tower Old Postcard

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Hampshire. When You See Portsmouth like this You're Drunk. Town Hall Clock Tower. Published by M. & Co. Portsmouth

Item 217661    
South Africa Durban Natal 1940 Old Postcard St. Paul's Church, City Hall, Street

Vintage Old Postcard. South Africa, Durban. Natal. Church Street, St. Paul's Church and City Hall. Bicycle, Cyclist. Vintage Cars, Bus. Rickshaw & Coolie. Street Scene. This Post Card is issued with the good wishes of St. Paul's Church, Durban, and as a souvenir of a visit paid to the St. Paul's Canteen for H.M. Forces. Published by E.P. & C.P. Co.

Item 216345    
Korea Korean Old Postcard Busan, The Prefectural Office, Masan City Hall 釜山 馬山府廳

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea, Korean. Near Busan. Masan City Hall, Town Hall, The Prefectural Office. Masan City. 朝鮮 釜山 馬山府廳. Masan was a formerly an municipal city in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. The city was situated on Masan Bay (마산만, Masan-man), approximately 35 km west of Busan. It was known for its textile industry, and it was the site of Hite Brewery's production facilities.
Published by Seiundo Printing Co. Ltd 山城屋商店發行

Item 215692    
France Old Postcard La Cadiere, L'Hotel de Ville Town Hall, Street Scene Balcony

Vintage Old picture post card. France French. La Cadiere, L'Hotel de Ville Town Hall, Street Scene, Balcony. Men. Published by ELD Edit Pierron Imp. aLe Deley Paris

Item 214578    
South Africa Small Old Card Durban City Hall and War Memorial Monument Palm Tree

Small Vintage Old Card, approx. 7cm x 9cm. South Africa, Durban, City Hall and War Memorial Monument Palm Trees.

Item 213746    
Belgium Postcard Bruxelles Brussel Panorama Town Hall Hotel de Ville Street Cars

Larger Colour Postcard. Belgium, Bruxelles Brussel - Panorama, Town Hall, Hotel de Ville, Street Scene, Vintage Motor Cars. Tower. 10f
Published by Vandersanden

Item 213486    
Ceylon Old Postcard Pettah Town Hall, Street Scene, Colombo Double Bullock Carts

Vintage Old Postcard, Ceylan Sri Lanka Ceylon. Pettah Town Hall. Colombo Double Bullock Cart Carts. Native Street scene. Shops. Published by Plate Ltd Colombo

Item 213227    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Kobe City Hall Street Scene Town Hall 神戶市役所 Japanese

Vintage Colour Japanese Old Postcard. Japan Kobe City Hall, Kobe. Street Scene. Rathaus, Hotel de Ville. 神戶市役所.

Item 212728    
Australia, Sydney University Museum Hospital Custom House, Glitters Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Postcard. Australia Australian. Sydney. New South Wales NSW N.S.W. Novelty with Glitters. The Museum, St. Mary's Cathedral. Sydney University, Victoria Markets, Sydney Hospital, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Custom House. Town Hall. Published by J. Beagles & Co.

Item 211899    
Hong Kong China Old Hand Tinted Postcard CITY HALL Fountain and Street Scene H28

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard, Hongkong Hong Kong China. Street Scene, Fountain, Town Hall, City Hall. Published by S.S. Picture

Item 211629    
South Africa, Cape Town, Grand Parade and City Hall, Table Mountain Old Postcard

Vintage Old Picture Postcard, South Africa, Cape Town, Grand Parade and City Hall, Table Mountain. Published by Valentine & Sons

Item 211075    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Opposite City Hall Street Scene Lion Curios Mee Cheung Co

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China, Opposite The City Hall, Buildings & Stone Lion Statue. Fountain. Curios Shop. Mee Cheung & Co. Published by Turco-Egyptian Tobacco Store Hongkong

Item 209919    
South Africa Old Snapshot Card City Hall, Cape Town, Table Mountain, Clock Tower

Vintage Old Snapshot Card. Approx. 6.8cm x 8.7cm. South Africa, City Hall, Cape Town, Table Mountain, Clock Tower. Cars Car Park. Market. Published by Stewart Printing Co. Cape Town.

Item 209483    
Mauritius 1927 Old Postcard Curepipe, Town Hall Hotel de Ville, Paul et Virginie

Vintage Old Postcard. Mauritius, Ile Maurice - Curepipe, Town Hall. Rathaus. Hotel de Ville. Statue de Paul et Virginie Virginia. Garden. Children, Little Girls. Curepipe is a town centrally situated in Mauritius. The name originates from the practice of settlers coming to the town to refill (to cure) their pipes. Mauritius is an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. In addition to the island of Mauritius, the republic includes the islands of St. Brandon, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands.
Published by Edition des Magasins Reunis

Item 208926    
Portsmouth Town Hall Clock Tower TRAM Tramway Street Hampshire 1912 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Picture Post card, Hampshire, Portsmouth - Town Hall, Clock Tower. Street Scene, Tram, Tramway. 1912.

Item 208343    
India Old Colour Postcard The Town Hall BOMBAY Double Bullock Carts Street Scene

Vintage British Indian Colour Old Postcard. India, The Town Hall, Bombay. Double Bullock Carts. Steps. Street scene. Man with Umbrella.

Item 208186    
South Africa Old Embossed Postcard Town Hall Cape Town, Birds delivering Letters

Vintage Old Colour Embossed Postcard, South Africa, Cape Town, Town Hall, Cape Town, Birds delivering Letters. Coat of Arms on back.

Item 207905    
South Africa Old Postcard Port Elizabeth, Town Hall, Clock Tower, Obelisk, Birds

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. South Africa. Port Elizabeth. Town Hall, Clock tower, Street Scene. White Doves Birds Delivering Letters. Obelisk Obelisque. Horse Carts. Cape of Good Hope Coat of Arms on back. Published by G.B. & Co.

Item 207626    
Hong Kong China Old Hand Tinted Postcard CITY HALL Street Scene Fountain Boy 139

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard, Hongkong Hong Kong China. Street Scene, Fountain, Town Hall, City Hall. Published by K.M. & Co. Hongkong

Item 206898    
Wolverhampton KE7 1/2d 1903 Old Colour Postcard Town Hall Building, Street Scene

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, The Town Hall Building, Street Scene. 1903. Sent from Wolverhampton. KE7 1/2d

Item 206641    
China 1934 Old Postcard Central Square in front of Dairen City Hall 大連 中心大廣場市役所

Vintage Colour picture post card. 22nd November 1934. China Chinese Japan Japanese Occupation. Manchukuo Manchuria. Dalian. Central Square in front of Dairen City Hall. Statue Monument Memorial. 大連 中心大廣場市役所之偉觀 昭和9年11月22日.

Item 206316    
Japan Old Postcard Niigata Police Station and City Hall Street Scene 新潟市役所 新潟警察署

Vintage Japanese Old Post card, Japan. Niigata Police Station, Niigata City Hall, Street Scene. 新潟市役所 新潟警察署.

Item 206288    
Taiwan Formosa China Postcard Taipei City Hall Street Scene 臺北中山堂 位於酉陽街及秀山街交會處

Taipei City Hall Situated in the heart of downtown Taipei, the hall was built in the years of the reign of Emperor Kuanghsu (1875-1907) of the Ching Dynasty. Street Scene. 臺北中山堂 位於臺北市酉陽街及秀山街交會處,原為市政史衙門,後改建為臺北會堂,光復後改稱中山堂。 Larger Colour Postcard from a collection of scenic cachets and cards of Taiwan and Fukien Area, Republic of China. (臺閩地區 風景郵戳 風景明信片全集). China Formosa Taiwan Taiwanese. 臺灣 中華民國明信片 Carte Postale. Including a small card with picture, info and a punch hole (approx : 9.7cm x 11m). Postcard is approx. 14.7cm x 10.4cm. Published by Directorate General of Posts Republic of China 交通部郵政總局發行

Item 205667    
HOLD TO THE LIGHT Peterborough Town Hall, Clock Tower New Moon 1903 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Novelty. Hold To The Light. HTL. Hold this card to a very Bright Light, You'll see a lovely night view of Peterborough, Town Hall, Clock Tower, Steps. Cross. Northamptonshire. Lights Shine through Windows, Doors, and New Moon. Postally Used in 1903. Published by WH

Item 204309    
Pakistan Kohat Town Hall Building British India Indian Old Real Photo Photograph

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Pakistan. British India Indian. Kohat - Town Hall. Building,. Kohat (Pashto: کوهاټ‎), is a city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is the capital of the Kohat District.

Item 204101    
Hong Kong China Old Hand Tinted Postcard Cricket Ground City Hall, Tennis Courts

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. Sport Sports. Cricket Ground and City Hall, Tennis Courts and Player. Game. Published by Daibutsu Hong Kong

Item 204029    
Hold To The Light, Gruss aus Mamburg 1900 Old UB Postcard Rathaus Town Hall Moon

Vintage Novelty Undivided Back Old Post Card. Undivided Back. 1900. Art Artist Drawn. German Germany. Gruss aus Mamburg. Hold to the Light. H.T.L. Hold this Postcard to a very Bright Light, You'll see lights shine through Windows, Door and Tower. Rathaus. Town Hall. Full Moon. Sent from Hamburg to Fife Scotland. 10pf
Published by W. Hagelberg Akt. Ges. Berlin 36903 Dess 141 D.R.G.M. 88077

Item 203787    
Rhodesia Old R. Photo Postcard City Hall Municipal Offices Bulawayo Clock Statue

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Zimbabwe Rhodesia. The City Hall and Municipal Offices Bulawayo, Clock Tower, Statue Monument Memorial. Car. Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe, after the capital Harare. On 4 November 1894, Leander Starr Jameson declared Bulawayo a settlement under the rule of the British South Africa Company.
Published by PRD TOKIM

Item 203022    
Singapore Old R Photo Postcard Connaught Connought Drive Street Scene Motor Cars

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old post card, Malaya Malay Straits Settlements - Singapore - Street Scene. Connaught Dr. Connought Drive. Vintage Motor Cars. Clock Tower. Town Hall.