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Item 228480    
India Old UB Postcard Humayun's Tombs, Delhi, Hummayons Tomb, British Indian

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India. Delhi, Hummayons Tomb, Humayun's Tombs.

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Item 228293    
China Old Colour Postcard The White Marble Pailow Ming Tombs, Peking Pekin Gates

Vintage Colour Old post card, China, Chinese Gates, The White Marble Pailow, Ming Tombs, Pekin, Peking. Published by C.T. American Art / Camera Craft Co. Peking China

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Item 228240    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Mamelouks Tombs and Citadel Citadelle Le Caire No. 1003

Vintage Old Egyptian Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Le Caire, Cairo, Mamelouk Tombs and Citadel Citadelle. Published by Lehnert & Landrock Cairo

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Item 228194    
India Old Colour Postcard Tomb of Etamad-ud-Dowla Agra Tuck's Vignette Excelsior

Vintage British Indian Tuck's Vignette Excelsior Old Colour Postcard. India, Tomb of Etamad-ud-Dowla Agra. The whole of the exterior and much of the interior is of white marble with beautiful inlay work. The mausoleum stands in a beautiful garden. At each corner is an octagonal tower, 40 feet high and on the terraced roof is a pavilion 25 feet square, with a curved roof and broad sloping eaves. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Vignette Excelsior The Wide Wide World Series

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Item 228192    
India Old Colour Postcard 1st First King of Oudh's Tomb at Lucknow Tombs Gardens

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Postcard. India. 1st King of Oudh's Tomb. The First King of Oudh, Gardens, Steps. Entrance Gate, Lucknow. Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Item 228029    
China Old Colour Postcard Temple of Ming Tombs Tomb Mausoleums Mausoleum

Vintage Colour Chinese Old post card, China, Temple of Ming Tombs, Tomb Mausoleums Mausoleum. The Ming tombs are a collection of mausoleums built by the emperors of the Ming dynasty of China.
Published by M. Hartung Peking China

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Item 228028    
China Old Colour Postcard Temple of Western Tombs, Qing Siling, Yi, Hebei 清西陵

Vintage Old Chinese Colour Postcard, China, Temple of Western Tombs, Qing Siling. Yi, Hebei. 清西陵. The Western Qing tombs (清西陵) are located some 140 km (87 mi) southwest of Beijing in Yi County 易縣, Hebei Province. They constitute a necropolis that incorporates four royal mausoleums where seventy-eight royal members in all are buried. These include four emperors of the Qing dynasty and their empresses, imperial concubines, princes and princesses, as well as other royal servants.
Published by M. Hartung Peking China

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Item 228026    
China Old Colour Postcard Hokuryo Mukden, Old Imperial North Tombs Peiling 奉天北陵

Vintage Chinese Old Colour Postcard, China, Old Imperial North Tombs, Tomb, Peiling Mukden. Pagoda Tower. 奉天北陵. Published by Tokyo Design Printing Co. Kanda Tokyo 山陽堂發行

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Item 227841    
India Old Postcard The Marble Screen of Etmaduddaula Agra (British Indian)

Vintage British Indian Old Post card. India, The Marble Screen of Etmaduddaula. Tomb of Mirza Ghayas Uddin, father of Nur Jahan Begum, who died at Kangra in 1622. Tomb completed in 1628 by order of Nur Jahan at Agra. Published by H. A. Mirza & Sons Delhi

Item 227825    
Egypt Comic 1908 Old UB Postcard Macabre Bakchiche Death Bakchiche Skeleton Tomb

Vintage Egyptian Art Artist Drawn Old Undivided Back Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Comic Humour. Macabre Bakchiche, The Death Bakchiche, Skeleton, Tombs, Mosque. Glamour Lady Woman. Postally Used in 1908 with Sphinx and Pyramid 4m stamp, tied Luqsor Winter Palace. (Luxor). Sent from Luxor to England. 4m

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Item 227801    
India Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Kutab Minar Ala-ood-din's Tomb Arched Doorways

Vintage British Indian Tuck's Oilette Artist Drawn Old Postcard. India. The Kutab Minar, Ala-ood-din's Tomb. Held by Fergusson - the historian of Indian architecture to be the culminating glory of Pathan architecture. The arched doorways springs from pilasters, its windows are of pierced marble. Its facade covered with delicate carvings. Date 1310. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Wide Wide World Delhi

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Item 227669    
China Vintage Postcard Old Imperial Tomb Mukden Peiling West Side City 奉天北陵 西半城

Vintage Chinese Old picture Postcard, China, North Imperial Tombs, Tomb, Peiling Mukden. West Side City. 奉天北陵 西半城. Published by 東亞書藥局發賣

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Item 227519    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Museum Fight Infantry Tomb of Masahite Prince of Asiout

Vintage Egyptian Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Cairo Museum No. 23. Two companies of fight infantry, 40 men each. Found in the tomb of Masahite, Prince of Asiout, a great Military Chief. Found at Asiout. XIth dyn. (B.C. 3100-3050). Published by F.D. Perez.

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Item 227470    
Japan Old Postcard Tsuchiro Prison Jail Gate Kamakura Tomb of Daitonomiya 鎌倉宮 土牢

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Japan. Kamakura. Tsuchiro Prison. Earth Jail. Tomb of Daitonomiya. 鎌倉宮 土牢.

Item 227466    
Egypt A BISHAI Old Postcard Mosque of Qait Bey, Tombs of Caliphs, Dome & Minaret

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Egyptian Artistic Old Picture Post card. Artist Signed by A. Bishai. From Water Colour Painting by the Famous Egyptian Artist AYOUB BISHAI. Mosque of Qait Bey, built in 1474. The finest among the tombs of the Caliphs. It has a beautiful dome and a slender minaret (130 ft. high) and handsome ornamentations in the interior there are beautiful marble mosaics and fine ceilings. Published by Eastern Publishing Company POB 261 Cairo

Item 227327    
Egypt Old Postcard Le Caire Cairo The Tombs of Caliphs White Horse Cart Carriage

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Le Caire Cairo, The Tombs of Caliphs, White Horse Cart Carriage. Les tombeaux des califes. Die Kalifengraber. Published by The Oriental Commercial Bureau Port Said

Item 227321    
Egypt Egyptian Old UB Colour Postcard Cairo Le Caire, Tombeaux des Califes Tombs

Vintage Egyptian Old Colour Postcard, Africa Egypte Egypt, Cairo Le Caire, Tombeaux des Califes Tombs. Towers. Published by Au Cartosport. Max H. Rudmann Le Caire

Item 227316    
Japan Old Postcard Tombs of Royal 47 Ronins, Sengakuji Temple, Tokyo 泉岳寺 四十七士之墓

Vintage Japanese Old Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Japan. The Tombs Dedicated to Royal Forty Seven Ronins, in the Precincts of Sengakuji Temple. Tombs. Graves. Greater Tokyo. 大東京 東京 香華絕 高輪泉岳寺 四十七士之墓.

Item 227304    
India Old Postcard Secundra Agra Akbar Akbar's Tomb General View Lal Chand & Son

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India. Akbar Akbar's Tomb. The Mausoleum of Akbar. Secundra. General View. Panorama. Published by Lal Chand & Sons

Item 227143    
Egypt 5m Shalaqan 1910 Old Postcard Cairo Mamelukes Tombs Tuck's Gazette Oilette

Vintage Egyptian Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Old Post card. Egypt Egypte Africa. Le Caire. Cairo, Tombs of The Mamelukes. Cemetery. Tombstones. Postally Used with Sphinx and Pyramid 5m stamp, Shalaqan 16 XII 10 postmark. Walker & Meimarachi Ltd. The Egyptian Supply Stores, Cairo, Alexandria, & Khartoum. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Egyptian Gazette OILETTE Postcard Series

Item 227141    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo General View Panorama of Tomb Tombs Mosque Towers Gates

Vintage Old Egyptian Post Card. Africa Egypte Egypt. Cairo, Le Caire, Panorama General View. Tomb Tombs Mosque Towers Gates. Published by The Cairo Post-Card Trust

Item 227025    
Egypt Old Postcard Thebes Tombeaux des Rois, Valley of The Kings Tombs, Panorama

Vintage Egyptian Old Post card. Africa Egypte Egypt. Thebes, Valley of the Kings. Tombeaux des Rois Tombs. Hills. General View Panorama. Published by M. Castro Le Caire The. 26

Item 226958    
India Old Postcard Emperor Humayon's Tomb Delhi built by Haji-Begum in 1555 A.D.

Vintage British Indian Old Picture Postcard. Emperor Humayon's tomb, Mausoleum, Delhi. Commenced by Haji-Begum the wife of the Emperor Humayon in 1555 A.D. and completed after 10 years. More than one of the Royal Princes and Kings of Delhi sleeps in this graceful building, such as Dara Shikoh, Farrukh Sier, etc. The Building in glory is next to Taj. Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons Delhi

Item 226956    
India Old Postcard Safderjang Tomb Delhi Gardens Trees Pots Plants HA Mirza Sons

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Safder Jang Safderjang Tomb, Delhi. Gardens, Trees. Pots Plants. Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons Delhi

Item 226502    
India Old Postcard Jahangeer Jahangeer's Jahangir Jahangir's Tomb M.L. Shugan Ch

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Jahangeer Jahangeer's Jahangir Jahangir's Tomb. Published by M.L. Shugan Chand Photographer Delhi

Item 226499    
India Indian Old Postcard Secundra Agra, Akbar Akbar's Tomb, Printed Switzerland

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India. Akbar Akbar's Tomb. The Mausoleum of Akbar. Secundra. Published by Printed in Switzerland

Item 226495    
India Old Postcard The Salim Chisti Chisti's Tomb, Fatehpur Fatihpur Sikri, Agra

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Tomb of Sheik Salim Chisti, Fatehpur Fatihpur Sikri. Salim Chisti's Tomb. Fatihpur Sikri - Agra. Published by Printed in Switzerland

Item 226494    
India Old Postcard Secundra, Agra, Akbar Akbar's Tomb, Printed in Switzerland

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India. Akbar Akbar's Tomb. The Mausoleum of Akbar. Secundra. General View. Panorama. Published by Printed in Switzerland

Item 226296    
India Old Postcard General View Emperor Tuglaq Tomb Fort Fortress Delhi Panorama

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India. Panorama. A General View Tomb of Emperor Tuglaq and Tuglaq Fort Fortress Delhi. Tuglaq / Tuglak Shah's Tomb, Delhi. A General View Tomb of Emperor Tuglaq and Fort, Delhi. Tomb built by Malak Fakhruddin jona son of Tuglaq in 1307 A.D. and Fort built by him 1303 A.D. Panorama. General View. Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons Delhi

Item 226295    
India Old Postcard Tomb of Khawja Kutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki Chishti Delhi, Lampost

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Tomb of Khawja Kutbuddin Bakhtiar, Kaki Chishti, Delhi. Native Men. Lamposts. Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons Delhi