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Item 195780    
India Old Postcard Lucknow Tomb of Saadat-Ali and Morshidzadi Buildings No. 7191

Vintage Old British India Picture Post Card, India, Lucknow. Tomb of Saadat-Ali and Morshidzadi. Buildings. Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Item 195737    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Caire Bab El Karafels sur la Route Tombeaux d Mamelouks

Vintage Colour Old Embossed Post card. Le Caire Cairo - Bab El Karafels sur la Route, Tomb Tombs. Tombeaux des Mamelouks. Street Scene, Gate. Published by Edition Egyptienne A&MB

Item 195496    
Palestine Old Postcard Jerusalem Tomb of Virgin, Grotte of Agony, Tombeau Vierge

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Palestine Israel, Holy Land, Middle East. Interior. Jerusalem Tomb of the Virgin and Grotte of the Agony. Statues of Angels. Tombeau de la Vierge et Grotte de l'Agonie. Published by THe Cairo Postcard Trust Cairo

Item 195419    
Hong Kong China GB 1d 1924 Old Postcard The Roman Catholic Cemetery Happy Valley

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard. Hongkong Hong Kong China. The Roman Catholic Cemetery in Happy Valley. Tombs, Graves. Cross. Postally Used in 1924 with Great Britain King George 5th 1d stamp. Sheffield postmark. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 195315    
Egypt 1918 Old Postcard Cairo Tombs of Khalifes Camel Caravan Bookmark Style 637

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. 1918. Bookmark Style. Africa Egypte Egypt, Cairo, Le Caire, Tombeaux des Khalifes. Tombs of Khalifs. Panorama. Camels. Camel Riders. Camel Caravan. Published by The Cairo Postcard Trust Cairo

Item 195299    
Egypt 1918 Old Postcard Cairo Mamelouks Tombs Tomb Tombeaux Caire Bookmark Style

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. 1918. Bookmark Style. Africa Egypt Egypte, Le Caire. Tombeaux de Mamelouks. Cairo. The Tombs of The Mamelouks. Published by The Cairo Postcard Trust Cairo

Item 195298    
Egypt 1918 Old Postcard Tombs of The Khalifs Bookmark Style Cairo Postcard Trust

Vintage Egyptian Old Post card. Bookmark Style. Africa Egypte Egypt. Cairo. Le Caire. Tombs of the Khalifs. Panorama. 1918. Published by The Cairo Postcard Trust Cairo

Item 195290    
Palestine Old Real Photo Postcard Jerusalem Virgin Mary Tomb Interior, Holy Land

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Palestine Israel. Holy Land. Tomb of the Virgin Mary Interior. Candle.

Item 195226    
India Old Postcard Ahmed Shah's Tomb Ahmedabad (50 St Noets Rd written on back)

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Ahmed Shah's Tomb, Ahmedabad. 50 St Noets Rd ... etc written on back. Ahmedabad (અમદાવાદ in Gujarati) or Ahmadābād is the largest city in Gujarat and the sixth largest city in India with a population of almost 5 million. The city is also sometimes called Karnavati, an older name and as Amdavad in colloquial Gujarati. Ahmedabad is the administrative center of Ahmedabad District, and was the former capital of Gujarat State from 1960 to 1970, when Gandhinagar replaced it.

Item 195186    
AR Quinton Old Postcard Tomb of The Black Prince, Canterbury Cathedral Kent 2716

Vintage A.R.Q. ARQ Art Drawn Artist Signed Colour Old Postcard. Kent, Tomb of The Black Prince, Canterbury Cathedral. Church Interior. From an original water colour drawing by A. R. Quinton. No. 2716. Published by J. Salmon

Item 195153    
India Old Postcard Tomb Hayat Bakhshi Begam Abdulla Qutb Shah Golconda Hyderabad

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India. Tomb of Hayat Bakhshi Begam and Abdulla Qutb Shah, Golconda, Hyderabad. Published by Archaeological Department, F. Bruckmann KG Munich

Item 194983    
China Old Postcard Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Min Shol Tombs Statue Nanking 南京明孝陵石像

Vintage Chinese Old Postcard. China. Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Min Shol, Ming Tombs Stone Statues. Nanking. c.1912 Republic of China Period. 明孝陵 石像 南京名所. Published by 田坂寫真館發行

Item 194307    
China Old Postcard Ming Emperors Tombs Ave of Colossal Warrior Elephants Statues

Vintage Old Chinese Multiview Post card. China. The Fine Avenue of Colossal Stone Figures, leading to the Tombs of The Ming Emperors. Elephants. Warrior. Hills, Mountains. Published by C. Piens Kowloon Hongkong

Item 193821    
Egypt Old Postcard Sheikh's Scheich's Tomb, El-Marg Donkey Rider Crossing Bridge

Vintage Egyptian Old Picture Postcard. Africa Egypt Egypte, Sheikh's Scheich's Tomb at El-Marg, Donkey Rider, Native woman carrying Pitcher on her head, Little Girl with Basket on head, Crossing Bridge. Palm Trees. River Scene. Published by Zola & Weissberber Cairo

Item 193653    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo, Tombs of Mamelukes Citadel, Tombeaux Citadelle L.L. 9

Vintage Colour Old Egyptian Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Ethnic Life. Le Caire - Tombeaux des Mamelucks et la Citadelle. Cairo - Tombs of Mamelukes and Citadel. Donkey. Sunset. L.L. No. 9. Published by LL

Item 193566    
Egypt 1919 Old Postcard Cairo Tombs of Mamelloucs Mamelouks Carts Bookmark Style

Vintage Egyptian Old Picture Post card. Bookmark Style. Africa Egypte Egypt. Cairo, Le Caire. Tombs of Mamelloucs Mamelouks. Carts. Jan. 1919. Published by Castro Brothers Editors Cairo

Item 193536    
Egypt 1918 Old Postcard Cairo Tombs of Mamelouks, Tombeaux Caire, Bookmark Style

Vintage Egyptian Old Picture Postcard. Bookmark Style. Africa Egypt Egypte, Le Caire. Tombeaux de Mamelouks. Cairo. The Tombs of The Mamelouks. Dec. 1918. Published by B. Livadas & Coutsicos Cairo

Item 193486    
Japan Old Postcard Tomb and Monument of Nanko, Kobe 神戶 湊川神社 楠公石碑 碑文 碑銘 嗚呼忠臣楠子亡墓

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Japanese picture post card. Temple. Shrine. The Tomb and Monument of Nanko, Kobe. 嗚呼忠臣楠子亡墓 神戶湊川神社楠公石碑 碑文 碑銘 建武三年五月二十五日殉難 元錄四年源光圀卿建碑. Published by 神戶榮屋商店發行

Item 193452    
Japan Old Postcard Tsuchiro Prison Jail Door Kamakura Tomb of Daitonomiya 鎌倉宮 土牢

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Japan. Kamakura. Tsuchiro Prison. Earth Jail. Tomb of Daitonomiya. 鎌倉宮 土牢 大塔宮.

Item 193423    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Sheikh's Tomb at Marg Village Palm Trees Castro Brother

Vintage Egyptian Picture Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt, Le Caire. Tombeau d'un Cheikh au village d'El-Marg. Camel Rider. Palm Trees, Sheikh's Tomb at El-Marg Village. A Sheikh's Toumb Tomb at El Marg. Published by Castro Brothers Editors Cairo

Item 193422    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Tombs of Mamelouks Tombeaux de Le Caire Tower Ruins 334

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. Africa Egypt Egypte, Le Caire. Tombeaux de Mamelouks. Cairo. The Tombs of The Mamelouks. Tower. Ruins. Published by Castro Brothers Editors Cairo

Item 193308    
Palestine Old Postcard Jerusalem 14th Station Tomb Sepulcro Tombeau de J. Christ

Vintage Old Colour Postcard, 1927. Israel Palestine, Holy Land, Middle East - Jerusalem. XIV Station Tombeau de J. Christ - Fourteenth Station de Tomb. XIV estacion. Sepulcro de Cristo - XIV Stazione la Tomba di G. Cristo. Interior. Candles. Published by The Oriental Commercial Bureau Port Said Egypt

Item 192913    
Palestine Old Colour Postcard Jerusalem Holy Sepulchre Chapel, Eglise du Tombeau

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Palestine Israel.Middle East. Holy Land. Jerusalem Church of Holy Sepulchre Chapel, Le St. Sepulcre. L'eglise du tombeau, Grabeskirche. Panorama. General View. Published by Andre Terzis & Fils Beyrouth Jerusalem

Item 192905    
Palestine Old Colour Postcard Jerusalem Valley of The Tombs of Josafath Panorama

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Middle East Israel Palestine Holy Land - Jerusalem - Valley of The Tombs of Josafath. Hills. Panorama. Published by Hamparzum's Camel Figs Ed. Smyrna

Item 192841    
Japan Old Postcard Visit to Imperial Tomb Momoyama Kyoto 京都伏見 御大禮聖上陛下桃山御陵 參拜

Vintage Old Japanese picture Postcard, Japan, Imperial Tomb at Momoyama, Kyoto. 京都 御大禮聖上陛下 伏見桃山 御陵 參拜 Commemorative cachet.

Item 192716    
Egypt Old Hand Tinted Postcard Alexandria Colonne Pompee & Column Arabe Cemetery

Vintage Egyptian Undivided Back Hand Tinted Colour Old Picture Post card. Africa Egypte Egypt, Ethnic Life - Alexandria Alexandrie - Colonne de Column of Pompee Pompey et Cimetiere Arabe Arab Arabic Cemetery. Tombs. Graves. Native Man. Published by Comptoir Philathelique d'Egypte Alexandrie

Item 192382    
China Old Postcard Corner Tower North Tomb Mausoleum Mukden Imperial Tombs奉天北陵隅樓

Vintage Chinese Old Colour picture Postcard, China, Imperial Tombs. Corner Tower of North Mausoleum, The North Tomb, Mukden. 奉天 北陵 隅樓之建築物. Published by Taisho

Item 192379    
China Old Postcard Camels Elephants Statues Imperial Tomb Ming Nanking 明孝陵 石門前石獸

Vintage Chinese Old Colour Postcard. Japan Japanese Official Military Card. 軍事郵便 China. Ming Tomb, Mausoleum, Tombs, Animals Animal Camel Camels Elephant Elephants Stone Statues. Chinese Imperial Tomb of Ming Nanking. Tombs. 南京名所 揚子江名勝 石門前石獸 明孝陵. The Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum 明孝陵 is the tomb of the Hongwu Emperor, the founder of the Ming Dynasty. It lies at the southern foot of Purple Mountain, located east of the historical centre of Nanjing, China. Legend says that in order to prevent robbery of the tomb, 13 identical processions of funeral troops started from 13 city gates to obscure the real burying site.

Item 192014    
China Old Postcard Ming Tombs Peking, Chinese Gate Gates Pekin Carvings Chinaman

Vintage Old Chinese Picture Post card. Ming Tomb. Ming Tombs. Pekin. Peking. Gates. Mountains. Panorama. Carvings. Chinaman.

Item 191879    
China Old Real Photo Postcard Wei Hai Wei Weihaiwei Naval Cemetery, Gate Soldier

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. China, Chinese. Weihaiwei, Wei Hai Wei, Wei-Hai-Wei, The Naval Cemetery, Entrance Gate. Guard. Soldier. Marine Navy. Weihaiwei Island. Tombs, Graves. Tombstones. Cross Crosses. 威海衛. 威海衛 Weihaiwei, in the north-east of China, was a leased territory of the United Kingdom from 1898 until 1930. The capital was Port Edward. The leased territory covered 288 square miles (750 km2) and included the walled city of Port Edward, bay of Wei-hai-wei, Liu-kung Tao Island and a mainland area of 72 miles (116 km) of coastline running to a depth of 10 miles (16 km) inland.