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Item 84227    
Egypt C. Wuttke Artist Signed 1923 Old Postcard Tombs Califs, Califes

Egypt Vintage Colour Art Drawn Picture Postcard, Egyptian Tomb. Les Tombeaux des Califes - The Tombs of The Califs. Artist Signed by C. Wuttke.

Item 83563    
Barfrestone Church St Nicholas' Kent Old Postcard Cross

Kent England Vintage Picture Postcard. Barfrestone Church, St. Nicholas' Church, Kent. Churchyard, Tombs, Cross. Barfrestone is a hamlet in East Kent, UK between Shepherdswell, Eythorne and Nonington and close to the pit villages of Elvington and Snowdown.
Published by J. G. Charlton Canterbury

Item 82441    
Surrey Old Frith's Postcard COMPTON CHURCH & Churchyard

Vintage Postcard. Compton Church. Churchyard. Tombs. Tombstones. Frith's Series. Published by F. Frith

Item 82410    
IFFLEY CHURCH Churchyard Tombs Old Postcard Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Vintage Frith's Picture Postcard, Iffley Church, Churchyard. Tombs. Tombstones. Iffley is a small village within the boundaries of the city of Oxford, located between the estates of Rose Hill, Cowley, and Donnington, and in close proximity to the River Thames (Isis). Its most notable feature is its Norman church, St. Mary the Virgin, which is home to the modern stained glass "Nativity Window" designed by John Piper.
Published by F. Frith & Co.

Item 80871    
Tomb of Black Prince, Canterbury Cathedral Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. The Tomb of the Black Prince. A.D. 1376 Interior of Canterbury Cathedral. Kent. Published by Walter Scott Bradford G.G. 67

Item 80273    
India Old Postcard Agra In Etmaud Dowla Tomb & Screens

Vintage B/W British Indian Picture Post card. Agra - Etmaud Dowla Interior, showing Tomb and Screens. Published by The Phototype Company Bombay

Item 79133    
Japan Old Postcard Park Shiba Tokyo Temple Shoguns Tomb

Vintage Undivided Back Japanese Picture Postcard. Japon. Park Parc de Shiba - Tokyo - Porte d'un Temple des Tombeaux des Shoguns. Tombs. Shrine. Sculpture, little boy. Published by PBS Edit MDA Cliche du Docteur de Beurmann

Item 78557    
Glasgow Cathedral CRYPT - St. Mungo's Tomb Old Postcard

Vintage B/W Postcard. Scotland, Glasgow Cathedral Interior, CRYPT showing St. Mungo's Tomb. Glasgow is Scotland's largest city, located on the River Clyde in West Central Scotland.
Published by Valentine's Series

Item 78456    
USA Old Postcard Grant's Tomb & Palisades New York City

Vintage Colour Postcard. Grant's Tomb and Palisades, Panorama. New York City. / A magnificent mansoleum erected by the City of New York in memory of the famous general in recognition of his services during the civil war. Here, side by side, lie the remains of Gen. U.S. Grant and his wife. The tomb is visited by thousands daily. Published by American Art Publishing Co. 1911 Irving Underhill

Item 76395    
India Old B/W Postcard Etmaduddaula Agra Etmad-Ud-Daula

Vintage British Indian Picture Post card. Tomb. Etmaduddaula Agra Etmad-Ud-Daula. Published by Ratan Lal & Sons Agra Cantt NELS

Item 76385    
India Old Postcard I'timadu'd-Daulah's Tomb Gate - AGRA

Early British Indian B/W Picture Postcard, I'timadu'd-Daulah's Tomb Gate Back View - AGRA. Palm Tree. Published by Department of Archaeology India

Item 75616    
India Old Postcard Tomb of Shamshuddeen Altamash, DELHI

Vintage British Indian Picture Postcard. Interior. Tomb of Shamshuddeen Shams-ud-din Altamsh Delhi. Shamsuddin Altamash. Built during the reign of Sultan Rukn Uddin and Sultana Razia, begun in 1215 A.D. It is unquestionably one of the most beautifully ornamented building. The carvings are exquisite and in remarkable preservation.

Item 74512    
India Old Postcard SAFDER JANG TOMB Delhi Gardens Trees H. A. Mirza & Son Delhi

Vintage British Indian Picture Postcard, SAFDER JANG TOMB Delhi Gardens Trees. Native Men. Published by H. A. Mirza & Son Delhi

Item 72742    
Japan Old Postcard Japanese Martyrs Shrine Temple Tomb

Vintage Picture Postcard. Japanese Martyrs Shrine Temple Tomb. 感應殿二世忠宗公御廟並殉死者墓者.

Item 71379    
Tombe fusilles - Civilians shot by Germans Old Postcard

France Vintage Postcard. War, Military. Tombe des fusilles. Tomb. Tombs. Het graf der burgers gefusilieerd door de duitschers. Auctual Grave of the civilians shot by the Germans. Published by Photo F. Mat. 90 Rue Georges Leclercq, Forest

Item 57749    
India c1900 Old Postcard Salabat Khan's Tomb Ahmednagar

Vintage B/W British Indian Picture Post Card, Salabat Khan's Tomb, Ahmednagar. Ahmednagar is a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. Sugar, milk and bank co-operatives thrive here. It is home to 19 sugar factories and is also the birthplace of the cooperative movement.

Item 55380    
India 1953 Old Postcard Safdar Jang Tomb & Garden Delhi

Early British Indian B/W Picture Post card, Delhi, Tombs and Gardens. Safdar Jang was the Honorary title of Mansur Ali Khan who was the Wazir of Ahmed Shah. This tomb was built by his son Shuja Uddaula in 1753 A.D. Though it is smaller than Humayun's tomb yet is a beautiful building. Published by H.R. Mirza & Sons Kashmir Gate Delhi

Item 54403    
India Old Postcard Tomb of Shams-ud-din Altamsh - DELHI

Vintage B/W British Indian Picture Postcard, Interior. Tomb of Shams-ud-din Altamsh Delhi. Shamsuddin Altamash.

Item 51508    
USA Old Postcard OKLAHOMA - Will Rogers Memorial Museum

Vintage Colour Postcard. Will Rogers Memorial Museum and Tomb, Claremore, Oklahoma. Published by Oklahoma News Co. Tulsa Okla / C.T. American Art

Item 50873    
India Postcard FATEHPUR SIKRI Tomb Sheikh Salim Chistie

Early Colour Postcard. Fatehpur Sikri - Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chistie.

Item 50302    
DIJON Old UB Postcard Tomb Tombeau de Philippe-le-Hardi

France Vintage B/W Postcard. Dijon - Tombeau de Philippe-le-Hardi - L. V. Dijon is a city in eastern France, the préfecture (administrative capital) of the Côte-d'Or département (county) and of the Bourgogne région.
Published by L.V. edit

Item 47093    
Japan Old B/W Postcard Fuyedzuka Hakone - Tomb of Flute

Vintage B/W Japanese Picture Postcard, Monument. Fuyedzuka, Hakone. 箱根名勝 笛塚. Published by 箱根印刷株式會社

Item 46089    
Belgium 1927 Postcard BRUSSELS Grave of Unkown Soldier

Vintage Old B/W Postcard. Bruxelles - La tombe du Soldat Inconnu. Tomb of unknown soldier. Lion Statue. Sent from Hounslow Middx to Hounslow. KG5 1d
Published by Simon

Item 44929    
LE MANS Church TOMB 1949 Old Postcard Langeay du Bellay

France Vintage B/W Postcard. Le Mans - La Cathedrale - Tombeau de Langeay du Bellay. L.L. No.29. Published by LL

Item 40820    
MAUSOLEUM Schech Ababde Tomb Old Artist Signed Postcard

Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Undivided Back Colour Postcard. Mausolee du Schech Ababde. Grabmal des Schech Ababde. Middle East. Palm Trees, Washerwomen, Riverbank, Boats. Children. Published by F.M.K.

Item 33885    
ARQ Old Postcard CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL Tomb Black Prince

Early Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Tomb of the Black Prince. Interior of Canterbury Cathedral. Kent. ARQ. From an original water colour drawing / painting by A. R. Quinton. No. 2716. Published by J. Salmon

Item 31859    
India Old Postcard MOSQUE & Tomb Fatehpore SIKRI Agra

Early Indian B/W Picture Post card. The Mosque and Tomb Fatehpore Sikri, Agra. Published by K. Lall & Co. Agra

Item 26520    
Kent Old B/W Postcard PENSHURST CHURCH Graveyard Tombs

Old B/W Postcard. Penshurst Church, Kent. Penshurst village is located some five miles south of Sevenoaks in Kent, England. The village grew up around Penshurst Place. It lies between two rivers - the Medway and the Eden. There are many Tudor-looking buildings in the village, although some are Victorian. There is also a vineyard nearby.
Published by Christian Nobels Series

Item 22415    
France L.L. 887 Old Postcard Louvre TOMB - PHILIPPE POT

Early B/W Postcard. Musee du Louvre, Tombeau de Philippe Pot. LL. The Louvre Museum (Mus�e du Louvre) in Paris, France, is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world.
Published by Levy

Item 22413    
France Old ART Postcard GIZEUX Church Interiur STATUES

Early B/W Postcard. Gizeux - Interieur de l'Eglise - Tombeau de Messir Rene du Bellay et de Dame Marie du Bellay. Orants, from the latin orare which means to pray. They represent former owners of the castle of Gizeux which is situated very near the church. Published by F. Samson, Bourgueil I.P.M. Paris