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Item 120308    
Japan Old Postcard Ancestral Hall - 6th Tokugawa Shogun

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard. Ancestral Hall of the 6th Tokugawa Shogun. Shiba Tokyo. 東京 芝公園 六代將軍 御靈屋.

Item 119553    
Japan 1912 Old Postcard Temple Tokyo, Artist FJ Nofaier

Vintage Art Drawn Postcard. Temple a Tokio. Tokyo. Cherry Blossoms. Women. Lanterns. Artist Signed by F.J. Nofaier. Souvenir de la Fete Federale de Chant, Neuchatel (Switzerland) Juillet 1912.

Item 119411    
Japan Old Postcard Imperial Palace, NIJIU BRIDGE, Tokyo

Japan Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Picutre Post Card, THE IMPERIAL PALACE & BRIDGE, River Scene, Moat, Nijubashi, Tokyo. Nijiu Bridge. 東京名所 皇居 二重橋.

Item 119406    
Japan Old Postcard Hall 7th Tokugawa Shogun Shiba Tokyo

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Japanese Picture Postcard. The Gate with an Imperial Tablet of the Ancestral Hall of the 7th Tokugawa Shogun in Shiba Tokyo. Stone Lanterns. 芝公園七代將軍御靈屋御敕額門. Published by Shbanshiudo Shiba Tokyo

Item 118120    
Japan Old Postcard - Prince's Wedding Fountain in Tokyo

Vintage Japanese Picture Postcard, Fountain Fountains Commemorating Prince's Wedding. Park. 大噴水 東京名所.

Item 117722    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Fountain Lake Tree Hibiya Park Tokyo

Vintage Colour Japanese Picture Postcard, Trees, Lake, Bird Statue Fountain, The Hibiya Park in Tokyo. 日比谷公園 噴水.

Item 117721    
Japan Old Postcard Asakusa Kanon Temple & Pigions Birds

Japan Vintage Colour Japanese picture post card, Asakusa Kanon Temple. Main Hall. Buddhist Temple, Tokyo. Street Scene. Vendors, Stone Lanterns, Pigeons, Birds flying. 東京淺草觀世音本堂.

Item 117639    
Japan Old Postcard Chikamatsu Monzaemon 200 Anniv Tokyo

Vintage Japanese Undivided Back Picture Postcard, Chikamatsu Monzaemon. Portrait. Tokyo. Artist Art Drawn. 200th Anniversary. 近松巢子肖像 並 自筆之辭世文 東京 近松二百年祭記念繪 朝日新聞社發行.

Item 116758    
Japan Old Postcard Akasaka Detached Palace, Gate, Tokyo

Vintage Japanese B/W Picture Postcard, Front of Akasaka Detached Palace, where H.R.H. Duke of Windsor stayed in his visit in 1922, the year before the big earthquake. Tokyo. GATE. 東京 赤坂離宮正面. Published by Taisho Wakayama

Item 114470    
Tokyo Old Postcard Gd. Building, Imperial Assembly Hall

Japan Vintage Japanese Postcard. Grand Building of Imperial Assembly Hall. Tokyo. 東京 輪奐美誇 新議事堂之景觀. Published by Taisho

Item 114449    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Saigo, Uyeno Park Tokyo, Statue Monument Memorial

Japan Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese picture Postcard. Bronze Statue. Monument of Saigo, Dog, Ueno Uyeno Park, Tokyo, Tokio. Men, Women & Children. 東京 上野公園 西鄉銅像.

Item 111074    
Japan Old Postcard Hozu Rapids Kyoto One Hundredth Bank

Vintage Japanese Undivided Back Picture Post card of Hozu Rapid, River, Kyoto. Boat, Boating. The Houzu-river. Hozukyo Rapids. Advertising Advertisement : The One Hundredth Bank L'd. Transacts General Banking & Foreign Exchange Business Head Office : Tokyo Branch Office. Yokohama, Kyoto. Karasumaru Rokkaku. 京都 保津峽舟遊.

Item 105610    
Japan Old Postcard YASUKUNI SHRINE Stone Lanterns Tokyo

Vintage Japanese Picture Post card, Yasukunj Yasukuni Shrine, Kudan, Tokyo. Stone Lanterns. Statue. 東京 靖國神社 表參道. Yasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Tokyo, dedicated to the spirits of soldiers and others who died fighting on behalf of the Emperor of Japan.

Item 105132    
Japan Old Postcard First, Second Regiments Statue Tokyo

Vintage Undivided Back Japanese Picture Postcard. The First and Second Regiments. Military. Horse Rider Statue Memorial Monument. Greater Tokyo. 大東京 近衛步兵一二聯隊 北白川宮銅像.

Item 101730    
Japan Old ART Postcard Emperor Visit, Tokyo Race Course

Vintage Old Japanese Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Meiji Shrine Commemorative Gallery. Wall Painting. Royal Visit. Emperor Visit. Tokyo Racecourse Race Course. 19th July 1883. 明治神宮外苑 聖德記念繪畫館 壁畫 明治十六年七月十九日 岩倉邸行幸 北蓮藏 筆 東京商工會議所 東京馬場光門內岩倉具視邸. Published by 株式會社便利堂謹納

Item 101422    
Tokyo Old Postcard NIJU-BASHI BRIDGE - Imperial Palace

Japan Vintage Japanese Picutre Post Card, The IMPERIAL PALACE, Nijubashi, Niju-Bashi. Tokyo. 東京名所 宮城 二重橋. Published by Missionary Film Committee

Item 100296    
Japan Old Postcard Uyano Tochogu Toshogu UYENO at Tokyo

Vintage Japanese picture Postcard. Uyano Tochogu Toshogu UYENO at Tokyo. Lanterns. 東京名所 上野東照宮.

Item 100291    
Japan Old Color Postcard AOYAMA RIKIU PALACE Gate Tokyo

Vintage Japanese Colour Picture Postcard, Aoyama Rikiu Palace, Entrance Gate, Tokyo. 青山離宮. Published by 東京印刷株式會社印行

Item 89683    
Japan Tokyo Old Postcard Ryogoku Bridge on Sumita River Scene Boats

Vintage Old Japanese B/W Picture Postcard, The Ryogoku Bridge on The Sumita River, Boats, Tokyo. 東京 兩國橋.

Item 87671    
Tokyo Old Postcard Imperial Palace Bridge BUDDHIST MONK

Japan Vintage Japanese Postcard. Venerable Buddhist Monk Commemoration. Nijubashi, The Imperial Palace Bridge. 明照大師追謚加號奉紀念 東京宮城 皇居二重橋 管長猊下.

Item 75408    
Japan Old RP Postcard IMPERIAL PALACE BRIDGE, Nijubashi

Vintage Japanese Real Photo Picture Postcard, Imperial Palace Bridge. Tokyo. 二重橋.

Item 40963    
JAPAN Old POSTCARD TOKYO Gohonden Consorts Mau Interior

Vintage Japanese Colour Picture Post Card, Interior View. The Gohonden Consorts Mau. Temple, Shrine. 御奧方御本殿. Published by Tokyo 東京芝增上寺御靈屋事務局發行

Item 27898    
JAPAN Old POSTCARD TOKYO Exterior The Mau of the Wives

Early Japanese B/W Picture Post Card, Exterior View. The Mau of the Wives, Shrine, Temple. Published by Tokyo 東京增上寺御靈屋事務局發行

Item 27876    
Japan Old Color Postcard TOKYO Nankoo Dozo Horse Statue

Early Coloured Postcard. Women in Kimono. Horse Rider, The Nankoo Dozo Tokyo Statue.