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Item 223900    
Australia Old Postcard Australian Man Killing a Tiger Snake, Street Scene A.G.J.

Vintage Old Postcard. Australia, Australian Man Killing a Tiger Snake, Animal, Street Scene. Published by A.G.J. Series

Item 223821    
Penang Malay Tiger 20c Old Tuck's Postcard Supreme Court, Street Rickshaw Coolie

Vintage Tuck's Old Postcard. Malay Malaya Straits Settlements. The Supreme Court. Penang. Street Scene, Rickshaws and Coolies. Ethnic Life. Penang (in Malay Pulau Pinang, Jawi:بينانج) is an island on the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The offical name of the Penang island is Prince of Wales Island and the town is Georgetown, but neither of these names is in general use. Penang was founded 17th July, 1786, having been ceded to the East India Company by the Sultan of Kedal, in return for an annuity in 1785. At this time the island was almost uninhabited, Penang has an excellent harbour and is the centre of considerable trade.
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Sepia Series Penang C.A. Ribeiro & Co. Ltd.

Item 221438    
Singapore Dancers Human Tigers Singapour Danseurs Tigres-Humains Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Singapore, Ethnic Life. French Caption : Singapour Danseurs, dits " Tigres-Humains". Singapore Dancers, known as "Human Tigers". Men and Children. Boys. Musician. Native House in background.

Item 220393    
Hong Kong Old Real Photo Postcard Haw Par Mansion Tiger Balm Garden 虎豹別墅萬金油花園 24

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard, c.1950. China Hongkong Hong Kong, Tiger Balm Garden Gardens, Haw Par Mansion, H.K. Steps. Stairs. Swimming Pool. Bathing Pool. 虎豹別墅 萬金油花園. The 3-story Haw Par Mansion was the Aw family's former residence in Hong Kong. It was built in the Chinese Renaissance style. There are more than 500 relics in the Mansion.
Published by Leonar

Item 218311    
Australia, Native Cat, Tiger Quoll, Australian Animal, 1d Arms 1906 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Australia, Native Cat, Tiger Cat, Tiger Quoll, Australian Animal. Postally Used in 1906 with 1d Arms stamp, tied Sydney N.S.W. Addressed to Glasgow Scotland. Sent from Sydney N.S.W. to Glasgow Scotland. 1d
The tiger quoll (Dasyurus maculatus), also known as the spotted-tail quoll, the spotted quoll, the spotted-tail dasyure, native cat or the tiger cat, is a carnivorous marsupial of the quoll genus Dasyurus native to Australia.
Published by Kerry, Sydney Birds and Animals of Australia

Item 218037    
Tiger (felis tigris) Animal Edgar N Fisher Artist Signed Old Colour Postcard ART

Vintage Art Drawn Old Colour Postcard. Artist Signed by Edgar N. Fisher. Tiger (felis tigris) Animal. Natural History - Animals. Series No. 82. From Jennison's Natural History - Animals. Published by A. & C. Black Ltd.

Item 216784    
A Tiger Growling, Animal, Art Artist Drawn Old Real Photo Photographic Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Art Artist Drawn. Tiger Growling, Animal.

Item 215973    
Japan Artist Drawn Old Embossed Postcard Samurai Warrior Tiger Archery Bow Arrow

Vintage Japanese Old Art Artist Drawn Embossed postcard, Japan, Samurai Warrior, Tiger, Archery, Bow and Arrow. Woman waking up man from bed. Night, Full Moon. Old Man and Child.

Item 214138    
Tom B. Browne Old Postcard Ma's Little Worries Ma Startled by New Tiger Skin Rug

Vintage Old Comic Humour Colour Postcard. Artist Signed by Tom B. Browne. Ma's Little Worries. Fat Lady Woman. Black Umbrella. Ma is Startled by the New Tiger Skin Rug. Published by Davidson Bros

Item 211324    
Japan 1914 Old Artist Drawn Postcard Happy New Year of Tiger Greetings 大正三年一月元旦

Vintage Old Japanese Art Artist Signed Post Card, 1914. Japan. Happy New Year of Tiger, Greeting Greetings. 大正三年一月元旦. 恭賀新年.

Item 208592    
Federated Malay States TIGER TRAP Old Real Photo Postcard FMS, Singapore Hunting

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Singapore. Ethnic Life. Hunting. TIGER TRAP. F.M.S. Federated Malay States.

Item 208567    
Selangor, FMS Tiger 3c 1909 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Malayan Jungle, River Scene

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Malay Malaya Straits Settlements. Malayan Jungle, River Scene. Postally Used in 1909 with Federated Malay States Tiger 3c stamp, tied Kuala Lumpur. Selangor (Jawi: سلنجور, population 4.1 million) is one of the 13 states of Malaysia. It is on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is bordered by Perak to the north, Pahang to the west, Negri Sembilan to the south and the Strait of Malacca to the west. It totally surrounds the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.
Published by Federal Rubber Stamp Co. Kuala Lumpur

Item 207400    
Japan Old Postcard Nanzenji Temple Kyoto Tiger Drinking Water 京都南禪寺大方丈襖絵狩野探幽 水吞虎

Vintage Old Japanese Colour Art Artist Drawn Postcard, Japan, Nanzenji Buddhist Temple at Kyoto. Flowers, Rocks. Tiger Drinking Water. Animal. Kanō Tan'yū. Kano Tanyu. 京都 南禪寺 大方丈襖絵 水吞虎 狩野探幽筆 國宝 Kanō Tan'yū (狩野 探幽, 1602 – 1674) was one of the foremost Japanese painters of the Kanō school.

Item 207281    
Tigress and Cubs Tiger Tigers Whipsnade Zoo Animals Photo F.W. Bond Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard, Animal Zoo Animals, Photo by F.W. Bond. From Whipsnade Park, Dunstable, the property of the Zoological Society of London. Tigress and Cubs, Tiger Tigers, Whipsnade. Published by From Whipsnade Park, Dunstable, the property of the Zoological Society of London

Item 207074    
Tiger, Henrietta MacPhee, Fearful Symmetry, Glazed Ceramic, Larger ART Postcard

Larger Art Postcard. Size : 10.5cm x 14.8cm. Tiger Animal, Henrietta MacPhee, Fearful Symmetry, Glazed Ceramic 15 x 19 x 6cm.

Item 207073    
Tiger Animal, Henrietta MacPhee, Fearful Symmetry, Glazed Ceramic, ART Postcard

Larger Art Postcard. Size : 10.5cm x 14.8cm. Tiger Animal, Henrietta MacPhee, Fearful Symmetry, Glazed Ceramic 15 x 19 x 6cm.

Item 201421    
China 1926 Cavanders Old Cigarette Card Ancient Chinese Children's Goddess Tiger

Vintage Old Small Cigarette Card. 3.5cm x 6.7cm. 1926. Cavanders Ltd London Established 1775. China. Ancient Chinese. No. 21. The Chinese goddess of children is represented as sitting upon the back of a tiger. The tiger is supposed to have the power of counteracting the pernicious influences which cause sickness to children. When a child becomes ill, those interested in its recovery burn incense and candles before an image or representation of the goddess and tiger, promising to make certain specified thank offerings should the child recover. Published by Cavanders Ltd London

Item 201366    
Taiwan Formosa China Postcard Tsoying Lunghu Dragon Tiger Pagodas Lotus 左營龍虎塔蓮池潭

Tsoying Lunghu, Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Pagoda Temple. The Pagodas are situated at the lotus lake area, a sightseers favorite corner of Kaohsiung. In the area are 2 pagodas, dragon pagoda and tiger pagoda, connected by a bridge (Nine-curves Bridge). 左營龍虎塔,位於高雄市左營區蓮池潭上,有九曲橋相連通,左進龍口洞,龍尾接七層禪塔。右進虎口洞,虎尾接七層禪塔 Larger Colour Postcard from a collection of scenic cachets and cards of Taiwan and Fukien Area, Republic of China. (臺閩地區 風景郵戳 風景明信片全集). China Formosa Taiwan Taiwanese. 臺灣 中華民國明信片 Carte Postale. Including a small card with picture, info and a punch hole (approx : 9.7cm x 11.3cm). Postcard is approx. 14.7cm x 10.4cm. Published by Directorate General of Posts Republic of China 交通部郵政總局發行

Item 201153    
Tiger Tigers in New Enclosure Whipsnade Zoo Animals Photo F.W. Bond Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard, Tiger Tigers. Animal Zoo Animals, Photo by F.W. Bond. From Whipsnade Park, Dunstable, the property of the Zoological Society of London.

Item 201146    
Tiger Artist Drawn Old RP Postcard Melle Hilda Fauve Guettant Guettant un Convoi

Vintage Old Real Photo Art Artist Drawn Undivided Back U.B. Postcard. Animals. Mountains. Melle Hilda, Fauve Guettant Guettant un Convoi. Fawn Watching for a Convoy. Tiger. Mountains. Salon. Published by S.I.P. 1902

Item 198880    
Japan Tiger Noami (1420-1490) Japanese Paintings British Museum Old Postcard 能阿弥

Vintage Japanese Artist Art Drawn Old Picture Postcard. Japan, Tiger, Noami (1420?-1490), Japanese Paintings Set 9. British Museum, London. Nōami (能阿弥, 1397–1471) was a Japanese painter and renga poet in the service of the Ashikaga shogunate. An astute art connoisseur. Published by Phot. Oxford University Press

Item 198768    
S.H. Tiger Cage, The Pup I'm a Devil for Cats Dog Puppy, Comic 1949 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Artist Drawn Old Postcard. SH S.H. Artist Signed. Tiger in Cage, The Pup:- I'm a Devil for Cats. Comic Humour. Caged Animals. Zoo Animal. Dog. Puppy. 1949. Published by H.B. Ltd

Item 198534    
Hong Kong c.1950 Old Real Photo Postcard Tiger Pagoda HK Tiger Balm Garden 虎塔萬金油

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. 8.6cm x 13.6cm. c.1950. China, Hong Kong, Hongkong, Tiger Balm Garden, Tiger Pagoda. Temple. Panorama. 虎塔 萬金油.

Item 195931    
Tiger in Cage Caged Zoo Animal Zoological Gardens Old Colour Postcard Star Serie

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Tiger in Cage, Caged Zoo Animal, Zoological Gardens. Published by The Star Series G.D. & D. London

Item 194243    
Faber Book Cover Postcard INHALE & EXHALE 1936 by W. Saroyan, Circus Tiger Clown

Faber Book Cover Modern Larger Postcard. Size : 10cm x 15.2cm. Faber Book Cover Modern Postcard INHALE AND EXHALE 1936, William Saroyan, Jacket by Barnett Freedman. The Barber whose uncle had his head bitten of by a Circus Tiger. Clown. Published by FF Faber

Item 193887    
India Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Tiger Hunting Hunters Elephants Elephant Rider

Vintage British Indian Tuck's Oilette Old Picture Postcard, India. Hunters Elephants Elephant Riders. Tiger Hunting. The tiger is very clever in concealing himself from his prey so as to leap upon it unawares, and the bright tawny colour of his fur is so similar to the jungle vegetation that he has a great advantage over his pursuers, who must have sharp eyes to detect his presence. The hunter taking aim from the howdah needs a cool nerve and a steady hand if he is to prevent the imminent leap of the ferocious beast. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Tiger Hunting

Item 193374    
Tiger Cage Caged Zoo Animal London Zoological Gardens Photo FW Bond Old Postcard

Vintage Old Post card. Caged Tiger in Cage. Zoo Animal. London Zoological Gardens. Photo by F.W. Bond. Published by From the Gardens of The Zoological Society of London, Regent's Park N.W.

Item 190529    
Singapore Old R.P. Postcard Sakaya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, Race Course Road 虎豹寺

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay Singapore. Sakaya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, Race Course Road. Tiger Statues. This Photograph shows the side of the Temple. 虎豹寺.

Item 189911    
The Tiger, Animal Flowers Plants Art Artist Drawn Old Colour Postcard Blank Back

Vintage Colour Art Artist Drawn Postcard. The Tiger. Flowers Plants Leaves.

Item 189628    
BONZO DOG GE Studdy Old Postcard Heads of Elephant Tiger Deer, Dogs Puppies 5521

Vintage Colour Old Comic Humour Picture Postcard Drawn by George Ernest Studdy, Animal, Bonzo Dog Dogs Puppies. Dutch Caption : Ik heb 't wel geschoten, zo je ziet, alleen met jou gaat het zo vlot nog niet. (I t has, however, shot, this way you see, only with you it not yet goes this way go smoothly.) Heads of Animals. Deer, Elephant with tusks & Tiger. No. 5521. Published by Valentine's Bonzo Registered Post Cards, Valentine & Sons