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Item 174376    
China Chinese Old Postcard Tientsin French Monument Memorial Statue Cross Dairen

Vintage Old Picture Post Card, Chinese. China. Tientsin, French Monument Memorial Statue and a Cross. 天津法蘭西紀念碑 Written on back: 大連遼東... 鈴木… Dairen Liaodong... Suzuki...

Item 174257    
China Old Postcard Tientsin, Chin-Hoa Opening Tien-Hu-Tong Gate and Street Scene

Vintage Old Chinese Picture Post Card, China, Tientsin, Chin-Hoa Opening, Tien-Hu-Tong Gate and Street Scene. 天津 金華橋 大胡同 望.

Item 174203    
China Military Old Postcard Tientsin Flood Flooded East Bureau Japanese Barracks

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Picture Postcard. China. Ethnic Life. Official Japan Japanese Military Mail Post. Tientsin Flooding, Flood Disaster Disasters. Flooded East Bureau Imperial Japanese Military Barracks. Rescue Boat Canoe. Native Chinese Houses. Goods. 支那事變 天津市外洪水 黃濁一望 洪水中皇軍之活躍 天津市外東機局兵營 洪水中山積貨物 With Red 軍事郵便 and 岡 in circle on back.

Item 173011    
China Tientsin Riot 1912 Old Postcard Arrested Looter, Police Soldiers, Rickshaw

Vintage Old Colour Picture Post card. Ethnic Life. China, Tientsin Riots 1912. Gefangener Pluenderer. Arrested Looter, Police Soldiers, Chinaman. Uniform, Chinese Rickshaw and Coolie. 天津. Card written in 1919. 19th May. Addressed to France.

Item 172315    
China Old Postcard Tientsin Japanese Concession Chinese Section Beggar Wheelcart

Vintage Old Multiview Chinese Picture Postcard. Official Military Mail Card. Tientsin, Dividing Line of Japanese Concession and Chinese Section, Street Scene, Rickshaw Cart, Carriage. Electric Lamp Light Factory. Jintan (Japanese medicine) Advertising Advertisement. Beggar Beggars with an One Wheel Cart, Wheelbarrow Wheel Barrow. Outside Tien-tsin. 寶星電汽燈廠 仁丹 天津 中日交叉界 天津郊外 物拾一輪車 軍事郵便.

Item 171958    
China Tientsin Fishing Old Postcard Arsenal Hunters Bridge Pont des Chasseurs 8.

Vintage French China Old Picture post card, Military. China TIENTSIN Arsenal - Le Pont des Chasseurs. Hunters Bridge. Soldiers Fishing by River Scene. Published by V. Marius

Item 166888    
China Old Colour Postcard Tientsin Shrine Temple Yamato Park Torii Gate Lanterns

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard. c.1920. Republic of China Period, Chinese. Tientsin Shrine Temple in Yamato Park, Tientsin. Steps. Torii Gate. Stone Lanterns. 天津神社. Published by 天津中裕洋行發行

Item 166015    
China Old Postcard Tientsin Yamato Park Japanese Concession Fountain Lake Gazebo

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard. China, Chinese. Tientsin, Yamato Park Japanese Concessio, Fountain, Gazebo & Lake. 天津 日本租界 大和公園. Published by 壽街日光堂書店發行

Item 165534    
China Old German Postcard Tientsin Settlement Railway Station Train and Soldiers

Vintage Old Colour German Picture Post Card, China, Chinese, Tientsin, Abfahrt deutscher soldaten. Settlement Railway Station. Military. Train and Soldiers. Platform. Rail. Railroad. 天津 火車站. Published by 天津中裕洋行發行 Tientsin

Item 152080    
China Old Colour Postcard Tientsin Chinese Buddha Temple Guardian God with Snake

Vintage Chinese Old Colour Picture Postcard, China. Tientsin - Chinese Buddha Statue. A Guardian God of Tien Lo Temple. Deity Holding a Green Snake. Published by E. Lee Tientsin

Item 143939    
China Old Colour Postcard Tientsin Peiho Pei Ho Wharf Steamer Steam Ship Harbour

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. Republic of China Period, Chinese. Tientsin, Peiho Pei Ho Wharf, Shipping, Steamer, Steam Ship, Ships Boats, Harbour. Japanese Flag on Steamboat (x口丸). Sunset. 天津 白河之航運狀態. Published by 壽街日光堂書店發行

Item 143933    
China Old Postcard Tientsin Chinese Bandits to be Executed for Child Trafficking

Vintage Old Colour Picture Post Card, Chinese. China. Tientsin, Ethnic Life. Native Chinese Bandits to be Executed for Child Trafficking, Execution, Police, Policemen. Criminals. 天津 處決由各誘運賣幼孩人犯劉旦 秦堂豐.

Item 118391    
China c.1920 Old Colour Postcard Li Hun Chang's Temple Tientsin Chinese Lake

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. Republic of China Period. Li Hongzhang. Li-Hun-Chang's Temple, Tientsin, / Li Hung Chang (1823 – 1901) was a Chinese general who ended several major rebellions, and a leading statesman of the late Qing Empire. 天津支那街 李鴻章廟.