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Item 28653    
Belgium Old Postcard MECHELEN Vieille Porte d Bruxelles

Early B/W Postcard. Malines - Vieille Porte de Bruxelles. Published by Nels

Item 28643    
WOMAN IN EXETER Old B/W Real Photo Postcard / Costume

Old B/W Postcard. Portrait of woman (in Exeter?). Published by Alan Mills, Paris St., Exeter

Item 28634    
Comic Humour Old Postcard COME & KISS AUNTIE Castor OIL

Early Funny Colour Postcard. Come and kiss Auntie, and I'll give you a penny. T'Aint worf it, Auntie - Why, I get a sixpence for taking Castor oil. Published by H. B. Ltd.

Item 28590    

Early Undivided Back Multiview B/W Postcard. Barnes Falls. Owego Greek from Main Street Bridge. Waterfall, River. Cascade. Published by Strait's Book Store.

Item 28575    
Bamforth Humour 1907 Old Postcard Dreamt of Sweet Roses

Old Colour Humour Picture Postcard, Bamforth Series No. 1286 Dear, We arrived safely, but had difficulty in finding lodgings. At last near midnight, we were fortunate in securing the above. Yours ... P.S. I cannot for my life think why I dreamt of sweet roses. Published by Bamforth Series

Item 28521    
Isle of Man Harbour Beach Fishing Boats Old Postcard Girls Children I.O.M.

Early B/W Picture Post Card, Lovely View, Ships, Boats. Group of Children, little girls. Isle of Man. I.O.M.

Item 28472    
Wales Old Multiview Postcard PEMBROKE CASTLE Stack Rock

Old Colour Postcard. Pembroke Castle, Stack Rocks, Traditional Costumes. ETHNIC. Welsh women. Published by KPEM 150

Item 28467    
Germany Old ETHNIC Postcard BLACK FOREST Volkstrachten

Early Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Badische Volkstrachten, Schwarzwald. Man & Women Costume, Cart. Published by H. F. Nachf. K. S. Str.

Item 28427    
France Old Postcard FECAMP Upper Normandy Woman Costume

Early French B/W Postcard. La Normandie sur le seuil d'une vieille maison de fecamp. ETHNIC. Woman & Umbrella. Traditional Costumes. Fecamp is a commune of the Seine-Maritime departement, in France.
Published by Louis Levy LL

Item 28381    
Poland Old R.P. Postcard NIEDERSEE Kurhaus Steamer Boat

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Kurhaus am Niedersee. Niedersee [Ruciane-Nida], Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland
Published by Stengel

Item 28375    
POLAND Old Postcard Oltarz zeglarzy wislanych kosciele

Old B/W Postcard. Oltarz zeglarzy wislanych w kosciele N.M.P. w Elblagu, wyrzezbiony ok. r. 1510. Poland.

Item 28364    
Tunisia Old Postcard FERRYVILLE, Town Hall, Bicycle, Horse Drawn Cart, Africa

Vintage Old Postcard. Tunisia, Ferryville - Hotel de Ville. Horse Drawn Cart. Bicycle. Published by Collection H. Hanson

Item 28359    
South Africa Old Postcard CALEDON RIVER Wild Flower Reserve Veldblomtuin

Early Colour Postcard. Wild Flower Reserve - Caledon S.A. - Veldblomtuin. South Africa. Yellow Flowers. Published by N.H.D.

Item 28351    
USA 1906 Old Postcard BOSTON Public Garden Lake, BRIDGE

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Across the Lake. Public Garden. Boston, USA. Sent from Boston Mass to Randolph. US 1c Franklin
Published by Boston Post-Card Co., 12 Pearl St.

Item 28347    
Morocco Africa Old Postcard - FEDHALA Mohammedia CLIFFS

Old B/W Postcard. Fedhala - Les Falaises - The Cliffs. Published by La Gigogne

Item 28342    
Comic Humour 1951 Old Postcard - Haircutting & Singeing

Early Comic Humour Picture Postcard. Lumme, Bill, there's a bloke a-looking for 'em wiv a light!. Sent from Newmarket Suffolk to Isleham. KG6 2d

Item 28331    
Comic Humour Old Postcard - Put COALS back in the BATH

Early Comic Humour Picture Postcard, ... and don't forget to put the coals back in the bath. Sent to Isleham. KG6 2d
Published by Super Comic

Item 28294    
Devon Old Art Postcard - CLOVELLY Down-A-Long Sea View

Early Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Down-Along, Clovelly. Donkey, Sea View. Flowers. Lavender. Steps. Published by J. Salmon

Item 28293    
Devon Old Artist Drawn PPC CLOVELLY Down-Along - STREET

Early Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Down-Along, Clovelly. Donkey, Sea View. Published by J. Salmon

Item 28290    
STORK Bird LAKE Autumn Old Artist Drawn Postcard Animal

Early Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Stork. Autumn Scene. Stork in the lake. Published by S. Hildesheimer Seasons Illustrated Series

Item 28289    
Surrey On the Arun 1907 Art Drawn Postcard River COWS

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. On the Arun, Surrey. Drinking Cows, Bridges. Sent from Norwich to Norwich. KE7 1/2d
Published by S. Hildesheimer Surrey Views

Item 28278    
Artist Drawn 1907 Old Postcard Cottage River Boat Woman

Early Beautiful Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Boating, Flowers, Boats. Birds. Sent from Southport. KE7 1/2d
Published by Meissner & Buch Leipzig Kunstler Postkarten Serie 1354 Wald und Flur Gottes Natur! Gesetzl gesch

Item 28275    
Lake District 1906 ART Postcard DERWENT WATER Skiddow

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Derwentwater and Skiddow from above Lodore. Winter Snowy Landscape. Sent from Staines to Berks. KE7 1/2d
Published by S. Hildesheimer ENGLISH LAKES SERIES

Item 28272    
FOLKESTONE Old Artist Drawn Postcard The Warren Cliffs

Kent Early Artist Signed Colour Postcard. The Warren Folkestone. Published by Photochrom

Item 28266    
Devon Old Artist Signed Postcard CLOVELLY Harbour Boats

Early W.C. Artist Signed Colour Postcard. Clovelly from the Harbour, Boats. Beach. Published by J. Salmon Water colour Series

Item 28229    
JONAR Artist Signed 1948 Postcard - In Your Strong Arms

Early Comic Humour JONAR Artist Signed Picture Postcard, Moonlight, Moon, Oh, Edmund - I feel such a weak little thing in your strong arms. Sent from Norfolk to Cambs. KG6 2d
Published by E.M.

Item 28222    
Comic Humour 1950 Old Postcard Tender as Woman's Heart

Early Artist Signed E Comic Humour Colour Postcard. At the Meat Shop. Is that steak tender? Tender, Sir? it's as tender as a Woman's heart. Is that so! Well, give me some sausages. Sent from Ely to Cambs. KG6 2d

Item 28214    
Comic Humour Old Postcard Cuddling Pillow - Silly Dream

Early SA Artist Signed Comic Humour Picture Postcard, H.B. No. 7086. Stop cuddling the pillow and wipe that silly dream off your face. Published by H.B. Ltd.

Item 28212    
Comic Humour 1950 Old Postcard Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe

Early SH Artist Signed Comic Humour Picture Postcard, There are some nice curiousities here - plenty of bronzes. Women, Girls in bikini. Beach. Sent from Great Yarmouth to Cambs. KG6 2d
Published by H.B. Ltd.

Item 28203    
RES MAURICE 1924 Postcard - Every Pitcher Tells a Story

Old Humour Comic Artist Signed Colour Picture Postcard. Every Pitcher Tells a Story. KG5 1d
Published by Regent series