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Item ID: 151446  

Taiwan Formosa China 1928 Old Postcard Wu Feng Temple Mausoleum, Chiayi, Alishan

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard. 1928. Japan Japanese Occupation Period. China Formosa Taiwan Taiwanese, Wu Feng Temple. Wu Feng's mausoleum, a designated landmark in Chiayi County. Alishan. Mt. Mount Ali Mountain. 台灣 嘉義 東方二里半處 阿里山蕃之藏首 犧牲 義人.

Publisher: 生蕃屋商店發行
Series No: 300
Faults: Marks on back
Background: Wu Feng was a Han Chinese who befriended aborigines. According to the popular story about him, which was not recorded before 1855, he tried to persuade the A-li-shan tribe to give up their practice of headhunting, but his attempts were unsuccessful. On one occasion he declared that on the following day the aborigines would see a man in a red cloak. He told them they would cut off the man's head, but it would be the last head they ever took. The next day, the aborigines saw a man in a red cloak and decapitated him, only to find they had killed Wu Feng himself. Horrified, they gave up the practice of headhunting forever. In the early 19th century, before 1820, a small mausoleum was built for Wu Feng. It was rebuilt and expanded in the early 20th century. This mausoleum is now a cultural landmark.


Taiwan Formosa China 1928 Old Postcard Wu Feng Temple Mausoleum, Chiayi, Alishan

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