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Item 223996    
Lourenco Marques Old RP Postcard Eastern T. Co's Cable Station Maputo Mozambique

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Africa, Mozambique. Lourenço Marques Lourenco Marques. Maputo. P.E.A. Portuguese East Africa, Estacao do Cabo Submarino. Eastern T. Co's Cable Station. Maputo officially named Lourenço Marques until 1976, is the capital and most populous city of Mozambique.
Published by D. Spanos Stationer Lourenco Marques

Item 210688    
German UC5 Mine-Laying Submarine Captured Apr 1916 Old Postcard Marine Navy Flag

Vintage Old Naval Postcard. Military Vessel. Submarine. Marine, Navy. Flag. The UC5 Mine-Laying is practically a new Submarine. It was captured somewhere on the East Coast in April (1916). It is believed that she made 20 trips across the North Sea and laid about 240 mines. On her last voyage she had just laid 2 when a British Destroyer captured her. To prevent damage being done by the 2 mines a plucky torpedo lieutenant attired in a diver's suit made the mines safe by detaching the detonators. Published by M. & D. London

Item 210687    
WW1 Captured German UC5 Mine Laying Submarine, Admiralty, 1916 Old Postcard Flag

Vintage Old Naval Postcard. Military Vessel. Captured German UC5. Mine Laying Submarine by Authority of the Admiralty July 1916. During First World War. Flag. Map Layout of the Submarine. Ships, Boats. Kingston Valves, Mine Siking / Dropping, Tubes etc. Shows the internal workings of the sub. WW1. Published by Charles J. de Lacy 1916, Crown Copyright Reserved. Controller of H.M. Stationery Office

Item 210684    
Submarine Isaac Peral en el Dique, Dike, Spanish Navy Marine Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Military Vessel. Marina de Guerra Espanola. 20. Submarino Isaac Peral en el dique. Marine. Navy. Flag. Spanish Navy. Isaac Peral Submarine on the dike. 20 - Submarino Isaac Peral en el dique. Solo de esta manera se puede apreciar las caracteristics de su contrusccion parecida a la de un pez. Por los demas datos vease la postal n. 19. / Isaac Peral submarine on the dike. Only in this way you can appreciate the characteristics of his construction similar to that of a fish. For other information see the postcard n. 19. Published by JVB Serie Standard

Item 203188    
WW1 Military 1919 Old Real Photo Postcard Torpedo as Fired from German Submarine

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. First World War WW1. Military. Tent. Torpedo as Fired from German Submarines. 1919. Sent from Up Holloway to Oxon. KG5 1d

Item 140559    
Eureka Series, Where Can That Submarine Be!! Bathers, Toy Ship Boat Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. Humour Comic. Eureka Series, Where Can That Submarine Be!! Bathers, Toy Ship Boat, Little Boy. Sea.

Item 71894    
Captured 2-Man Japanese Suicide SUBMARINE 1941 Postcard

WW2 Military Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Second World War, Captured Two-Man Japanese Suicide Submarine. Japan. Flags. Military Vessel. Street Scene. Crowd. / The two-man Japanese submarine was captured off Oahu Island on December 8, 1941. This suicide craft is 81 feet long by 6 feet in diameter and weighs approximately 17 tons without the electric motor which was removed to lighten it. The only means of entrance and exit to submarine is through a 16-inch hatch at the top of the conning tower. In addition to the two 18-foot torpedoes which were carried in the forward end, the submarine had a demolition charge of TNT sufficient to blow up two entire city blocks. Published by GPO 16-33406-1 WSS 787