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Item 221457    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Canton Steamer Wharf Sweetmeat Seller Chinese Temple Boys

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Post Card, Ethnic Life. China, Hong Kong Hongkong. Chinese Temple, Canton Steamer and Wharf, Native Children Playing, Little Boys. Chinese Woman Tailor Lady in the Street. Chinese Sweet Meat Sellers on the Street Scene. Boat. Ferry. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 221443    
Hong Kong KE7 4c 1905 Old Colour UB Postcard Chinese Junks in Harbour Ferry Boat

Vintage Colour Old Undivided Back Post card. 1905. China Hong Kong Hongkong. H.K. Harbour. Chinese Junk in The Harbour. Native Sailing Boat. Boats. Ferry Steamer, Steam Ship. Panorama. Shipping. Postally Used in 1905 with King Edward 7th 4c stamp, tied Victoria Hong Kong, addressed to London England. Sent from Victoria to London, England. Published by Sold by O.F. Ribeiro Hongkong

Item 221373    
India Old Postcard Dinghies on River Hughli Hooghly, Sampan Boats Ships, Harbour

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, Ethnic Life. Shipping. Steamer, Steam Ship. Dinghies on River Hughli, Native Sampan Sampans Boats on Hooghly River Scene. Bhubaneswar is an ancient city in India’s eastern state of Odisha, formerly Orissa. Many temples built from sandstone are dotted around Bindu Sagar Lake in the old city, including the 11th-century Hindu Lingaraja Temple.

Item 221314    
Egypt Old Postcard Port Said Entree du Canal de Suez Entrance Steamer Steam Ship

Vintage Old Postcard, Africa Egypte Egypt Egyptian. Port Said, Entree du Canal de Suez Entrance, Steamer Steam Ship. Shipping. Panorama. Published by Ephtimios Freres Port Said

Item 221313    
Egypt Old UB Postcard Curve of Canal Courbe du Canal Steamer Steam Ship Shipping

Vintage Undivided Back Old Egyptian Picture Card. Africa Egypte Egypt. Courbe du Canal. - Curve of the Canal. Steamer Steam Ship Shipping.

Item 221311    
Egypt Old Postcard Port Said View of Harbour Steam Ships Steamers Boats Panorama

Vintage Egyptian Old Undivided Back Post Card. Africa Egypte Egypt. Port Said - Steamers, Steam Ships. Boats. Quay. Street Scene. Panorama. General View. Port Said is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal, with an approx. population of 500,000.
Published by Ephtimios Freres Port Said

Item 221204    
China Old Postcard Port Arthur War Monument Mt. Hakugyoku Ossuary 旅順 白玉山 表忠塔 納骨祠

Vintage Old Picture Postcard, Chinese China. Martyrs The War Monument, Memorial, Mt. Hakugyoku. White Jade Mountain. Warship Battleship. Military Vessel. Steam Ship, Steamer. Port Arthur. Panorama. 旅順 白玉山表忠塔及納骨祠. Published by 陸地測量部版權所有 旅順要塞戰紀念品陳列場發行

Item 221196    
Japan Yokohama Great Earthquake Fire 1923 Old Postcard N Harbour Ship 新港燒跡 橫濱大震災

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, Yokohama Great Earthquake & Fire 1923 Ruins, Disaster Disasters. Burnt New Harbour. Ruins. Steamer Steam Ship. 大正十二年九月一日 橫濱大震災 慘狀 新港燒跡.

Item 221185    
Egypt Old Postcard Kantara A British Steam Ship in Canal Suez Steamer Palm Trees

Vintage Colour SHIPPING Old Picture Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. KANTARA, Palm Trees. A British Ship in the Canal. Steamer Steam Ship. Published by The Cairo Post-Card Trust Ph. N. 0155

Item 220898    
M.V. Shropshire, Bibby Line Old Postcard Steam Ship Steamer James S. Mann Signed

Vintage Old SHIPPING Colour Art Drawn Postcard. James S. Mann Artist Signed. Steam Ship Steamer. Motor Vessel M.V. Shropshire. Bibby Line. Advertising Advertisement on back : Bibby Line. Regular Fortnightly Sailings between England, Gibraltar, Marseilles, Port Said, Sudan, Cochin (Southern India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, and Burma. Mediterranean Summer Tours. Winter Tours Egypt, Sudan, and Southern India, Ceylon and Burma.

Item 220792    
Hong Kong China Old Postcard Greetings from Far East Hongkong Chinese Junks Ship

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Hong Kong Hongkong China. Greetings from far East Hongkong. Roses. Rose Flowers. Harbour, Chinese Junks, Steamer, Steam Ships. Published by Yee Wo shing

Item 220700    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Port Said Entrance of Suez Canal, Steamers Steam Ships

Vintage Colour Old Egyptian Picture Post card, Africa Egypte Egypt. Port Said, Entrance of The Suez Canal. Boats. Shipping Steamers, Steam Ships. Panorama. General View. Quay. Port Said is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal.
Published by The Cairo Postcard Trust Cairo Ph. N. 0120

Item 220641    
Tonga, Vavau Vavaʻu Shipping, Steamer Steam Ship Boats Harbour Quay Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Tonga. Vavau Vavaʻu, Shipping. Steamer Steam Ship. Boats in Harbour. Quay. Vavaʻu is the island group of one large island and 40 smaller ones in Tonga. It is part of Vavaʻu District which includes several other individual islands.

Item 220590    
Egypt Old Postcard Ismailia Le Port, Harbour Ships Boats Steamer River Scene 607

Vintage Egyptian Old Picture Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Ismailia, Le Port. Harbour. Ships Boats, Steam Ship, Steamer River Scene Palm Trees. Ismailia is the capital of the governorate of Al Isma'iliyah, and one of the newest cities in Egypt.
Published by Costi Damilacos Ismailia 0435

Item 220492    
Singapore Old Postcard Steam Ship Discharging Coals Native Malay Workers Coolies

Vintage Old post card, Ethnic Life. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay Singapore. Ethnic Life. Steamer, Steam Ship Discharging Coals, Native Coal Workers Coolies at Work, Carrying Baskets. Published by G.R. Lambert & Co. Singapore

Item 220415    
China Old Colour Postcard Canton Passenger Junk, Steamer Ships Boats Rowing Boat

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard of China, Canton, Passenger Junk, Steam Ships, Steamers, Boat, Boats, Panorama. Rowing Boat. Flags. Panorama. Published by Turco-Egyptian Tobacco Store

Item 220287    
South Africa Old Colour Postcard The Point, Durban, Steam Ship Steamer and Boats

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. South Africa,The Point, Durban. Steam Ship Steamer. Boats in Harbour. Panorama. Durban is a vibrant cosmopolitian city in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.
Published by A. Rittenberg Durban

Item 220230    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Douglas Bay Victoria Pier R Banks Manchester Lighthouse

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Isle of Man I.O.M. Douglas Bay and Victoria Pier, R. Banks - Manchester Lighthouse, Pier, Jetty, Steamer Steam Ship Ships, Boats. Panorama. Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Coat of Arms at bottom right.

Item 220227    
Isle of Man KG5 1d 1923 Old Postcard Douglas Bay Harbour Steamer Steam Ship Pier

Vintage Old Postcard. 1923. Isle of Man. Douglas Bay, Harbour, Steamer Steam Ship, Boats. Pier. Panorama. Published by Rowell's Series

Item 220135    
Egypt Old Postcard Port Said Suez Canal Company Office & Harbour Steamers L.L.65

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. Egypt Africa. Egypte. Port Said, Office of the Canal Suez Company, Bureaux de la Compagnie du Canal de Suez et le Port. Cie du Canal de Suez. Le bureau de la compagnie. Harbour, Steamers, Steam Ships, Boats. Panorama. Harbour. Panorama. Wheels. L.L. No. 65. Published by LL Selecta

Item 220005    
Hong Kong Old Hand Tinted Postcard East Point, Harbour Native Sampan Boats H. 39

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Post Card, China Hongkong Hong Kong, Harbour, Fishing Boats. Sampans. Steamer, Steamboats, Steam Ships. Mountains. Fisherman. Panorama. Published by Daibutsu Hongkong

Item 219987    
Singapore Harbour Entrance, Panorama Village Houses in distance Old Postcard 168

Vintage Old Postcard, Malaya Malay Straits Settlements Singapore, Sailing Boats. Steam Ship, Steamer. Entrance Harbour. Native Houses Huts on Stilts. Hills, Mountains. Chimneys. Singapore. Panorama. Published by Max H. Hilckes Singapore

Item 219813    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Panorama of Hongkong from The Sea Harbour Quay Wharf Boat

Vintage Old Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. Harbour, General View, Panorama of Hongkong from The Sea, Quay Wharf Steamer Steam Ship Boats. No. 3.

Item 219787    
Union-Castle Line Pretoria Castle Royal Mail Steamer Ship SE Africa Old Postcard

Vintage SHIPPING Old Postcard. Union-Castle Line Royal Mail Steamer, Steam Ship, Pretoria Castle 28,705 tons. Union Castle Line to South and East Africa.

Item 219786    
Cunard White Star Scythia Steam Ship Steamer, Kenneth Shoesmith Old ART Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn SHIPPING Colour Old Postcard. Artist Signed by Kenneth Shoesmith. Cunard White Star Line. R.M.S. Scythia, Royal Mail Steamer, Steam Ship. Boats. Harbour, Buildings.

Item 219785    
Cunard R.M.S. Caronia Steam Ship Steamer Cruise Liner Old Art Postcard Shipping

Vintage Old Colour Art Artist Drawn. Shipping, Cunard R.M.S. Caronia, Steamer Steam Ship, Cruise Liner. RMS Caronia was a 34,183 gross register tons (GRT) passenger ship of the Cunard Line (then Cunard White Star Line). Launched on 30 October 1947, she served with Cunard until 1967. She was nicknamed the "Green Goddess" by the people of Liverpool because her livery resembled that of the local trams, also known as "Green Goddesses".

Item 219783    
Cunard White Star Queen Elizabeth, Steamer Steam Ship, Cruise Liner Old Postcard

Vintage Colour SHIPPING Old Postcard. Cunard White Star. "Queen Elizabeth" Steam Ship. Steamer. Shipping.

Item 219782    
Cunard R.M.S. SCYTHIA, Royal Mail Steamer Steam Ship, Artist Drawn Old Postcard

Vintage Art Artist Drawn SHIPPING Colour Old Postcard. Cunard White Star Line. R.M.S. Scythia, Royal Mail Steamer, Steam Ship.

Item 219776    
Japan 4s 1911 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Pier of Yokohama Harbour Ships Boats 橫濱棧橋

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Japanese Old Post card, 1911. Japan, General View, Panorama. View of the Pier of Yokohama. Harbour, Boats, Steam Ships, Steamers. Street Scene. Shipping. Panorama, General View. 橫濱棧橋. 4s
Yokohama (Japanese: 横浜市; -shi) is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. It is Japan's largest incorporated city and largest seaport, and a commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.

Item 219775    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Mitsubishi Dock, Nagasaki, Steamer Ship 長崎三菱第一船渠

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Old Picture Post Card. Japan, Mitsubishi Dock, Nagasaki, Steamer Steam Ship. 長崎三菱第一船渠.