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Item 207608    
Egypt Old UB Postcard Port Said Côté de la Poste Harbour Quay Ships Boats Donkey

Vintage Egyptian Old Multiview Undivided Back Postcard. c.1900. Africa Egypte Egypt. Ethnic Life. Port-Said. Port Said - Vue du Port-Said cote de la Poste. Shipping. Steamers, Steam Ships, Boats. Harbour. Quay. Panorama. Ethnic Life. Native Donkey Riders. Donkeys. Flowers. Published by Carlo Mieli, Alexandrie, Commission-Representation

Item 207545    
Puerto Rico Porto Rico Old UB Postcard Boat Landing San Juan Boats Ships Harbour

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard, Puerto Rico. Porto Rico. Boat Landing, San Juan, Steamer Steam Ship, Sailing Boat, Boats, Vessels. Panorama. Shipping. Harbour. Private Mailing Card, authorized by Act of Congress May 19, 1898. Published by Allen News Co. San Juan, Porto Rico

Item 207541    
Russia 4k 1911 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Odessa, Port Harbour, Pier Jetty Ukraine

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Russia Ukraine, Odessa. Le port. Harbour, Pier Jetty, Steamers Steam Ships, Boats, Panorama. Postally Used in 1911 with 4k stamp. S-ro A. Krivoj Balkovskaja 27 Odessa (Russie). Odessa also known as Odesa is the 4th largest city in Ukraine. It is a major seaport on the Black Sea, the largest port in Ukraine. During the Russia Soviet period it was the most important port of trade in the U.S.S.R. and a Soviet naval base.

Item 207530    
India Sea Post Office KE7 1a 1904 Old Postcard Victoria Dock Bombay, Steam Ships

Vintage Old British Indian Postcard. India Bombay. Shipping. Steam Ships, Steamers. Victoria Dock. Bombay. Men. Postally Used with King Edward 7th 1a stamp. SEA POST OFFICE. Addressed to Switzerland with Wattwil arrival postmark. Sent from Bombay to Wattwil Switzerland. KEVII 1a
Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and is located on an island off the west coast of India.

Item 207514    
S.S. Eastland Steamer Ship Shipwreck, Chicago Fire and Police Dept. Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. USA. United States. Disaster Disasters. Ship Wreck. Shipwreck. S.S. Eastland. Members of Chicago Fire and Police Department engaged in the recovery of bodies from sunken hold of Steamer Eastland. Firemen. Fire Brigade. Firefighters. The S.S. Eastland was a passenger ship based in Chicago and used for tours. On July 24, 1915, the ship rolled over onto her side while tied to a dock in the Chicago River. A total of 844 passengers and crew were killed in what was the largest loss of life from a single shipwreck on the Great Lakes.
Published by Max Rigot Selling Co. Chicago.

Item 207372    
Japan Old Postcard Kobe Harbour Works Bicycle Bike Steam Ships Sailing Boat 神戶築港

Vintage Japanese Old picture Postcard. Japan, Kobe Harbour Works Bicycle Steamers Steam Ships Sailing Boats. Shipping. Panorama. 神戶築港. Published by 神戶市役所發行 神戶光村印刷株式會社印行

Item 207181    
Hong Kong China Old Colour Postcard View from The Peak on Victoria City, Kowloon

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. China Hong Kong Hongkong. Tramway. View from the Peak on VICTORIA CITY and Kowloon. Harbour, Ships, Boats. steamers. Panorama. General View. Published by Turco-Egyptian Tobacco Store Queens Road Old Post Office Building

Item 207169    
Hong Kong China Old Postcard Black Pier Ferry Boats Steamers Steam Ships Harbour

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. Steamers, Steam Ships, Ferry Boats, Ferries, at Black Pier.

Item 206770    
Chile Old Colour Postcard Antofagasta Bahia V. Steamer Steam Ship Ships Panorama

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Chile. Antofagasta Bahia V., Steamer Steam Ship, Ships, Panorama. Antofagasta is a port city in northern Chile. The city's name comes from either a Quechua or Aymara word for "town of the great saltpeter bed."
Published by Propiedad de los Editores Mattersohn & Grimm, Valparaiso

Item 206634    
China 1926 Old Postcard Dairen Wharf Largest in Orient Hong Kong Maru Steam Ship

Vintage Colour Old post card. 31st July 1926. Japanese Occupation of China. Chinese, Dairen. Dalian. Tarien. Manchuria. Dairen Wharf, The largest in Orient. Steamer, Steam Ship, Ferry Boat with Name : Hongkongmaru Hong Kong Maru. Street Scene. 大連 東洋一誇大連之大埠頭 大正15年7月31日.

Item 206632    
China 1931 Old Postcard Liner for Selling from Dairen Wharf Steamer 大連埠頭內地行定期船出帆

Vintage Colour Old post card. 28th August 1931 China Chinese Japan Japanese Occupation. Manchukuo Manchuria, A View of The Liner for Selling from The Dairen Wharf, Steamer, Steam Ship, Shipping, Dalian Dairen. 大連 東洋一大連埠頭 內地行定期船出帆 盛觀 昭和6年8月28日.

Item 206535    
Hong Kong China Old Hand Tinted Postcard East Point, Harbour Native Sampan Boats

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Post Card, China Hongkong Hong Kong, Harbour, Fishing Boats. Sampans. Steamer, Steamboats, Steam Ships. Mountains. Fisherman. Panorama. Published by Daibutsu Hongkong

Item 206486    
Hong Kong Old Real Photo Postcard Harbour Chinese Junks Boats Steamer Steam Ship

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard, China Hongkong Hong Kong. Shipping. Harbour, Chinese Junks Boats Steamers Steam Ships, Panorama. Ethnic Life. Embossed : Ming Yuan Studio Hong Kong at bottom right.

Item 206475    
Indonesia Jan Pieterszoon Coen Sabang Harbour, 2 Old Attached Postcards Panorama

Vintage 2 attached Old Postcards make 1 Panorama. Dutch East Indies, D.E.I. De "Jan Pieterszoon Coen" in de Haven van Sabang. Harbour. Shipping. Steamer Steam Ship, Ships Boats. Hills, Mountains. Palm Trees. General View. Published by P. Alberti Sabang SFU NE

Item 206392    
Singapore Old Postcard Victoria Dock Dry Dock Schooner Steamers Steam Ships N.60

Vintage Old Postcard, Straits Settlements Malaya Malay, Singapore, Shipping. Large Sailing Vessel, Schooner Steamer Steam Ship in Dry Dock, Victoria Dock. Ships Boats.

Item 206194    
Singapore Old UB Postcard Greetings from The Far East Palm Trees Steam Ship Boat

Vintage Old Undivided Back Colour Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Singapore. Greetings from The Far East, Botanic Garden Botanical Gardens. Palm Trees, Steamer, Steam Ship, Ferry Boat. Published by G.R. Lambert & Co. Singapore

Item 206078    
Egypt Old UB Postcard Port Said Ferdinand Lesseps Statue Harbour Ships Boat Quay

Vintage Egyptian Old Multiview Colour Undivided Back Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Port-Said. Port Said - Ferdinand de Lesseps Statue Monument Memorial on Breakwater. Suez Canal engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps (1805 - 1894). Vue et Port de Port-Said. Harbour. Quay. Steamers Steam Ships, Boats. Panorama. Published by Carlo Mieli Alexandrie Egypte

Item 206076    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Canal de Suez No.14 Ras El Eis Steam Ship Steamer Boat

Vintage Colour Egyptian Old Post Card, Africa Egypte Egypt, Shipping. Canal de Suez No. 14. Ras El Eis Steam Ship Steamer Boat. Panorama. Published by Edition Egyptienne AL

Item 206027    
Egypt Old Postcard Port Said Debarquement au Quai, Landing Pier Quay Steam Ships

Vintage Egyptian Old Colour Post Card. Africa, Egypt Egypte. Port-Said, Debarquement au Quai. Unloading at the Quay. Steamer, Steam Ships, Lighthouse. Boats. Shipping. Published by Lichtenstern & Harari Cairo

Item 206026    
Egypt Old Colour Postcard Port Said Entree au Canal Entrance, Warship Battleship

Vintage Colour Egyptian Old Post Card, Africa Egypte Egypt, Port Said, Entree au Canal Entrance, Warship Battleship Military Vessel. Steam Ship. Towers. Published by Lichtenstern & Harari Cairo

Item 205833    
Hold to The Light, Newcastle-on-Tyne, River Bridges Paddle Steamer 1903 Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Novelty. Hold To The Light. HTL. Hold this card to a very Bright Light, You'll see a lovely night view of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Bridge Bridges, River Scene, Paddle Steamer, Steam Ship Ships, Boats. Panorama. Northumberland. Lights Shine through windows, doors, Tram, Street Light, Lamp, and New Moon. Postally Used in 1903, with King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp. Published by WH Berlin

Item 205788    
Japan Old Postcard Sanuki, Nakatsu Park, Harbour, Bridge, Ship Boats 讚岐 中津公園 度津港

Vintage Japanese Old Multiview Postcard, Japan, Sanuki. Nakatsu Park, Harbour, Bridge, Steam Ship Steamer, Ferry Boat. Boats. Gazebo. 讚岐名所 中津公園 度津港.

Item 205521    
Hong Kong China 1919 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Statue Pier Harbour Steamer Street

Vintage Hand Tinted Colour Old Postcard, Hong Kong Hongkong China, Statue Pier, Harbour, Steamer Ship Steamer. Street Scene. 1919. Published by Daibutsu Hongkong

Item 205506    
Argentina Old Postcard Bahia Blanca Ingeniero Ing. White Puerto Harbour Ships

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Bahía Blanca, Bahia Blanca. Ingeniero White, Ing. White, Puerto. Harbour. Port. Shipping, Steamers Steam Ships. Boats. Published by Fot. Plo. Editores A. Gutierrez y cia Ba. Blanca

Item 205502    
Brazil Brasil Old Postcard SANTOS Docas Ponto do Desembarque Boats Landing Point

Vintage Old Colour Undivided Back Postcard. Brazil, Brasil. Santos, Docas, Ponto do Desembarque, Boats Ships, Steamers, Steam Ships, Quay. Landing Point. Published by Editores : M. Pontes & Comp. Bazar de Paris, Santos

Item 205469    
Spain Old Postcard VIGO Ribera del Berbes Street Harbour Boat Steamer Steam Ship

Vintage Spanish Old Postcard. Spain, Vigo - Ribera del Berbes. Street Scene, Harbour Boats, Steamer Steam Ship. Panorama. Vigo is the largest city of the Galicia region and Pontevedra province in northwestern Spain.
Published by La Concordia Papeleria - Vigo

Item 205444    
Turkey 1905 Old Postcard Debarcadere de Roumeli Hissar, Bosphore, Constantinople

Vintage Turkish Undivided Back Old Postcard. 1905. Turkey Constantinople, Debarcadere de Roumeli Hissar, Bosphore, Constantinople. Steamers Steam Ships Ferry Boats Ferryboats. Street Scene. 10 para stamp at bottom left. 10 para
Published by Editeur Max Fruchtermann, Constantinople

Item 205328    
Argentina Old Postcard Bahia Blanca Elevadores de Ingeniero White Steamers Ships

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Bahía Blanca, Bahia Blanca. Elevadores de Ingeniero White, Steamers Steam Ships. Published by AKC

Item 205318    
Spain Old Postcard Puerto de Refugio Las Palmas Gran Canaria Harbour Ships Boats

Vintage Spanish Undivided Back Old Picture Postcard. Spain, Harbour, Puerto de Refugio, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Harbour, Steamers Steam Ships, Boats. Breakwater, Pier, Jetty, Panorama. Published by Lorenzo y Franchy, Las Palmas

Item 205317    
Argentina 1903 Old 2 Postcards 1 Panorama Buenos Aires Dykes Brazilian Warships

Vintage Undivided Back Old 2 Attached Postcards made 1 Panorama of Argentina, Souvenir of / Recuerdo de Buenos Aires, Harbour, Quays, Wharves. Shipping. Steam Ships Steamers Warships Battleships Military Vessels, Boats. Vista parcial de los Diques con las Escuadras Brasiliera y Argentina. Partial View of The Dykes of Brazilian and Argentine Squads. Postally Used in 1903 with 3c x 5 stamps, tied Buenos Aires, addressed to Stockport near Manchester England, with arrival postmark. Sent from Buenos Aires to Stockport near Manchester England. 3c x 5
Published by Phot. by Eugenio Avanzi, Defensa 113 Bs. Aires