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Item 219903    
South Africa Old Postcard Parliament House and Table Mountain, Cape Town, Statue

Vintage Old Postcard, South Africa, Capetown Cape Town. Parliament House and Table Mountain, Statue. Published by The Art Series H.W. Flatt. G.W.W.

Item 219871    
Hong Kong China Old Hand Tinted Postcard Des Voeux Road Street Scene Panorama 22

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard, Hongkong. China. Chinese. Hong Kong. Des Voeux Road. Street Scene. Mountains, Peak. Rickshaw. Statue. H22. Published by S.S. Picture

Item 219772    
Japan 1931 Old Hand Tinted Postcard Shinkoji Temple at Hyogo Kobe, Buddha Statue

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. 1931. Japan, Buddha Statue. Shinkoji Amida's Buddha Statue, Hyogo. Shinkoji Temple at Hyogo Kobe. Buddhist Temple. 兵庫 真光寺 大佛.

Item 219759    
Malta Old Tuck's Postcard Musta Church Mosta Dome Statues Woman wearing FALDETTA

Vintage Old Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Malta Maltese. Musta Church. Cathedral. Mosta Dome. Statue Statues. Woman Lady wearing FALDETTA, Traditional Costumes. The Musta Church, Malta, was erected in 1833 after the model of the Pantheon at Rome. It has the largest dome in Europe next to those of St. Peter and the Pantheon, Rome. Rom. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Wide Wide World Malta Series II

Item 219715    
China 1923 Old Postcard Exterior of Cave XI Yung-Kang Yungang Grottoes 雲岡石窟11洞外壁

Vintage Old Post Card. China. Chinese. 1923. Exterior Wall of Cave Cav. XI. Yung-Kang (12). Yungang Grottoes. Sitting Buddha Carvings. Statues. 雲岡石窟 第十一洞外壁. Published by S. Yamamoto Peking

Item 219619    
China Old Postcard Yamato Hotel Dairen Brz Statue Oshima Yoshimasa 大連 大島初代關東都督銅像

Vintage Old post card. China Chinese. Building of Yamato Hotel at The Central Square, Dairen, Bronze Statue Monument Memorial of Ōshima Oshima Yoshimasa. Manchukuo. Manchuria. Dalian. 大連 大廣場 大島初代關東都督之銅像.

Item 219585    
Japan Old Postcard Statue of Dainanko at Minatogawa Park in Kobe 神戶 湊川公園 大楠公銅像

Vintage Old Japanese picture post card, Japan, The Statue of Dainanko at Minatogawa Park in Kobe. 神戶 湊川公園 大楠公銅像.

Item 219426    
Canada Old Colour Postcard Champlain Champlain's Monument Quebec Statue Monument

Vintage Old Canadian Colour Postcard. Canada, Champlain Champlain's Monument Quebec Statue Monument. Published by Valentine & Sons

Item 219311    
Seychelles Old UB Postcard Mahé Mahe Palais de Justice Victoria Court of Justice

Vintage Undivided Back Old Picture Postcard. c.1910 U.B. Seychelles, Mahe Mahé. Palais de Justice, Victoria, Law Courts, Court of Justice. Statue. Seychelles is an archipelago nation of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Nearby island countries include Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Réunion, Comoros and Mayotte, and the Suvadives of the Maldivest. Seychelles has the smallest population of any sovereign state of Africa.

Item 219295    
China Old Colour Postcard Chinese Warrior Statue 13 Ming Tombs Peking Gate 明朝十三陵

Vintage Old Chinese Colour Post card. China. Ming Tomb 13 Tombs. Chinese Warrior Statue, Statues. Pekin. Peking. Gate Gates. Mountains. Panorama. 明朝十三陵.

Item 219267    
Burma Old Colour UB Postcard The Pagoda from The Cantonment Gardens Bridge Steps

Vintage Colour Old Undivided Back Postcard. Burma Burmese Myanmar - The Pagoda from The Cantonment Gardens, Bridge, Steps. Statues. Published by Whiteaway Laidlaw & Co. Photo Watts & Skeen

Item 219266    
Burma Old Colour Postcard Royal Lakes Rangoon Pagoda in Distance, Bridge Statues

Vintage Colour Old Undivided Back Postcard. Burma Burmese Myanmar YANGON - Royal Lakes - Rangoon. Panorama. Pagoda Temple in distance, Bridge. Statues. Published by Whiteaway Laidlaw & Co. Photo Watts & Skeen

Item 219265    
Burma Old Colour UB Postcard Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Rangoon, Burmese Temple Statues

Vintage Colour Burmese Old Postcard. Burma Myanmar. Shwe Dagon Pagoda. Temple. Rangoon. Statues. Published by Whiteaway Laidlaw & Co. Photo Watts & Skeen

Item 219254    
Ceylon Old Postcard Sir Henry Ward Statue, Governor, Temple of Holy Tooth, Kandy

Vintage Old Picture Post card. Sri Lanka Ceylan Ceylon. The Monument to, Statue of Sir Henry Ward. One time Governor of Ceylon. Memorial. Palm Trees. Street Scene. Rickshaw Coolie. Temple of The Holy Tooth in background kandy. Published by Plate Ltd. Colombo

Item 219253    
Ceylon Old Postcard Restored Buddha Statues at Ruanweli Dagoba Anuradhapura N.49

Vintage Old Picture Postcard, Ceylon Sri Lanka Ceylan, Buddha Statues at Ruwanweli Ruanweli Dagoba, Anuradhapura Ruin Ruins. Published by Plate Ltd.

Item 219245    
Ceylon Old Colour Postcard Interior Rock Temple Dambulla Sri Lanka - Plate's ART

Vintage Old Colour Picture Post card. Plate's Art. Ceylan Sri Lanka Ceylon. Interior of The Rock Temple, Dambulla, Buddha Statues. Buddhism. Published by Plate Ltd Art

Item 219242    
Japan Old Postcard Bronze Statue of Kusunoki Masashige Samurai Tokyo 大東京 楠公銅像

Vintage Japanese Old Post card, Japan, The Bronze Statue of Samurai Masashige Kusunoki Great Patriot, in front of the Imperial Palace. (Greater Tokyo). 大東京 楠公銅像.

Item 219220    
Egypt Old Postcard Suez Rue Hélène Helene Street Scene Trees Memorial L.L. No. 4

Vintage Old Postcard, Africa Egypt Egyptian. Suez - Rue Helene, Hélène Street Scene, Monument Memorial Statue. 2 Men. L.L. No. 4. Published by LL

Item 219218    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo, Opera Square Statue Ibrahim Pacha Monument L.L. No. 17

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt, Cairo - Opera Square and Ibrahim Pacha Monument. Horse Rider Statue. Memorial. Palm Trees. Square de l'Opera et Statue d'Ibrahim Pacha. L.L. No. 17. Published by LL Selecta

Item 219210    
Donald McGill Old Postcard Museum, Man Sword Shield Statue, It's a Fig Leaf 1104

Vintage Old Comic Humour Postcard, Artist Signed by Donald McGill. No. 1104. Nude Greek Man with Sword and Shield Statue. Don't be so silly! Of course it isn't - it's a fig leaf! Young Women blushed in Museum. WW2 slogan on back : Keep Saving For a Rainy Day. We saved to win the war, our efforts must not cease, by saving more and more, we'll surely win the peace!. Published by D. Constance Ltd

Item 219153    
Mauritius Old Postcard Hotel de Ville de Curepipe Town Hall Children Boy & Girls

Vintage Old Postcard. Mauritius, Ile Maurice - Curepipe, Town Hall. Rathaus. Hotel de Ville. Statue de Paul et Virginie Virginia. Garden. Children, 2 Girls and a Boy. Curepipe is a town centrally situated in Mauritius. The name originates from the practice of settlers coming to the town to refill (to cure) their pipes. Mauritius is an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. In addition to the island of Mauritius, the republic includes the islands of St. Brandon, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands.
Published by Edition des Magasins Reunis

Item 219058    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Shinkoji Temple Hyogo Kobe Buddha Statue 神戶 兵庫真光寺

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Japan. Buddha Statue. Shinkoji Temple, Hyogo, Kobe. Buddhist Temple. Pine Tree. 神戶 兵庫 真光寺 大佛.

Item 219031    
Canada 1909 Old Postcard Monument Jacques Cartier Centenaire de Quebec 1608-1908

Vintage Old Canadian Colour Postcard. 1909. Canada, Coat of Arms. Flags. Statue Memorial Monument Jacques Cartier, Souvenir Officiel des Fetes du Ille Centenaire de Quebec 1608-1908. Quebec Ter-Centenary Celebration 1608-1908.

Item 218999    
Russia St. Petersbourg Old UB Postcard Pierre le Grand Monument, Palais du Senat

Vintage Old Undivided Back Old Colour Postcard. Russia, Saint St. Petersbourg, Le Palais du Senat et Monument de Pierre le Grand. Horse Rider Statue Memorial. Horses Horse Carts. Coaches. Published by R. & J. D. tric

Item 218966    
Belgium Belgian Old Postcard Dinant - La Poste Post Office - WW1 Ruins Statue

Vintage Old Postcard. Belgium - Dinant - La Poste Post Office - First World War WW1 Ruins Statue.

Item 218831    
South Africa Old Postcard Van Riebeek Statue Monument Memorial Cape Town Harbour

Vintage Old Postcard. South Africa, Van Riebeek Statue Memorial Monument, Cape Town Capetown. Harbour in background. Published by Photo by T.D. Ravenscroft Rondebosch

Item 218830    
SA Pietermaritzburg Old Postcard Church Street Zulu War Monument Colonial Office

Vintage Old Postcard. South Africa, Pietermaritzburg, Church Street Scene, showing Zulu War Monument, Memorial, Statue, and Colonial Offices. Wallace's Store Shop Shopfront. Natal Toilet Club. Baloon. Tobacconist. Published by The Newman Art Publishing

Item 218760    
Japan Old Postcard Gongoro Kamakura Japanese Temple Shrine Steps 鎌倉權五郎靈社 神社

Vintage Old Japanese Postcard. Japan, Gongoro of Kamakura. Temple Shrine. Steps. Statue. 鎌倉權五郎靈社 神社. Published by 東京灣要塞司令部七地

Item 218746    
India Old Postcard Memorial Well Interior Figure of an ANGEL Wings Cross Cawnpur

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Angel Statue. Interior of Memorial Well, Cawnpur Cawnpore. Angel Statue. Interior showing View of Figure of an Angel with Wings. Cross. Kānpur (known as Cawnpore before 1948) is the most populous city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons Delhi

Item 218712    
Australia Old Colour Postcard Acclimatization Gardens, Brisbane, Palm Trees Pond

Vintage Australian Colour Old Picture Postcard. Australia, Hardie. Palm Trees, Statue. Pond. The Acclimatization Gardens, Brisbane. Published by Shurey's