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Item 98145    
Argentna Rosario Old Postcard Escuela Gobernador Freyre School

Argentina Vintage Picture Postcard. Rosario - Escuela Gobernador Freyre. School. Published by F. Beiluccia Rosario 520

Item 97880    
Bebenhausen Brunnenkapelle Jagdschloss Old B/W Postcard

Vintage Picture Postcard. Germany Bebenhausen Brunnenkapelle im ehemal. Jagdschloss. Published by Gebr. Metz. Tuebingen

Item 93617    
Brazil Old Postcard SAO PAULO Monument of Independence

Brazil Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Sao Paulo - Brasil - Monumento a IndependĂȘncia. Sao Paulo - Memorial Monument of Independence. Horses.

Item 93615    
Argentina Buenos Aires Old Postcard Barranca - BELGRANO

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Buenos Aires - Barranca de Belgrano. Park.

Item 93611    
Brazil Brasil Rio de Janeiro Old Postcard Copacabana Posto LIFE GUAD

Brazil Brasil Vintage Old Real Photo Postcard, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Posto 6 Copacabana Life Guad 6 -. Rio de Janeiro Brasil. Fotolabor. 373 Beach. Seaside Panorama.

Item 93525    
Hamburger Wolkenkratzer - Chile Haus, 1925 Old Postcard

Germany Vintage German Postcard. Hamburger Wolkenkratzer - Chile Haus. Sent from Hamburg to Munich. 5pf eagle bird
Published by A.C. Hbg.

Item 90281    
Argentina - Salta Quebrada de San Lorenzo 1909 Postcard

Argentina Vintage Old Hand Tinted Handcoloured Colour Postcard. Salta - Quebrada de San Lorenzo. Rocks. River Scene. Sent from Salta / Buenos Aires to Essex England. 5c

Item 90209    
Argentina Old Postcard Un Paisaje, Barracas, Cattle Cow

Vintage B/W Picture Postcard. South America, Republic Republica Argentina, Un Paisaje, Barracas. Grazing Cattle / Cow. Published by Edicion Carmelo Ibarra Buenos Aires J. de L. & H. Hbg.

Item 81173    
Argentina Buenos Aires Old Postcard San Vicente Church - Interior

Argentina Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Provincia Buenos Aires - Interior de la iglesia de San Vicente. Church Interior. Published by Coleccion America Cristiana

Item 79900    
Argentina Old RP Postcard ALTA GRACIA 3er Paredon Falls

Early Real Photo Postcard. River Scene, Falls, Rocks. 3er Paredon, Alta Gracia. Published by Gevaect

Item 79894    
Argentina Old Postcard - La Angostura - Monte, Panorama

Vintage Colour Postcard. Argentina, La Angostura - Monte. Mountains. Panorama. General View.

Item 79866    
Argentina Old Colour Postcard BEACH Playa Chica, Mar del Plata, Seaside Panorama

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Argentina, Playa Chica, Mar del Plata, Beach, Seaside Panorama. Ciudad Balnearia y de Turismo Republica Argentina. Published by Terley Casa Moroni

Item 78488    
Chile Old RP Postcard Magellanes Monument, Punta Arenas

Vintage B/W Real Photo Picture Post Card, Magellanes Monument, Punta Arenas. Soldiers. Memorial, Monument, Statue.

Item 78487    
Argentina Old Postcard Buenos Aires, Balneario Municpal

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Buenos Aires, Balneario Municpal. Statue. Monument. Trees.

Item 78479    
Argentina Old Postcard Cordillera de Andes, PUENTE INCA

Argentina Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Cordillera de los Andes, PUENTE INCA. River Scene, Rocks.

Item 78476    
Argentina Old Postcard Rambla Bristol - Mar del Plata

Vintage Colour Postcard. Rambla Bristol - Mar del Plata. Pier. Street Scene. Panorama. Atlantic Ocean, Buenos Aires Province. Published by Libreria Rey San Martin 2564 Mar del Plata

Item 77525    
Argentina 1948 Old ART Postcard - Iglesia San Francisco

Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Postcard. From an original colour drawing / painting by Martinet. Church Iglesia San Francisco. Published by Editorial Codex Buenos Aires

Item 77522    
Argentina 1948 Old Postcard - Galeria de Casa Historica

Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Postcard. From an original colour drawing / painting by Martinet. Galeria de la Casa Historica. Published by Editorial Codex Buenos Aires

Item 77520    
Argentina 1948 Old ART Postcard Capilla y Villa Nougues

Vintage Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Capilla y vista panoramica de Villa Nougues. Panorama. From an original colour drawing / painting by Martinet. Published by Editorial Codex Buenos Aires

Item 77513    
Brazil Old Postcard ESPLANADA HOTEL Sao Paulo Palm Tree

Vintage Postcard. Sao Paulo Brazil, Esplanada Hotel, Palm Trees, Sao Paulo.

Item 75571    
BRAZIL Old Colour Postcard SANTOS, Pilloes Zezervatorio

Vintage Colour Postcard. Santos, Pilloes rezervatorio. Fountains, Mountains, Panorama. Published by Serie em cores

Item 74750    
Uruguay - Frankfurt 1972 Lufthansa Flight Cover OLYMPIC

15th Anniversary 1957-1972 of First Flight LH 507 Airmail Envelope between Germany Alemania and Uruguay. 15 Aniversario Primer Vuelo. Sport, Airpane, South America map. Frankfurt Am Main Flughafen 16.4.72. postmark on back. With Air Stamp Olympic Games Munich 1st Issue. Juegos Olimpicos Munich Munchen $50 x 2 Olympic Symbols. 50p x 2

Item 74726    
Frankfurt - Asuncion 1971 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airplane Illustrated Airmail First Flight envelope. Erstflug LH 508 Germany Frankfurt - Asuncion Paraguay. Frankfurt Am Main Flughafen 13.5.71. Erstanflug von Paraguay. Frankfurt am Main - Munchen Munich Muenchen - Asuncion Paraguay. Flugbestatigung. Paraguay 14 Mayo 1971 postmark on back. With stamps 1969 Airplanes 50th Anniversary German Airmail Services. 50 Jahre Deutscher Luftpostverkehr 30pf Boeing 707 Airliner & 1971 New Traffic Regulations 2nd Series 30pf Pedestrian Crossing. 30pf 30pf

Item 73997    
Venezuela - Frankfurt 1971 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail First Flight Envelope, LH 517, Venezuela Caracas - Frankfurt Germany, airplane illustrated airmail envelope. Erstflug. Vuelo Inaugural Filatelico. 3/6/71. With Frankfurt Am Main Flughafen postmark on back. WIth 1969 stamp Nature Conservation Trees 90c Platymiscium sp. EL ROBLE. Papilionatae.

Item 73984    
Dakar Brazil FOOTBALL 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail First Flight Envelope Erstflug Cover, LH 500, DC 10, Frankfurt Germany - Dakar Senegal - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo Buenos Aires. Sao Paulo Agencia Filatelica D. Pedro II. postmark on back. Addressed to Sao Paulo Brasil. Sport. Sports. With 1974 stamp 70f World Cup Football Championship Footballers and locations WM 74 Zaire Italie Stuttgart. 70f

Item 73980    

Airmail envelope Lufthansa Streckeneroffnung Sudamerika Westkuste Caribien, LH 491 / 493, 12.1.1966. Frankfurt Main. Germany. With stamps 4s30 Cusco Observatorio Solar de Los Incas, 30c Matarani Nuevo Puerto Comercial del Sur.

Item 73977    
Uruguay 200p x2 1975 Lufthansa First FLIGHT Cover Rabat

Airmail First Flight Envelope LH 507 Boeing 707, Montevideo - Sao Paulo Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Rabat - Frankfurt. Stamps of 1972 General Jose Artigas 200p x 2. Artigas. Addressed to Morocco. With RABAT R.P. postmark on back. 200px2

Item 73932    
Rabat - Dakar Senegal 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Lufthansa Erstflug, LH 504, Boeing 707, Vol Inaugural. Airmail Envelope First Flight. Route Frankfurt Germany - Rabat - Dakar - Buenos Aires Argentina - Santiago de Chile, With 1973 stamp King Hassan and Arms Royaume du Maroc 50f. With Dakar YOFF Senegal postmark on back. 50f

Item 72030    
PENGUIN Old Postcard Isla Pinguin Territorio SANTA CRUZ

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph B/W Postcard. Penguins on rocks. Argentina. Penguin Island. Isla Pinguin. Territorio Santa Cruz. Animals. GalĂĄpagos Galapagos Penguin. Published by Fot. Kohlmann 203

Item 67157    
Frankfurt Buenos Aires 1980 LH 508 First Flight Cover

South America Map & Building Illustrated Erstflug Airmail Envelope, LH 508, Boeing 747 SL, Germany Frankfurt - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo - Buenos Aires. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Buenos Aires Argentina. 40pf Enegrie Sparen & 40pf Kohlenbogenleuchte