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Item ID: 217593  

South Africa, Paul Kruger Boer War National Anthem of Boers 1900 Old UB Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Undivided Back Art Artist Drawn Postcard. South Africa. Paul Kruger Krueger Praesident v. Transvaal. President. Political and Military Leader. National anthem of the Boers. Boer War. Palm Trees. Coat of Arms. Gun. Postally Used in 1900 with German 3pf stamp, tied Leipzig. Addressed to Juterbog with arrival postmark.

Publisher: Bruno Buerger & Ottillie, Lith Anst. Leipzig
Series No: 6138
Stamp: 3pf
Condition: Used
Background: Stephanus Johannes Paulus "Paul" Kruger (1825 – 1904) was a political and military leader who served as President of the South African Republic (or Transvaal) from 1883 to 1900. Nicknamed Oom Paul ("Uncle Paul"), he came to international prominence as the face of the Boer cause—that of the Transvaal and its neighbour the Orange Free State—against Britain during the Second Boer War of 1899–1902, and has been called a personification of Afrikanerdom. He remains a controversial and divisive figure; admirers venerate him as a tragic folk hero, while critics view him as the obstinate guardian of an unjust cause.


South Africa, Paul Kruger Boer War National Anthem of Boers 1900 Old UB Postcard

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