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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 5801    
Germany Postcard MUNICH Muenchen Old PINAKOTHEK - TRAM

Munich (Muenchen) Koenigl. alte Pinakothek. Art Gallery. Unused.

Item 5797    
Germany Old Postcard DUESSELDORF - Partie im Hofgarten

Duesseldorf - Partie im Hofgarten, Garden, Park, Trees. Children, Bench. Unused.

Item 5796    
Germany Old Postcard DUESSELDORF - Kaiser Wilhelmpark

Duesseldorf - Kaiser Wilhelmpark. Park. Trees.

Item 5745    
Belgium Undivided Back PPC BRUSSELS Les Etangs POND

Old Picture Postcard - Bruxelles - Ixelles - Les Etangs (Pond), Trees, Boat, Lake. Sent from Brussels, Belgium to Southsea, Portsmouth, England. Belgian stamp 10c red King Leopold II
Published by L.L.B. 239

Item 5732    
Germany Undivided Back Old Postcard - HEIDELBERG CASTLE

Early PPC Heidelberg - Das Schloss von der Terrasse gesehen. Unused. Published by u. Originalaufnahme von Edm. von Konig in Heidelberg. 1900 (Gegen jede Nachbildung ges geschutat 1051.)

Item 5697    
Germany Old Postcard TRIER Panoramic View River Bridge

Trier. Unused.

Item 5486    
France Old Postcard TOULON Vue generale du Quai Cronstadt ATLAS Fishing Boats

Vue generale du Quai Cronstadt. Fishing boats, mountains. Unused. Published by C F M. l'aget, papeterie, 20 rue Nutionuale.

Item 5483    
France 1914 Postcard OLLIOULES Les Gorges Roche Taillee

Gorge. Rocks, Mountains. Old PPC used in UK. No.1 Sent from Kensington to England (Liverpool). Great Britain 1/2d green KG5

Item 5468    
Ireland 1943 Old Postcard Lower Lake View - Glendalough

Early Irish Real Photo Picture Post card, Mountains, addressed to England. Surface rubs on the picture side. Published by Valentine's PHOTOTYPE Series. Dundee and London. Printed in Scotland.

Item 5437    
Morocco - Switzerland 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope, LH 503, Boeing 707, Santiago de Chile - Buenos Aires Argentina - Sao Paulo Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Rabat - Zurich - Frankfurt Germany. Stamp of H. Rabih Coat of Arms, tied Rabat.

Item 5435    
Morocco Rabat Bogota 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail First Flight envelope, LH 518, Boeing 707, Frankfurt Germany - Rabat Morocco - Caracas - Bogota. 1973 Stamps of H. Rabih King Hassan and Arms 20f & 70f, 23.7.1975. Rabat R.P. Colombia Bogota postmark 24.VII 75 on back. 20f 70f

Item 5431    
Germany 1976 LH 726 Lufthansa First Flight Satellite 5p

Dusseldorf - Frankfurt Am Main. Airbus A300 Stamps of Hans Sachs 1494 / 1576 & 5pf Satellite. With arrival.

Item 5427    
Germany Hamburg Wien 1976 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope. Itinerary Hamburg - Stuttgart - Vienna Austria. Boeing 727. LH 260. Airplane. Stamps of Satellite & Hans Sachs 1494 / 1576. With arrival.

Item 5423    
France Old Postcard CANNES Croisette Rocks Sailing Boat

Old Colour Postcard.

Item 5412    
Germany Yugoslavia 1968 Lufthansa LH First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope with stamp of Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), he was a French pedagogue and historian, but is best known as the founder of the modern Olympic Games. Plus 5pf. LH 182 Dusseldorf -Zagreb. With arrival on reverse.

Item 5392    
Germany Siegen Westf Lorch 1968 Lufthansa Flight Cover

Friedrich Koenig 150 Jahre Druckmaschinen stamp 10pf on Airmail envelope. Zu Gastim Kaufhof Siegen. Sonderschau Lufthansa zu Gastimkaufhof. 59 Siegen.

Item 5386    
Old RP Photo Postcard ENGLISH GUEST HOUSE Hotel Parasol

Unused. Published by Forrania

Item 5378    
Germany PC LAZI BLACK FOREST CREEK Schwarzwaldbaechlein

Old Postcard Schwarzwaldbaechlein. Unused. Published by Lazi Bilderverlag, Stuttgart-Freudenstadt. Nr. 122

Item 5352    
Munich Dakar Senegal 1976 LUFTHANSA First FLIGHT Cover

Airmail Envelope with Senegal Dakar YOFF arrival on reverse. LH 500 DC 10 Frankfurt - Munchen - Dakar - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo Brazil - Buenos Aires Argentina. German Stamp of Carl v. Ossietzky 1889-1938. 50pf

Item 5350    
Morocco Maroc Bogota 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Lufthansa Erstflug, LH 516, Boeing 707, Route Frankfurt Germany - Casablanca - Caracas - Bogota, Venezuela, Royaume du Maroc. Airmail envelope. Luftpost. Maiquetia Airport. With arrival.

Item 5338    
Swiss Geneve 1972 50th Anniversary First Flight Cover

Switzerland 1922-1972 Geneve - Zurich - Nuremberg, Mollis, Schweiz. Nurnberg. Embossed AIRPLANE CH 92 & SWISS German FLAGS. Addressed to Bern. Wirl Arrival. 50 Years Jahre Internationaler Luftpostverkehr Cinquantenaire du Trafic Postal aerien International.

Item 5332    
Germany Old Postcard GREETINGS FROM COLOGNE Flowers

PPC with silvery glitterring powder. Koln.

Item 5324    
Germany Old Postcard HARZ Feuersteinklippen SCHIERKE

The Harz is a mountain range in northern Germany. Rocks. Unused. Published by 6529 Louis Glaser, Leipzig

Item 5275    
Germany 1932 Old Postal Stationery Card 6pf Meiningen

Sent from Kaltennordheim to Meiningen. Friedrich Ebert 6 Pf

Item 5272    
Germany 1926 Stationery Card 5 Pf Eagle Hohenlimburg

PSC Bird. Sent from Hohenlimburg (Germany) to Hanau (Germany). 5pf green Eagle

Item 5250    
Switzerland Old Postcard Aerial View MOUNTAIN VALLEY

Real Photo PPC. Snowy mountains. Unused. Published by J. Burlington - Darjeeling - Smith.

Item 5243    
Switzerland Old RP Postcard Lake URNER SEE & SEELISBERG

Real Photo Photograph PPC 26716 Urner See und Seelisberg. Snowy Mountains. Published by Wehrliverlag Kilchberg (Zch.) Fabrication Suisse.

Item 5241    
Swiss Photo Postcard Mountains GITSCHEN & URIROTSTOCK

Switzerland Real Photograph PPC Flowers, lake. Unused. Published by Wehrliverlag Kilchberg (Zch.). Fabrication Suisse.

Item 5196    
British Royalty Old Real Photo Postcard H.R.H. The Duke of Cornwall as CHILD

Real Photograph by Marcus Adams (701). With Hearty Greetings. Unused.

Item 5148    
Switzerland Old Postcard GB stamp Lausanne et Les Alpes

1955 Swiss Coloured Picture Post card, snowy mountains, flag, lake.

Item 5146    
Switzerland 1953 Postcard Mountains Gersau mit Pilatus

Old Swiss Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Lake. Sent to England. 25 helvetia Red
Published by d 3647 Photoglob Wehrli AG., Zurich.

Item 5136    
Czech Old Undivided Back PPC Maehrische Schweiz

Old Picture Postcard, Verlag. O. R. Bruun.

Item 5133    
Switzerland Old Postcard Luzern Rathaus Town Hall Clock

Early Swiss Coloured Picture Post card Clock Tower, Riverbank, No.2169 Edition Photoglob Co. Zurich. Unused.

Item 5131    
Germany 1969 NASA Phot Apollo 12 FISA Flight Card Space

Photo from Nasa illustration on card. Tag der Aerophilatelie, Apollo 12 nach der Trennung vom Mondlander im Mondorbit im Zeichen der Luft und Raumfahrt. Fresh Unused.

Item 5111    
Yugoslavia Lufthansa Airmail Flight Card 1973 Voloder

Vnivera v Ljvbljani stamp on Air mail card, Voloderska Jesen Voloder. JAT. 23.9.1973.

Item 5108    
United Nations 1982 FIRST Day of Issue Card to Germany

Airmail card addressed to Taunusstein West Germany, 28 April 1982.

Item 5091    
East Germany 1982 Exhibition stamp 10+5 on Card LEIPZIG

Ausstellung Junger Philatelisten der DDR GDR Gera 1976. Gera um 1652 stamp.

Item 5067    
Canada Old Postcard Trees St. James Cathedral Montreal

Early Coloured Picture Post card, hand tinted, from Montreal Import Co., No.107. Very slight paper fold in the centre. Unused.

Item 5056    
Canada Old Postcard Montreal and Jacques Cartier Bridge

Early Coloured Picture Post card, Jacques-Cartier bridge, river from the Mont Royal. PPC made in Canada, Unused.

Item 5044    
Canada Old Postcard City Hall Halifax Clock Tower Flag

Early Canadian Picture Post card, fountains, trees. Published by H. H. Marshall Ltd, Halifax N.S.

Item 5037    
Canada PPC Mink Tunnel Lake Superior Railroads Railways

Old Coloured Canadian Picture Postcard. Mink Tunnel North Shore, Lake Superior, Ontario, Cliffs, No.10 From PECO Ottawa Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Unused.

Item 5034    
Canada Old Postcard General View Quebec City from Levis

Early Coloured Canadian Picture Postcard. Vue generale de Quebec - de Levis. No.49. From PECO Ottawa Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Unused.

Item 5033    
Canada Old Postcard General View Quebec City from Levis

Early Coloured Canadian Picture Postcard. Vue generale de Quebec - de Levis. No.49. From PECO Ottawa Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Unused.

Item 4994    
Germany 1967 Cover KIELER WOCHE Belgian Boat Godetia

with Albertus Magnus Stamps. Cachet "Belgisches Fischerei-Schutzboot GODETIA" (Belgian Fishing Protection Boat Godetia).

Item 4987    
Germany ILA Exhibition 25yr 1983 LUFTHANSA Flight Cover

25 years. Internationale Luftpost Austellung, JAN WELLEM, Landesmuseum Volk und Wirtschaft, Dusseldorf, Airplane stamp. Horse. Flight envelope.

Item 4981    
Germany 1970 XXIst International Astronautical Congress

October 4-10 Constance Federal Republic of Germany IAF. Soyus -9 Cosmonauts Andriyan Nikolayev Vitali Sevasiyanow Visit Constance. Envelope with stamp of Wohlfahrtsmarke. Puppet Clown.

Item 4979    
Germany 1969 Lufthansa Flight Cover City Jet GOSLAR

Taufe D-ABER "Goslar". With 10pf West Berlin Stamp 19th-cent. Berliners. Contemporary Art. C.W. Allers 1889 Zeitungsverkaufer. Umbrella, newspaper. The Newspaper Seller. 10pf

Item 4925    
Switzerland 1971 NABA BASEL Stamp Exhibition M/S Cover

Miniature Sheet Nationale Briefmarkenausstellung. Exposition nationale de philatelie. Bern, Bale, Basilea.

Item 4858    
Old JUDGES Postcard 1927 ELY CATHEDRAL Nave SW Transept

Photo PPC Ely, Into the Nave from S.W. Transept. Ely is a cathedral city in east Cambridgeshire, East Anglia. The population was 11,760 in 1994. It is the main town in the Isle of Ely. Sent to Norfolk. King George 5th 1d stamp, tied MARCH.
Published by By Judges' Ltd Hastings, England. No.4847

Item 4809    
GLADYS COOPER & Her Son Child Boy Old Photo PPC Actress

Real Photograph PPC with her signature printed on the bottom right corner. A British Beauty.