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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 4858    
Old JUDGES Postcard 1927 ELY CATHEDRAL Nave SW Transept

Photo PPC Ely, Into the Nave from S.W. Transept. Ely is a cathedral city in east Cambridgeshire, East Anglia. The population was 11,760 in 1994. It is the main town in the Isle of Ely. Sent to Norfolk. King George 5th 1d stamp, tied MARCH.
Published by By Judges' Ltd Hastings, England. No.4847

Item 4809    
GLADYS COOPER & Her Son Child Boy Old Photo PPC Actress

Real Photograph PPC with her signature printed on the bottom right corner. A British Beauty.

Item 4790    
Germany 1955 1980 Lufthansa 25 yrs Flight Cover Berlin

25 years flight operation Jahre Flugbetrieb, Red Meter marks, Deutsche Bundespost Berlin 040 posthorn. Airplane.

Item 4704    
Norway Old Photo Postcard FLOWER ARRANGEMENT Gardens

Roses, Trees, Unused PPC.

Item 4699    
Belgium Old PC BRUSSELS Picture Galery Palais des Beaux

Postcard No.62 Palais des Beaux-Arts. Sent to Sussex (England). Phototypie, A. Dohmen, Bruxelles. Stamp removed, with Palace Hotel postmark.

Item 4692    
Switzerland UK 1907 Old Postcard LUCERNE Glacier Garden

1508 Luzern - Gletschergarten. PPC used in the UK. Sent to Hastings (Great Britain). 1/2d green King Edward VII
Published by Photographie-Verlag Wehrli A.-G. Kilchberg, Zuerich.

Item 4563    
South Africa 1945 SG108-110 Capetown Cover to Scotland

Envelope with stamps Man and Oxen ploughing Peace, Man and Woman gazing at a star, Victory. Cape Town to Edinburgh.

Item 4515    
Italy Old Postcard Mosaique et allee de l'Hercule Park

mountain, Hercules. dans le parc.

Item 4511    
Italy Old Postcard Bridge Waterfall Cascade in the Park

La cascade dans le parc. Waterfalls. Trees. Brunner & Co, Como. PPC.

Item 4510    
Italy Old Postcard Dans le Parc The Waterfall Cascade

La cascade dans le parc. Bridge. Trees. Brunner & Co, Como. PPC.

Item 4508    
Italy Old Postcard Trees Hercules et Licca dans le parc

Hercule and Licca in the park. Brunner & Co, Como. PPC. Statue.

Item 4461    
Germany Austria Wien 1962 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Luftpost air mail envelope with Balthasar Neumann Stamp.

Item 4453    
Germany Zaire 1985 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card Airplane

Airmail Luftpost flight card, LH 556 airbus A300 Frankfurt - Douala - Kinshasa. Addressed to Republique du Zaire, with Kinshasa arrival on reverse.

Item 4448    
Germany - Canada - USA 1966 Lufthansa First Flight Card

German bottom marginal stamp 10pf on card, Porz - Flughafen Koln / Bonn Erste Direkverbindung Nach Montreal und San Francisco.

Item 4360    
Germany 1986 Card AIRPLANE CARD Lufthansa Cologne Bonn

Flight Sent to Zuerich (Arrival on Reverse)

Item 4354    
Germany 1966 Card NUREMBERG FORT Berlin Memorial Church

Flight Card. Werbeschau "Lufthansa zu Gast bei Merkur". Nuernberg.

Item 4346    
Germany 1966 Card FRANKFURT /M Albertus Magnus Stamps

Lufthansa first flight LH736.

Item 4344    
Germany 1974 Card BRAUNLAGE Oberharz Gustav Heinemann

Mountains, Picture Illustrated Postal Stationery Card sent from Heubach (Wuertt) to Koenigslutter am Elm. With Gustav Heinemann stamp. Gustav Walter Heinemann (July 23, 1899 - July 7, 1976) was a German politician. He was Minister for Interior Affairs from 1949 to 1950, Minister for Justice from 1966 to 1969 and President of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1969 to 1974.

Item 4336    
Germany Hamburg Wien 1976 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Envelope with "Day of the Stamp 1975" (Tag der Briefmarke) and "Lucas Cranach" stamp. Itinerary Hamburg - Stuttgart - Wien (Vienna). Boeing 727. LH 260. Airplane.

Item 4308    
Germany Koln 1974 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover BUS TRAM

Koln - Mailand Italy. BOEING 737 Fire Security ("Jederzeit Sicherheit") and bus stamp ("Standardautobus 1973").

Item 4307    
Germany 1971 Cover Sao Paulo WOMEN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS

Flight envelope with Stamps of women's rights' activists Marie Juchacz, Marie-Elisabeth Lueders and Helene Weber.

Item 4268    
MILAN Old Postcard Castello Sforzesco Torrino d'Angelo

Moonlight, moon, Old Postcard MILANO - Castello Sforzesco, Il Torrino d'Angelo. Trust della Cartolina Illustrata - Milano. IPACT Fotocolor trademark. Unused.

Item 4265    
France Old Postcard LE VESINET L'Asile Facade principal

No.30 PPC LE VESINET - L'Asile - Vue d'ensemble et Facade principale. Phototypie l'Abeille, Paris. Unused.

Item 4243    
France Old PPC Territet et Montreaux depuis Chambabeau

Postcard Trees, Lake. Published by B & F. Ed. Phot. Franco - Suisse Berne

Item 4213    
France 1931 Old Postcard VANOISE National Park GLACIER

Old B/W Postcard. Snowy Mountains, Lake, Rocks, MAURIENNE - La Grande Casse (3861 m) - Au pied, le lac des Assiettes. La Savoie Touristique - 3914. Massif de la Vanoise. Photographie Grimal, Chambery.

Item 4159    
Germany - Switzerland 1981 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Earstflug LH 224 HS 7 Munich Munchen - Genf Geneve. Airplane. Stamp of International Year of Disabled People.

Item 4157    
Germany Koln Nurnberg 1971 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airplane illustrated. LH 059 Michet abverlangt Zuruck an Absender. Stamps of Technisches Hilfswerk & J.A. Comenius.

Item 4111    
Lynmouth Watersmeet & Cottage KGV 1d Old FRITH Postcard

Early Great Britain UK Coloured Picture Post card, River, Trees, Frith's series. F. Frith & Co. & Ltd, Reigate No.3222B. King George 5th 1d Red stamp Lynton postmark, addressed to Sussex.

Item 4093    
Canada Old Postcard 1909 Three Lakes Rocky Mountains 2c

Early Coloured Canadian Souvenir Picture Post card, PPC bearing 1903 SG176 King Edward 7th 2c Red stamp, addressed to London England, redirected to Sussex, Bexhill on Sea. Warwick Bro's Rutter, Limited, Priners Toronto. 3 Lakes among the clouds, Snowy Rocky Mountain. No.2990 P.

Item 4064    
GB Badgworthy Water Bridge DOONE VALLEY Exmoor Old PPC

Early Coloured Picture Postcard, Devon Mountains, river, sheep. No.18458, printed in England, fresh unused.

Item 4058    
TORQUAY Cockington Village Thatched Huts c1900 Postcard

Devon Early Picture PPC of Cockington Old Village, Fresh Unused. No.3133. Cockington is a little old village in Torquay, Devon. There are many old thatched cottages (even the public toilets here are thatched!) and a lovely old church. The medieval village of Cockington was noted in the Domesday Book. It sits right in the heart of urban Torbay.

Item 4043    
Germany 1905 Undivided Back Old Postcard SAALBURG WELL

PPC Die Saalburg, No.6090 Auto-Chrom Louis Glaser Leipzig 1904. Brunnen im Atrium (Well in courtyard). Red 10 Pf Germania stamp cancel by Homburg (Hamburg) v.d. Hoehe cancel. Addressed to Kent, England.

Item 4012    
Swiss 1911 Postcard LUCERNE ALPS Aerial View SHIP LAKE

Undivided Back Switzerland Postcard, Luzern und die Alpen. Snowny Mountains, river, ship.

Item 3974    
TORQUAY Cockington Village Thatched Huts c1900 Postcard

Devon Early Picture PPC of Cockington Old Village, Fresh Unused. No.3133. Cockington is a little old village in Torquay, Devon. There are many old thatched cottages (even the public toilets here are thatched!) and a lovely old church. The medieval village of Cockington was noted in the Domesday Book. It sits right in the heart of urban Torbay.

Item 3933    
Switzerland Israel 20th Anniv Grundung 1968 Embossed Cover to Basel Envelope

Switzerland Swiss Stamp Wolfenschiessen. Automobil Postbureau POST postmark.

Item 3934    
Germany Postcard CASTLE Dirnitz Bergfried i.d. WARTBURG

Old PPC Dirnitz & Bergfried i. d. Wartburg. Published by Verlagsanstalt C. Jagemann, Eisenach

Item 3866    
Old Postcard River Trees WARWICK CASTLE from the BRIDGE

Printed by Harvey Barton & Son, Ltd., Bristol.

Item 3855    
Japan China Old Postcard Fishing BOATS MOUNTAIN Hills, Lake


Item 3805    
Lands End Cornwall D' Johnson Cliffs c1900 Old Postcard

Early Great Britain UK Coloured Picture Post card, No.34367. Rocks. Coast. Unused. Lands End is a place of stunning scenery and fabled views where magnificent cliffs overlook the Atlantic. It is Britain's most westerly point and is 2500 miles away from America across the Atlantic Ocean.

Item 3544    
Germany Munich 1976 LUFTHANSA Airbus Taufe Flight Cover

Airmail Flight envelope, Lufthansa Airbus Taufe D-AIAA Muenchen Munich - Riem. 6. Mai. 1976. Garmisch - Partenkirchen. Munchen Flughafen 6.5.76. With 1973 stamp Admission of German Federal Republic to U.N. Organization United Nations and German Eagle Emblems 40pf. 40pf

Item 3542    
Netherlands 1966 Cover DUTCH COMPANY PHILIPS CANCEL Dutch Envelope Holland

Holland airmail envelope.

Item 3492    
France Old PPC St-JEAN-PIED-DE-PORT L'Eglise et la Nive

Early Picture Postcard, C.C. No.2, Bridge, river. Clock tower. unused.

Item 3490    
France Church Postcard POITIERS l'Eglise avec sa Fleche

Vue Generale de l'Eglise avec sa Fleche XI, XIII, et XV siecles.

Item 3488    
France Old Postcard ITXASSOU Le Pas de Roland Carrache

C.C. No.10 Carrache, editeur - Pau. Unused.

Item 3483    
Italy Old Postcard ROME Roma Castel S Angelo Pozzo WELL

S. Angelo No.60612, A Well, Sink. Unused.

Item 3421    
France Postcard CHURCH in ORGON L'Eglise et le Monument

des Morts pour la France. Old PPC. Steps, stairs.

Item 3412    
Italy Old Postcard Sketch Drawing ROME Roma Campidoglio

Painting. G. M. R.

Item 3397    
Canada Old c1900 Postcard Parliament Buildings Toronto

Early Coloured Canadian Picture Post card, From the Valentine & Sons' publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and Toronto. Printed in Great Britain. Famous Throughout the world. Unused.

Item 3349    
France Old Postcard Lake Palace PALAIS DE FONTAINEBLEAU

Le Chateau et le Pavillon de l'Etag des Carpes. Collection Artistique L.M. Imp. Photomecanique I. Menard Fontainebleau. Unused.

Item 3336    
Spain Old Postcard Shepherds Adoration G. Palma Elder

The Adoration of the Shepherds, Painting By G. Palma the Elder. The Prodo Museum Madrid Spain. Unused. PPC printed in England M.P. OM / 518. Unused.